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Terrain: Making Forests

by Panic...

yeah, so this is all very easy and basic... and gives great results.


you need:

  • a base material I'm using foam board, but any good base material can be used, like wood or cardboard
  • marker pen or pencil.
  • Trees Duh! I use the old style GW trees (they block LOS better)
  • Acrylic paint
  • PVA glue
  • Flock / static grass
  • 25mm and 40mm bases
  • Board / newspaper / box lid (to catch the static grass)

Preping the Trees

I've found that the trees tip over very easy.
So i based each small tree on a 25mm base.
I based the large trees on 40mm bases.
I stuck them down with PVA.

Cutting the Base

Draw the shapes onto you basing material. Think about the size you want in advance and make good use of the space.
I think nice round irregular shapes works best.
I used a hard Foam board so actually cut mine using a JigSaw.

Glueing the Flock down

I mixed a load of PVA glue on a plate with acrylic paint and a slash of water
I used Green yellow and black paint from a stationary shop.
I mixed about 85% glue 5%paint and 10%Water

paint your desired pattern onto the board, or just cover it completely, don't forget to paint the edges!
I'm going for a two tone effect using different types of grass.
If you look at the altenative scheme it's a single scorched earth colour.

I use flock catching boards, these are two A3 boards taped together, I also find that a game box lid works well too! This helps reclaim the 95% or so excess flock that doesn't stick to the forest base... cover the forest base in flock/static grass and leave for a minute...

turn the base over and tap it a few times to reclaim the unused flock

Tip back into tub the folding flock catching boards now come into their own!

and Repeat for each of your boards (...I made five) at this stage you need to let the glue flock and paint dry.
+++I left it for about 90mins before continuing with the second layer. (if you jump to this stage to quickly and the first stage paint isn't dry, flock will find the wet paint from the first stage and give a patchy effect)

I mixed yellow and white into the PVA paint mix and repeated the above steps... just keeping the paint into the unflocked areas.
While you have the PVA paint mixture ready, it makes the trees look good to stick some flock to their bases.

Finnished Results

this is the forest base during a game

Alternative Scheme

This is How they have recently been redone to match in with my new terrain scheme
Using the same meathod as above.
This Glue/Paint/Mixture was 72% Glue / 7% BrownPaint / 21% Water


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