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InquisitorMack's Tau

Army List


3 painted Crisis suits, 2 more primed... badly

3 Stealth suits

3 Piranhas

2 Broadsides, +1 Forgeworld Broadside unfinished

2 Devilfish

28 Firewarriors

12 Kroot +4 hounds

All going on sale on eBay soon (Jan 2009)

Full Army Photo

I show this army in its foam because I'm hoping to sell it on eBay soon (Jan. 2009)

Unit Photos

same three stealth suits with better lighting

I have 2-3 rare eartk magnets on each crisis suit. Here's pics with and without gear on.

All this gear is magnetized.


2 Devilfish, one with guys inside:

Heavy Support:

Fast attack:

Why I Started This Army

I painted this army thinking that I wanted to play a good shooty army (as opposed to my IG), but after playing Orks for about a year, I really missed the CC and Waaaagh spirit, so I'm selling this army on eBay in January of 2009. More photos, along with case: http://whiznet.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1231976947


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