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Tactica Hormagaunts

Tactica Hormagaunt 4th Edition (2005)


This article was made to help tyranid player to decide on whether or not to take this unit and how to use it.

Compare to the genestealer, the hormagaunt seems like a waste of points but it does have its good points and a place in some tyranid armies.

Strength and Weaknesses


  1. Numbers, these guys may not be the best at what they do [Close combat for the unknowing], they do make up for it in the ability to take numbers, 10-30 per brood.
  2. Cheap, sitting at 6pts per model naked, you can fit a lot into your army, and with three attacks on a charge there going to kill something.
  3. Speed, hormagaunts can fleet on 3D6 and pick the highest roll.


  1. Adding biomorphs, adding a couple of biomorphs to a brood of hormagaunts will make it more and more expensive, to almost the point costs of a genestealer, if you get to this stage, it may be worth looking at just getting genestealers, as they better stats for MEQ killing in CC.
  2. Fragile, much like all small bugs in the tyranid arsenal, they are fragile, T3 and Sv6+, makes these guys cannon folder and die to almost every shot fired at them, much like rippers, be prepared to take mass wounds.
  3. Mixed bag, may people who play hormagaunts as there main form of assaulting troops fins it to be a mixed bag when they play them, some people find them total rubbish and others find them to be pure win.


There are Two biomorphs that a hormagaunt can take:

  1. Adrenal Glands , now grants the Furious Charge Ability which adds a strength bonus of +1 which helps if you are attacking Space Marines.
  2. Toxin Sacs, Now make close combat attack poisonus (4+ only)


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