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Redbeard's Khorne Daemons

Full Army Photo

Army List

A sample 1750 list for this army might look like:


Bloodthirster w/ Unholy Strength (270)

Herald of Khorne on Chariot w/ Unholy Strength (100)


8 Bloodcrushers (icon, fury & instrument) (360)

8 Bloodcrushers (icon & fury) (355)



3x 8 Bloodletters (128 each)

Fast Attack:

8 Flesh Hounds (120)

Heavy Support:

Soul Grinder w/ Phlegm (160)

Unit Photos


An'ggrath the Unbound

Bloodthirsters - I try to make sure they don't look alike, so having two head choices is nice - I swapped the weapons on one of them too.

Ultraforge's Greater War Demon

Ultraforge's War Demon


Skulltaker's Chariot, currently driven by a different herald, magnets are great. Yes, there are two Hellcannons and two Juggernauts on this thing...

Herald on Chariots

Herald on Juggernaut

And the Forgeworld Herald


Bloodcrushers - two full units of eight. I mixed the Chaos Lord's Juggernaut about 50/50 with Daemon Juggernauts, and did work on their heads and riders to make sure they weren't all identical. Colour choices help there too.


Bloodletters, lots of bloodletters... There are a couple of heralds mixed in with them.

These ones carry the Banner of Skulls. More skulls is a good thing, right?

Fast Attack

Karanak and his puppies.

Heavy Support

These two princes have magnets that allow them to swap out wings for backpack spines.

Forgeworld Khorne Daemon Prince

The Tankgrinder. Reading the fluff, I saw no reason why Daemons would only ever possess defilers. This one here got its hands on a Traitor Leman Russ.

Why I Started This Army

Back in 2007, my friends and I entered the Adepticon Team Tournament. I painted the army that we all used, but my friend Jon had paid for most of the army and was keeping it after the event. He had won An'ggrath somewhere along the line, and gave it to me as thanks for painting the army. So, I had this great big Khorne daemon, and nothing to go with it - it sat on the shelf for a while. When the chaos daemon codex came out, I was immediately taken by the new juggernaut sculpt, and decided to do a Khorne daemon army for Adepticon 2009 - although I actually ended up going towards a mixed daemon approach at the event.

Design Notes

Each god that I've done has a different base type. The bases for the Khorne Daemons are Skull Bases, predominantly from Epicast, although the larger bases are made from Skull Road segments from Armorcast, cut to the shapes I needed. These daemons are still hanging out in Khorne's realm.


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