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Tactical squad weapons, a descriptive and advisory

Tactical squads: a dissection of the use of heavy weapons in Space marine Tactical squads


Whether you find them useful, or hate them to point of oblivion, everyone has to respect the useful and flexibility of a tactical squad. They’re so powerful, considering their stats, and their weapons.


The intention of the article is to Give an objective POV on the weapons used by Tactical marines

Basic equipment: active


An essential piece of gear, and by far one of the best weapons available to the imperial army

Good points:

Acceptable strength, dependable, fairly good rifle acceptable range

Bad points

range when moving, can’t fire into assault


Essentially the best risk-free pistol-grade weapon available to the imperium, great for charging into combat, and create a great tactical asset for infantry.

Good points

Acceptable strength, dependable, fires into assault, Pistol

bad points


Basic equipment: passive

Frag and Krak grenades

Frag grenades are pretty much useless during the main course of combat, and even in an assault almost uncalled upon, but when they’re needed, they’re great. Their only real purpose is to stop assaulting marines from losing their initiative when charging through dangerous terrain, whereas a Krak grenade allows infantry to resolve anti-tank results at strength 6, broadening their ability to cause damage to hard targets.

Good points

Free to almost all marines, essentially useful when needed, no risks, only benefits (however slight)

Bad points

There are no bad points to these grenades, they’re basically useful and free, therefore no problem can come of them.

Power armour

Best available protection across almost all armies, at least for a basic marine this armour is better then most.

Good points

Free basic armour, excellent for increased survivability.

Bad points

None known of.

Specialists weapons


The free specialist weapon, acceptable strength, ability to deny both cover and armour saves while killing high-amounts of troops

Good points

Acceptable strength, never misses, potentially hits a lot of troops, denies cover and a 3rd of armour saves.

Bad points

Terrible range, even if it’s template.


The best a marine can get. This weapon is for specialist as Chainsword is for assault. very powerful, with the potential to kill almost anything with one shot.

Good points

Excellent strength, can fire into assault, 2D6 armour pen. Fairly cheap.

Bad points

Only its bad range.

Plasma rifle

The very top in infantry killer, even if it can be dangerous for its user.

Good points

Better than your average rifle, sears through armour and can instant kill quite a few troops.

Bad points

Mediocre range when moving, expensive, has Gets Hot! N: being a marine, the chance of getting killed by Gets Hot! is 2/36 which is very miniscule. Meaning it’s not that much of a worry, but it’s still important to note it.

Heavy specialist weapons

Heavy bolter

Good for taking out hordes, and fairly effective at it but it’s surpassed by the other weapons available.

Good points

High rate of fire, range, free.

Bad points

Comparatively weak compared to other free weapons

Missile launcher

The main-stray heavy weapon of the space marines, it's capable of more than one fire mode, and equally effective against weaker tanks and smaller horde-type armies (such as guard.)

Good points

Good against light vehicles and smaller horde enemies, excellent range, free.

Bad points

Not too specialised, meaning it can have difficulty killing any enemy it’s faced against on its own, though it’s by far the most flexible weapon available.


Potentially high killing power, and much better at it than its younger cousin, yet also not as effective.

Good points

Better range than Meltagun, free.

Bad points

Poor range for a heavy weapon.

Plasma cannon

Need killing power for small armoured contingencies like terminators? Look no further than the great plasma cannon, a personal favourite, and by far one of the most deadly anti-infantry weapons around. Despite the ‘Gets Hot!’ special rule. I suggest the plasma cannon to any budding commander who trusts his D6 not to get a 1.

Good points

Excellent range, blast weapon at S7, AP2 great for both heavily armoured units like terminators and for light tanks like Rhinos and Predators

Bad points

The Gets hot! Special rule could lose your asset.


Need an anti-tank menace? I suggest a lascannon. Lascannons are very powerful for infantry weapons, but are probably less effective than a plasma cannon against soft targets in hordes, but it’s worth using against, say, a terminator lord and any tank has something to look out for.

Good points

Its Range, strength and AP.

Does not suffer from Gets Hot!

Bad points

High point cost, low horde-killing power.

Hope this can be of use to you Dakka-ites, Solon.


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