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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Wiltshire, UK

They look like fun lists. I'm interested in how those dreads do as well, could be amazing if they all arrive on the same turn.

Made in us

Green Bay, Wisconson

Interesting is the operative word. 2 of the dreads behind the enemy on turn 1 and 2 again next turn, Should be enough chaos that all the light vehicles might survive turn 2. Their man function is to take out vehicles a point blank range while my dev and shooty Mech Inf. pushes from the front. Still All light vehicles so they won't get more than 1-2 turns of shooting.

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Made in us

Green Bay, Wisconson

Back from AC. Had a great time though I didn't get to many events and as many pictures as I wanted. I still need to download the ones I have off my camera so I'll get to this hopefully in a day or so.

Highlights.. Hanging with Ritides at the ModCube booth. Great product and I believe it will be a great success; Not just for the price, but how it'll make the games easier to play and faster. This would have sold well at this venue.

Had some great pick up games of 40K. Gits' MW stomped me on a custom 4x4 table. ( see his blog ). I got in my game with Thing 2.0 ( formally known as Thing 1). Necron Air force vs my Decurion. Tabled him in the 4th. Good Game and it was a great learning experience for him. Got beat by Chaplain Buska's ( Old friend) Grey knights ( damn 1st turn Alpha strike ). Helped run a game with Ramos and Thing 2.0 vs Rad and Buszka's GK. Lastly finished the con with a game of Mine and Thing 2.0's Necrons vs the MW and Rad's Sisters for a win.

Hotel was great but food was super expensive. ( next year bring snacks! ) TV in the bathroom mirror was unexpected by everyone but the rooms were nice and clean. The hotel was easy to get to and was close enough to some great restaurants

Got to play Boss Monster with some of the Mods. ( Yakface ran it for us ) It was our late night game before turning in. Most of us walked out of the con with it having run the vendor out of stock.

Spent way to much money at FW but got some cool stuff and books I was wanting. Probably could have spent double of what i did. A lot of good vendors. The vendors space was better than in previous years and so much cool stuff. Wishing I had more time to demo all the games. There was something for all. Got a lot of cards and I'll be eagerly awaiting some of the kickstarters that were on display.

Now back to real life and getting back to painting.

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Made in us
Gitzkrieg Kommanda

Madison, WI

Glad you had a good time. Certainly had some good games. That list you and Thing 2.0 fielded was tournament worthy.... you guys kicked the livin' daylights out of ClensingFire's SOB allied with my Mantis Warriors. Not even sure you could call that a battle really. I think we killed 1 unit & that was in the turn 1 shooting phase.

Much as I did have a lot of fun this year, I do feel like I "left something on the table" so-to-speak. Oh wait... that was my Librarian. Not participating in anything official did leave and empty spot. Somehow I didn't get in all the pick-up games I wanted to, didn't get to look at the CMON entries, and didn't get to look at the army displays... the latter two I've always managed to do in the past, even when I'm up to neck in events. I don't get it.

Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Hahaha that was one heck of a brutal game between you guys. Twin Crons vs the Mantis Warriors and SoBs... So much squishy.

I kind of liked not having the official event to go to. Meant that I could kick back and relax more with you guys. Was great to get other demo games in as well. It was a treat just to hang out with you guys all weekend

As to you, SL.... BACK TO WORK!!

Made in us

Green Bay, Wisconson

Cron are still tough. Looking to see what the new Khorne book puts out.. Looks like Bloodthirsters are tough meaning you could potentially see 3 on the table in an bound army.

It was great hanging with you .. now we need to get you to Wisconson, find you a nice farm girl and a decent job and we'll be playing alot more.

I'd be open to do some 40k events next year. Still like the challenge. Hopefully the wardens will be back and in number next year so if nothing we'll have more players to do pickup games and someone might be able to beat Gits. It could happen!

I'm working, I'm working. Be a bit of a break till I get into the shop again. Weather looking nice so I'll need to get to fighter practice and do some beating ( or being beat! ) Yeah Spring!

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Made in us

Boston-area [Arlington] Massachusetts

Can I sign up for the 'nice farm girl and a job' plan, too?

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Made in us

Green Bay, Wisconson

 Briancj wrote:
Can I sign up for the 'nice farm girl and a job' plan, too?

I'll add you to the list for sure.

Finally got some pictures off the Camera from Adepticon. As one could expect there were Imperial Knights aplenty. He is small fraction of what I saw.

One of my favorites. different painting technique.

Not sure this is a knight, rather a Mechanicus bot, but it looked darn cool

More to come…

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Made in gb
Enginseer with a Wrench


That's quite an interesting technique, do you think it's supposed to emulate wood?

Made in us

Green Bay, Wisconson

Not sure .. but it does give that impression. At least texture. The last two must belong to the same person or was painted by the same person. The Techniques are too similar.

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Wiltshire, UK

Those last two look really nice, its a very interesting technique, looks like it would take ages to paint.

Made in us
Red Retro Roman themed UM in Space.

I love whatever that bot is.

My mostly terrain and Sons of Orar blog:
 nerdfest09 wrote:
Someone say 'Boobie'? :-) i'm here !

Made in us

Green Bay, Wisconson

More from AC.. The entry that won the CB top prize. Amazing sculpt and paint job.

The Golden Throne display.

Here was an amazing historical entry.

This wasn’t an entry I believe , but was a fabulous paint job. I was particularly impressed on how well they did the face. Perfect lips and eyes.

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Made in au
Hacking Interventor

Holy! That terminator

Great pics! Thanks for showing. Exalted!

Made in us
Rough Rider with Boomstick

Columbus, GA

I lvoe that knight on horseback. That is neat.

DaddyWarcrimes: "Playing IG means never having to use the end of a screwdriver to pound a nail because you always have the points to bring the hammer."
Valhalla130's Hobby Progress thread: Valhallans, 'Nids and Fists
Made in us

Green Bay, Wisconson

More AC pics to come.. In the meantime I picked up some SM's from a local player that was parting with his overflow. I got a bunch of new Tac Spue's, a assault squad, a Devastator, and a couple of badly painted Preds without the side sponsons. Since I have 6 rhino variants that I can make into almost every variant. I decided to paint these for YB. SInce he never reads my blog (cause the guy is so busy working). I'm safe to show you their reincarnation.

While I got out the AB, I put together 2 additional GH squads of 5. I had enough devestators ( after I took the figures I wanted for my Lamenters ) to make a squad of Las cannon, Plasma cannon and 2 ML's. I have enough Tac squad ML's to add a couple to the Squad, but now I'll stick with this load out. Lastly a 5 man squad of Sky claws ( with the help of some BA DC jumppacks I won't use ). Not gonna get to detailed on these and just doing a basic paint job. He can detail these on his own.

The door details are from the SW flyers kits. The doors are magnitized so they can swap out for sponsons as soon as I can get some ordered. There is alos a rhino hatch to match so they can be played as normal rhinos. Also need to get some hatches and SB/HK mounts so they will be wysiwyg.

Lastly used a Black reach dread and SW 'd it with an converted hellfrost bit for an additonal option. What a nice guy I am!

Pics later...

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Made in us
Gitzkrieg Kommanda

Madison, WI

Truer words have never been spoken. Those look beautiful SL.

Made in us

Green Bay, Wisconson

Another game tonight with the unlucky Lamenters. YB's SW have managed to beat me in the last 2 encounters.

I have mixed up my list quite a bit. ( cause It's fun and It'll be with some models I don't usually play and to try different tactics)

My List
MotF with PAxe and Conv. beam
Libby, Lv2 Ppistol
5xscouts w/camo cloaks and SR
2 Tac squads with Gravguns, HB, sarge with MB, Rhino
10 assualt marines
4 Dreads with MM, HF in Pods
2 Landspeeders with MM, TML
2 Vengence Batteries with BC
Should be a heavy shooting fast moving army perfect for Maelstrom missions. Hopefully I can cause enough damage or evade his TWC units.

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Made in us
Nimble Pistolier

Indianapolis, IN

You're on the front page with your Lamenters.

The pink army always wins. You beat the pink army? Go ahead and brag about it. You lost to the pink army? Well, then....

moonpie's P&M blorg  
Made in us

Green Bay, Wisconson

 moonpie wrote:
You're on the front page with your Lamenters.

All be praised the Prophet!

Managed to pull out a win last night against the SW. Good close game, Those SW characters are tough to beat!

Made in us

Green Bay, Wisconson

Back.. and still alive.

Had a good but disappointing game last night.

2500 Demonkin vs. 1250 GK's & 1250 SW.
The demon list was very competitive. Very Little did the GK demonic stopping powers come to play. Force was useless due to the high number of heavy creatures in his list.

Demon Prince
3 Hellbrutes
2 Maulerfiends
2 forgefiends
Soul grinfder
Chaos lord w Possessed.
Chaos SM & cultists
2 hell drakes.

Least to say we were tabled by the end of turn 3. Lots of problems with reserve and dice rolls so I have to say we did poorly and rightfully suffered for it. Still with the list we had we still had no way to match the power of that list even with the same points.

Was a great game but still I'm thinking that in order to win anything anymore ( YB and I play tough list against each other but they are equally balanced and equally fluffy ) one has to have a really competitive list.

My opponent did nothing wrong and rolled exceptionally well and played smartly, but in no way did he ever felt threatened, and challenged. More like going through the motions.

I probably would have done better with a standard Marine army. Now I'm not feeling so bad fielding my Necrons, Eldar or a Grav heavy cent SM lists.

Interesting new Meta for sure. Looks like I'll need to get out those 2 boxes of Centurions right away!

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Made in us
Gitzkrieg Kommanda

Madison, WI

 Solar_lion wrote:
Was a great game but still I'm thinking that in order to win anything anymore ( YB and I play tough list against each other but they are equally balanced and equally fluffy ) one has to have a really competitive list.

Agreed. The "normal" lists I have to show up with for our weekly club games are much more powerful than anything I've fielded before, and some of the competitive lists I'm contemplating are just ridiculous. It doesn't mean there isn't a place for fun/fluffy lists anymore, but it does mean that you need to have an understanding with your opponent before-hand in order to field them and feel like you've got any chance to win the game.

Also, it seems that people's ideas about what a "fluffy" list is have shifted considerably into what I consider more powerful builds.

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