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category:Warmachine and Hordes Army Profile
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Featured Warmachine & Hordes Army Profiles

Felix's Protectorate of Menoth Armies

Unlike some folks, I wasn't drawn to Warmachine by the giant stomping robots. Rather, I was drawn to the religious knights and covered faces of the Protectorate of Menoth. And unlike most of my armies, I actually get to game with these.


Malfred's Borka Kegslayer Trollblood force

This list switches out the Impaler in recognition of its limited viability due to the Blitzer's limited ranged abilities. In its place I'd like to have the Pyre Troll to add some "flaming punch" to the army. Though its animus cannot be used on an entire unit, between Borka and itself they can probably increase the POW of up to 3 models.


The Warmongers of Rhyas

Even without Everblight's athanc shard, Rhyas's abilities would have made her formidable enough to impress the bloodlust crazed blighted Ogrun. But with the blessing of the dragon, she commands and leads even their Warchiefs in battle.


Swordsmen of Zaal

Supreme Aptimus Zaal experiments with the powers of his Skorne ancestors, leading his Praetorian Swordsmen into death and beyond. The fury will be tight. 7 Fury on Zaal and 8 total on his warbeasts. He might have to end up cutting for Fury during the battle, but that may be unlikely due to the Titan's and Basilisk's ranged abilities.


Hollywood's Khador Forces

"Hollywood" has been working on his Khador force for some time. Most of what he has completed to date is shown here. More will be added as he gets more painting in. Raef likes his Kodiak for its speed. Although lately he has been trying other jacks.


Craig's Trollbloods

Craig Gallant, of The D6 Generation, recently finished his troll blood force which includes quite a few neat conversions. I've taken some photos of his stuff and have posted it here for posterity. Craig's current favorite 'lock, Borka brings his "A" game to every battle, along with a full keg of ale and a large pair of brass ones.


Redback Kriel Trollbloods

The Redback's are known as one of the harder hitting Kriels of the Trollbloods who rely heavily on both their brute strength as well as much of the technology scavanged from Cygnar. Currently I just have a small sampling of the force shown here, but in coming weeks I hope to add a lot more as they are finished.


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