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"Ponder this, young adept: The tool is used in the sacrament of construction. Humble as it may be, not even the blessed Titan, greatest of all Machines, can persist without its ceaseless service. Forged from sacred metal, simple in its design and clear in its purpose, it shows us, who are still bound by our corrupting flesh, the light of the Omnissiah.

But behold ! It takes naught but a change of intent to turn the creator into a annihilator. This is the terrible power of the tool. Whenever you use it, you step up to an abyss, dark and unfathomably deep. All the strength of the Machine, channeled through your feeble hands and fickle mind, for good or for ill.

I see you are afraid. You should be. Once you have sensed the abyss, it will never leave your mind. Ponder the mysterium of the tool, young adept, and pray to the Omnissiah to give you strength when your time comes to use it..."


Big guys

I drilled a small hole through a cylindrical rod and glued the end of a thinner, hexagonal rod into it. After the glue had fully set, I wound the hexagonal rod tightly around the cylindrical one and then pulled the windings apart till I had achieved the right kind of flank lead. The only tricky part is then to keep the hexagonal rod from winding back up since it is quite flexible. I found the best method is to dab some super glue at some points while you still secure everything in place, wait for the glue to set and then to apply plastic glue along the whole length to "weld" everything together.

The Adeptus Mechanicus<br/> strongly believes in equal <br/>opportunity employment
The Adeptus Mechanicus
strongly believes in equal
opportunity employment

Gut plate for the driller
Gut plate for the driller

Mechanicus Jawas

His thumb is circled red. I drilled a hole through his fist <br/>and then cut a gap between his knuckles to squeeze<br/> the screwdriver into.
His thumb is circled red. I drilled a hole through his fist
and then cut a gap between his knuckles to squeeze
the screwdriver into.



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