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Xeno-Hating Inquisitorial Excruciator

Am playing a Modern D20 rpg game, and we need some modern figs. I love paper figs for the mooks, and regular figs for characters. Besides Hasslefree, can anyone recommend good modern figs?

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Perhaps a little too sci-fi, but some might be OK http://www.antenocitisworkshop.com/governance-of-technology/g-o-t-figures.html

Some others from Heresy Miniatures http://www.heresyminiatures.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2_64

Some civilian-type stuff from within this lot from Copplestone Castings: http://www.copplestonecastings.co.uk/range.php?range=FW

That's the only ones I could find for now, hope that helps!

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You could also try Wargames Foundry, their Street Violence stuff may be of interest.

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CL VI Store in Braggistan

Reaper has a ton in thier chronoscope line.

Also check out http://www.lead-adventure.com/index.php?cPath=1

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There's a ton of modern urban (I assume that's what you're looking for) figs out there. Some great companies have been listed above, but there are other options for around half the cost, which makes it feasible to even use miniatures for the civilians and mooks. Everything I've listed below is 3 bucks a fig or less!

For the absolute cheapset figs, check out Mega Minis. They have a ton of civies for $1.80 to $2.50 a piece. There's a definite difference in quality between the 1.80 and 2.50, but IMHO anything is better than paper figs.

Also, the heroclix line has tons of figs that are great for modern settings, both armed and unarmed. Most comic shops have a bunch that they'll sell you for a buck or less each, or you can find the same kind of deals online.

If you need cops, criminals and hostages check out "Tactical miniatures" line, now sold through armorcast

Recreational Conflict also has a bunch of cops and hazmat suit figs available individualy or in packs
and a neat line of cheap civies who come with two sets of arms, with and without weapons.
Take the time to check out the rest of their site which has some other good stuff.

Lastly, they're a bit 80's looking, but the Future Skirmish line from EM4 (formerly Grenadier Future Warriors) was Sculpted by Mark Copplestone and has some great figs, including a news team! Some of the sections are rather post-apoc, but there's alot of other usable figs, especially in the Street People, Rebels, Para-military, Cops and Suits sections. Also a few nice bikes.
They don't have a US distributor, but their shipping rates are reasonable and I've ordered from them many times without incident.

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CL VI Store in Braggistan

More: http://blackcatbases.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=437_660&zenid=c4a2f1d6dcac4d877075965c89328d32 Some great stuff here.

Every time a terrorist dies a Paratrooper gets his wings. 
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Longtime Dakkanaut


Cobblestone Casting.

RAFM UFX line.

Megaminis, if you can find them. ( Butt ugly, but good priced.)



Megaminis has some decent zombie hunters, as well as the butt headed civilians blister.

Bachman train sets has some decent O scale civilians (Plasticville is what I swear by for good stuff. )

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Xeno-Hating Inquisitorial Excruciator

Thank you all for the replies!!!!!

40K RTT W/D/L 63/3/29
1 overall, 12 Best Sportsman, 3 Best Army, 5 Best Painting,1 Best Black Templars.
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CL VI Store in Braggistan

Grot 6 wrote:Megaminis, if you can find them. ( Butt ugly, but good priced.)

Megaminis are easy to find: http://www.megaminis.com/

The sell a lot of the old Shock Force figures too. That is where some of my figs are from, like Pa here:

Every time a terrorist dies a Paratrooper gets his wings. 
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Painting Within the Lines

Northern California

Not sure if you're willing to venture into the land of 15mm, but if so, Rebelminis has a ton of stuff for modern minis and your $ goes a long way (typically 10-20 figs for $10).

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Salem, MA

I'll vouch for MegaMinis. I've got their SWAT line that I used for similar purposes. Not half bad.

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one or two of these may do a decent job








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