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Tash'Var Kauyon Kau'Ui Raatol


Well, this Army has been 10 years in the making, has gone through several big changes from colour schemes, to units, to simply how it plays.

I first got into GW thanks to the Space Crusade box set and its Dreadnought Expansion I was bought back in 1998. I loved it but it was not untill 2002 that I found out it was a Spin Off from a much larger game. And so I began to delve into Games Workshop and the Tau had just been released a year earlier and they were the army I got to play at my introductory games and I fell for them straight away. The advanced tech and stylish suits and armour appealed to me greatly as I love aliens with style, plus I decided I did not want to go down the same route as everyone else at the time which seemed to be Space Marines, Orks or Eldar.

And so I began my collection, as most of us do, with the army box set (2001 edition, of course). 12 Firewarriors, 12 Kroot, 3 Crisis Battlesuits and a lot of Gun Drones, the start of an obsession. For the first few years, I collected, built, painted and played with the army quite well. But then I started to lose interest. You know how these things are, you're young and want it all done straight away but it took ages to build, paint and finish. Not to mention, when I first started out I was on my own, I had no other friends or family who knew or played the game and I wasn't exactly up on the painting of models either; at the outset, each of my units was a different colour to each other with no uniformity what so ever. Many weren't even painted with GW paints so a lot of detail was obscured on my older models but they were later replaced. Nor was my army building skills very good; my first few outings with the army I had 1500pts made up of just 3 Crisis, 2 x 10 FWs, 1 S'O and a Hammerhead because I had given them basically every upgrade and option possible, not knowing that you didn't have to or that half of them were unneccssary. Of course I got beaten alot and so became disheartened with the whole thing, so for awhile I gave up and did other stuff, only really getting back to the army around Christmas time each year when my family would provide me with an influx of models.

But three years ago (2009) I decided enough was enough so I went and got the 5th Edition of 40k, strip minded the army of paint and old, shoddy units and started again. And ever since the army has grew and grew and is continuing to do so. I've won or drawn far more games then I have lost and this has encouraged me to get the army finished and start on another.

Now, with half the army complete and the rest ready for painting I thought it as good a time as any to begin showcasing them.


This first one is from 3 years ago, so 2009, just before I began to take this army seriously, as mentioned in the FOREWORD. Visible in the image, from left to right, starting with the back row is my Hammerhead, Sky Ray, the Piranha Sqaudron, a Sniper Drone Team, Vespid Strain and my Shas'El. In front you can see my Stealth Team, Firewarrior Team 1, the Command Team led by Shas'O Raatol himself, the Gun Drone Sqaudron (mostly just a points filler), Firewarrior Team 2 and my only Crisis Team at that point. Apart from the Stealthers, my Shas'El and Sniper Drones, the other units were fully painted and, so I thought at the time, complete apart from their bases. You may note that the right hand Firewarrior Team displays the new improved bases from that year. I had never been much of a baser. There were in fact two other units in the army at that time; some very badly painted Kroot Squads which I was planning on selling so no point including them in the picture I thought. And 2013, the army as it stands now. I know what you are thinking. What has he actually done in the three years he has been 'serious' with the army. Please give me some slack as I have a partner, job and family and so could not dedicate 100% of my time to GW. Also, the modelling and painting side are not the only areas I have improved in, I wanted to take the game itself more seriously and make my army competitive rather than just good to look at. It has performed so much better at Hobby Clubs and Stores these last three years thanks to my dedication to understanding the rules and putting Tactics into practice.

  2. The Vehicles have each recieved fresh paint jobs, markings and transfers.
  3. The Piranhas have had their Burst Cannon replaced with Fusion Blasters and their bases are finished in the new style of 2012 (Stirling Mud and Green Fluff as apposed to Goblin Green all over).
  4. Five new units have been added to the unit; the 2 Firewarrior Teams and 2 Kroot Sqauds on the lower levels and the Crisis Team visible in front of the Hammerhead.
  5. The Sniper Drone Team has been ditched in favour of a pair of Broadsides (which will occupy the space on the lower level once built).
  6. All of the Vehicles, the Command Team in the middle of the upper level, the two upper level Firewarrior Teams and the Vespids are now all complete, bases and all.
  7. And the Crisis Team on the left are in the process of being overhauled and redone.
  8. I now only have to construct my Broadsides, purchase a Pathfinder Team, finish painting the army and it will be complete.



WIth the release of the 6th Edition Codex I thought long and hard about how my army fared in 5th and what I wanted to change for this new generation.

What did I come up with? That the best idea was to strip mine all my units, take them back to basics, and start again.

So, here is how the entire collection will look when finished:



  1. Cadre Fireblade = 60pts
  2. Commander with Plasma Rifle, Twin-Linked Missile Pod, Shield Generator and Irridium Armour = 170pts
  • 2 x Shas'Vre with Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod and Shield Generator = 174pts


  1. 3 x Crisis Shas'Ui each with a Burst Cannon and Twin-Linked Missile Pod = 156pts
  2. 3 x Crisis Shas'Ui each with a Plasma Rifle and Twin-Linked Flamer = 141pts
  3. 4 x Stealth Shas'Ui, one with Fusion Blaster and a Stealth Shas'Vre with a Markerlight and Target Lock = 180pts


  1. 8 Shas'La and a Shas'Ui with Markerlight and Target Lock. All 9 have Pulse Rifles = 106pts
  2. 8 Shas'La and a Shas'Ui with Markerlight and Target Lock. All 9 have Pulse Rifles = 106pts
  3. 8 Shas'La and a Shas'Ui with Markerlight and Target Lock. 6 have Pulse Rifles, 3 have Pulse Carbines = 106pts
  4. 8 Shas'La and a Shas'Ui with Markerlight and Target Lock. 6 have Pulse Rifles, 3 have Pulse Carbines = 106pts


  1. 9 J'Kai'La and a Pulse Accelerator Drone. 6 have Pulse Carbines and Markerlights, 1 has a Rail Rifle and 2 have Ion Rifles = 149pts
  2. 4 Vespids and a Strain Leader = 100pts
  3. 2 x Piranha with Fusion Blasters and Blacksun Filters = 101pts


  1. 2 x Sniper Drone Teams = 116pts
  2. Hammerhead Gunship with Railgun, Smart Missile System, Blacksun Filter, Point Defence Targeting System and Submunition Rounds = 141pts
  3. Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunship with Smart Missile System, Blacksun Filter and Point Defence Targeting System = 121pts



  1. Commander with Cyclic Ion Blaster, Fusion Blaster, Stimulant Injector, Vectored-Retro Thrusters, Neural Systems Jammer, Puretide Engram Neurochip, Marker Drone and Shield Drone = 176pts
  2. Ethereal with Honour Blade and Homing Beacon = 60pts


  • XV104 Riptide with Ion Accelerator, Twin-Linked Smart Missile System, Counter Fire Defence System and Advanced Targeting Array = 193pts


  1. 15 Kroot with Sniper Rounds = 105pts
  2. 14 Kroot with Sniper Rounds = 97pts


  • Sunshark Bomber with Twin-Linked Missile Pod = 165pts


  • 2 x Broadside Shas'Ui one with a Heavy Rail RIfle, one with a High Yield Missile Pod and both have a Smart Missile System, Advanced Targeting Array and Missile Drone each = 160pts

Total Points: 2998 ...... Total Models: 117


Coming Soon



  • FILE: TKKR_HQ1_CT_01
  • NAME: Shas'O Tash'Var Or'Es Kessan Tam'Ya Raatol - Fire Commander Tash'Var Great Wise Noble Mentor
  • GAMES: 126/126
  • GENERATIONS: Originally O'Raatol had a standard Crisis Battlesuit with two Missile Pods on one arm and a Shield Generator on the other. He fell foul of the 'ankle breaker curse' that has plagued most of my Suits which led to the inclusion of Flight Sticks (see my P&M Blog for more details). Unfortunately, his suit was later destroyed by a 'canine enemy' and had to be replaced. So came the second Generation, a conversion on the Shas'O Rmyr model from Forge World, armed again with Paired Missiles and a much larger shield. For 6th Edition, the addition of a Plasma Rifle and a new paint job and base formed the 3rd and current Generation of O'Raatol

  • NAMES: Shas'Vre Tash'Var Kir'Qath Tau'Va & Shas'Vre Tash'Var Lar'Shi'Vre Ko'Vash - Fire Hero Tash'Var Defender (of the) Greater Good & Fire Hero Tash'Var Protector (of a) Worthy Cause
  • GAMES: 100/126
  • SURVIVAL RATE: 25% - Bullet Magnets
  • CONVERSION: I decided the standard Tau Shield Generators were too small, and as my Shas'Vre were equipped to look as if they have swords and shields, I replaced their Generators with modified Drone bodies. The aerial slots and exhaust grill have been hidden and replaced respectively with Green Stuff


  • WIP


  • FILE: TKKR_TP01_FT_01
  • UNIT NAME: Shas'La La'Rua Nu'Ul Kauyon - Firewarrior Team Distant Hunter
  • GAMES: 126/126
  • TEAM MARKINGS: Three Blue Ticks on the Left Side of Their Helmets and Yellow Shoulder Badges
  • NOTES: Named Distant Hunter (Nu'Ul Kauyon) for their efficiency at picking off targets long before the enemy are in range, this unit is a 'Gun Line', static firepower, unit. Their job is to pummel priority threat units, weakening if not breaking them before they can do damage. They are one of the longest standing units in O'Raatol's Hunter Cadre. They have always performed admirably in the 8 years they have been in service but on ocassion, they have a tendency to balk at the first round of shooting that hits them. To their credit, they have never run far and usually regroup
  • CONVERSION: The original Shas'Ui from this unit disappeared a number of years ago. It is unknown how or why, it just happend. So a new one had to be found. This one looks like he wants to be there. His mouth is open as he bellows orders and points to new targets with his converted left arm

  • FILE: TKKR_TP02_FT_02
  • UNIT NAME: Shas'La La'Rua Shovah - Firewarrior Team Farsighted
  • GAMES: 126/126
  • SURVIVAL RATE: 100% - Not Without Losses Of Course
  • TEAM MARKINGS: Three Blue Lines on the Right Side of Their Helmets and Purple Shoulder Badges
  • NOTES: This Team is the longest standing unit in the Cadre. Team Shovah have consistently performed above and beyond what they should be capable of. In over 100 games, only one unit that has targeted this unit for destruction has made it into combat with them, instead being mercilessly gunned down or caused to fall back. Even the unit that did make it into combat, a band of Dark Eldar Witches, were routed in an amazing display of combat efficiency Firewarriors seldom show. As a 'Gun Line' unit, they earned the title Shovah by consistantly putting their long range firepower to great effect
  • CONVERSIONS: The first is the binocular wielding trooper (centre, back row) who has leant his rifle against a tree to take a good look at the enemy. The second is the new Shas'Ui recently added (May 2013) (middle left, front row) kneeling to retrieve his helmet. He was promoted from standard trooper when their old Shas'Ui was given the task of heading up Firewarrior Team 4, recently added (May 2013), in hopes that this veteran can keep the noobies in order

  • FILE: TKKR_TP03_FT_03
  • UNIT NAME: Shas'La La'Rua Vior'La - Firewarrior Team Hot Blooded
  • GAMES: 11/126
  • SURVIVAL RATE: 0% - Not Really Getting The Whole 'Survival' Idea Are They?
  • TEAM MARKINGS: Blue 'P' on the Right Side of Their Helmets and Green Shoulder Badges
  • NOTES: One of the younger units of the Cadre, this unit lives up to its name being very impetuous and taking risks they really should not. They have not made much of a name for themselves yet
  • CONVERSIONS: This is the only Firewarrior Team in the Army without a conversion



  • UNIT NAME: Mal'Kor Kor'Rua MaKep - Vespid Strain MaKep
  • GAMES: 39/126
  • NOTES: Foregoing the usual primarily blue colour schemes promoted in the codexes, not just because they would clash with their armour, I wanted my Vespids to stand out from the Tau elements of my army, inject some colour into it beside blue and red. Although I also had this idea for the Kroot (see above) the Vespids came first. They bear the name MaKep after Strain Leader MaKep, who has kept them well in check bringing them much success

  • UNIT NAME: As'Kor Kor'Rua Y'Eldi - Piranha Squadron Winged One
  • GAMES: 47/126
  • NOTES: Hoping for new Vehicles to paint with the realease of 4th Edition, along came the Piranhas. Originally armed with Burst Cannons, they were found to be underpowered but having been Retro-Fitted with Fusion Blasters which has since improved their survival


  • NAME: Tash'Var Geo'Or'Ka Mal'Vah Or'Es Mont'Ka - Tash'Var Hammerhead Gunship Powerful Killing Blow
  • GAMES: 126/126
  • SURVIVAL RATE: 25% - Missile Magnet
  • NOTES: The oldest unit in the Army, Or'Es Mont'Ka has been through a lot in its short life. A number of retro-fits, repaints and repair work has kept this deadly gunship alive and killing. Though in its early years, its survival rating was appalling, attracting far too much attention, and its targetting systems were apparently faulty. Recently though, its crew appear to have mastered the controls and learned to evade incoming fire and it has begun to gain a well deserved reputation for being a one-shot killer of vehicles and infantry alike
  • GENERATIONS: The first Generation of Or'Es Mont'Ka was bright red, had an Ion Cannon and Gun Drones, and had slogans scrawled across it such as 'Death to all none Tau'. Of course the Tau are not like that and so a repaint, rearming and renaming took place. Second Gen is now a well known and feared, Railgun armed, feature of every battle


  • NAME: Tash'Var Un'Kor Mal'kir'Qath Mal'Vah Or'Es'El'Leath - Tash'Var Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunship Custodian
  • GAMES: 30/126
  • NOTES: Having began life as a Devilfish APC, this unit was hastily upgraded to a Sky Ray when it became clear at the beginning of 5th Edition that the Army was lacking in Anti-Tank firepower. Since then, it has helped keep enemy armour in check during numerous conflicts, and more recently has earned itself the title 'Custodian' of the Skies, continously bringing down enemy flyers every battle save one, where it repeatedly traded blows with a Stormraven Gunship, neither able to damage the other


  • NAME: Tash'Var Caadan Kor'Vesa La'Rua - Tash'Var Sniper Drone Team
  • GAMES: 5/126
  • SURVIVAL RATE: 100% - Easy when you have only been in 5 games!
  • NOTES: Having only taken part in five batlles, this unit has performed admirably but has yet to earn itself a name. It is the first fully painted unit and even includes highlights.


I also have a P&M Blog for this army which can be found here: MY TAU ARMY BLOG


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