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What is Dakka?
DakkaDakka is a large, independent wargaming community that features discussion, tutorials and images for many games. If you are new to the world of wargaming then learn about it in our introductory article: What is Wargaming?

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Iron Suns (10/20: Thallaxi Cohort WIP)
Updated: 2014-10-20 23:57:19
Re:Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum Arts scale Gal Vorbak
Updated: 2014-09-06 16:39:03
Grimdark Painting Commissions & Personal Projects - Crackle bases for Ogres! 10/14
Updated: 2014-10-18 21:57:59
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More About Dakka

DakkaDakka - Warhammer, 40k, Warmachine and Flames of War Community.

DakkaDakka is a large, independent wargaming community that features discussion, tutorials and images for many games.

Warhammer 40,000

Our warhammer 40k forums are among our most popular. They have been operating the longest and contain discussion about every facet of warhammer 40k from tactics and army lists to background and upcoming releases.

Warhammer Fantasy

The Warhammer Fantasy Battle Forums are consistently increasing in popularity and are almost on a par with our 40k forums covering the same large range of content with advice from some of the best tacticians the world has to offer.

Warmachine and Hordes

Dakka now has one of the largest Warmachine and Hordes forums on the web, and has a huge range of Warmachine Pictures in our gallery.

Flames of War

Flames of War and other historical games are growing in popularity here on dakka and we invite anyone to join in and discuss them in detail. As flames of war grows more popular, Dakka's coverage will only increase. Be sure to check out the Flames of War gallery to see some inspiring stuff.

Dakka Features

Dakka is a big site with a lot to explore. Here we highlight some of our more interesting features:

Wargaming Gallery

The dakka gallery is one of the largest wargaming galleries in the world and has a huge range of tagged miniatures from many game systems. From flames of war to babylon 5, and of course 40k. You can vote on images (like using hot-or-not), and use our advanced gallery search engine to find exactly what you are looking for, be it space marines, orks, cryx or Dark Elves!


The dakka forums are growing faster and faster and are the bread and butter of the website. They still maintain quality and a fair level of freedom compared to many other forums. Our most popular forum is News and Rumours, but Dakka Discussions and 40k army lists are very popular too. There are some important rules to consider (no spam, no swearing, no piracy) but everybody gets on well enough thanks to our great moderation team.


The dakka wargaming articles are run on a wiki (like wikipedia). We have a huge range of wargaming articles covering everything from tactica to modeling and painting and even some great funny stuff. If you are bored and want to have the equivalent of dozens of magazines to read then head over to the main articles page and start clicking around. Because it is a wiki, anybody can hop in and click the 'edit' tab at the top of the page, so if you have anything to add or just see some typos or bad grammar then you can help make it better for everyone.

Army Profiles

Dakka's army profiles are a throwback to the very earliest version of dakka from the late 1990s, where various armies were highlighted in detail. Our army profiles section now contains many armies from different game systems with in depth photographs, army lists and explanations of their signifigance from their owners.


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Dakka Blog

Dakka Gallery: Baal Predator, Blood Angels, Predator, Space Marines

Posted: 2014-10-20 23:59:07
Taken with a SAMSUNG GT-I9000
By MdM

Dakka Gallery: Another Great Image!

Posted: 2014-10-20 22:59:07
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: gd France 2012 Entry - 40k Squad - The Porphyr Scriveners, Chosen of Tzeentch

Posted: 2014-10-20 21:59:07
Taken with a lge LG-P970
By Yggdrasil

Dakka Gallery: Dreadnought, Librarian, Librarian Dreadnought, Object Source Lighting, Warhammer 40,000

Posted: 2014-10-20 20:59:07
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: Bloody Relict Tower 4

Posted: 2014-10-20 19:59:07
Taken with a SONY DSLR-A350

Dakka Gallery: Dreadnought Mecha Conversion 2

Posted: 2014-10-20 18:59:07
Taken with an Apple iPhone 4S
By Slimsworkshop

Dakka Gallery: Blood Angels Contemptor

Posted: 2014-10-20 17:59:07
By Meph

Dakka Gallery: hq Unit

Posted: 2014-10-20 16:59:07
Taken with a CASIO COMPUTER CO.,LTD. EX-S600
By 7yler

Dakka Forum: Tyranids vs. Tau - Auto Loss for Nids?

Posted: 2014-10-20 15:59:07
Forum post by Verviedi, 128 responses at time of this post.

I'm having serious problems with campy Tau. Case in point. http://i.imgur.com/0OplZbs.jpg
Pictured- A Hammerhead in it's natural environment.

As you can see, it is completely impossible to kill my opponents camping Hammerheads. Any unit gets shot to death 30 inches away due to Submunition rounds pie plates.
Is it possible to beat this list using my list?

Deathstar Unit-
Battlesuit Commander with 2 crisis bodyguards and 6 gun drones. 3 flamers on each suit.

Gunline Heroes-
2 Teams of 12 fire warriors each. 2 drones per team. One team has a fireblade.

Useless Unit-
3 Stealth Suits and a marker drone.

Big Damn Heroes-
1x Piranha
1x Piranha
1x Piranha
(Run as seperate units but moved and shot with as if in a squad. Set up this way so I can't kill more than one if I get in close combat.

Lurking Frigging Pieplate Spammers-
2 Hammerheads with SMS, Submunition AND railgun rounds.

Ihateyou Unit-
Riptide with Ion Acellerator and 2 twin-linked rawketpawds.

Plasma Magnet-
1 Flying Hive Tyrant with Dual Twin linked devourers.

Outflanking Plasma Magnet-
Tervigon with Crushing Claws.
(I outflank it using Hive Commander)

Mobile Cover Save (Killed on turn 1)-
(I like to combine it with ruins for epic lolz.)

Ugo Carnifex-
Carnifex with regen and Heavy Venom Cannon.

Shooty Blob-
30 Termagants (20 have Devourers)

Choppy Blob-
30 Hormagaunts
(Occasionally ran as a 20 and a 15)

Brainy Plasma Magnet-

At the end of first turn, I usually have about half my gaunts, maybe the Flyrant, rarely one of the thropes, and perhaps Ugo left. I keep everything else in reserve.
Please help me defeat this Tau cheese list.

Dakka Gallery: Another Great Image!

Posted: 2014-10-20 14:59:07
Taken with a Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: Ogre Firebelly Female Version Finished (2014)

Posted: 2014-10-20 13:59:07
By bapfometh

Dakka Gallery: Bio-titan, Nids, Pink, Tyranids

Posted: 2014-10-20 12:59:07
Taken with a NIKON E3700
By Nard

Dakka Gallery: Warlord Titan

Posted: 2014-10-20 11:59:07
By bibblles

Dakka Forum: [Kickstarter] 28mm WW1 resin tanks by Trenchworx

Posted: 2014-10-20 10:59:07
Forum post by Ketara, 40 responses at time of this post.

I couldn't see a specific thread for this Kickstarter in here after a quick search, just an offhand reference to it in another older thread. So I thought I'd post it in a topic so people like me (who missed that reference the first time around) get the chance to clock this project and back it. :)

Dakka Daily Poll: Thor or Superman?

Posted: 2014-10-20 09:59:07
Thor or Superman?
Batman (Superman)
Batman (Thor)

View Results / Discussion

Dakka Gallery: Banner, Space Marines, Terminator Armor, Thunderhammer

Posted: 2014-10-20 08:59:07
Taken with a Canon PowerShot A530
By littleboyblues

Dakka Gallery: Deathwing Terminators

Posted: 2014-10-20 07:59:07
By clownshoe

Dakka Gallery: my Lord of Change, Mostly Painted

Posted: 2014-10-20 06:59:07
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: Lieutenant Horatio (officer of The Fleet)

Posted: 2014-10-20 05:59:07
By Skoda

Dakka Gallery: Pre Heresy, Pre Heresy Space Wolves, Pre-heresy, Space Wolves

Posted: 2014-10-20 04:59:07
Taken with a NIKON COOLPIX S3000
By OverwatchCNC

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