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The Lamenter Project -10000 pt battle.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
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Green Bay, Wisconson

Sadly no pics.. I was ill and left it him to play a 3 way game against a balanced Ork Army and a new Grey Knight Army.

By turn 2 the GK's had wiped out the Ork army and then did the same to the SW army. Truely there is no balance anymore.

SO.. the local group was putting on a 5 vs.5 game ( turned out to be 4 vs 4) No Apoc. units but LoW were allowed.
Imperial vs Non Imperials. Ended up facing 9 Demons/Demon Princes all but 2 wern't flyers. 2 Giant Nids. Tons of Chao's Marines. 4 Necon barges, 2 command barges and 4 flyers. 2 Helldrakes.

Worst yet a Trancendant Ctan. Least to say we were pretty much wiped out by the end of turn 2. Our only LoW, an Imperial Knight was wiped out by the Ctan in one shot. Just one of the Ctan attacks are 6d6 S8 AP1. When the knight blew it created a apoc sized blast. Anything it flys over takes a D hit and it move 18 in. not hampered by terrain. Add a hellstorm D template for it's 2nd attack. ( the Apoc one ) and 1/2 of our army went away. Taking it out is almost impossible.. T9 S9 W6 and 8 attack in close combat. Yikes.

Big Game pictures. Could not Possibly explain what went on for the 2 hour per turn battle. Nice thing.. 90% of all this Terrain used in the game was all make by me. Some made 15 years ago. You can see the new stuff as well.

Our center defensive position. Note... we had 4 Vengeance batteries that proved useless against the tide.

Our right side

Our enemies center. Note the Necron gun Platform on the highway overpass.

Our far left flank. Totally exposed as we didn’t have enough bodies to cover that flank.

This is what it looked like after turn one! Note Ctan in frount of my Land Raider.

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Made in gb

On my phone, most likely

Wow. Impressive. And,yet,somehow, depressing. Sounds like a frustrating experience.

The Ordo Bloggit
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Made in us
Yes, I actually look like this.

Madison, WI

Yeah, not much fun to be had in either one of those games. Nice work on the terrain though.

Made in us
Blood Angel Terminator with Lightning Claws


Why did you show up to an apocalypse game without your own heavy hitters? Where's the titan or squadron of knights? I feel like you should own something that only sees the battlefield in an apocalypse game. I didn't even see a baneblade or similar super heavy.

Great terrain, by the way.

Made in us
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Green Bay, Wisconson

Thanks, I like a lot of terrain and at least most of it made the board consistant.

Couldn't bring titans. LoW units were acceptable but the only one available to SM was the Tunderhawk. I don't have one. Don't think it would have mattered. What we really needed was 2000 pts of Grey Knights.

Nothing Imperial is capable of taking on that Ctan the way it was purchased. A badly thought out and unbalanced unit.

On to normal gaming. Me and YB are going SW vs. SM tonight at 1650pt. After learning the Necrons have no trouble taking out the SW, I decided out with the cheese and man up!

Made in us
I just can't help myself.


The transcendent ctan is the single unit we have banned for apoc games. It is straight up broken, and no fun to play against, even with super heavies and titans it takes several dedicated turns to kill it.
Made in us
Shop smart - shop S Mart

Green Bay, Wisconson

I talked to the player who set up this game and if another gets done in the future they will probably ban it as well.

Last nights game went well. Instead of me playing against YB, we had two of the regular guys wanting to get in our game . So we rolled off and YB and I were teamed up against a GK player and a Crimson fist DP list. We won 10 to 5. thou it worked in our favor that the majority of the GK terminator force didn't show up till the last turn. Without them we held our own. Otherwise I'm pretty sure we would have lost. Cleansing flame is powerful. By no means determined, but to those whom say the GK got nerfed. In the games weve seen or played against them they wiped out close to double their points.

Back to painting.. Almost finished with my GMS trades. 6 more bikes. Bunch of Sternguard bits in the work as well. I also got some new Necron and Ork models on the way adding to my other armies.

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Made in ie
Nervous Hellblaster Crewman

These are some very nice Lamenters! And that yellow is impressively bright.

-Apologies for my mistakes, english is not my first language. One day, I'll do a space Napoléon chapter, and this day my spelling mistakes will become the new grammar- 
Made in us
Shop smart - shop S Mart

Green Bay, Wisconson

Thanks BJ. Yellow always looks bright next to all the dark colored terrain and other figures. My earlier stuff was much brighter. My later work have more of a brown rust yellow.

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