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Category:Chaos Daemons 40K Army Profile

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Featured Chaos Daemons Warhammer 40,000 Army Profiles

Centurian99's Chaos Daemons

First, I liked the idea of an all-deep striking army. I always wanted to put together an Drop Troops army, both from the WD rules, or the FW rules, but never had the time and/or money to do so. Then Daemons came along, and through careful budgeting and savvy trades, I had the models.


Ian's Slaaneshi Daemons

This used to be the Daemonic contingent of my Emperor's Children army, since made obsolete by the new split Codexes. Anyway, they are maturing into their own Daemon force, with additions still to come, including: Converted Daemon Prince, converted Heralds, converted Soulgrinders, Seekers, more Fiends and Daemonettes.


Redbeard's Khorne Daemons

Back in 2007, my friend Jon won An'ggrath somewhere along the line, and gave it to me as thanks for painting his army. So, I had this great big Khorne daemon, and nothing to go with it - it sat on the shelf for a while. When the chaos daemon codex came out, I was immediately taken by the new juggernaut sculpt, and decided to do a Khorne daemon army for Adepticon 2009 - although I actually ended up going towards a mixed daemon approach at the event.


Redbeard's Nurgle Daemons

I painted this army in a week, working with a different approach to painting than I normally do, but one that seems to lend itself well to Nurgle models. For the most part, the entire army is painted with just foundation paints and washes. There are a few exceptions (eyes/lenses, the rust is stippled bestial brown and blazing orange, and there's some rotting flesh dry-brushing), but in general, it's a very limited palette.


Redbeard's Slaanesh Daemons

In 2006, I took an Emperor's Children army to the Adepticon team tournament. One of my teammates bought most of the models, but I kept a small Emperor's Children force. With the Chaos Daemon codex, I realized it would only take a handful more models to turn the leftover daemons into a legal (if not horribly competitive) Chaos Daemon army.


Redbeard's Tzeentch Daemons

After doing my Slaanesh Daemons, I ended up picking up a pack of flamers. And they were fun to paint. Then, when I was planning for the Adepticon 2009 Gladiator, I knew I was going to bring An'ggrath (the Khorne super-bloodthirster), and realized that, for a gladiator tournament, theme wasn't as important as performance, and I ended up needing some horrors and a fateweaver model. Once I'd gone that far, I decided to do an army for each of the four Chaos gods, and Tzeentch was the next in line.


Utan's Chaos Daemons

I had an attraction for all things Nurgle thanks to the cover art of "Realms of Chaos". When the Chaos Daemons book came out I thought, I'd make a little Nurgle-themed army from those models I had slowly accumulated over the years and flesh it out with a couple of newer ones. This is the result is this army. Not exceedingly effective on the tabletop, but nice for me to look at.


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