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Malfred's 520 Models in a Year Attempt

It was January. I had tallied my number of minis painted for 2008 at over 365 (about 1 per day), when I realized that even though I had painted that much stuff, there was plenty of unpainted miniatures lying around the office. I decided to try to paint 520 miniatures in the course of a year.

As I update this article, you'll see work in progress pics from my painting and modeling blog here on Dakka, followed by pictures showing the completed products. These pictures are taken before I "make them shiny" with the varnish (I like the unnatural shine on my miniatures).

You might notice that I paint in batches.

Batch 01: The Legends Miniatures

  • 03 Juviah Rhoven, Gius and Cassius
  • 02 Allegiants of the Order of the Fist
  • 01 Hierophant
  • 01 Blessing of Vengeance
  • 01 Epic Eiryss, Angel of the Retribution
  • 01 Grenadier
  • 01 Sentinel
  • 02 Trencher Officer and Sniper
  • 01 Jeremiah Kraye
  • 13 Models Total

I started this batch of miniatures because of the release of Warmachine:Legends. The book finished the current storyline for the various factions and introduced tons of interesting model ideas.

The Hierophant and Rhoven expanded the feel of the divine orders of the Protectorate of Menoth, and the Blessing of Vengeance Warjack was an excellent pairing with Severius.

The Cygnar models were the result of wanting to paint Jeremiah Kraye, the cavalry warcaster. His spells support warjacks, light and heavy, so I picked up a Grenadier and Sentinel to work with him. On top of that, the Trencher Officer and Sniper would support the inevitable use of Trenchers with the army.

Epic Eiryss is there just because.

Batch 02: High Elves and Epic Butcher

  • 13 models previously
  • 05 Man O War Shock Troopers
  • 01 Great Eagle
  • 10 Phoenix Guard
  • 29 Total

January 18, 2009

One thing that helped me get painting done was that my co-worker encouraged me to bring stuff to paint during our lunch breaks. So I brought Epic Butcher and painted him up in December or something. I never got much done, but it helped ease things along.

Most of the Man-O-War Shock Troopers' paint job was completed at work. I just needed to be home to finish it up.

The High Elves were part of some huge long term plan to have a High Elf army by 2010 or something. So I'd buy a unit box or two of models and get to work on them. The eagle is actually the third eagle I've ever done, the first two being done for my Wood Elves. One was the regular variety and the second one was the mounted version.

I wish I had based my Elves similarly. The tan edging on this eagle is not necessarily noticeable from afar in the midst of a Wood Elf army based with black edges, but it bothers me. Someday I'll have four eagles, two for each army, each correctly based.

Batch 03: Missing Pieces

  • 29 Models Previously
  • 05 Praetorian Ferox
  • 11 Bane Knights
  • 45 Models completed

February 3, 2009

Both units represented pieces I needed in two of my armies that had been previously missing.

For the Skorne, it was the Fierce Praetorians leaping into combat astride their Ferox, the trained battle cats. If I remember the fluff correctly, the Ferox can only ever be captured wild and never raised in captivity. It took me a long time to finish this unit even though they were released before because I only ever had a single box and a single blister. I finally got off my butt and just special ordered the fifth one and I was good to go.

The Bane Knights were missing from my Cryx armies for the longest time because I didn't want to make my armies cookie-cutter. However, I finally caved because I really liked the armored ghost models put out and I wanted to try my hand at verdigris. With the help of posters on Dakka, I think I pulled it off.

Batch 04: A Taste for Dark Elf

  • 45 models Previously
  • 03 Greylords
  • 20 Corsairs
  • 06 Doom Reavers
  • 01 Beast-09
  • 75 Models Completed

February 14, 2009

As I was finishing the pieces for my Khador army (or what I needed to run a minimum sized Khadoran force), the low model count of the Greylords, Doom Reavers and Beast-09 encouraged me to work on a plastic unit of Dark Elf Corsairs. They are one of my favorite plastic kits from Fantasy, and they paint up quite easily.

With these two in combination, I ended one army and promptly started another.

Batch 05: The Sea of Red

March 5, 2009

Red is all over place, and it used to aggravate me to no end. Any red I used to use, whether it was Vallejo or GW based would dry up and crumble. I was probably very careless with the bottles, but still.

It helped to get my hands on Reaper Master Series triads. Not only does the paint come out of the dropper bottles nice and purty, but the color triads really helped with selection. I'm not sure if this batch had me start doing the thing where I paint two types of models the same way but shade them differently, but I'm very much about doing things that way now.

Sometimes a model will get red paint and a sepia wash for a dirty look. Sometimes I'll use the purple wash to tinge things a bit more malevolently.

The fact that I think about these things at all amazes me.

And PS: 2 Dark Elf Assassins won't be enough for what I'm plotting, muahahaha.

  • 75 Models Previous
  • 10 Legion of Everblight Swordsmen
  • 01 Seraph Warbeast
  • 02 Dark Elf Assassins
  • 06 Serpent Guard
  • 94 Models Total

Batch 06: Adepticon Crunch

March 13, 2009

This batch represents the nature of how I see things. I have an event to attend and Warhammer figures to paint for it. The plan is to fill my extra points for Adepticon with Standard Bearers and Musicians and even more Glade Guard.

However, I can't just paint that. When a model like Borka has the funny feat Barroom Blitz, and the spell Mosh Pit, and his Keg Carrier makes an entire unit punch drunk with happiness while alive or angry when killed, I just had to continue painting for my Trollblood army. Even though I wasn't going to get to use them anytime soon, the project had to be done.

  • 94 Models Previous
  • 10 Glade Guard
  • 05 Trollkin Champions
  • 01 Trollkin Hero
  • 01 Borka Kegslayer
  • 01 Keg Carrier
  • 112 Models Total

Batch 07: Good Guys and Secret Projects

April 13, 2009

Why am I still painting Cygnar even though I once started an army back during Warmachine: Prime and never really played it? Because Warmachine: Legends was released and I wanted to use the cavalry warcaster, Jeremiah Kraye, and the character unit, the Black 13th.

So the Centurion was painted for Kraye to cast Full Tilt on (and it's a fearsome fearsome thing when it's charging 11" with boosted attack rolls) while Finn helps with the Trenchers and Siege is specifically to help Gun Mages of any kind.

The Orks are a super secret project that I think I'm one of the few who have participated in. Oh well.

  • 112 Models Previous
  • 001 Centurion
  • 001 Siege Brisbane
  • 001 Arcane tempest gun mage unit attachment
  • 001 Maxwell Finn
  • 001 Squire Warcaster Attachment
  • 001 Ork Slaver
  • 014 Gretchin
  • 132 Models Total

Batch 08: Re-doing a Faction

April 13, 2009

For the longest time I was unhappy with my Circle Orboros color scheme. They have a lot of green highlighted over a purple base. I stopped painting the models because I didn't know if I wanted to continue painting them as I was, and I'm not the type who pours the Simple Green all over batches of miniatures (probably had a collection of 30-40 models by this point).

However, two things helped me try again with these particular models. Albinoork helped me with my black highlighting (essentially a deep purple followed by a deep blue) and the Confrontation pre-paints had a neat scheme for the Wolfen which was very similar to someone else's Circle Orboros (Grey skin and orange-brown fur). Unfortunately, I can't think of their name or find a pic right now.

So I credit those two with giving me the impetus to try again. I had 11 models that weren't painted yet and I sat down during my spring break and finished them off.

  • 132 Models Previous
  • 001 War Wolf
  • 001 Warpwolf
  • 001 Gnarlhorn Satyr
  • 001 Gorax
  • 001 Druid Overseer
  • 006 Druid Unit
  • 143 Models Total

Batch 09: Trolls and Elves

April 13, 2009

Painted up a batch of models to go into my Borka Kegslayer Army. The warbeasts give me various options in the list, the Fell Caller provides solid army synergy for the Champions, and the Kilt Lifter is an acceptable proxy for a second Trollkin Hero (he was a special release sculpt and comes with no rules of his own).

The Elves here represent a re-imagining of my High Elf army to include chariots and multiple Wizards. I'll only need one more Wizard to run this list in a proper 2250 point game.

I still can't remember what the lion guy's name is. Korhal, maybe?

  • 143 Models Previous
  • 001 Blitzer
  • 001 Mauler
  • 001 Impaler
  • 001 Axer
  • 001 Kilt Lifter
  • 001 Fell Caller
  • 001 High Elf Mage
  • 001 High Elf Lion Character (can't remember his name)
  • 002 High Elf Lion Chariots
  • 153 Models Total

Batch 10: A Second Re-do and Filler Cannon Fodder

April 18, 2009

No, I didn't re-do the Circle again. It was just that April was a good month for retrying certain color schemes. In this case, I re-did my Skorne Warpack in my purple and gold scheme. The Soulward solved a ton of problems I was having in facing off against Circle Orboros armies, and the Swamp Gobbers saw in at least three of my completed armies for Hordes.

And what is there to say about the Haradrim? 24 models for 24 bucks. They are the right price and they fill up a large amount of minis in my push for 520. I think I paint at least one or two more batches of them before I am through.

  • 153 Models Previous
  • 001 Rhinodon
  • 001 Morghoul
  • 001 Gladiator Titan
  • 001 Soulward Extoller
  • 002 Cyclops Savages
  • 002 Swamp Gobbers
  • 024 Haradrim Warriors
  • 185 Models Total

Batch 11: Dawn of the Undead Red and a bunch of Big Boned Boys

April 26, 2009

It's okay if they don't look that big or red to you. The Bloodgorgers are a 40mm based unit who are lead by their General, Gerlak Slaughterborne. Once I saw them in the Warmachine: Legends book, I knew I had to have a squad painted up.

On top of that, the AT-43 pre-painted Karman space gorillas have background material that cracks me up. These Wendigos were overdo a repaint.

  • 185 Models Previous
  • 005 AT-43 Wendigos
  • 003 Withershadow Combine
  • 001 General Gerlak Slaughterborne
  • 010 Bloodgorgers
  • 204 Models Total

Batch 12: The End of a Slow Month

May 31, 2009

I don't know why, but May was a really slow month. Part of it was I was testing color schemes for what would become my Black (red) Templars army. At least the plastic Gretchins helped carry the numbers.

  • 204 Models Previous
  • 015 Gretchin
  • 002 Ork Slavers
  • 002 Black Templar Novices
  • 004 Black Templar Assault Marines
  • 227 Models Total

Batch 13: Gas Masks, Ogres and Ninjas

June 3, 2009

The Legion of Everblight models here are made for my Rhyas Army. Rhyas is essentially a ninja and the Warmongers are the tanks that do their best to keep her safe long enough to launch an assault and kill an enemy general.

The orange dudes are Assault Kommandoes from Warmachine's Khador faction. I don't have a list for them, I just really liked the models and decided to work on these before buying into the goofy looking Winter Guard.

The wall pieces are things that the Armorcast guys gave me for free with an order since they were miscasts. (It's kind of ridiculous, I mean, they're rubble!)

  • 227 Models Previous
  • 010 Assault Kommandos
  • 005 Warmongers
  • 002 Warmonger War Chiefs
  • 001 Rhyas
  • 245 Models Total

Batch 14: Finally some Fantasy, and Look at My Green Snake!

June 13, 2009

I just love posting that picture of Skarath and sending people a link titled, "Look at My Green Snake!"

I continued testing the yellow formula with Skarath and his elf chick flautist (heh, cool name for a job, methinks) and I realized that yellow that relies on a yellow glaze must absolutely be done dead last. Even the littlest mistake will show through the ink.

And I got a buttload of Dark Elf Corsair/Warrior conversions done. They were such a pain to try to rank up that I had to alternate the block. A file would be straight up Warriors with shields and the next file would be the Corsairs with Shields and spears lunging forward. For the most part, it works.

Finally Orin Midwinter. I just love that pose. It's August as I write this now and I still have yet to use him in a game.

  • 245 Models Previous
  • 025 Dark Elf Warriors
  • 001 Skarath (My Green Snake!)
  • 001 Elf Girl
  • 001 Rogue Inquisitor
  • 273 Models Total

Batch 14b: More Elves and More Green

June 13, 2009

This is Batch 14b because I worked on these miniatures alongside the others. Some of the differences were handled in the shading and various effects applied to the highlighting.

The Legion models fill out the Rhyas army list whereas the Gatormen were just an excuse to use more green paint. Later on, I totally screw up while putting on my second coat of varnish and use the primer, but whatever. I'll live with my gators partly black.

The background information for the Nephilim Soldier is really gross. Everblight essentially impregnates Blighted Elves with a carnivorous beast that eats its way out of the host mother. /shudder

  • 273 Models Previous
  • 005 Gatormen
  • 002 Death Striders
  • 001 Lylyth
  • 001 Nephilim Soldiers
  • 282 Models Total

Batch 15: The Coming Storm!

June 21, 2009

I can't for the life of me find the work in progress shots of these models (June 21)

The Stormblades, their unit attachment and the Stormclad is the first batch of miniatures that I've bought and painted up in anticipation of Warmachine MKII. The rules for these models were both good and background worthy, so I don't really fear them getting hit with the nerf bat. If nothing else, they'll work really well for Warmachine's Themed Army list or at least look really good.

  • 282 Models Previous
  • 010 Stormblades
  • 002 Stormblade Unit Attachment
  • 001 Stormclad
  • 295 Models Total

Batch 15b: Summer Kick-Start

June 21, 2009

Both this photo and Batch 15 are showing as being taken on June 19. What a surprise these miniatures being completed on the last day of work before summer!

The Dwarven miniature comes from Felix Paniagua's Avatars of War site. It was free in an Adepticon goody bag. I started him sometime back in April and only managed to finish him with this set of miniatures.

I got the Wild Riders from a pack I bought from John Humphrey, and the Assault Marines are the first models from my purchase of a Black Templar Sprues through GW Mail Order.

This was a good way to end the school year and a great way to start the summer. After the miserable month of May I was able to really turn things up.

  • 295 Models Previous
  • 005 Wild Riders
  • 005 Assault Marines
  • 001 Dwarven Hero
  • 306 Models Total

Batch 16: Minions that Can Work for Many, but Actually Work for Less (or Fewer)

June 25, 2009

Rorsch and Brine (the two Boars, small and big) and Saxon Orrik are both Minions from Hordes: Metamorphosis. They can be used in the armies of Multiple Factions, but to date I haven't used them in even a single faction. I love the style and design of the Minion Warcasters and their Warbeasts (like that of the Green Snake, Skarath), but I'm not sold on playing them in games. The limited control area is really difficult to get around.

And Saxon Orrik is just a traitor and a cur. It's difficult to like a man who will turn against his country even if he thinks the usurpers are the ones who turned against the country first.

Sweet model, though.

I stalled a bit on this batch. Finally I just brushed on a ton of wash, highlighted and called it a day.

  • 306 Models Previous
  • 001 Rorsch
  • 001 Brine
  • 001 Saxon Orrik
  • 309 Models Total

Batch 16b: The Case of the Missing Photos

June 25, 2009

I don't know what happened here. I ordered a bunch of Serpent Guard from multiple sources, and assembled them for painting. You can see there are more Serpent Guard in the work in progress shot than in the finished shot. That might be because I either neglected to take pictures of all my painted Serpent Guard, or I missed a step or two in the rush to get things done.

  • 309 Models Previous
  • 024 Serpent Guard
  • 333 Models Total

Batch 17: Shiny Metal Spikey Bits

July 11, 2009

I love Skorne as faction in Hordes. They have elite troops, warlocks who favor infantry, masters of torture and, most importantly, spikey bits on their armor.

But they can sure be a pain to paint.

I block out the colors by painting yellow onto areas I want to paint gold. Then I have to hit the recesses with a black highlight. After that, I have to block the yellow with gold and highlight/shade from there, and it can be tiresome trying to do that all without getting gold into the recesses.

And then transporting them! Expect to break something everytime they move.

Still, I love the models.

  • 333 Models Previous
  • 008 Venators
  • 005 Arcuarii
  • 001 Archdomina Makeda
  • 347 Models Total

Batch 17b: Mysterious Killer Elven Psychic Space Clowns in Space

July 11, 2009

I went back to the Eldar because I think I'm the only Eldar collector on the planet who didn't have Eldrad painted. This batch also included other models that I loved that originally drew me to the army: Warwalkers and Harlequins.

I know I can't paint motley. It's just too much alternating . I also can't do the multi-color suits or quartered paint schemes. So I decided to stick to the army colors.

I think it worked out.

  • 347 Models Previous
  • 006 Harlequins
  • 001 Warwalker
  • 001 Eldrad
  • 355 Models Total

Batch 18: Randomly Painting Ships

July 17 or 18, 2009

I have never played Uncharted Seas before, nor do I ever expect to, but the ships are just lovely to buy, paint and collect. Of the two here, one of them is a Carrier that launches flights of Dragons at other ships. Alas, I don't have any representative dragons to field with it.

  • 355 Models Previous
  • 002 Dragonlord Vessels
  • 357 Models Total

Batch 18b: Not a hint of Green

July 17 or 18, 2009

I used to wonder if the various transports in 40k could fit the correct number of units. For the most recent ork trukk, the answer was clearly, yes if you removed the bases. So my entire inspiration to paint up some orks was to paint up a trukk and stick a mounted trukk token in it.

The models riding in back are all glued together. It's very scenic. It's also not very expensive to do. I built the army around footsloggin' shootas so that I could use the arms to represent the sluggas in the truck. Every now and then I'd use a pair of legs to help the token stand up (there are maybe four pairs of legs attached to the thing), and there's even a Nob in the mix of it.

They're also brownskins, which I prefer for my orks. Of all the things I get flak for (shiny varnish on completed projects, sloppy washes, etc.) I don't get why people ask about my brownskin orks. I'm very fond of them.

  • 357 Models Previous
  • 001 Trukk
  • 001 Mounted Trukk Token
  • 015 Shootas
  • 374 Models Total

Batch 18c: Charge of the Beefalo!

July 17 or 18, 2009

Horthol and a synergistic unit of Long Riders on Beefalos cost enough money to break the bank, but the resulting unit is a sight to behold. I loved these models on sight, and so once I gained the courage to pay for them, they were mine.

And it's not an accident that my trolls, orks, and humans all use the same skin formula: Dark Reaper Dark Skin. It paints up rather quickly and I like the effect.

  • 374 Models Previous
  • 005 Long Riders
  • 001 Horthol Mounted
  • 001 Horthol Standing
  • 381 Models Total

Batch 19: Yeah, Totally Different Systems Here

July 24, 2009

July was a big month for painting lots of random stuff, including random stuff I never expect to field, but love to look at.

Black (red) Templars, Infinity Haqqislam troops, and finally some Dark Elf Dark Riders.

The red across the board gave me some painting synergy here (more in the next batch), as did the Gray on the Dark Elf skin and Infinity armor. Beyond that, however, I was switching paint colors constantly, which is how I like to paint: assembly line in batches. Whenever the red became too much I switched up to the other models.

  • 381 Models Previous
  • 005 Black Templar Novices
  • 005 Dark Elf Dark Riders
  • 005 Haqqislam Infantry
  • 396 Models Total

Batch 19b: Better Red and Undead!

July 24, 2009

Of course, it was hard to avoid painting red.

It's sad that you can't call Goreshade the Bastard once he steals the sword of winter from the Elven god Nyssor. It's like he becomes so much cooler and then he loses the best title of all time.

And even though I already had some Bane Thralls completed, I decided to go whole hog and paint a full unit to match Goreshade's new level of epicness.

Oh yeah, and there are initiates in this picture.

  • 396 Models Previous
  • 010 Bane Thralls
  • 005 Black Templar Initiates
  • 001 Epic Goreshade
  • 412 Models Total

Batch 20: Guardians I Don't Even Need

July 28, 2009

I don't see how any Eldar player from 3rd edition would need to buy the Guardian box with the gun platform unless they just wanted to paint the models and try out the plastic gun platform. I still think the proportions on the plastic gun platform, particularly the gun shield, are off in comparison to the old kit, but that's plastic for you.

I did end up a lot happier with these Guardians than with any other I'd already painted, so that's small comfort for a painting/collecting addict.

  • 412 Models Previous
  • 014 Guardians
  • 001 Scatter Laser Platform
  • 427 Models Total

Batch 20b: Assassins + Yellow Scarves = Scary

July 28, 2009

What would be a good contrast to black leather, I thought.

Of course! Yellow scarves!

And lo, the Croe's Cutthroats unit was painted with black highlighted by purple and blue and mean yellow scarves.

Hey, that scene in Durrenmatt's the Visit with the yellow tennis shoes is still one of the scariest things I've ever read.

  • 427 Models Previous
  • 010 Croe's Cutthroats
  • 437 Models Total

Batch 20c: Characters

July 28, 2009

I can spot every flaw in these three character models.

The Emperor's Champion's paint gets a little thick and his banner has sloppy freehand.

The Anima Tactics model from the Light Starter had bad primer that probably should have been stripped and redone.

The Elven Wizard has weird yellow highlights. I probably rushed her layers.

  • 437 Models Previous
  • 001 Emperor's Champion
  • 001 Anima Tactics
  • 001 Elven Wizard
  • 440 Models Total

Batch 21: MUMAK!

August 2, 2009

Any post with a Mumak must have the word typed in all caps and an exclamation point somewhere in its body. That is simply the only correct way to write about the Mumak.

I took shortcuts on the base for this one. Probably the next one I'll just cover the entire base with basing material rather than fiddle with dead bodies (cool as they look).

Yes, there are extra Glade Guard in this picture. I just needed to paint some leftovers.

And finally, the Legion of Everblight helped me share the red when I just needed to stop and step away from the awesomeness of the Mumak.


  • 440 Models Previous
  • 008 Glade Guard
  • 002 Legion of Everblight Harriers
  • 002 Legion of Everblight Swordmen Unit Attachment
  • 001 MUMAK!
  • 453 Models Total

Batch 22: Stalin Would Be Proud

August 4, 2009

And then he'd promptly have me executed.

These Soviets for Flames of War are tiny tiny tiny and I stayed up all night to block them out, inked them the next day, and then did finished the highlights in another single sitting.

It was really the only way I was going to get it done.

  • 453 Models Previous
  • 002 Anti-tank rifle teams
  • 008 SMG Teams
  • 016 Rifle/MG Teams
  • 479 Models Total

Batch 23: Soviets and then This?!

August 9, 2009

Finished this before I left for GenCon.

I once painted a Khador Battlebox. I gave it away. I painted some Winterguard. I gave them away.

I always regretted it, but now I'm happy that I gave them away. Why? Because giving them away opened up the opportunity to try another paint scheme on them.

I started a Khador army based around Fenris and Doomreavers months back. Months later, I started building up the grunts of the army, and enjoyed painting the rather ugly looking Winterguard.

  • 479 Models Previous
  • 010 Winterguard
  • 002 Winterguard Unit Attachment
  • 001 Kovnik Joe
  • 001 Sorscha
  • 001 Juggernaut
  • 001 Destroyer
  • 001 Winterguard Rocketeer
  • 496 Models Total

Batch 23b: Not a Soviet

August 9, 2009

Painting the Wave Serpent gave me time away from the oranges and reds. Or maybe I did things the other way around. I painted the Khador models to keep my mind off the smooth curves of the Wave Serpent.

Whatever it was, the two sets complemented each other very much.

  • 496 Models Previous
  • 001 Wave Serpent with Bright Lances
  • 497 Models Total

Batch 24: Back to the Green and Gold

August 31, 2009

It took me a long time to paint these five plastic models and the token wreck marker. Most of it had to do with working the gold with brown shades and silver highlights. The other part had to do with Gencon, Kiddieland, and vacation, not necessarily in that order.

  • 497 Models Previous
  • 005 Exemplar Bastions
  • 001 Wreck Marker
  • 503 Models Total

Batch 24b: You Were Warned

August 31, 2009

While at Gencon, I picked up the Retribution of Scyrah models that I'd need to demo the army at the local store. I didn't worry about getting them for free because there was a problem getting orders to the Press Gangers in time with the heavy myrmidon, plus I'd already decided that I wanted to collect the army.

Instead of the studio cream that would have required a lot of work to make it shine, I went with simple green transitions supported with yellow glowy effects.

This is also one of my first attempts at hand layering without any washes at all. Though I was taught the technique using metals, I decided to have a go at starting with Sick Green and darkening down in layers with the Dark Green and highlighting up with layers up to the Goblin Green.

You can judge for yourself how successful I might have been (or not).

  • 503 Models Previous
  • 001 Manticore
  • 001 Griffon
  • 001 Chimera
  • 001 Kaelyssa
  • 507 Models Total

Batch 25: Nothing like a little Dungeons and Dragons

September 1, 2009

Late in August, I received a message from my party girl cousin in college in Las Vegas.

She's playing Dungeons and Dragons, and she wants a character.

I go out and buy three figures: a Cleric for my cousin, a Dwarven monk for me, a sexy thief for my wife. None of us are playing Dungeons and Dragons together. I think my wife likes the gift, though.

  • 507 Models Previous
  • 001 Dwarven Monk
  • 001 Thief
  • 001 Cleric
  • 510 Models Total

Batch 26: Ki-niggets and Elves in Space!

September 7, 2009

Achievement unlocked!

9 months after I started, I hit my target number. 520 models! (530 actually!)

It's like giving birth to a giant pewter and plastic baby.

It's a good thing that I achieved this, too, because after September 7, work turned into a monster (working overtime this year). Hopefully things will ease up in November and December, so I can get some more stuff done.

  • 510 Models Total
  • 009 Black Templar Initiates
  • 001 Dreadnought
  • 010 Dire Avengers
  • 530 Models Total


It took me 9 months to do it.

Appendix A: Group Shots

The only mini I couldn't get into the shots below was my Cygnaran Squire (R2D2 for Warmachine, essentially).

Also, I slipped in all my soviets rather than just the first batch that contributed to the total. Therefore, there are 549 minis in the pictures below, if I did things correctly.


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