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The Talion Charter Toolbox

While collecting your Talion Charter army, you will see use out of certain models again and again. After Starting with the Talion Charter, use the following models to expand for any Talion Charter Army, the Privateers of the Iron Kingdoms.

What to Order

Dogs of the Sea

Sea Dog Crew

  • PIP 41041 (minimum unit box, 6 models)
  • PIP 41042 (2 blisters, 2 models each)

Sea Dogs will be the bread and butter of your crew.

Fire in the Hole


  • PIP 41039

Keep the Sea Dogs or other models nearby so that the Mariner can fire its gun every turn, or rush it into melee combat when things draw near.

Object of Desire

First Mate Hawk

  • PIP 41045

First Mate Hawk has the Inspiration Ability for your Sea Dogs, and they also gain increased damage against warrior models while under her command. Stack that with the Gang Ability and you have a formidable anti-infantry attack.

I Got Money On Me

Lord Rockbottom

  • PIP 41048

Sea Dogs are in it for the money, so mLord Rockbottom's money makes them stronger. Spending coin makes your sea dogs more tougher or accurate as the situation requires.

Bringers of Lyliss's Kiss

Lady Aiyana and Master Holt

  • PIP 41055

Lady Aiyana has magical abilities that protect her or enhance the abilities of those around her. Master Holt is a quick draw virtuoso. Together they can increase the versatility and damage output of any army, privateer or otherwise.


Familiarize yourself with these Talion Charter tools, and you'll find a place for at least some of these models in many of your Talion Charter armies.


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