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Redbeard's Grey Knights

Full Army Photo

Yup, another giant army. This one comes in at just around 10,000 points. Of course, a lot of that is in the expensive characters.

Some themes in the army - Grey Knights can be somewhat monotonous, so I decided that each different type of unit would have its own trim color. Gold is for Paladins, Silver for Terminators, Red for Strike Squads, Blue for Interceptors, White for Purifiers, and Black for Purgation squads. Dark red represents the techmarines and drivers, and of course the librarian has blue robes and trim. Inquisition models are based in a grassland theme, with the tiled bases reserved for actual Grey Knights. All the Knights have their names on their right shoulderpad. All the Razorbacks also serve as Rhinos, and I put the top hatch plate for each Rhino along with the squad's pictures. These transports are also coloured with the same trim as their squads.

Unit Photos


Lord Kaldor Draigo and Grand Master Mordrak with his ghostly retinue

Grand Master and Librarian

Brother Captain Stern, and Brotherhood Champion

Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex and Inquisitor Coteaz

Ordo Malleus Inquisitors

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitors (Karamazov and others)

Inquisitors Lok and Valeria

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor - I love this model for a Xenos inquisitor, because she's got a baby Jokaero with her. It's from McVey studios


Terminators - Led here by Justicar Thawn

Strike Squads



Purifiers, led by Castellan Crowe (the astute observer will notice that Crowe's Blade of Antwyr is painted as the swords in my Khorne Daemon army)

Techmarine (sometime grenade caddy)

Assassin Operatives - Some of these are refugees from my old Witchhunter army, a couple were done specifically with the Grey Knights in mind. Specifically the Vindicare on the larger base was done to be part of a 19 model, 2000 point army.

Fast Attack

A pair of Stormravens (one painted as a transport for an Inquisitor). Both use the Chapterhouse Studio extension kit, as I really dislike the stock model and how front-heavy it looks.

Interceptor Squad

Heavy Support

Nemesis Dreadknights. I wanted to make sure one of them had a halberd, as so many of the Grey Knights use those.

Land Raiders, One Godhammer and one Redeemer

Dreadnoughts, two riflemen and two psycannons (although, they're all magnetized)

Purgation Squads

Apocalypse Units

I make sure all my armies have at least one Apocalypse unit, and the only option for Grey Knights is a Grey Knight Thunderhawk. It's got all the upgrades, with Psycannons and Mindstrike Missiles.

Inquisitorial Henchmen

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers and their Chimerae

Stormtroopers w/ Special Weapons, and Crusaders

Jokaero and Psykers

Death Cult Assassins

Daemonhosts and Arcoflagellents

General Henchmen (Banishers, Astropaths, etc) and Servo Skulls

Why I Started This Army

Back a decade ago, my first army was Sisters of Battle. At the time, they were called Witchhunters, and closely tied to the Inquisition. I have a tendency to try and create complete armies (at least one unit for each type possible), so I ended up with a lot of the Inquisition models. From there, it was just a couple of squads of Grey Knights (at the time Daemonhunters), to be able to field that army too. Time passed... and they re-did the Daemonhunters as Grey Knights. I busted out and dusted off the old models, and thought, if I buy just a few models... (famous last words) I could make a really small competitive "Draigowing" army, that I could travel with on my motorcycle. Alas, I seem unable to keep to the idea of small, and one model led to another, and eventually a Thunderhawk joined the ranks, which absolutely cannot travel via motorcycle...


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