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The Dirty Habits - Amazon Blood Bowl Team

The religious garment that a nun wears is called a habit. When nuns play football in their habits, their habits get dirty. Hence, The Dirty Habits.

Full Team Photo

Here the girls are practicing in the dungeon of their nunnery.

Position Photos


"Hail" Mary (left), and "Shotgun" Sharon (right) have led the Dirty Habits to victory countless times.

Each has their own playing style. Mary, with a cannon for an arm, always plays by the book. Sharon shoots from the hip. This duality keep their opponents guessing, and the fans cheering.


Now, the big guns.

Wilma (right) has named her shiny red boxing glove "Purgatory" for reasons clear to its targets. Myrtle (left) is a promising new member of the team. We have big hopes for her. Her predecessor, Helga "The Fist," is now in a higher place.


Angelica (left) has earned the nickname "Lil' Wing" by her teammates and devout fans due to her graceful, seemingly gravity defying, diving catches.

Hannah (right) never takes her eye off the ball before she secures it, she never drops a good pass, and she wouldn't fumble if a truck hit her. She's a fan favorite. When she catches the ball the crowd roars "Hannah Hands!"


Elanor (left), Miriam (center), and Edith (right) are like three peas in a pod. Elanor's twin sister Gertrude (not pictured) is also on the team.

Dirty Players

Chastity (left), and Constance (right) are infamous in the league for their creative tactics.

Why I Started This Army

When I saw these Nun models from Shadowforge's Gridiron line, I knew right then, that I had to make a nun themed team. I have yet to paint the nun cheerleaders. Maybe some day - when I find a league to play in.


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