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Category:Blood Bowl Team Profile
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Featured Bloodbowl Team Profiles

PaniCs LizardMan BloodBowl Team

My First Bloodbowl Team. I picked LizardMen for my first team because no one else in the league I was joining had them... they are a great team and I quickly got to grips with their tactics! I painted them with Red Skin as a pun on the Washington Red Skins. They were painted in a couple of days to be ready for my first game!


PaniCs Orc BloodBowl Team

My Second Bloodbowl Team. I picked most of this team up on eBay cheap. I just decided on the Colour with no reason. and i could do with some help in making up a name for this team! On the field Orcs are awesome, They hit hard and have lots of skilled cheap options.


PaniCs Halfling BloodBowl Team

My Third BloodBowl Team. I made this team on a whim. My first two teams were choosen with a eye on the stats... This one was choosen because it looked fun! they just arn't cut out for this sport they are slow and and have no real skill. So far they havn't won a game, but for me, with halflings, a draw seems like a win. At the end of most games I have only 4 halflings left on the field the rest are knocked out or injured!!! the day I get a win will be a great day indeed!


PaniCs Goblin BloodBowl Team

My Fourth Team. Goblins Love bloodbowl, FACT, and this is no different for these little fellas who come from the Chaos Ash Wastes. Week after week these guys were watch'in their favourite team the Chaos All Stars, then one day one had an idea, this can be a dangerous thing to happen to a goblin, but in this case is was ok, 'cos this idea was a good 'un! Lets make our own team! so they begged, borrowed and stole enough armour and green & red paint and temped a pair of trolls to play (by feeding them the goblins who didn't make the team!! or those who fall asleep during practice) and the Chaos Small Stars were born!


BeefyG's Nightmare on Sesame Street Blood Bowl Team

My cool idea is the use of a parody between Freddy Kruger’s “Nightmare on Elm Street” series and “Sesame Street”. This team idea came about during roster construction for the largest BB gathering in the southern hemisphere “Eucalyptus Bowl” played in July in Sydney Australia.


Redbeard's Bloodbowl Dwarfs

We talked about starting Bloodbowl, and I had to pick an army. My favourite NFL team is the Chicago Bears, and asking around, Dwarfs sounded like they were the closest in play style to the Bears (no passing, tough running and defense).

I still haven't played a game...


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