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Redbeard's Nurgle Daemons

Full Army Photo

Army List

A sample 1850 list for this army might look like:


Great Unclean One w/ Aura of Decay, Cloud of Flies (195)

Epidemius (110)


2x 14 Plaguebearers w/ Icons (235 each)

2x 7 Plaguebearers (105 each)

7 Nurglings (91)

Fast Attack:

1 Blight Drone (125)

Heavy Support:

Nurgle Daemon Prince w/ Wings, Noxious Touch, Iron Hide, Daemonic Gaze, Cloud of Flies (235)

Nurgle Daemon Prince w/ Wings, Noxious Touch, Iron Hide, Breath of Chaos, Cloud of Flies (215)

Nurgle Daemon Prince w/ Noxious Touch, Iron Hide, Daemonic Gaze, Cloud of Flies (175)

Unit Photos




This conversion is one of the most complex that I've done. The fluff indicates that Ku'Gath rides around on a palanquin with all his plague-making tools, throwing nurglings at his foes. I ended up replacing both the Great Unclean One's hands in order to have him throwing his nurglings, while the plague-making tools on the palanquin come from a variety of sources.

Great Unclean One

He thinks he's a pirate, but that's a nurgling, not a parrot.


Herald of Nurgle


This model is loaded with character, I think it's my favourite Forgeworld model that I've painted so far (and I've painted a lot of them). I've included a couple of extra pictures of the nurglings enjoying a hot tub in his barrel of toxic goo.


Beasts of Nurgle

Plague Ogryn (counts as Beasts of Nurgle)



You need a lot of these, I guess.


Fast Attack

This Blight Drone is another really nice recent Forgeworld piece. It also plays very well on the tabletop, providing a fast-skimmer to an army otherwise devoid of much mobility, and adding a pie-plate from a Nurgle model, to add to Epidemius's tally in the early game.

Since I'd done all the other Daemon units, it seemed only fitting to do a unit of Furies. I made them nominally part of the Nurgle faction, as there are no Nurgle-specific Fast Attack choices in the codex.

Heavy Support

Daemon Prince Bob

Daemon Prince Joe

Daemon Prince Mike

Daemon Prince Frank

Daemon Prince Ralph

The Giantgrinder. After doing the Tankgrinder for my Khorne Daemons I had a set of Soul Grinder legs left, and no torso, so rather than letting them go to waste, I got a Giant and mocked up an attachment. It's kind of quick&dirty, but the scale works and if I need a Soul Grinder in a game, it cam come out.

Why I Started This Army

This is the fourth of the four Chaos god daemon armies that I did. I'd done all the others, so it seemed like a good idea to complete the cycle.

Design Notes

I painted this army in a week, working with a different approach to painting than I normally do, but one that seems to lend itself well to Nurgle models. For the most part, the entire army is painted with just foundation paints and washes. There are a few exceptions (eyes/lenses, the rust is stippled bestial brown and blazing orange, and there's some rotting flesh drybrushing), but in general, it's a very limited palette.

I stole a couple of ideas from Mike Twitchell, who I played at the Adepticon Invitiational in 2009. I faced his Nurgle Daemon army, and I unashamedly stole his idea for using Ogre Butchers as a basis for Daemon Princes, and using Plague Ogryns as Beasts of Nurgle. Credit where credit is due and all.

Each god that I've done has a different base type. The bases for the Nurlge Daemons are The Fens bases from Iron Halo. I've liberally sprinkled Nurglings over all the larger character bases, just for fun.

Two of the Daemon Princes are Ultraforge Demons, which are also a lot of fun to paint.


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