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Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/02/22 22:11:30

Post by: Llamahead

Recently I've started a Chaos Beastmen army. These models are nowhere near the standard of most on this august body of work but I hope you feel better about your painting because of them . My Nurgle Beastmen are converted from a mix of Chaos Beastmen, Zombie and Ghoul sprues with a garnish of whatever else came out of my kit box. Here's a shot of my basic Beastmen along with a few Dire Wolf Chaos Hounds. I'll do better pictures at some point soon;

I've also finished this chariot. I'm quite happy with it and the riders. Its a kitbash from a Corpse Cart two Marauder Horsemen and a couple of Beastmen to provide the crew.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/02/22 22:13:24

Post by: LunaHound

Pics too small, but nice concept.

In your gallery, link it via: HTML (Websites, Blogs, etc):

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/02/22 22:30:52

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers Lunahound better pics will probably occur soon. The link to the gallery is http://www.dakkadakka.com/core/gallery-user.jsp?u=8745.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/02/22 23:15:27

Post by: lord marcus

Not bad. i like the conversion on the carrige for the chariot. is that a corpse cart?

i'm gonna have to do a throwback to the earlier edition undead with my tomb kings chariots.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/02/24 14:43:31

Post by: Llamahead

Yes it is. The gribbly bits from inside have provided me with a suitably grotesque chaos spawn.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/02/24 14:57:58

Post by: enmitee

lovely work.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/02/24 17:21:59

Post by: albinoork

What did you use to make the tall grass/reeds?

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/02/24 22:29:30

Post by: Llamahead

Here's some better pictures of the Chariot. I'll do some more of the Herd and Hounds tomorrow. Mostly a case of trial and error with the camera.

Thanks a lot Enmitee.
Albinoork I just use paint brush bristles. I got 5 bog standard wall painting brushes with bad bristles for 99p. I then cut these of the brush to the length I want and then when I miliput the base I prod a hole in and put a clump of bristles in that.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/02/25 11:44:00

Post by: Llamahead

Here are some more pics of the actual Beastmen enjoy.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/02/25 11:45:18

Post by: Llamahead

There are better pictures on the gallery. How do I control the size of pictures in the forums?

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/02/27 12:47:59

Post by: Llamahead

These are some Pics of my Work in Progress. I've got a Chaos Beastman Hero, a Shaman, 2 Command Groups, 18 Gor, 18 Ungor and 10 Hounds, a Chariot and a Spawn. This includes the painted stuff. Currently there are more GW Vampire Counts than Chaos models in this army....

But lets start with the Pics.
My Chaos Beastman Hero is from the Avatars of War range. I gave him the horn from the Marauder Horse Sprue to give him the Horn of the Great Hunt and I will add a large shield. I'm hoping to use a plastic Chaos Warrior shield for this.

My Shaman was selected to represent an evil Hag who worships the Plague God. I wanted a proper Hag rather than a Sorceress and found it with the "Harbinger of the Moon" model from Harbinger

I had a lot of fun with the cauldron.

This is a basic Ungor from one of the herds.

Finally my Spawn. I'm rather happy with this. It uses the bodies from the Corpse Cart as well as a head from the Chaos Marauder Horse. A lot of milliput and a couple of extra legs and it's ready to shamble into action

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/02/27 13:35:28

Post by: Boss Salvage

Once I checked out your gallery and actually saw some stuff ... ... I really like what you've done, nice conversions. The spawn is really spot on for gribbly chaos nastiness, and your non-GW character choices are excellent. Hadn't seen the AoW beastman too much before this, certainly a good'un. And a converted chariot, nice!

- Salvage

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/03/01 15:23:35

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot Boss. Your kind words are much appreciated.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/03/01 18:11:21

Post by: Gundam-Mecha

Those beast lord conversions are looking great, a little difficult to appreciate from the size of the pics but some great ideas in there for sure.

The chariot is also looking really nice, very dynamic and characterful conversions all round. I really like how you've used the horses instead of boars.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/03/02 13:58:47

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot. Gundam-Mecha part of the reason for that was I didn't want to by boar models however I also feel it looks better that way as the boars on the regular chariot just look too small and slow.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/04/03 13:19:47

Post by: Llamahead

I hope it doesn't count as thread necromancy when it's your own WIP blog. Progress on these guys has been slow as I've been concentrating on getting my Orks ready for a tournament in two weeks. I'll be doing an army profile for them sometime soon. For these guys I've played a couple of doubles games where I discovered that allying with a player with heavy cavalry helps Beastmen a lot. . Main thing taken away was that lot's of Beast Herds seems to be the way to go, and I enjoy making them so that's fine. Proper Progress includes these beasties making the first herd complete;

However much more importantly I've painted the spawn which means you can now see what he looks like. I'm really happy with the hideous armadillo look and it's a homage to the Realm of Chaos spawn model with all of it's heads. I'm happy with the horrific gribble factor, especially as it was a quick paint job.

Better pics are in the gallery.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/04/03 14:35:14

Post by: smiling Assassin

I am disappointed -- Llama riding beastmen win.

The spawn is extraordinarily weird and Chaotic -- nice.


Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/04/03 18:06:36

Post by: Llamahead

Heh nice idea Smiling Assassin doesn't quite fit the swamp/fen theme although maybe pulling a chariot hmmm. Nice Idea though.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/04/07 23:07:47

Post by: Llamahead

Been looking at several great blogs on this site so i've decided to post some background;

The Fens of the Border Princes are fetid disease causing swamps inhabited by self-sufficient quiet people distrustful of strangers. These places are impossible to control and almost totally lawless, within the depths of these marshes many evils lurk. Travelers passing though report of strange lights luring them into the swamps. Many are never seen again.
Many years ago a young noblewoman was traveling through the fens between two villages when she and her escort were attacked by Beastman. The bodies of the Men-at-Arms were found eaten and left for dead that of the noblewoman was never found she was believed eaten. However instead of dying, the noblewoman who was a follower of Nurgle killed the Champion in charge of the herd with a sudden wasting crippling disease. The Beastmen heralded her as their new queen and so the Wytch of the Fen was born. Gradually she was twisted and aged into a hag but she provides the spiritual and political leadership of the band, while at war her champions provide generalship. The Wytch of the Fen’s Fiends will soon lead the world into the embrace of Nurgle.

On another note I've seen the Wargames Factory Celt Chariots and they should be nice conversion fodder! Planned sources of inspiration include rednecks of doom, the Iceni, Hereward the Wake and Cromwell. They also all have swampy bases.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/05/03 16:40:44

Post by: Llamahead

Me and a couple of mates are planning to start a Mordheim Campaign. I have enough painted models to have this fully painted and hear are those models and a warband list. Any criticism and advice is much appreciated as well as Beastman tactical advice and advice on what to expand to include.

The Fen Fiends full warband shot

The Beastman Chieftain
Pestilous, Scabious and Bilious.
One body three minds constantly bckering but when it comes to tactics leadership and shudder factor far better than 1!
Beastman Chieftain Club Axe 73GC

Connor of the Swords
Pray it is not your intestines he feeds on.
Bestigor 2 Swords 65GC

Laugh at his small legs at your peril human.
Bestigor Sword Axe 60GC

The Manglers
3 Gors with Sword and Mace 144GC

The Scum
3 Ungor with Spears 105GC

The Doggies
3 Hounds 45 GC


I feel I need more Heroes but don't have any Centigor and my Shaman is still on the desk. The basic plan is to use the Hounds as a Group hunting enemy marksmen. While they are doing this each Ungor Bodyguards a hero while the Gors concentrate on acting as a reserve to counter attack the enemy.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/05/10 11:55:44

Post by: Llamahead

Well three games and three losses later I can say my list is performing fine. The problems I've had are with dice rolls nothing else. My leaders survived each game and I've taken my opponents out of action each time. Beastmen are really tough and great combatants its the leadership which is causing me trouble currently.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/05/14 20:19:40

Post by: Llamahead

Just to see whether I've got the hand of Image sizing

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/05/17 21:24:22

Post by: Llamahead

Ever get the feeling your talking to yourself on the interweb?

Recently I've acquired some of Wargames Factorys lovely Celt Chariots the one I've put together went together beautifully and there's a full review by me over in Painting and Modelling along with some scale comparison's with GW components. Heres the first and I've got another two to go. Soon you'll also be getting my Shaman and a nice surprise. But enough teasing heres the chariot.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/05/31 11:09:51

Post by: Llamahead

First of all the dull stuff I've painted a few more members of my herds, theres also another group being based up. They may be up later today. This includes the GS tentacled Ungor further up in the blog.

More excitingly I've painted up Hilda von Trapp the first of my coven of Nurgle Witches. This model was a delight to paint and I'm happy with the Twigs for the Firewood although I'd like some advice about how to improve the fire effect!

This is the surprise I was planning for you, an old Confrontation Kelt Sessairs Minotaur called Arnie. I'm planning to use him to provide some muscle for my Mordheim warband.

Arnie wants you to comment on this Blog!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Just a quick update to show off my new shaman. She's the Warrior Queen body from the Wargames Factory Chariots with a bit of kit bashing. The plan is to use the same parts to create another model of her on a chariot.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/06/01 21:55:36

Post by: Llamahead

Decided to modify the Shaman as the Book Arm jarred too much with the rest of the model. Heres the new version

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/06/27 21:33:23

Post by: Llamahead

I've decided not to go with the Shaman on Chariot after reading the Army Book frankly a Great Shaman of Nurgle is just too many points and a Lord slot to get her on a chariot doesn't seem worthwhile. If I do use a Great Shaman it'll be Wyrd miniature Pandora model with the Avatar for use as Morghur if I ever need it.

Recently I've acquired some more basic rank and file with a bunch of the old metal Ungor these are all getting properly based and several will receive weapon swaps so I can field all the weapons options of Ungor for Mordheim. I've also finished the chariots and will put photos of the rest up tomorrow.

However I've got a scheme I need help with I'm planning to mount my Beast Lord on a chariot and I wondered how difficult magnetising him so I could field him as a foot model or on the chariot. The plan is to use the already painted one, removing the Bestigor for one of my WGF chariots and adding an Ungor banner bearer as well. I'll almost certainly never want to field 4 regular chariots in the game anyway so this seems a rasonable option! So I need advice or directions on a magnetising for dummies tutorial!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/06/27 22:00:03

Post by: abhorsen950

Always been a fan of beastmen and these are looking good

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/06/27 22:11:32

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot Abhorsen!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/06/28 12:32:17

Post by: Llamahead

Had a fairly busy morning taking pictures after a productive days modelling yesterday heres some more of my herds meaning I've got 2 completed herds. Sometime soon I'll stop and do a project shot to see what I've done so far.

Heres the basic grunts

And my completed chariot squadron

Currently embarassingly enough this has one of my best marks for painting!!!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/07/12 22:42:13

Post by: Llamahead

Finished a second shaman and the first of the Chariot Squadron is done. I'm also currently modellign up a load of older GW Beastmen models I've acquired second hand. I'll need to do a survey of what I've got this week.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/08/22 10:07:16

Post by: Llamahead

The survey of what I've got hasn't happened and most of my modelling time went on the 24th Islandlwanda recently. These guys are therefore on the back burner. Then however I got my order from Wyrd miniatures. The Malifaux models are gorgeous sculpts on a par with Reckham and the best of GW's offerings. They look wonderfully sinister and are well worth checking out. The link is http://www.wyrd-games.net/. I own Pandora (both versions one for a Great Shaman and the other for Morghur) Zoraidai (yet another shaman!) The Mire Golem (another spawn I'll need a lot if I ever use Morghur sadly enough the model is too small to use as a gaint) and the Silurid Slaves (if your looking for evil fantasy fishmen take a look at these!). Delivery was slightly slower than they said on the website but the British postal system is currently in more chaos than usual......So it wasn't their fault all in all good value, lovely sculpts and reasonable service!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/08/29 14:33:51

Post by: Llamahead

Just a quick apology about the lack of updates, I've also just acquired an Uncharted Seas Shroud Mages fleet which I'll probably paint to tie in with my skaven but will probably mention here.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/08/30 14:54:28

Post by: Llamahead

I'm in the mood for a monster update today. I've had these for awhile but as I'm going to undercoat them now I thought I may as well show these off unpainted. A few simple pose swaps and a bit of putty makes them look much more dynamic.

The fact their River trolls just fits my theme well.

This guy I've only recdently acquired he's the Mire Golem from Wyrd Miniatures. I've decided to use him as a Spawn. The scenic base I'm ecstatic with as I really like the image of him defending the bridge on the only safe path out of the fen to rip apart any tresspassers. The sign is from the Quovandius Inquisitor model and adds a nice touch. All in all he's one of the models I'm happiest with. I just can't wait to paint him!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/09/27 14:15:13

Post by: Llamahead

Just to prove I'm still working on these guys. Heres some more grunts-

Heres yet more grunts

The flaming torch on this guy was painted with the advice of Sirath check out his awesome Tau 3rd Sphere Reclamation Force blog here on Dakka Dakka. His advice on painting Fire is pretty much incompetent fool proof!

Heres the Troll its an experiment using the Privateer Press Brown Ink which really darkens him up I'm not sure about it on the grunts but on him and my Zulus it should do well.

I'm also gradually basing up my Shroud Mages Fleet for Uncharted Seas which should be great fun to paint. I'm really looking forward to doing something totally different to 28mm and 1;72!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/11/29 11:36:09

Post by: Llamahead

Good news for this project its getting a big boost as I've decided to try and get this army ready for a tournament by April. I therefore need to get cracking the tournaments 1999pts so no need to worry about Greater Daemons making it far more enjoyable. Main focus will be adding some Centigors possibly based upon the Marauder horsemen possibly based upon the Wargames Factory Celtic Cavalry depending on how I feel at the time (the Wargames Factory versions will be much smaller.
Heres something thats recently been painted another Chariot.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2009/12/04 15:41:19

Post by: Llamahead

Good news I'm going to be getting a lot more money than I expected bad news I'm working weekends and being a 100 miles away from my models means that any modelling will take a while! So don't expect any real updates till the New Year!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/08 16:20:37

Post by: Llamahead

Hmmm I'm currently running into apathy problems with this the new Beastmen book apparently means I'll have to rebase all my Ungor and sort out commands for them.Their also apparently stopping skirmishing which will lose a lot of their uniqueness. As well as that all my specific Nurgle modelling becomes useless. Although according to the scuttlebutt I'll still be able to use all 4 of my chariots....

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/11 19:41:05

Post by: Llamahead

Well the rebasing is confirmed. I checked the descriptions of the Ungor box contents on GW's website so it can be considered confirmed, After I'd specially brought 25mm bases from Gale Force 9 as well............I've started at that but it's not really interesting. Checked out the new minotaurs at £27 for 3 I'll be looking for the old ones on Ebay and checking for alternative's out their. I don't mind them but I don't £9 each like them. Originally I was planning to combine them with Chaos Spawn for utter carnage. No chance at that price however. On more enthusiastic news I've painted up a Kelt Spasm Warrior model I'm planning to use her as a Wargor what do people think?

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/15 20:20:10

Post by: Llamahead

Ok I've recently spent my Christmas money on new toys . Even though the new Beastmen are coming out soon I've brought a Beast Herd as they work out so much better value. Looking at the contents of the Ungor box on the GW website I realised I wanted more Skirmishers as well as some Ungor Bowmen I've got more than enough Ungor with Spears. However rather than buy GW models for these I've decided to use Wargames Factories Ancient Germans £15 for 30 compared to £15 for 10 is not to be sneezed at after all . The bows also looked great and are great. I've also acquired some Ancient German Cavalry whose Horses are going to become Centigor with a little judicious butchery. The spare legs and torsos will be combined at random for more mutant Nurglitch nastiness. I've rebased all the undercoated Ungor and started on my unpainted models the rest I'll leave until I actually get a copy of the book.
These are my latest finished Gor and Ungor the Gor with the lamp is meant to be luring travellers into the fen. The original plan was to have 2 or 3 like this as musicians for my ambush regiments. The 2 Ungor with CCW are basic weapon swaps for Mordheim now also useful as Ungor Skirmishers. It's also important for every Beastman player to know they've got to rebase Ungor to 20mm.

I've also painted another Trol. When the new book comes out my troll will be Minotaurs. I'm not a big fan of the price of the new Minotaurs the model aren't bad though, I'll see what Ebay brings!

I decided to base up all the little Voodoo Dolls I've got with Zoraida the Hag from Wyrd Miniatures Malifaux range seperately to use as Familiars. Another possible use is objective markers although I think they're too small for that.

Last but by no means least I've finished my final chariot giving me 4

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/15 20:25:34

Post by: Empchild

interesting conversions.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/15 20:53:15

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot mate.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/15 22:05:57

Post by: Lint

It get's tossed around a lot on here, but have you tried using a wash on these guys? The conversions are looking great, and the paint isn't half bad, but you need to darken up those nooks and crannies a bit.
Always nice to see a fantasy plog on here, keep up the good work

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/15 23:36:23

Post by: Llamahead

To be honest they look a bit darker in RL than they do in the photographs. I wash them at the end with a Snakebite Leather wash my own brew and sometimes it comes out a bit too light cheers for the advice.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/16 06:12:45

Post by: Owain

Great ideas, I especially love the way the troll turns out. Your painting style is different; it's gritty and unconventional. I like it.

Your minis don't scream out for attention... they catch your eye and make you cock your head and stare for a bit.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/16 20:52:11

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot Owain you've made my day.

I've been rebasing Ungor their now almost all on 20mm bases just got to paint and finish them. It's been a bugger but the Miliput and PVA both scrape of nicely I've also got a stack of finished bases for Gor if I want to later on. More enjoyably I've finished my first 2 Centigor their a kitbash from Wargames Factory Ancient Horses (smaller and more pony like than GW horses) and GW Gors. The 2 halves go together surprisingly well. The loads on their back are loot they've pilfered and the sacks and barrels came from an OO/HO model railway pack which is why they're prepainted. I'm going to do 12 of these and use 2 Rackham Centaurs as Champions or the Centiogr special character depending on mood giving me 2 regiments of 7.


Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/19 22:20:27

Post by: Llamahead

Right I've been getting a fair old bit done recently. I've been playing with making some Ungor Archers I've done a bunch using the ancient plastic wood elf archers which won't be photographed for a while. I've also made these 3 using a combination of Wargames Factory Ancient German and GW Ungor, Skaven and Empire Militia parts. You may notice all the heads and arms are GW. Thats as this is an heroic scale army therefore I will not be using many if any True Scale Wargames Factory Arms Legs and Heads. This is as they don't scale well together, My 24th Islandlwanda project uses entirely Wargames Factory arms and heads for the same reason. However as Beastmen are mutants I like the variety of sizes and shapes here.

I've also got a lot more Centigors down. I've got 9 finished but like the Wood Elf Archer conversions several are undercoated and that does not photograph well

I've started painting the Avatars of War Beastlord and I'm just basing up my last Troll.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/20 22:56:43

Post by: Llamahead

I've done something I thought I couldn't yes its my first full Regiment shot after almost a Year!
Here are my Trolls painted at last just in time to become obsolete next week! (No honestly their Swamp Minotaurs can't you tell!)

I've also finished assembling my Centigor. The 2 painted models are Rackham Centaurs I'm going to use as Champions Heres both herds giving me 2 regiments of 7.

This Centigor is going to be modelled with a looted Pub sign as a Standard. Any suggestions for the pub name? The Sign itself is cereal packet card and it was tied to the beam with string and cursing! The barrel is another of those railway bits.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/24 21:11:51

Post by: Llamahead

OK I've been going fairly well at this project and I'm looking forward to the Beastman book next week. All my Ungor are know ready for it and that chores over. I've been cranking out basic rank and file although I'll leave that for an army shot later. Several of the Centigor are receiving paint. I've also finished my Beast Lord the picture isn't particualrly flattering. He looks far less pasty in real life.

I've also assembled The Mistress. She's a Pandora Avatar of Woe model from the Malifaux range. This model represents the guiding force behind my Beastmen. Currently I'm planning to use her as Morghur eventually. The 8 pointed star around her relic was made by cutting and sticking cardstock down.

This final thingy is something I'm not sure of at all. I can either use him as a Gor, Foe Render or as a Chaos Spawn which would fit him best? He's mean't to be some sort of freakish Triffid thing which I think I've accomplished. He's also part of a more random looking group of Chaos Followers. The idea is that as well as the true Beastmen the Mistress attracts cultists who gradually disintegrate into slobbering monsters like him........When they're done I'll show you a progression group of painted models.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Oh yes I forgot One Monk miniatures make some cheap cardstock movement trays which are perfect if your on a budget like me. http://www.onemonk.com/Home.html

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/28 20:44:24

Post by: Llamahead

I'm still at work on yet more deranged followers of Nurgle. Skaven legs are great if you want little evil midgets, their torsos also produce some nasty hunchbacks. These will give me lots of count as Ungors and Gors. I've also rebased the Female Wargor onto a planking base this will allow me using my original chariot to have an obvious larger Character Chariot. Out of interest do people feel that the difference in size would allow me to refer to this as a Razorgor chariot? Other plans include a Jabberwocky based on the Hordes Legion of Everblight Seraph. Another of these schemes is Gargoyles converted from the Tyranid Gargoyles and the Ghouls! Heres the pictures of the chariot.....

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/28 21:01:09

Post by: LunaHound

Is your Beastlord from Avatar of War?
if possible may i see the size comparison with other beastmen minis? ( im thinking of getting 1 )

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/28 21:38:40

Post by: Llamahead

No trouble Lunahound it is. Only problem is I don't sort of have any standard GW Beastman! (I chopped most of the Plastic kits to combine at random with Ghouls and Zombies. Heres a basic shot. From Left to Right you've got a strange midget (Skaven Legs Ungor Torso), OOP GW Gor, Gor Conversion (Gor Legs Zombie Torso), Avatars of War Beastlord, Ungor from Wargames Factory Ancient German and a OOP metal Ungor.

I also took this shot of him compared to a 2nd Ed Marine

He's a large impressive model standing head and shoulders above the rest of my Gor but as he's a Beastlord who are the strongest and mightiest of the tribe that makes perfect sense. With my Beastmen I also try and get a very varied look with lots of mishappen models of random sizes. He is definitely a heroic scale model as well if that helps.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/28 22:16:48

Post by: LunaHound

Ah yes , thank you very much Llamahead ! the pic is perfect !

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/28 22:25:56

Post by: Llamahead

No trouble glad to be of service you planning on getting one?

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/28 22:27:54

Post by: LunaHound

Llamahead wrote:No trouble glad to be of service you planning on getting one?

Yes , but the arms seem to be in the way if i want to rank him in a squad o_o

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/28 22:37:28

Post by: Llamahead

Actually he'd rank fine the axe is at 45* so will rank in fine. The actual problems come from the Horn and Shield I added!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Of course it didn't help that when I assembled him I didn't have to worry about ranking him......

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/29 20:39:15

Post by: Llamahead

A quick piece of background for the army.

A Tale Most Horrific of the Dire Inhabitants of the Perilious Swamps nown in the mane as ye Fenne of Hel
Much has been wrote by my many esteemed colleagues of the nefarious forces of Undead that lurk within Hel’s Fenn sight of that glorious victory against the forces of the Night. Indeed many forget of the other perils that lurk therein. For many years a s well as attracting the Undead and those of the most disturbing Neurotic tendencies many other foule Beasts have been discovered lurking therein acting as a grave threat to commerce. Mutant and Greenskin do cavort most unseemly in the mirky mire but as well as these unorganised small bands there is a tale of alair of a far more perilous foe.
The tale is told of a young Wytch known to consort with that foulest of Gods whose name I shall not utter who was being conveyed to the fair and good Count of Ostermark for judgement. A Notorious case as she was a woman known for her beauty and wealth who had been involved much in the society of the province. Knowing full well her fate for she had committed most grievious sins unto Sigmar and his church she yelled upon her God. Unfortunately those who conveyed her must have been lax with their tithes or otherwise offended Our Lord of the Hammer for her prayers were answered. A roving band of Beastmen led by a mighty Shaman attacked the Caravan. For reasons unbeknown to the sane they did attack slaughtering the Guard until only the Wytch Hunter and his personal companions were left. Then the Shaman uttered a great spell of doom and cracked open the carriage. Out clambered the Wytch not a faired was she but greatly enraptured. She approached the Shaman and he made obeisance towards her. Then she turned around and with the holy lockets and binding chains ofd faith sundered did proceed to cast a horrific malefic spell upon the Wytch Hunter suddenly they were wrenched in a Typhoon the veritable Wind of Change swiftly they began to melt and bond and reform into a most gruesome Spawn. Then she left and departed into the fen.
She is believed to still lurk within the Fenn acting as a leader for Cultist and Mutant and Beast alike. She lures many to her Dark Lords worship. The Mistress as she is often referred to is arguably one of the most insidious commanders of the Brutish Beastmen who has ruled a court of the Damned for Fyve Hundred Years or more it is apparent that she has eceived the Darkest Reward for her foul service.

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Post by: Krusha123

Man, this stuff is awesome! Slightly disturbing, but that's good!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/01/30 11:29:40

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot Krusha always nice to get feedback

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Post by: Llamahead

Well I've been cranking models out at a fair old clip. Being a jobless bum helps for that (I work as an archaeologist it's temporary jobs tied in with construction, at least nows the best time of year to be inside!). These
Silurid Slaves were great fun and a really quick job. I think they look quite good and if I ever do 'Nids its close to how I'd do them.

I've also finished the first Centigor Regiment I've got another to do. The movement trays the free cardstock one I downoaded from One Monk Miniatures.

I went for "The King's Head" for the pub sign it's appropriate for the region and looks suitably gory. The signs a print out of an image of the execution of King Charles the First I found on Google Images. It's appropriate for the fen theme.

Also I've chosen the name "Malacht Cromail" for my Beastlord it's Gaelic meaning the Curse of Cromwell and quite appropriate for a raiding blackguard!

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Post by: Llamahead

I just brought the Beastman book today and actually I'm really impressed with it. The background sections are brilliant and give the Beastmen far more colour than either the Beasts of Chaos or the Realms of Chaos ever did. As a background book and read its fairly nice although sadly the rumour mill was fairly accurate about the loss of Raiders although losing mixed units actually suits me. It looks like an interesting list to use with some nice magic items and interesting tricks. Currently I'm toying with the idea of an all Chariot army and I'm going to spend the next few days reading it and playing with lists. It's also became apparent to me that I've got a painted 2000 pt list and I'll start sorting out some unit shots tomorrow.

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Post by: Llamahead

Oops I sort of lied in my last post but I'm not going to fix that instead I'm going to do something utterly chaotic. I've decided to use these as a Jabberwocky (The Legion of Everblight Seraph) and a Cygor (the Dungeons and Dragons CMG Beholder Tyrant) Any suggestions for colour schemes and names would be gladly accepted. Does anybody have any recommendations for basing and do people feel their good representations of the units?

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Post by: Llamahead

My camera's co-operating today apparently I needed to say the 4th catechism of the blessing of the Onnissiah for Digital Cameras the 8th that I was using is only for analog camera's
So here's my Mire Golem it's a beautiful model really catching the theme of a swamp construct. I'm actually very happy with the paint on this one.....

The models from Wyrd Miniatures Malifaux line which has a lot of gems in it for Beastman players........

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Post by: Llamahead

Well I played my first 3 games yesterday one against High Elves (Bad Loss), one against a Chaos Cult of Tzeentch (Warriors of Chaos with no Chaos Warriors (Wipeout)) and one against Beasts of Chaos (I was wiped out). Learning points include the fact that Minotaurs are awesome and 14" movement isn't as fast as I think. I deliberately tried out both the Jabberslythe and the Cygor and current;y I'm leaning towards preferring the Jabberslythe. I've also decided that using the Mire Golem as a Doombull may be a good idea. I've also created this model yet another Shaman......This one's Zoraida from Wyrd Miniatures Malifaux line and as you can see I left her as is. The weird twiggy thing is just that a weird twiggy thing based in miliput.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Oh I reckon she's a good Wysiwyg representation of the Hagtree fetish as well.

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Post by: Llamahead

I've just finished painting the last Centigor giving me two completed herds. I've also now worked out I've got a roughly 2000pt army finished all I need to complete is the Jabberslythe or Cygor and after last weeks games I reckon the Jabberslythe's in! I'm going to leave of painting him for a while however as I'm not yet sure on the base size and I reckon it'll be FAQ'd fairly soon (just after I give in and make one!)

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Post by: Llamahead

I've worked out that I do have a 2000pt army painted I'll try and take photographs of it soon. With the finishing of my Jabberslythe I have finished the army well in time for the tournament in April although I'll have a nights repair soon. I'll do photographs and a tournament review soon as well. Gaming with it I've found the Beastmen fun and effective. However I still fail about 80% of my psychology tests every game and am having huge problems charging terror causers. The big surprise at the moment is how much I like the basic Ungors and Gors.......

I'm rather happy with him. He's just the Warmachine Seraph bunged on a Square Base.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/03/24 03:08:15

Post by: Boss Salvage

Looking forward to those army shots and the tournament report - good luck out there in the meantime! I'd be curious what your list looks like, sounds like you're only taking 1 monstrous rare? Good on you, and I hope the jabber serves you well. I'm more of a cygor man, but the jabber is a close second, and he really excels against not-ItP armies.

Commendations on all the hard work you've put in here, I've enjoyed stopping in to see what weird (wyrd) models you scrounge up for beastly mayhem. That beholder model, by the way, is intense and IMO a perfect jabber model. Your seraph works quite nicely, but nothing says insanity like an enormous uber-beholder!

- Salvage

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Post by: Llamahead

Currently the tournament I've been painting up for is a 1999pt one so I only have 1 Rare slot so I haven't been able to rely on them lately. I also really wanted to use the large units of Centigor I've spent a lot of time on recently........
The Beholder is from D&D miniatures its the Emperor one from the Legendary Encounters one and should be fairly easy to find. I'm currently planning to use it as a Cygor as it makes sense for the anti-wizardy psychology stuff and I spent a lot of time playing Heroes of Might and Magic 3 which had Beholders as an equivalent unit to Cyclops...........

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Post by: Llamahead

A while back I got a bundle of spares from Maelstrom Games for my Guard. Good lot and good service their BTW. But within their was for reasons I've yet to comprehend a bunch of giant sprues. Now I've got a few spare legs from my Centigor and decided this was a chance to create some nastily gribbly monstrosities. These will just be used as Gor at the moment.
The first of these is Big 'Ead Boris and uses a Giant's Head miliputted onto a pair of legs as an entire torso.

I've also got a Monopod these are inspired by the creatures in the Medieavel bestiaries who slept under their giant single foot sheltering them from the sun. If I had a fewmore of these I'd almost be tempted to use him as a Harpy.

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Post by: Llamahead

As neither of my 2 wizards have managed to get a spell of I thought I should take a new one to the tournament and here she is. She's the regular Malifaux Pandora models with no tweaks. She's going to represent the Mistress the evil mind behind the army. I plan to use her as a Great Bray Shaman in most games. The bizarre creature with her is the Stone of Power it's made from Ungor Legs with the Giants hand holding a menhir as a torso. It will be used to represent a Gor and the Shard of the Herdstone magic item.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/04/12 17:59:42

Post by: Boss Salvage

Pandora as a great bray is a grand idea, mistress of the monsters and all that The handigor carrying the shard of the herdstone (or whatever that item is called) is actually pretty nifty too, works a bit better than the other beasts + giant parts convos (which are cool too, just a bit more ungainly).

When's that tourny again? And 1999, very cool. My own beast plan goes to 1500 and stops there ...

- Salvage

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Post by: Llamahead

I thought it was this Saturday but apparently it's next I just like to have everything ready well beforehand just in case works drags me miles away from paints and glue. I'm glad you liked them. I have to agree with you about the combination it just works mainly as both were already the perfect fit together......

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Post by: Llamahead

Next Weeks the big Tourney so today I've been doing the mad fixing and model counting to check I actually can make up my list. Fortunately I don't need to paint anything else at all. My current basic list plan is as follows.

Bray Shaman
Gor Block
Ungor Spear Block
Gor Ambush Unit
Ungor Ambush Block
Ungors of annoying redirection
2 Chariots
2 Units of Hounds
2 Regiments of Centigor
The Minotaurs
and a Jabberslythe

I'm still humming and arring about final composition considering swapping the Ungors of annoying redirection for 2 units of Raiders.....Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Its not a hugely disgusting list but it's nice and simple and can deal with almost everything........
Now after that dull text here's the pictures..........
Full Army Shots

A few detail shots of the Centrepieces
The Commanders of the Host (from left to right Hickathrift, Malacht Cromail and the Mistress)

Hickathrift's Hackem'mores my River Troll/Minotaur regiment (any plans of making these guys absolutely WYSIWYG have been destroyed by the wonderful new River Troll kit...........

The Mistresses Wyrm my Jabberslythe.

Note that this isn't everything as you know I've got more chariots and characters as well as about 20 Raiders painted up. The Tournament base is just corrugated card flocked up and painted with PVA as water I decided against carrying a large heavy piece of hardboard around with me! All the movement trays are the FREE ones from One Monk Miniatures whos interestingly declared that ALL his paper stock kits are now free. If like me you've fallen in love with print out models (no scenery painting WOOHOO!) This is great news indeed.

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Post by: Llamahead

Well I got back from Edinburgh last night from the anarchy and surrealism that is the UK Student Nationals. I had 5 great games against 5 wonderful opponents and it was a well run highly enjoyable tournament. The only bad thing to happen this year is that my team won and we'll have to host it next year. I don't know quite how badly I did yet but after 4 defeats and 1 win I don't think I placed well. So here go's.....

Game 1 Dale's High Elves (I hope he was Dale anyway it might have been Doug he ended up winnning this year....)
This was a great game against a skilled opponent with a beautiful army with some lavishly modelled Heroes and Kitty's of Doom! First turn not much happened except for the Jabberslythe getting shot my Ambushers arrived on both flanks. Turn 2 it started to go pair shaped when the Dragon Princes (the aforementioned Doom Kitty Knights) charged a chariot and overran in the Minotaurs splatting them. The Ungors ate some Archers and overran into a Bolt Thrower. However the Kitty Chariot however demonstrated how hard it was and easily saw of the charging ambushing Gor and the Centigor. The Dragon Knights continued to rampage while my big block of Gor charged into the Sword Masters. The Ungor suicide squad attempted to lead of the White Lions and succeeded. However the Sword Masters didn't break. While the Ungor flanked a regiment of Archers containing the Elven general. Unfortunately next turn the Dragon Masters were just into the rear of my Gor blocak and ate them after that it was pretty much a mopping up exercise.

Game 2 Gonzo's Dwarfs.
This game rather spectacularly demonstrated why they didn't give Minotaurs Primal Fury. The scenario gave everybody Hatred and my Minotaurs made use of it to spectacular avail. The last of the regiment at the end of turn 5 had 10 attacks more than the group of 3 has to start with. My opponent was an amazingly good sport and brought me a pint in the bar afterwards for wiping out an entire regiment of 20 Dwarves in a turn. I couldn't have accepted the bad luck he had with such applomb and it was great fun...

Game 3 Bloke who's name I've totally forgotten from Stirling's? Dwarves.
Uh if your reading this sorry. I let myself get out manoeuvered by Dwarves or at least a nifty Gyrocoptor made from Dregmek's Blitzkart......It lured my Minotaurs to their doom.....I got shot lots and didn't head forward fast enough and my chariots did not appreciate the Strength 7 Bolt Throwers.....Good fun through.

Game 4 Hamish's Wood Elves

This was one of those games when a lot went wrong.....I was exhausted and hungover from the night before (which involved watching Iron Man fight/disco dance off Iron Man and other wacky high jinks and then breakfast with Sasha involving a discussion of Shakespeare's rants about LoSalt......). My opponent however was a gentle man who while he rolled a lot of ward saves we had fun. Noticeable moments including watching the Treekin eat the charging Minotaurs and the Centigor failing to splat the Archers containing the Mage in combat. The Jabberslythe also sulked and refused to eat the Dryads and then got chased of and smacked down by the Treeman which at least looked cool.......The guy running it remarked "that it was a resounding win for the forces of evil against the poor innocent Beastmen...)

Game 5 Sam's Lizardmen
Sam was also from Sheffield and we played each other in practicing he easily won that one. I however had a cunning plan NEW DICE. In the real thing however he didn't easily win he wiped out my army. However as my Centigor and 2 Chariots managed to eat the crew and priest from the Engine and my Gor regiment managed to break the Temple Guard and Stegadon combination. This however let the Skinks and Kroxigor counter flank them and eat them......My Jabberslythe got comprehensively duffed over by the saurus Cavalry but did manage to drive off thew Terradons. The cunning plan had failed. This was actually my favourite game a huge swings and roundabouts affair with a very poor beginning a period I though I'd turned it around and then the upsetting realisation everybody was dead.

What did I learn?
Minotaurs don't have Hatred for a Good Reason.....
Don't let them get charged.....
Gor take hideous losses in Combat.......
Newly painted Giant Monsters get shot repeatedly......
I should have taken 2 units of Ungor Raiders to stop my Minotaurs from being baited by Gyrocoptors and Skinks......
I want some Harpies.......
It's more important to have fun than win.....
You can go to a tournament just to have a deadline to paint to and to play other armies rather than attempt to win it with Uber Cheese.....

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Post by: Boss Salvage

Cheers for the report, and glad you had fun One smashy win of awesome and four fun loses ain't too bad either

- Salvage

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Post by: Llamahead

Just the way I look at it mid table is always a great place to be!

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Post by: Llamahead

I'm currently planning the last few finishing touches to the army. These are a Troll Tribe I can't resist the plastic River Trolls and wish the Minotaurs were as good and Harpies. With the Harpies I'm torn between either Gargoyle conversions or Heresy's Waspquitoes as Heresy's Waspquitoes are currently OOP I'll probably go with the Gargoyle Conversions but I'm definitely using their Hellbeast's for Razorgor!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/07/03 19:16:02

Post by: Llamahead

I've just acquired some Trolls and Spawn kits to make some more Trolls for the force this'll give me a total of 12 I'll try and work out a command conversion and I'm definitely doing a Troll Chieftain Gorebull. I'm finding the kits quite odd they make lovely models but hey are definitely designed to go together in a single way rather than the many ways most GW kits can be put together. The Spawn models will just be mixed in among the Trolls to produce a truly Chaotic look. I've also decided to acquire a large bag of plastic toy flies which I'll paint out and use as Harpies......

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/08/28 11:39:28

Post by: Llamahead

Well the flies have been acquired as well as a "Thingummy the Wanderer" model I've always liked him except for the head which I'm going to change for a Fly Spawn head giving me a model useful in both a Warriors and a Beatsman army. Recently works been getting in the way of progress as I've got a job near my parents so most of my modelling stuff is still back home for now (the jobs a temporary contract and so I don't see a point in permamently moving). The forthcoming release of Islands of Blood also means I'll be returning back to Skaven my favourite warhammer army which might introduce more delays.
Currently the main thing I need to acquire (rather than assemble) finish the project of is a BSB anybody got some good ideas for a source for that model? However some more grunts would be useful in Warhammer's current framework........
However it's not all doom and gloom as my need for somethingto paint has led to me to finally start my Uncharted Seas fleet. Which cunningly I plan to paint decrepit and manky allowing me to use them for both my Beatsmen and Skaven. Hope you like the first Gunship a modle I'm absolutely delighted with!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/08/28 11:47:15

Post by: Scarper

You've got some really cool conversions here - I really like the centigor

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/08/28 13:03:40

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot Scarper great fun they were too and far far cheaper than making the 12 out of metal models as well!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/09/12 14:40:53

Post by: Llamahead

I've always had a soft spot for the Wulfric the Wanderer model to my mind this roving marauder looked exactly like a Chaos Warrior should look. A roving barbarian festooned with trophies. I had only one problem the head was really bad. It just looks constipated. I therefore solved this problem by using one of the Chaos Spawn Heads and now I have a disgusting barbaric mutant of Nurgle. Also usefully for me I can use him either in this army or in a Chaos Warriors force. I've also acquired the last few bits and bobs for the army. It's a Drune War Staff I'm planning to head swap into Beatsmen the main reason to get it is the cool Chaos Standard bit. This will have to be left until I head back to Sheffield however.

Then I saw the Orc announcement from Wargames Factory. Ages ago when LoTR first came up I had a vague plan of using LoTR Orcs as Posessed for Mordheim these seem to be about the same style and the right size. Maybe I won't be stopping adding to this force any time soon!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/10/18 21:05:11

Post by: Llamahead

Oh well the plan not to add much to the force was lost with the acquisition of about 40 old Harlequin, Marauder Miniatures and GW beastmen from Ebay. Out of interest doesanybody know much about Harlequin? As I've never really seen them before.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2010/12/02 15:25:52

Post by: Brother Hestapheus

The giant eye thing is awesome but demented

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/01/13 20:41:46

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers Hephaestus its a Beholder I decided to use one of them as a Counts As Cygor after remembering the image of them being used as long range artillery in Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

Right I've got a few models to show you I've painted up Pestis Manflayer (the Wulfric conversion) and I'm happy with him the yicky effect on the helm created by covering it with PVA worked well and made him look slimy. The softness of the Human Skin looks horrific and contrasts nicely with the armour. Hope you like him! I'm planning to use him as a Wargor although if I ever do Nurgle Chaos Warriors he becomes their Lord....

While they look more Skavenny than Beastmeny I'll put up my Shroud Mages fleet as well. I've completed the £20 basic starter set and I've got a hankering to add some more...#These have been really nice and different to paint providing something other than 28mm rank and file for my desk.

I'm also going to set out some goals as this is my first post of the year. I'm going to try and update with stuff at least once a month that means something new painted or another unit added. First priority is to paint enough to field 2500pts I think I've got this already. Currently I'm not going to buy anything else for this project. I need to get the Fly/Harpies done, the Trolls assembled and the old metal Gor done currently I'm doing OK with the metal Gor. If I find myself with an urge to add to this army the plan involves using Wargames Factory Orcs to add mutants (I wanted to do a Mordheim posessed band of LoTR Orcs years ago but didn't as they were out of scale) depending on scale and look these may become Bestigors. I still want to use Heresy Miniatures Hellbeasts to add Razorgor and I'll probably use them along with Wargames Factory Chariots to create Razorgor Chariots. The new models may get pushed aside for later as currently I'm also refurbishing my Skaven.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/01/30 13:56:48

Post by: Llamahead

Right for this month I'll start with the cheapest unit I've done for this project

Yep 40 of these flies and bases cost me a £5 painted up they make effective fun little Harpies which look good and fit the theme well. I attempted to try and get a metallic blue bottle style sheen using a gunmetal wash however this didn't work anybody got any tips on getting a metallic paint effect?
I've also glued up a BSB. Eventually I went with the Celt Chariot Woman from Wargames Factory as a simple and effective conversion the pose was right for the banner and it took very little effort to produce the model. Its going to be painted up quickly as they're now really good.

I've discovered I can easily field a 2500pt horde Beastman Army as over the last 2 years I seem to have painted up 60+Ungor and 50+Gor without realising it. I can probably quiet easily get up to 3000pts..........Its always nice when you realise you have much more painted than you thought.
I've also had a fairly interesting gaming session with the Beastmen where I learnt that High Elves are still scary extremely scary....and got utterly massacared. I also should run wizards independently. My list was also a bit rubbish better luck next week. Uncharted Seas has proven great fun although I have no real idea what works as yet getting in close and unleashing a broadside seems to be the main tactic. Its a really good game and at £20 for a starter box well worth picking up.......

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/01/30 17:43:27

Post by: Earthbeard

Some of the most utterly crazed conversions I've seen together in one force, reminds me of the early chaos stuff, and for some reason lone wolf and fighting fantasy novels.

While the painting isn't the best in the world, the dedication and chaotic look to the force, helps pull it up a few notches.

Wasn't convinced on the headswap for Wulfrik, but painted up, it somehow works.


Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/01/30 22:22:05

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot Earthbeard, the early Chaos fluff was a big inspiration for this force I wanted a lot of off the wall anarchy it helps that I've used a lot of the elder models which are far more anarchic than the current range. I'd also definitely agree with the painting although its gradually improving I hope....

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/01/31 16:23:16

Post by: Bastion of Insanity

I must admit I wasn't convinced at the start of the thread but when they're all put together they look great.

Keep up the good work.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/01/31 20:15:02

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot army shots tend to look better than those of single miniatures mainly because the bits which are done wrong jar less than when your looking at a small group.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/02/10 18:54:06

Post by: Llamahead

Had fun painting up this demented monstrosity

I've also picked up the Warriors Book realising that by using my Gors as Marauders and the Centigor as Marauder Horsemen I could with very little effort get a 2nd army. A Chaos Warrior regiment could also be swapped back in as Bestigor. This will allow me to play with the Dragon Ogre conversions I promised myself when I began along with a Shrine. Razorgor first however.....

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/02/11 21:45:18

Post by: Llamahead

I've been playing with the Troll Kit. The kits nice but, like the Ghoul kit, its joints are none standard so some putty work is required to really play with it. It's however great and single handed drove away any chance of me getting proper Minotaurs for this force. While I could have used command parts as they aren't actually an option for Trolls I can forgive them for not being there. However as I use these as Minotaurs its been a slight hassle. Heres the results;

From left to right we have;
An old metal Troll a mate of mine gave me. I decide to use a Spawn head on him to avoid duplicate models.
Mr Jangle

He's a Troll (Minotaur) Musician. I had a problem deciding how to do him I had several ideas-
>Horns Nah too complex and none look big enough for a Trolls Job.
>Drums Nope simple enough but most trolls would just smash it by accident.
>Vomiting Head Hmm too juvenile and to be honest I'd already used it on the Standard Bearer
>My Drune Tambourine Girl. As Trolls are easily controlled by Tambourine music. Considered this decided I couldn't fit her quiet onto a 40mm base and putting her on a 40mm base with a Minotaur statline might cause discussions.......
Instead I went for Jangly bells as I figured a Troll couldn't break them and it seemed fun to give the Troll a rattle. Fortunately I had quiet a few Zombie and Skaven bells to play with and along with a Spawn Arm they gave him a rather bizarre look. I gave him the Chaos Giant Head as it looks gormless and fits on the model. It also gives me a spare Troll Head....
The Standard Bearer

Nice simple kitbash. After cutting of the Troll Hand I stuck the Giant club hand on. Job Done
The 4th is just a regular Troll.
The 5th is a Spawn Troll

The spawn is a marvellous kit. However I don't need the kit to get spawn and already have several (boredom and too much caffeine being the key ingredients). I wanted the kit for my Chaos Trolls anyway and then I had a bit of an idea and used a Troll head and Arms on the Spawn body. The result is squat and ferociously barrelling towards you. Nicely enough the Double Handed Weapon on the Troll sprue fits reasonably well into the Spawn arm sockets a bit of Milliput filling later and I had a nice Troll. I could almost certainly do with more Spawn bits and this is a good way to use what is a really nice kit that produces a unit I don't really want.
I've alos picked up an offer Fat Dragon has on 28mm Medieavel City scenery.http://www.rpgnow.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=346&filters=0_0_0_0" target="_new" rel="nofollow"> http://www.rpgnow.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=346&filters=0_0_0_0. These are really nice flexble card kits and I'm looking forward to playing with them and at less than £20 it seems a fair price for about 20 or so different kits.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/02/11 23:16:53

Post by: Perkustin

You have an interesting diverse set of minis here. I espeicially like the pistol/crossbow weilding Ungor for some reason. The fly headed Nurgle champion is also ace.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/02/12 10:34:58

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot Perkustin. I think they work well as they're simple and effective. The Wulfric the Wanderer model is definitely a contestant for the model most in need of a head swap!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/03/27 11:19:27

Post by: Llamahead

Fairly dull update but it means I've completed my monthly pledge heres my 4th troll painted up

These are good fun kits to paint up. I'll begin on the command soon giving me a nice big regiment of 6 once done.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/04/08 20:51:32

Post by: Llamahead

Good news i've just received my Hellbeasts from Heresy. Lovely models swiftly delivered with a complimentary lollipop!. I ordered last weekend and they were waiting for e when i got back this evening Currently 5 of them are less than 2 Razorgor and nicer models as well.....

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/04/11 16:11:20

Post by: Llamahead

My original BSB suffered heavily from tipping over and eventually ended up getting ruined by me having to fix it every 5 seconds. I gave in and decided to redo it using a heavier model. This is the result using either the Mordheim chieftain or a chariot Bestigor either way I like him.

I've also got some Wargames Factory Orcs which I will be using for Bestigors as the GW Bestigor are stupidly expensive. These are a little small but better armoured. I've put in an Ungor Raidr based on the ancient Wood Elf Archer for comparison

The shot dosn't show it but the differnce in scale between GW and Wargames Factory Orcs may well annoy me. Unfortunately I A) really like the Orc Weapons and want to use them, B) I don't have enough great weapons not to use some. I'm considering using the same models for Chaos Warriors (the price is a key factor £1.50 per Chaos Warrior 70p per Orc.). The style works for Nurgle but unfortunately the scale wouldn't.
Last but not least the first Razorgor Chariot has been finished. It uses a Heresy Hellbeast and a GW Corpse Cart (2nd hand not painted cheap and what I wanted). With 2 ancient beastmn for crew. The current plan is to have 2 of these and use 3 of the Hellbeasts to make a Razorgor regiment.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/04/14 19:07:13

Post by: Llamahead

Just a quick note to say I've picked up tickets to Tempest 3. I'm hoping to get the 6 man Troll regient done as well as at least 1 Razorgor Chariot.....

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/04/20 21:02:28

Post by: Llamahead

I've got the painted stuff in early for once. I should soon be following Mr Jangle with the Standard Bearer giving me a powerful regiment of 6 Minotaurs. With the painting I've kept the same colours going and decided to paint the utations in a deep rich green using Goblin Green and a Dark Angel Green Wash. I'm happy with him and feel he looks far less silly now.

I've also got a scaling shot of my regular Razorgor from the Hasslefree Hell beast. As you can see its smaller lower slung and far more menacing than the Razorgor. These should be nice and simple to paint. Any suggestions for schemes?

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/05/02 18:47:13

Post by: Llamahead

Well good news Hickathrift's Hack'em Mores are now completed for Tempest 3 as the rules allow Minotaurs a free command it would be rude not to take advantage of it!

I really enjoyed painting the vomit going for a richer more foody look than the green gunk I've seen on a lot of Trolls and yes naturally it has Carrots in it.

I've also enjoyed painting up a FREE model Hasslefree Miniatures gave me when I brought the Kindred. This gormless critter is a familiar for my witch as Beastmen can't get familiars I'll run him as a Gor. I call him Norbert...

I've been cranking out the Bestigor and it's been going well. The Wargames Factory Orcs I'm using are decidedly on the small size and I can't use them as Chaos Warriors. For Bestigors their fine as they are the only ones in the list with great weapons so it works out OK. I'll not be painting them that distinctly so I can use several of the models I've already painted which should lead me to having a nice large regiment of 30. I'd strongly recommend using these models if you want mutants especially as marauders or to add bulk to a Beastman army they are cheap and go together well. Personally I far prefer them to the Marauder sculpts. But sadly even I can't see them as Chaos Warriors.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/05/06 16:29:21

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Really sick conversions! Really like the Trolls a lot!

Subbed, will be back for ore!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/05/08 20:04:31

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot All Hail the Mighty Fimir!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/05/10 16:52:18

Post by: Llamahead

A goodly amount of progress to report. Unemployment combined with a Tournament deadline always works wonders. Today I've got the first 8 Bestigor's for you. All of these are from the Wargames Factory Orcs. These are nice models and mix in well with Beastmen and Chaos armies as you can see from the heads however they don't fit with the GW greenskins range looking far more like LoTR Orcs.

Finished my Battle Standard as well. I'm quite happy with him although he's fragile.

The most fun I've had is this cuddly fella who I call Mr Tiddles. The Heresy Hell Beast was a joy to paint especially as the model encouraged a simple scheme. Frankly these models are far far far better than the GW Razorgors as you can see.

I've got in a few games recently reminding myself that Ogres are 'ard and that I hate High Elves I mean re-rolls to hit how gip is that.....

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/05/24 17:35:35

Post by: Llamahead

Had a busy few days fixing models up for the Tournament and working out what've got. About 4000pts roughly Painted. I'm more than a little surprised at that. As I had to get everything together anyway I decided I may as well take some photos for you. No full army shot yet as that'll take me working out where there is space in my Bedsit.
We'll start with the Lords of the Host, Here they all are;

Here's the Beastlord and the Heroes

Here's the Coven and there Familiars

The Bestigors next. These are mainly old GW metals and Wargames Factory Orc Plastics with some Rackham Command

Couldn't resist a shot of the command. The Musicians the Rackham Drune Tambourine Girl I was planning on using as a troll Musician. The Champion is a Kelt Spasm Warrior

This Chaos Warrior is from the original release. He'll also be how I do the Chaos Warrior element when I get around to it.

These are the bulk of the host 50 odd Gors

We now come to the Monstrous Host here's the total.

The Trolls, the Spawn Trolls now done and makes a nice Dynamic Champion

The Flyers, these are a Jabberslythe (a Hordes Seraph) and some Toy Flies for Nurglite Harpies (Any advice for bulking them out so they look Tourney legal?

The Gribbly Monsters; A pair of Razorgor (Heresy Hell Beasts)& 2 Spawn

Next its the Outriders; The fast element

2 Regiments of Centigor

Hounds and Chariots

Last and certainly least we have the Ungor

A motley host of Raiders (Ungor, Ghoul, Zombie, Skaven Wood Elf & Wargames Factory plastics.

The Spears

The Hand Weapon Ungors.

I have a couple of Characters, 2 Razorgor Chariots, half a dozen trolls and a few dozen Gor to finish, as well as a Cygor and Jabberslythe. I'll take a proper shot of the Tempest army once I've worked out the list. Lookead at like this its rather an anarchic host and you can definitely see the great improvement changing to Brown Ink rather than Snake Bite Leather wash has made.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Oh and over 220 painted models!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Here it is everything together.

Sorry for the quality of the photo

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/05/24 21:00:36

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Your conversions are over the top and I love them! Your entire army has that old "way back in 1st and 2nd ed Warhammer" look and feel to it. Very well done in that regard, really enjoying this thread.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/05/26 15:12:35

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers Skalk. The conversions are mainly the byproduct of chopping everything of a lot of different sprues and mixing it in my bits box (I started with the VC battalion and a herd box got the bits off the srue and off I went). Plastics make it far easier.The Olde style look is mainly due to the brightness of the painting I suspect. Although I've used a lot of old metals in it as A. they're currently cheaper on Ebay, B. I liked the Realms of Chaos (5th Ed? book) release a lot 10 or so years ago when I got into the hobby.......
I've recently discovered that you can acquire Lost and the Damned on the Internet which might cause a few new additions inspired by it....

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/05/26 15:35:13

Post by: Yggdrasil

Agreed with Skalk..

That's a pretty nice shambling horde. looks ragtag but all in the same tones...

Great job!!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/05/26 18:04:48

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot I really appreciate that.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/05/27 17:14:51

Post by: Llamahead

Quick & lazy update the Background for my Tempest list. It's a slight rewrite of the original background sadly enough with 100% less Jabberslythe.....
A Tale Most Horrific of the Dire Inhabitants of the Perilious Swamps nown in the mane as ye Fenne of Hel
Much has been wrote by my many esteemed colleagues of the nefarious forces of Undead that lurk within Hel’s Fenn sight of that glorious victory against the forces of the Night. Indeed many forget of the other perils that lurk therein. For many years a s well as attracting the Undead and those of the most disturbing Neurotic tendencies many other foule Beasts have been discovered lurking therein acting as a grave threat to commerce. Mutant and Greenskin do cavort most unseemly in the mirky mire but as well as these unorganised small bands there is a tale of a far more perilous foe.
The tale is told of a young Wytch known to consort with that foulest of Gods whose name I shall not utter who was being conveyed to the fair and good Count of Ostermark for judgement. A Notorious case as she was a woman known for her beauty and wealth who had been involved much in the society of the province. Knowing full well her fate for she had committed most grievious sins unto Sigmar and his church she yelled upon her God as shew was conveyed through the marsh. Unfortunately those who conveyed her must have been lax with their tithes or otherwise offended Our Lord of the Hammer for her prayers were answered. A roving band of Beastmen led by a mighty Shaman attacked the Caravan. For reasons unbeknown to the sane they did attack slaughtering the Guard until only the Wytch Hunter and his personal companions were left. Then the Shaman uttered a great spell of doom and cracked open the carriage. Out clambered the Wytch not a feared was she but greatly enraptured. She approached the Shaman and he made obeisance towards her. Then she turned around and with the holy lockets and binding chains of faith sundered by the guards blood did proceed to cast a horrific malefic spell upon the Wytch Hunter suddenly they were wrenched in a Typhoon the veritable Wind of Change swiftly they began to melt and bond and reform into a most gruesome Spawn. Then she left and departed into the fen.
She is believed to still lurk within the Fenn acting as a leader for Cultist and Mutant and Beast alike. She lures many to her Dark Lords worship. The Mistress as she is often referred to is arguably one of the most insidious commanders of the Brutish Beastmen who has ruled a court of the Damned for Fyve Hundred Years or more it is apparent that she has received the Darkest Reward for her foul service.
She has been gifted by her most foul masters many minions and currently feels no need to enter battle herself. Malacht Cromail is the mighty Beastlord who commands the band in battle he actually commanded a large element of the herd before the Mistress usurped control. His mighty Ironsides are the core of the band. While the Shaman Pandulf and his master Tytila tried to drive her out it was Malacht ‘s support that allowed her to win the fight with them both have eventually joined her side as Spawn however. He is the lynch pin of the Army and commands on the battlefield while the Mistress commands the supernatural and the strategic side of the tribes life . Of the chieftains the most loathsome is undoubtedly the mighty Hickathrift this Troll thing appears to have attracted the attentions of most loathsome Nurgle in both countenance and intellect. The noxious miasma means most dear not go near him and to make matters worse the mighty brute brought several of his foul kin with him these the notorious Hackem’mores are a lethal disturbing band of disgusting Trolls . Another strange aspect of the force is the number of mutants and wretched debased cultists the Mistress has attracted. The True Horns seem to accept these followers into the band but give them all the worst jobs indeed Malacht Cromail has a noted tendency to use them as bait. As well as Malacht Cromail there is the mighty Theodoric Elf Gouger bearer of the tribes unholy totem. Pestis Manflayer is another of her minions blessed by Nurgle for attempting to poison a rival Lords lands with Plague. The two shamans who accompany the band are Hilda von Trapp a Wytch with powers over the beast while Lady Oliffe Throckmorton is a master of the Shadows. To understand these fiends we must know them and with this intelligence magister I feel sure we can defeat them.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/05/30 20:09:31

Post by: Llamahead

Attended Tempest III last weekend it was an awesome event full of nicely painted armies and great opponents with very little drama. I played 6 great games against 6 great opponents and have an embarassing inability to remember names. I came 79th out of 84 with the 2nd lowest VP total.......But I enjoyed myself as I went to play games not to win them and it was nice to face other people.
The 6 games were
Meeting engagement vs Chaos Warriors Narrow Win
This game was against a magic heavy Chaos Warrior army it started well with only 1 regiment of Warriors and 1 lot of Knights turning up as well as 3 Chaos Mages going missing. However my Wargor and BSB were obviously in the pub as well as they turned up late. 1st turn was spectacularly uneventful. 2nd turn involved a Chariot and my Minotaurs charging the Knights low impact hits and lucky saves meant the Knights one and chopped them down. Yowch. He magicced my Bestigors badly and hit them with a chariot which took 2 wounds of the Beastlord. The Beastlord decided to wander of and join the Gor. The BSB and Wargor joined the other regiment of Gor. About this point my hariot and Gorebull both nobbled a regiment of Marauder Horse each. In his next turn the Chaos Warriors with BSB charge my Gor and Beastlord. Having to go through Dangerous terrain they take a lot of casualties. Fortunately my Beastlord is excellent and gradually they wipe out the warriors allthough the Beastlord is killed eventually after taking out the BSB. The Gorebull and the Hellcannon start flailing at each other (in my last turn the Gorebull finally kills it). The 2 surviving Bestigor charge a regiment of dogs killing it. They are then wiped out by charging Chaos Knights this is great for me as they overrun into the Gor block which also allows me to flank them with 2 chariots making them go splat. I won thiss game because he hesitated with the Chaos Warriors and the Knights I chose combats ad took the offensive. If he'd have been more aggressive he'd have done far better I'm sure.
The Battle for the Pass vs Chaos WarriorsCatastrophic defeat
I scored 0VP. Basically a unit of knights ran through my entire army. Excellent opponent though. Only place where I could have turned it was a dual chariot charge into his lord sadly I only got 4 impact hits so it was not to be.
Watchtower vs DwarvesCatastrophic Defeat
I couldn't resist temptation and actually charged Hammerers twice. I put my Minotaurs in the Watch Tower before discovering that a cannon hit would case D6 hits which would each multiply to D6 wounds which is what I get for going to a tourney without knowing the rules. I almost got the Quarrellers after charging 2 chariots into them but apparetly a front rank 0f 5 models when your opponent dosn't have ranks makes you steadfast. Well playd by my opponent though who capitalised on my mistakes brilliantly he became the highest ranking dwarf.
Dawn Attack vs High ElvesCatastrophic Defeat
High Elves are an army I hate to play their army book and the resulting power surge killed Warhammer in 7th for me with my Skaven (SAD or lose). Anyway the bloke was an excellent sport and we had great fun. My Gor decided too charge the Swordmasters with the Gorebull in the flank the Swordmasters made mincemeat of them and overran into the minotaurs which they chopped into itty bitty pieces. My Razorgor ate a Bolt Thrower. Then my mage reacted to all this by exploding taking 12 Bestigor with her and being dragged of to the warp. Yeek. The High Elf mage then did the same killing 10 White Lions neither panicked. Then the Ungor Raiders killed the other Bolt Thrower. The White Lions ate some dogs and overran into a chariot. My other chariot counter charged leaving them with 5 men and the BSB. Last turn of the game I charge with the Lord and Bestigor at that regiment after the White Lions killed a whole bunh of Bestigor my Lord wiped out the regiment leaving the BSB unfortunately. He won the combat by one so naturally I fled.... Leaving only 3 Ungor left in my army (quite rightly Tempest counted units fleeing at the end of the game as dead for VP purposes.
Blood & Glory vs DwarvesDraw
This was a game against the players choice for best painted a briliant Mantic Chaos Dwarf force with some wonderfully evocative war machines. I fluked this as my army refused to cooperate panicing at every opportunity so I never made the Dwarf Line with half of my army. The Razorgor ate a Cannon then got beat up by the Thunderers being Steadfast on 1 rank. The Minotaurs and Gorebull split with the Gorebull going after the Organ Gun while the Minotaurs charged the Longbeards. Both whiffed in combat but the Longbeards didn't catch the fleeing champion. The Gor charged a unit of Thunderers while the hammerers charged the Gorebull. The gor failed to eat the Thunderers and got flanked after the Dwarf Lord killed the Gorebull. They were butchered. I had 3 panicing units to rally on my 3rd turn The Gor with BSB and Shaman made it, The Bestigor made it and finally the Minotaur champion made it on Double 1. Everything shot at him but he survived I'd fluked the draw.
Pitch Battle vs Brets[Loss
This game ended early. My Razorgor baited the Peg Knights in so they overran into the Minotaurs who slaughtered them. Then several fleeing chariots went right through my army taking a regiment of gor with them (they ended up fleeing abut 3 foot).....The Grail Knights charged a Chariot and the Bret Lord with his big block charged my Generals Bestigor. After my General got killing blowed the Bestigor caved. The Grail Knights were charged and butchered by the Minotaurs. The Bret knights managed to get a flank charge of on the BSB and shaman's unit who held and reformed on a 4... My minotaurs then got charged by the BSB unit and held. At that point the game was over. If it had carried on I'd have got BSB and the regiment of knights with damsel. But I'd have probably been wiped out.
More later

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My list for the event was as follows (2600pts some comp notably some regiments didn't have to pay for command)
Armour of Destiny
Brass Cleaver
He did well when he got to fight however Bestigor are brittle and frankly he didn't get to fight often enough due to a startling inability on my part to pass Ld 9 with re-roll panic checks.
Shield HA
Sword of Anti-Heroes I don't think he was involved in a combat with enemy heroes in it for the entire tournament.... Glad I had him though I dread to think how many more problems I'd have had with panic without him.
Biting Blade HA Shield
Could have done with a S boost useful to increase Ld of 2nd Gor block
Level 2
Dispel Scroll
Did her job bot shamans had a distressing ability to blow up
Level 2
Power stone

The 2 mages buff, hex combo didn't quite work as intended mainly as I played lots of Dwarves and tended to miscast an awful lot.

2 regiment of Gor 1x24, 1x23
Could have done with being bigger to keep and deny Steadfast. Brittle but often killed stuff. I still like the fact that in 8th I get to roll dice with them
2x5 Dogs
Got shot a lot but denied some crucial charges
2x5 1x6 Units of Ungor Raiders
Another cheap distraction there main use was to see where the enemy went down
4x Chariots
Heavily nerfed by the 1 rank counting for steadfast decision. Did a lot of damage but a bit of a problem when fleeing through units.
28 Bestigor
Man-Bane Standard
I tried to use this as a Hammer unit it's not could have done with being bigger and I'd have been better of with the Standard of Discipline here as well.
6 Minotaurs
Great Weapon
When they worked they worked well they worked once T4 and being a priority target is ahuge liability for these guys although thiinking about by charging units with GW (Longbeards, Swordmasters & Chaos Knights) I arguably wasted them myself. Going into the building was utterly stupid as well.
Great distraction got killed a lot but ate warmachines well. I'm glad I took him over the Spawn.

Going to a Tournament without a Doombull was a big mistake. The lack of a Level 4 is as the rules took out adding a caster level to spell difficulty making it worth far less. Any more advice?

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Oh even after all my incompetence. It was a whale of a time brilliantly organised and I can't wait for the next one!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/06/06 01:05:26

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Llamahead wrote: I came 79th out of 84 with the 2nd lowest VP total.......But I enjoyed myself as I went to play games not to win them and it was nice to face other people.

Of all the stuff your wrote, that was the coolest bit of it all. I've always felt that the camaraderie and opportunity to create new friendships is the most rewarding part of playing in a tourney, though I will not overlook the joy of completely crushing your opponent. Ha. I'm glad you had fun.

Glad your army got some blood on it, and I'm looking forward to seeing whatever the next installment of this project is.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/06/06 20:38:47

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers Skalk. It's always nice to get beaten by some completely different armies it gets boring losing consistently to High Elves........

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/06/08 21:35:37

Post by: Llamahead

trying something new with the photographs. Rather than using a white backdrop I decided to use blue card. It seems to have worked although I'd like to hear what you have to say about it.
Here's a Troll conversion a simple headswap with nothing special.

I've also got all 3 Razorgor's done these have painted delightfully simply and I far prefer these to the regular Razorgor. They just look far more fast and lethal to me.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/06/09 18:59:22

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

I really like the conversions you are doing, even if it is "just" a head swap. This army has so much character and the conversions really have my attention.

Speaking of attention, I have no idea at all how I missed this until just now:

That is so awesome! I have a bunch of those old plastic Fimir models and until recently never used them for anything except "counts as" fill-ins for AD&D sessions. It completely fits the overall theme you have and blended in so well that I didn't notice it the first... 10 or 15 times I've gone through this thread.

Well done all around. Looking forward to what comes next!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/06/09 22:45:40

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks Skalk the Fimir's what drew me into your thread along with the hugely varied conversions you do. I got it off Ebay in an Ork batch I picked up ages back and deided it fitted in here. Frankly the nice thing about an old style chaos warband is that you have an excuse to use anything you want. i've got Warrior, Beastmen, Celt, German, Neverborn, Avatars of War, Legion of Everblight, Fimir, Orc, Hobgoblin, Vampire Count, Empire, Brettonian and Wood Elf elements to this force. It definitely makes the project paint easier. I'm planning on maybe adding some Skink and Saurus to the pile. This is before I expand the army to include Chaos Warrior units......

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/06/18 17:19:50

Post by: Llamahead

Just finished a brilliant Minotaur model to add to the force. Guess what it isn't GW and yes you've guessed it knowing me it's Rackham. It's the Archon de Faathi the Forces of Destiny equivalent of the Angels and Daemons Light and Darkness had. It's arguably one of the best models I own. My paint job isn't the best but dosn't look to bad. I kept it simple and relied on washes and inks to provide details.

These photos were taken exquisitely simply just using a paper folder (the sort schools hand out) and the Camera's flash on Macro. It produces better results than my lightbox because it creates a greater contrast and gives the camera more to focus on.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/06/26 03:32:35

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

That model is absolutely awesome and I want one! The paint job is well above average as well. You did a good job on this all around. The base is amazing, especially the water effect. It's a very detailed mini-diorama w/o the ridiculously huge boulder that so many people put under their miniatures. I really like your work and enjoy this thread a lot.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/07/01 19:58:11

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot Skalk the water effect is just simple PVA glue arguably the simplest there is. Your best bet to find the Archon de Faathi model is sadly ebay and their fairly rare they were one of the last metal releases before the pre-paint shenanigans. It's probably the best Rackham Minotaur model and along with Varghar, the Animistic Shaman on Brontops and the Nefarious Clone its one f the best they did. Bearing in mind Rackham's metal Confrontation range is the best range of models produced in my opinion......

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/07/04 15:00:33

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Thanks for the heads up on that model. eBay is my friend so I'll search for it there. It's something I'd like to get just to "have". I haven't painted a model "just because" (meaning doesn't have direct application to any army I am playing) becasue I'm so flat out with trying to finish projects I already have in the works. This would be fun.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/07/09 11:03:00

Post by: Llamahead

Good news Skalk there getting a re-release the details are here http://www.coolminiornot.com/articles/6194-confrontation-announcement and I'm absolutely chuffed abut it!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/07/09 22:15:37

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe


That model was screaming "SKALK!! SKALK!! BUY ME!!! CONVERT ME INTO A DAEMON PRINCE!!"

Really, it was.

Thanks for sharing that. When (notice I didn't say "if") I get one, I'll make sure to cred you for turning me on to it.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/07/10 16:26:07

Post by: Llamahead

Yes to me it screamed buy me use me for your confrontation forces and then wait a second I own most of the characters for a Beastman force hmmm how many of these models can I reuse.....
If you weren't aware of the range have a look about theres loads of other beautiful models a lot of which have found a home in my Conclave of Hrin blog.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/07/11 00:12:16

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Great. I need another entire range of models to want.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/07/11 00:20:45

Post by: Trondheim

Ooooo I approve of this, what size pointwise are you aming at? But anyways keep it up man

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/07/11 17:02:08

Post by: Llamahead

I know Skalk I stopped after 5 races because they moved to prepaints I might end up getting the other 7 and replacing the models which ended up in my 40k armies and this project..........

Trondheim thanks a lot. I have no real points target prefering to jus add regiments I want and models I want. It'll grow until I get bored and as I've decided to grow it into a Chaos Warrior list as well it'll get a fair bit larger. I've never had a real list and have just ground out rank & file. I prefer making an organic collection with a little of what I fancy than a competitive list. It's got to the stage where I've completed the Beastman book (as in at least one model I can use for every regular regiment) so not much more to add actually.....Certainly no real new regiments from the Beastman book anyway.

Having said that here's another Troll based on the Spawn Kit again.

I've decided to make a far more effective tournament list with the Chaos Warriors and so naturally have decided to add those undisputed powerhouses the Forsaken to my list......
Actually I know there a bit rubbish as a regiment but as an excuse for mutant conversions their ace......

I'll probably do 10 of these and paint them as unique characters while I'm working in Scotland to give me some variety. I've said it before and I'll say it again the Spawn kit is exceptional I've just never used it for a Spawn model.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/07/11 22:14:55

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Llamahead wrote:I've said it before and I'll say it again the Spawn kit is exceptional I've just never used it for a Spawn model.

Ha! That was excellent. I have used Spawn bitz in so many of my conversions but I've never built a Spawn.

Your Forsaken model are absolutely perfect and are going to fit in w/ the rest of your army beautifully. Looking forward to seeing how things go.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/07/12 17:07:44

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks Skalk. I'd made a deliberate spawn and an oh yeah I've gone to far to call that a regular Gor and it'll fit fine on a regular base before I got the normal spawn kit. With 7th Ed rules I definitely didn't want more than 2 and with 8th Ed rules while there more tempting I can't really see wanting more than 2. I'd probably recommend investing in a spawn kit to anybody after mutants and Chaos worshippers though.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/07/14 17:43:22

Post by: Llamahead

Forsaken's up to 10 may get a shot before I undercoat them depending on inclination. Got my Razorgor Chariot done up. Quite happy with the job on it. The chariot itself is a Corpse Cart pulled by a Heresy Hell Beast. The regular Gor Crewman has an Ork Slaver whip hand and is an elderly metal Gor. The Bestigor crewman is a Drune Warrior with a Kelt Centaur Double Handed Weapon. This was a blast to paint and I think looks good. Although that Hell Beast must be very strog to pull it around.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/07/14 18:02:27

Post by: A Black Ram

Very unique painting style, almost vintage feel to it.

Keep it up!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/07/14 22:30:20

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks I guess the main reason for that is that I started painting in the late 90's and so what was in WD at the time is how I feel they should look. Another aspect to it is the fact I still haven't brought any of the current generation of Beastman plastics objecting to the change fro £18 for 20 to £15 for 10 and so decided to use Ebay and old metals to bulk up the numbers....

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/07/27 20:47:16

Post by: Llamahead

It's taken well over a year but here he is the Cygor.

He's far less blue in real life I promise.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/08/09 19:04:12

Post by: Llamahead

Painted up the first of the Forsaken. He's not one I've shown before. I personally find the probosci, claws and maw combo quite disturbing. Hope you enjoy him.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/08/13 20:08:47

Post by: Llamahead

Finished my last two trolls

Both got the mutant treatment. The one with the sculpted leg and chaos giant foot is as I lost the leg it's in my bitz box somewhere. I used that claw arm as I've been meaning to for a while. The other got the Beastman Standard head as I felt like it and received the Giant lump of rock swinging head as I'd been doing soe flail guys to give my Marauders/Beastmen some more flexibility
I've also got some Forsaken for you to enjoy.
The first used a Skaven and Chaos Spawn arm on a Drune Warrior body with a Beastman head. I'm not that happy with the painting but well.....

The second used a Spawn Head and some Ghoul legs thats it it was lovely and simple

I'm currently considering where to go. I'll be cutting down on modelling for awhile as I've got a short contract up in Scotland. I'll bring the Forsaken up which will provide some painting. After that I want to add some Warriors elements. The obvious one is the Knights and the GW kit is too good to pass up on. I've also got my ideas on a few Malifaux characters. Along with these goons I want to source some of the old plastic chaos warriors as they'll suit this project more. As well as that I'm planning on some Chaos Dwarves to be mixed in for fun. Longer term I want some sort of Hellcannon and a Stagecoach based Chaos Shrine. However I might prioritise adding some armour to my Zulus or the models to make the Hrin a battle worthy force. Or to be honest with the Hrin the random models I feel like painting. Decisions, Decisions!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/06 09:59:38

Post by: Llamahead

Minor updat just to let people know I'm still around. Been without net access in Scotland for 3 months. Got sme painting done while I was up there and finished of the Forsaken.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/07 04:46:19

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Hey, good to hear from you! I was gone for quite a while and you were already gone once I got back. Looking forward to seeing more converted madness from you when you have the chance.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/07 19:24:46

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers Skalk and you'll certainly get some. I've been reading the Tome of Corruption and some of the older Nurgle Fluff and I'm planning to expand this force (Basically I've decided the day I was working outside in a gale and it was raining cats & dog's pay is going on fun stuff). I've got some boxes of Chaos Knights on order and I'm also planning on acquiring some of the Mantic Ghouls and Zombies for the Marauders/Plague Victim element. Chaos Warriors will hopefully come in off ebay but I've also got a crazy scheme involving an Ogre Kingdoms Iron Blaster in the Grim Darkness of the Far Future.
Here's a little bit of the painting I did while I was in Scotland for now. I'll be splitting the models up so I can describe them in more detail and so I can post more frequently.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/08 18:23:01

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

I'm glad you are back and have some projects coming up.

What is the miniature you posted? It looks "wrong" in a really cool and creepy way.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/08 18:58:16

Post by: Llamahead

It's Zoraida the Swamp Hag another of my Malifaux models Skalk. It's a great range for slightly more oddball and subtle character models. I've got my eye on some more when finances pick up slightly more.......

Today is a very special day it's my first Compleat Llamahead post ever that means I have something new going up on all 4 blogs.
Check out the Conclave of Hrin (http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/279068.page), the 24th Islandlwanda (http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/252579.page) and the Orky Scratchbuilds (http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/356363.page#3178775) for more.

Here its another of the Forsaken. This wee beasty was created using utter simplicity a pair of the old clanrat legs, a spawn appendage and some eyes. Add glue and hey presto jobs a good un!

I'll be posting up these fairly regularly for a while as I've got several done but I've decided to spread them out a bit.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/09 18:11:19

Post by: Llamahead

This next member of the Forsaken was an experiment in skin tones. The nice part about regiments like this is their great to try new techniques. This was given a far greener skin tone and I'm happy with it. The conversion is simple I used a Drune body (Confrontation these spares ended up in the Forsaken as I'd acquired the War-Staff on E Bay for the standard and that was it). The head is a Wargames Factory Orc look which give a nice subtle mutated vibe. Another good result of this was that the difference in how the heads joined the body (Drune heads had necks Orcs didn't) lead to a great sinister hunchback look. The arms are the old Skaven Clan rat tails with Knifes I have several of these as they made the regiment difficult to rank up.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/10 21:06:43

Post by: Llamahead

Yep another day another Forsaken. Hans and Hans he uses two Wargames Factory Orc Heads, 1 set of Orc Legs, a set of Celt Rider legs (from the Centigor waaaayyyyy back) and a spawn appendage. Never through anything away!

I've also celebrated my return home with some rank and file these 4 reprobates can either be used as Gor or Marauders. I'm particularly happy with the flail guy the ghoul head WGF Orc torso and Grave cart Zombie legs make a real creepy dual purpose model. To be honest I'm only photographing these guys because I think they show how far I've moved on from the earlier days of the project.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/10 21:17:47

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

How do you think this stuff up? Do you sort though your bitz box and suddenly *gasp!* there it is, or do you have a clear idea before you srat, or does the model build itself once you start with a part like torso or legs?

Either way, you build some of the most truly disturbing things and I really enjoy that.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/10 21:34:03

Post by: Llamahead

Some start off with a relatively clear plan. When I started the Forsaken I knew I wanted a guy with long tentacular arms and the skaven tails was a perfct way to do it. Most however start with a vague idea like a guy with flail and I begin just grabbing things from my bitz box and mixing them until I find a combo which looks good. This is helped by the fact that I chop every part of the sprue as soon as I get it and split them up based on type rather than source. This means I end up being unable to assemble them in a stock manner without a lot of effort. I usually dry assemble as well and try and get interesting combinations. A lot of these admittedly result from wanting to get as many possible models out of my bitz box....

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Agood example of a planned one is my Chrono Gladiator in the Hrin blog. I'd seen the one you'd done and felt like making something similiar. I rummaged through what I had in my bitz box found the Cypher Lurkhan I'd got from Ebay and two old spare ork power klaws. after that it was easy.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/10 23:25:04

Post by: Boss Salvage

Llamahead wrote:It's taken well over a year but here he is the Cygor.

He's far less blue in real life I promise.
Dude! I remember being excited to see this, and then I totally missed when you got around to it. Looks grand as a Cygor, and nice blue

- Salvage

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/11 23:10:42

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks Boss Salvage in real life its more of a blue green but I'm happy with it and I reckon my repaint looks better than the prepaint so I'm happy. It's one of the counts as decisions I'm still happy with......
Here's yet another Forsaken

A simple combo of ghoul legs, spawn arm and zombie head make an utter nutter.

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Oh and I've managed a Compleat Llamahead for Friday as well!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/13 18:50:41

Post by: Llamahead

Here's todays Forsaken

He was made simply by using Wargames Factory Orc legs and torso a Beastman head and a Spawn arm creating a nice one limbed freak effect.

I also caved in and brought two boxes of brand new Chaos Knights as well as a few second hand new beastman plastics from my FLGS. The knights are utterly wonderful kits and great fun although to baroque and ornate for my tastes. I assembled the kit pretty much as is but used a Beastman Axe, Drune Head and Beastman shield to make a less ornate more barbaric model.

I also have the Mantic Undead on order and a bunch of Chaos Warriors winging it's way from the mystical land of Ebay. I'm planning to paint them like this guy. Bronze Armour, Steel Details with Flesh and Greens to taste.

Does this seem like a reasonable scheme?

The Basic plan is to use Marauder/Cultists/ Plague Victims/Diseased Flagellants as Marauders. Centigors will be Marauder Horse while controversially my Trolls will count as Ogres (actually no Trolls). I also have a cunning plan to convert an Ironblaster into bot a Warshrine (Using the Chariot bit) and a Hell Cannon using the Cannon bit. That'll be longer term and I'm cogitating on how to create the carriage for the Hell Cannon, any suggestions?

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/14 21:26:25

Post by: Llamahead

Its another Compleat Llamahead today with another Forsaken. This bloke uses the bony claws and head from the Spawn kit on a Forsaken body.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/15 20:45:40

Post by: Llamahead

Heres another Forsaken just one more to go.

He uses the Torso from the Corpse Cart Halberd, Zombie Guts, a Marauder Head and 2 Chaos Spawn Arms. Hope you like him.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/15 22:07:21

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

That is exactly what I am talking about! The other night I was trying to make a Mutant that had HUGE arms and withered legs, so it used it's arms to walk. I didn't have the right bitz and the things I tried to do w/ GS failed. I really do love the conversions you do. The one from yesterday is stunning as well, I recognize most of those bitz. The Beastman w/ the one massive arms is another great example. Your conversions are deceptively simple. Just because one may have the right parts does not mean they will put them together in such a fashion to pull of what you have done here.

And I like the color scheme on the Chaos Knights.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/15 22:36:41

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers glad you like the colour scheme idea. A lot of it I suspect is practise and to be honest I think it's crucial that I enjoy it. Modelling is the part I enjoy so I spend some time at it playing about rather than a chore so I get good results.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/16 20:27:41

Post by: Llamahead

Here's the last of the Forsaken

He was made on a whim I realised that the neck on the ghoul torso was about the same as the end of this tentacle thing and I couldn't resist making a snake thing. I gave him two ombie heads and a scythe. Well thats it the Forsaken are done and heres the group shot......

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/17 18:24:32

Post by: Llamahead

Just a quick newly painted Troll. I've also got the warriors from Ebay about to go into a Dettol bath to get the paint off it works fine on plastics.

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I've also changed the Blog title to refflect this expansion....

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/17 23:52:51

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Sorry to see the Forsaken come to an end, but I respect the fact you know when to say "when". I have more Zombies than I can store properly because I just like painting them...

The troll is brilliant. Simple conversion, but fits everything else you've done perfectly. Looking forward to seeing those Chaos Warriors!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/18 20:37:03

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers about the Troll Warrior bits have arrived from Ebay just need to strip them and possibly break them furthr down into bitz shake and enjoy.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/19 07:04:15

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Looking forward to the next update.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/19 20:37:10

Post by: Llamahead

Here it is. The Chaos Warriors are in the Dettol and I've treated myself to the last part of my working outside during a month which saw a meter of rain presents........
They were the Mantic Ghouls and I got the box of 20 with Ghast torso for £15. They are o.k.. Nothing spectacularly good or hideously bad. They don't compare in quality and variety to the GW Ghoul kit one of my favourites they've ever produced but you get twice as many bodies. They are nicer than the Zombies which they are about equivalent to in price but don't have the variety (or scythe and pitch fork!). Personally I rate them as less varied than Wargames Factory's plastics with regard to the variety of weapons and body parts you receive. They only have 2 Legs, 2 Upper Torso's, 3 Weapons (Including a nifty hand claw thing) a bag and 3 heads. I think it would be best to treat them like Assault on Black Reach Orcs, great unit filler but you'd want to use other models for variety. Am I glad I got them-Yes for my cultist/plague victim Marauders they'll add a nice touch providing lots of vicious hunch backed mutants. I'd recommend anyone wanting a large ghoul block to get 20 of these and a GW ghoul kit without reservation!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/20 15:50:30

Post by: Llamahead

I played with the Ghast torso yesterday. Decided it didn't quite fit with a Chaos Knight Steed and legs but it worked fine with a Marauder Steed and legs. I'm unsure whether to use the guy as a Shaman or a Hero what do you lot think?

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/20 17:59:24

Post by: SnakeByte

I would go for the shaman! Such a filigree model looks more like a shaman imo. Though I would change the horse a bit, maybe some GS could fix that, making it spookier

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/21 18:47:39

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers mate have to agree. Spookifying the horse hmm I've got an image of the traditional smugglers headless horses in my head light body soot black head........

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/22 18:06:26

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Already working on the conversions. Very nice. Not sure about the horseman though, either I'm missing somehting or it looks weird to me.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/11/30 21:38:24

Post by: Llamahead

Fair enough. I'm not quite sure about how well the legs and torso gel myself.

This next model breaks a lot of my principles. Well it dosn't actually it consists only of parts from the Knight kit although the head is the musicians horn. I rather like the bellowing dragon helm look I'll have to decide whther to paint it as armour or as the warriors head. I might use the model as my Lord until I get the model I really want.....

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/12/01 04:01:45

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Wait. You built a model out of original parts with only a minor conversion?

Are you ill? Do you need a doctor? Maybe it's time you took a holiday and got some relaxation. You know, get away from it all.


I'm just kidding of course. I think it's fine what you did, albeit not your usual SOP for sure. I think painting the musician's horn as a helm in this case would sell the idea better, or GS some of the empty space in it's maw. Either way I thin it will look cool.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/12/01 19:02:40

Post by: Llamahead

I'll paint it as a helm then. I'll admit only using the standard parts is slightly unusual for me but frankly the Chaos Knight kit is lovely and varied and oozes character. I also have a lack of bits which would work better than the original parts due to the scale and armour. This has been remedied slightly with the stripping and breaking apart of some of the old style Chaos Warriors I got of Ebay. I preferred these to the modern ones as the latest version looks far to ordered for me. I've solved the height problem by the simple expedient of using putty to cover the original head hole and stick it in the gap above it...........

To be honest I'd be more relaxed if I had work (I work in construction not a lot going around and as I'm an archaeologist the competition for jobs has always been fierce let alone now.........) ah well can't complain means more time to paint! Some day I'll actually get my life/work balance thingy sorted out.......

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/12/03 01:06:08

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

One of the things I like the most about your work is the intense creativity you use in your modeling. You take seemingly random parts and create things I haven't seen anyone else do (or even close variants thereof). I've picked up a lot of ideas regarding building technique and visual perspective from your work. Truly amazing stuff you do.

I think a "stock" model here and there will wind up adding an interesting contrast to your work, which is funny as that is usually the other way around with other armies. The Chaos Knight looks imposing and brutal, still able to control the warping powers of Chaos. In the end he will either ascend to the immortal glory of Daemonhood or be utterly destroyed as the madness consumes his body and soul.

His footslogging minions are not as fortunate and are already showing signs of their ultimate destiny.

Those are wicked models. I am really excited to see what other wretched horrors spawn from the mind of Llamahead.

On an OT note, that's an interesting mix of careers. Where I live the construction workers hate seeing an archeologist show up because if a single tooth or finger bone is found the site is shut down for surveying and may never be re-opened if it is determined to be a burial ground or have significant historical value.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/12/03 12:06:08

Post by: Llamahead

Heh I live in the UK so It'd never work like that. We can't shut down sites for Archaeological remains there would be no construction work at all in the city centres (London for example has major Roman, Bronze Age and Medieavel remains, most others have the same sort of thing going on). What happens instead is that they're charged for the site to be fully excavated and recorded. Basically I do the work so that the developement can take place. They have a slightly schizoid relationship with us on site. Most are fairly interested in what we're doing but don't like losing the time and money. We're also generally the scapegoats for delays on the project. Personal favorite for that is the developer who tried to blaim the archaeologists delay for hiring an incompetent group of painters who almost gassed themselves to death in side of an oil tank. I don't feel any real worry though most archaeology sites I've been on have cost less than one of the hundred or s houses their building. The problem is its a planning requirement which has made it vulnerable to legal changes especially in the current climate.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/12/11 18:45:55

Post by: Llamahead

Heres another bunch of grunts painted up. These are primarily designed to be Marauders but can be used as Gor without hesitancy (the only real difference is they have either flails or great weapons rather than two hand weapons)

I've also got the first four Chaos Warriors done up as far as I'm concerned these are also perfectly fine as Bestigors. I'm happy with the scheme as it blends in well enough with the rest of the host but still looks more ornate. It's also simple enough to do which is a huge plus.

It's worth noticing these are all the old chaos warrior kit not the newer one. I've rejigged them all to give them a neck and move the head position to give them more height which frankly they need to compare with the modern marauders and gor.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/12/12 18:23:46

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Again I have to say... I love your conversions. The depths of your mind that these horrific things come from reminds me of (and I hope this is a compliment) the sort of works you see from John Blanche. Very disturbing and grotesque in a way that illustrates how the Warp defies logic and physics, it just "is".

Very good stuff. I wish more people recognized the brilliance of your work.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/12/12 21:09:57

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot I really do appreciate that

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/12/14 20:19:28

Post by: Llamahead

More Grunts and the first finished knight for you to enjoy.

The Weathered Bronze armour is definitely staying as the scheme for these guys.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/12/14 21:30:55

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

These are excellent! The absolute Chaos of what you create is always so horribly and completely perfect. I especially like the Beastman and the model on the far left.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/12/14 23:06:18

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers much appreciated

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/12/15 00:46:35

Post by: Tortured-Robot

Hey there, I'm not really a big fan of fantasy, but I really like what your doing with your nurgles.

The dirty earthyess to them is great. I really like how your painting and ideas have improved as the blog has continued.

Good stuff.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/12/15 17:02:42

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers mate much appreciated nice to hear that I'm improving.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2011/12/18 20:55:40

Post by: Llamahead

So I've been reviewing all my blos and have finally come to this one my Beastmen.
This years seen the Beastmen receive substantial reinforcements with Bestigor and Razorgor turning up as well as a painted Cygor and the Archon of Faathi painted up. These have been fun to do and I also decided that these would receive the focus of my me money from the last job. This was spent on expanding them into a combined Force of Nrgle with the addition of Knights and Warriors along with more basic bods who can be used as Gor or Bestigor as I decide. Painting wise I've decided I'm happy with the Archon (the lovely conf minotaur) although I feel modelling and painting wise the high point was the Forsaken. Although the razorgor chariot and Bestigor are also nice.
The problem's been gaming I'm a) not particularly good at Warhammer, b) playing a significantly below par army book and c) I've not yet found a Beastman list I'm comfy with unlike my Guard or Orks. I also haven't played nearly enough Warhammer having only played one game in the past 6 months. This led to me achieving a mighty 0 VP's getting utterly crushed by my mates Skaven. My Minotaur hero panicking of the board and losing a unit of 40 Bestigors to Magic and Shooting did not help matters at all. I never had an opportunity to do any damage and when I did try my dice said no. I'm pretty dispirited by their performance as Gor ARE genuinely overcosted (8pts for a Gor 6 for an Ork Boy or Dark Elf Spearmen they're the same cost as an High Elf Spearman (ASF or +1 toughness & attack easy choice). This will be best improved by getting more practise and working out whats gone wrong. Indeed the most distressing thing about my last game is that other than getting the Minotaur panicked of the board I can't see where I've gone wrong. Fortunately I've decided to cheat and start using the Warriors book which is simply better.
For the future I want to add some Warriors specific characters, a BSB and Mounted hero. The Nurgle Lord will definitely produce one fairly soon, I've also got my eye on this guy http://wyrd-games.net/shop/Hooded-Rider-Small-Box.html he's a bit pricey but I'm hoping to treat myself to him and a few others soon. Another project is to add a Hellcannon and Warshrine probably based arond the Iron Blaster model. I'd also like to add some more Warriors and after that perhaps the Dragon Ogres I've been planning for ages...........

Heres my Mounted Shaman,

Always check all around the model I noted the spilt paint after taking the shot.....

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/04 18:48:36

Post by: Llamahead

Happy New Year and I've started as I mean to go on.

Here's my Warrior BSB she's based on the Rackham Female Ophidian Apostate of Darkness. The box of these were my Christmas Present to myself. Three wonderful Chaos Heroes on the way. I've unfortunately had a bad miscast on one part. One of the heads of the female slaves hasn't been cast at all. I'll have to hunt awhile for a female head before I finish that hero off naturally I cant get a replacement. I've found the finecast debate rather perplexing as I've seen miscasts with metal several times before. I guess the backlash is due to the price rise and the fact they've increased in number as well as a kneejerk reaction to change. I've yet to buy a finecast model so I can't really comment. I'm not involved in a boycott given my last GW metal new was several years back.....(Captain Shrike when he was first out I think.........). I use ebay and none GW models slightly obsessively as you may have noticed.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/05 03:24:54

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

I really like the face on the Mounted Shaman, he looks completely psychotic!

Sorry to hear about the kicking you took in WFB w/ your Beastmen. Sometimes the Dice Gods just aren't smiling in your direction.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/05 07:44:19

Post by: CommissarKhaine

Like the look of the models, and sorry to hear about the miscast. You can always scrounge a WE head from a friend, even though it's GW

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/05 14:58:35

Post by: Boss Salvage

Love those Apostates, have the threesome + Bregan (I think there's a 5th special edition one I'm missing though ). Somehow I doubt that any of the Apostates would care if their slave was a bit messed up around the face / head

- Salvage

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/05 23:59:12

Post by: Llamahead

Plan is to scrounge up a DE/WE head from a mate. I'm more pointing out about the miscast to make the point that it isn't a brand new thing with Finecast. It's a mild nuiscance nothing more. The thrashing irritates me more when I realised that a Frenzied Minotaur Hero is immune to panic anyway. My own bloody fault I should remember my own rules!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/06 00:11:37

Post by: Tortured-Robot

Miscasts, never had one myself (tho for the last few years I only buy from ebay), I guess its like buying a new car to find it got a window out.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/06 02:47:03

Post by: genom.cor

Good conversion on that standard bearer, I look forward to seeing it with paint.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/08 19:36:53

Post by: Llamahead

This is the first Compleat Llamahead of the year.
I've got Logistar Cuthbert's Black Scribes on show here http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/90/279068.page
Two new Escort Squadrons here http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/30/356363.page
The first rebased Platoon for my 24th Islandlwanda here http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/240/252579.page
And finally a new group of minions for my Forces of Nurgle (and above a new BSB) http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/150/231101.page

Nothing special at all but something had to give!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/10 18:28:43

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

It's the "rank and file" troops that really define your armies. Chaos for the sake of Chaos. Mutations everywhere. I really enjoy the work you do here, every model is so uniquie and very different.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/13 22:29:25

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers Skalk thanks a lot. It's the thing which draws me to your cult as well.
Heres my second knight (the first too be assembled) he's got an adequate paint job. I've got quite a few others undercoated and my last Trolls have also been done.

This bloke is very much the stereotypical Chaos Barbarian knight so nothing special really.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/17 22:13:05

Post by: Llamahead

Heres the birdy Troll

Don't really want to think how long it's taken to get to the painting stage but these should be done fairly soonish. Only another 4 to go.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/18 19:43:35

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

The Knight is good because (again) it sets a standard to gauge the conversions against. The troll is excellent. Is the right hand / weapon from the WFB Giant set?

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/18 20:02:02

Post by: Llamahead

Both weapons are from the Troll set it's a simple headswap. Kitbashing and conversions don't need to be complicated at all to get a real change.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/21 19:29:22

Post by: Llamahead

Four mor Chaos Warriors very happy with the mutant and the former Brettonian. One of my aims with this part of the army is to keep it looking like a Chaos Force from the Old World rather than an invading Northmen force.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/23 16:48:54

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

You are definitely reaching your goal. 3rd from left is my favorite. Always impressed by your visions of Chaos.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/25 23:53:18

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers third from left is probably my favourite to. The tentacle fit very well in the original headhole.
Today I've got a Knight Musician for you. This guy was given a Brettonian feel. To do this I used the Man-at-Arms head and gave him a Lance. The armour is mean't to be his original suit corrupted save for the Fleur de Lys which will be last to go or alternatively provide the weakspot which kills him. The horns the metal one from the old Chaos Warrior box I reckon.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/26 15:24:42

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Llamahead wrote:The armour is mean't to be his original suit corrupted save for the Fleur de Lys which will be last to go or alternatively provide the weakspot which kills him.

That is so perfect. In the Warhammer fluff there are numerous examples of Knights and other warriors following the clarion call of Chaos and as they slowly take on the changes of Chaos they ride the same steed and wear the same armor... his old allegiance is the last part of his former self to leave him. Really enjoy that you're incorporating that kind of WFB history to your force.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/26 16:33:41

Post by: Llamahead

It;s something I wouldn't have begun to do without Dakka I've seen it done beautifully by a lot of people on Dakka and thought that these guys deserved a special focus. Chaos Knights and Warriors are all mighty villains with a fell and terrible tale of their own and using it to encourage the modelling is fun.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/26 18:30:03

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

All of my Chaos Knights are stock models, their "corruption" complete (be that as it may on a stock model). It is making me thing hard about using some Bretonnian Knights or maybe some Empire Heroes. Muuahhhaa!

I haven't worked on my WFB Chaos since Nov '10. It might be time to try again?

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/26 18:52:48

Post by: CommissarKhaine

Nice work, like the brett head!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/26 19:24:00

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers Commissar Khaine the Men-at-Arms heads are great aren't they.
Be good to see Skalk. Warhammer 8th is an odd beast. I like it as you actually get to roll dice for foot troops and I'd like to see your work on it. Especially as a change is as good as a rest it might reinvigorate another project. Personally I wouldn't necessarily start with the Bret or Empire Knights as the Chaos Knight kit is one of the few GW kits worth it's price but a few helms and combined kits would be good. Bare i mind that was using two parts from the kit and it worked. The Empire heroes idea is one I've had as well. I really want to have a corrupted Witch Hunter as well as a field medic who's secretly aligned to Nurgle as well.......I'm looking for them on Ebay currently.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/26 19:41:04

Post by: Tortured-Robot

Hey - not sure how I missed your updates. That troll is ace and for some reason I have named him Puss-Crow.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/27 00:45:08

Post by: Llamahead

That's great I'll definitely use that at some point!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/27 19:28:36

Post by: Llamahead

Wordy update. As I've mentioned I've got a new job only short term but locally based. I'd decided not to spend much money on my hobby but wandered into Wargames Emporium (my FLGS well worth a look if your ever in Sheffield) and saw some second hand OOP Empire cannon crew and the lovely new Ironblaster kit and my mind went hmmmm........The Ironblaster kit becoming a Hellcannon and a Warshrine has been in my head awhile. The plan is to base up the Ogre as the Hell Cannon with the crew (possibly with it being supported by a couple of friendly zombies and use the Charioty bit as the Warshrine. I've got a nice OOP wizard to use and a bunch of Corpse Cart bits as well. The Scraplauncher chucky bit bowl thingy will make a nice Cauldron and I'm planning on some rather nasty Gooey effects along with a variety of body parts and maybe some tentacles. The Gnoblar crew will get a few headswwaps and be deranged mutant attendants. I reckon I've come to my conclusion about GW prices big centrepiece kits are often worth what they charge basic infantry have become over priced. I'e also been drooling over the Avatars of War not warriors kit. A nice big block of Chosen might be on the cards.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/28 17:45:24

Post by: Llamahead

Painty update. Razorgor's Chariot done. I've also got a lot of stuff undercoated. Just basic Warriors and Gors but it'll keep me moving forward. With the acquisition of the Iron Blaster there's only one real must acquire model left (Malifaux Horned Rider to use as a mounted Lord) although I'm certainly going to acquire some of the Avatars of War Hordes of the Apocalypse at some point as Chosen. I'd like another block of warriors as well.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/28 17:56:58

Post by: Tortured-Robot

You have a really interesting non -traditional way of painting, its a good thing

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/28 23:04:43

Post by: Llamahead

Not sure style's quite the right word.....Colour it in and ink it over's more accurate.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/28 23:11:10

Post by: kestral

Birdy the Troll is outstanding - tremendous personality and the parts really work together well. I like the model you used for the razorgor, and nice use of the corpse cart!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/01/29 11:57:19

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks Kestral it's definitely a sign I acheived my main aim when so many people are chiming in with names. That's as if I'm honest with myself the main aim I give myself with all my projects is character. Technical perfection doesn't matter so long as they look real and have personality I don't mind. The Hasslefree Hell beasts are mighty fine models beating GW's Razorgor by a fair way the Corpse Cart is also one of my favourite GW kits and when I saw two second hand when I was doing this I grabbed them. The Zombie Bit's are also great for Mutants and craziness.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/02/19 20:12:20

Post by: Llamahead

Annoyed myself had a set of bitz I put in a pot to one side for the Hellcannon I seem to have mislaid them somewhere. Ah well' they'll turn up eventually. I've got another of my fallen Knight's painted up today. This guys an Imperial Noble with pistol and sword. Nice and simple.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/02/22 21:35:42

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Another of Sigmar's Finest fallen to the whispers of power and glory through Chaos. Nicely done.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/02/25 14:35:37

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks Skalk.....
As the theme seems to be the conversion of the Sigmarites we'll start with this guy;

Who along with this chappy;

Make up the crew for this;

Yes I've got the Hellcannon done. To my mind it's far enough into Chaos to fit the army and I'm absolutely delighted with the head swap on the classic engineer it just works beautifully. I can just imagine him reading out the scroll the dwarves holding......

I've also got this lady finished she's the last of my original lot of Malifaux miniatures which obviously mean's I need to buy more.........No bad Llamahead Confrontation Addiction is bad enough and end of current work project and new glasses leave wallet chronically unwell. Still got plenty of models left from last job's binge as well and there is the shrine to do soon.

Not a great photograph but better than from the blue background.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/02/25 15:22:46

Post by: CommissarKhaine

Like the hellcannon idea, cool stuff!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/02/29 21:01:15

Post by: Llamahead

I've got a bunch of Chronopia Chaos Dwarfs these will stand in for Chaos Warriors. However they are all one pose so some may well be up for trade if anybodies interested.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/03/03 12:55:33

Post by: Llamahead

Crap week end of project, been ill and trouble at work. Trouble seems to be cleared up with the company (the incident involved other contractors) and the job was due to end with no hard feelings anyway. It got cleared up on Friday. Unfortunately I'm still ill and need to be checked up after spending several hours waiting to see a nurse who refused to check up the symptoms of what I was affected by and was utterly aggravatingly rude. This morning on the way to buy a Carbon Monoxide alarm for my flat I had a stroke of luck I found a small plastic yellow toy llama which I'm definitely keeping as a luck piece.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/03/06 21:25:07

Post by: Llamahead

The Llama in these shots is the one I found. I've got a few of the Chronopia Dwarves glued together which should add a nice bit of randomness to the force.

I've also painted up 4 rank and file Warriors. I'm particularly fond of the one with the comedy hat I imagine him rebelling against his Lord after being forced to wear it one time too many......

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/03/19 19:47:08

Post by: Llamahead

Just some more minions.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/03/25 17:06:01

Post by: Llamahead

It's a Compleat Llamahead day.
I've got Corporal Forester to reinforce the Conclave http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/90/279068.page
My dabblings into Epic and two new Kroozers here http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/30/356363.page
And the entirety of my Infantry done for the 24th Islandlwanda here http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/240/252579.page

This Knight's pretty unusual for me. All it's components come from the GW Chaos Knight kit I just used the flexibility to give a nice dynamic pose although it does mean he'll only make sense on the right side of a regiment.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/03/28 20:36:01

Post by: Llamahead

This model shows what happens when you clip the parts of a sprue first as you can see you end up having to bodge somethings when you can't actually find a part in this case the foot which comes from that lot of giant spares and got bodged with Miliput. The head and claw comes from a Chaos Spawn while the rest is just Troll!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/03/31 15:11:26

Post by: Llamahead

More basic warriors. Quite happy with the two headed mutant duelist.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/04/04 23:16:25

Post by: Llamahead

This is second to last of my trolls. It's actually a Spawn body using troll arms and head. I imagine this one using the bright light on it's head as either a lure or a third eye.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/04/17 17:38:28

Post by: Llamahead

Got the Knight Standard Bearer done.

He's pretty much pure Knight kit. I'm happy with the freehand extra bits on the banner Chaos Runes not taking much skill.
As the Command group was complete I felt like taking a regiment shot. I've got 4 more to go still though.......

Having these done means I can also field a Chaos Warrior army proper soon.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/04/24 19:20:13

Post by: Llamahead

Some interesting Chaotic minions for your enjoyment

These guys will all be used as regular Chaos Warriors. The dwarves are the Chronopia models and the Standard Bearer is a basic Warrior bodge. The final guy consists of Corpse cart legs, Chaos warrior torso and arms and a Chaos Spawn mouth and eye rather than a normal head so he can join the Forsaken at will as well.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/04/28 21:39:33

Post by: Llamahead

Had my first game with the Warriors book today. The list was two giant hordes one of warriors one of marauders, trolls and a unit of knights with some marauder horse and forsaken running around and yes the Chaos Warrior book is immeasurably better. Having tough combat units with armour and a capability to survive helps hugely. I still lost to the Tomb Kings army I was playing due to a rampaging Sphinx but the improved toughness and durability of the Warriors was appreciated. Having my Exalted hero kill the Tomb King in a challenge also made my day.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/04/29 15:54:27

Post by: Llamahead

Getting the first game in gave me the motivation to finally make that War Shrine I've been going on about. I quite fancy using this in a game soon so painting probably wont take as long as usual.

It's basically the Rhinox cart of the Ironblaster kit with the Scrap Launcher and a Corpse Cart Brazier used to make the central cauldron. The driver is a gnoblar with a human head while the rest ofthe crew are 3 ancient GW chaos sorcerors and mages. I like these cloaked subdued models as they give the evil sorcerors tending a cauldron vibe I wanted.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/04/30 16:40:48

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

You have been quite busy. The crew for the Hell Cannon was excellent and it cracked me up a bit. The War Shrine is massive and impressive. I always enjoy the work you do, glad to see you are still working.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/05/02 18:02:08

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot mate glad to hear from you as well.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/05/09 18:22:23

Post by: Llamahead

This nice simple model is a classic Chaos Sorceror and one of my favourite Chaos models ever.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/05/16 19:52:18

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

That is a great miniature. Call me nostalgic, but I've almost always liked the "understated" miniatures of days long past over the ultra-dynamic heroic action poses that a lot of character models have now.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/05/19 22:24:59

Post by: Llamahead

Yep it's one of the reasons I'm really looking forward to painting my Warshrines Acolytes

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/05/20 14:44:09

Post by: Llamahead

Managed to get two boxes of Chronopia Chaos Dwarves between Ebay and Triples this'll give me options to either make an entire regiment of them. I've also got more 5th Ed warriors in the post so that'll give me more stuff to play with. However it'll be awhile until I aint them as I'm starting another job away from home.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/05/24 15:19:01

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Hope the job goes well for you and looking forward to seeing your newest addition.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/05/26 14:35:21

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers mate

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/09/06 16:50:00

Post by: Llamahead

Well Skalk that job went well (dead body on the last day aside). Even better the economy seems to have picked up a bit and I got a new job straight after it ended. This means I'm cash rich and time poor unusually enough for me. As I'm either working from my parents or provided accomodation in Northampton my paintings slowed down a lot. However I'm restarting studying with an Open University course soon and I always find painting between sections of reading and paragrahs in essays is a great way to get modelling completed and make sure the paint has time to dry. Oops I mean to provide small short breaks between studying. Therefore I'm in Sheffield and I've finally got around to photographing my Hellcannon.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/09/08 09:47:40

Post by: Llamahead

Got the first of the Warshrine crew done.

He's an ancient eighties Chaos figure. I really like the subtle sinister look of these guys.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/09/09 20:40:42

Post by: Llamahead

Got another Crewman done for the Warshrine.

Neither of these have come out well in photography. He's the Gnoblar holder with a human head making him a twisted mutant. The idea was nicked from one of PDH's Scavvies.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/09/11 17:19:24

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Good to see you back, condolences on the dead body incident (have run across a few of them myself, it's always unsettling), and congrads on the continued employment. Makes it easier to buy new toys (and to have a home for them). I totally understand not having the time to do as much as you would like. My modeling time has been nearly crushed. I'm looking for a way to change that.

On to the new pieces you're posted. The puking Hellcannon is genuinely foul. That's a compliment. The zombies are an excellent touch and the conversions are well done. The attendant crew is excellent as well, my favorite being the Beastman. It's almost ironic to call him Beastman seeing how he is dressed like a dapper fop and could easily be addressing royal court. Your armies are madness incarnate. Really glad to see you working on it again.

The Warshrine crew are off to a good start. You seem to have a lot of *really* old GW models. Any chance you could ever do a "group photo" again?

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/09/16 09:43:18

Post by: Llamahead

Ah I'm an archaeologist and as they're long dead and presumably had full and happy lives it's not bad at all. These were after all skeletons probably between 1500 to 2500 years old any other day on the project I'd have been happy. Theres a huge difference between the long dead and the recently killed.

About the old GW models I've been lucky on Ebay and deliberately targeted the junk lots which have them in. These were selected for the project and are all eighties vintage. A group photo won't happen soon as I'm commuting between work my parents and home. As well as that I'm starting a correspondonce course which'll hopefully lead to more painting as I need the breaks.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/09/19 17:32:00

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Oh yeah, I remember you telling me that way back. All of my bodies were minutes dead (murder in a convenience store parking lot) to months dead (missing person case w/ unhappy ending).

Any chance for that army photo?

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/09/25 19:40:57

Post by: Llamahead

Yep figured it's very different. Short answer is not until the Shrines finished and that won't be soon. I'm currently starting a course and working away from home and I've been running about a lot more than normal.. All my painting time at the moment is going on epic as it's easy to carry and quick to do. Equally I've applied for a job where the units based ten minutes from where I live. If I get that I'll bung stuff up fairly quickly.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/09/25 22:05:38

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Good luck on that job! Having more hobby time is an excellent thing. As always, looking forward to the next piece you share. The madness of Llamahead cannot be overstated.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/09/26 19:44:31

Post by: Llamahead

That's sig worthy. I'll probably manage to add a few odds and sods to my Ork blog. The looted Warlords would be right up your street. As for madness my Hrin blog ontains a few corkers including a tribute to your Chrono-Gladiator.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/10/12 17:16:43

Post by: Llamahead

Well my contract wasn't renewed I'd be more upset but frankly I wasn't particularly happy there. I was also annoyed as the boss who prevented it being renewed had only worked with me for two days during an eight week contract. However bright side more time for modelling. I've also treated myself to the new Nurgle Daemon plastics the Nurglings are a bit of a disappointment and the Plaguebearer weapons aren't great. However the bodies with some bodging should provide a far more Nurgley aspect to my mutant hordes and the bone flute is just a sublimely gribbly touch. The heads are also marvellously twisted. Should be fun.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/10/16 01:35:59

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Sorry about the contract, but congrats on not having a jerk boss.

Nice haul you got there. I didn't like the new Nurglings at all. GW did better plastic castings in RT. Ugh. But the new Plaguebearers aren't so bad, a bit goofy (not in the good happy Nurgle way, just goofy). I know you'll do some great stuff w/ it all.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/10/19 18:41:20

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers it took me a week to get back to work. It was only for the past 3 days but it's been extended for another week.....It's also far closer to home allowing more modelling. To celebrate I treated mself to some Flagellants and an Empire book. the Flagellants will end up either here or in my Grey Knights while the Empire book is earmarked for my next big project. I've been planning to use Warlord and Perry twins plastics to make a more realistic Empire army for a while now and as soon as expenses permit I'll begin.

The Plaguebearers are interesting I like most of the heads and the icons and musical instruments are great. The weapons just don't work for me as they don't look practical. I prefer my Nurgle weapons as brutal rusty cleavers than delicate impractical swords. The bodies continue GW's almost forced habit of not making them combine between kits. They take a bit of fudging and I reckon the easiest way is to glue them together then chop them in half. But after this they provide great diseased torsos and mutated legs for Chaos Warriors. It's not their greatest kit but I got them at 20% off at y FLGS so it was at a reasonable price. They're nowhere near the standards of the Chaos Knights or Crypt Ghouls though.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/10/20 07:10:46

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

I've seen them up close now and I can say that I won't be getting any unless they are part of a larger lot of other things I'm interested in from an eBay auction. Gluing them first and then cutting them up does make more sense.

I love that Chaos Sorcerer. It is in the top 5 favorite early WFB models. I use mine as a Wyrd in Necromunda.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/10/22 20:11:21

Post by: Llamahead

Oddly enough he was originally brought to use as a Scavvy leader for Necromunda. Can't blaim you about the Plaguebearers as a bitz soure their fine but the total models are far less cool than the older metals you have.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/10/30 20:12:50

Post by: Llamahead

GW's done their usual trick of releasing a new kit when I've just really begun painting the conversion to use as it. Normally I would consider replacing the conversion with the new kit but I don't particularly like their warshrine. It's far too baroque and fiddly rather than brutish. I've got the 4th crewman painted and I've been mucking about with the sprues. As well as that I've got a few Mordheim models to add to the band.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/11/12 18:17:09

Post by: Llamahead

Finally I've got some more basic grunts done. Chronopia Dwarves and bodged Warriors

I've also finished this guy in time for the release of the Warshrine kit. I'm happy with it and actually prefer it to the kit. Thats as the new GW chaos models emphasise the baroque other the topness of chaos where as my force is firmly on the barbaric mutant side.

The disgusting stuff in the cauldron is a mix of PVA glue and poster paint.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/12/03 22:04:31

Post by: Llamahead

Got the last of my trolls painted after uh two and a half years.........I haven't been at home for about a year or so of that which makes it better right?

Some more minions also got some paint on.

One of inmygravenimages Cadwallon Militia received a mild conversion and some paint.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/12/13 19:44:49

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Once again you've come up with disturbing conversions. I haven't been around for a while but am glad to see you working, always enjoy an update from you.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/12/13 21:12:27

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks a lot looking forward to seeing more culty goodness from you.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/12/14 00:02:23

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Cult is (unfortunately) on hold until they have a better board to play on. If you get a chance stop by my terrain thread. I've been busy

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/12/14 17:37:10

Post by: Llamahead

Wandered over. Incidentally this isn't my main focus thats the Specialist Games Hijinks. It was my Orky Scrathbuilds but after an unfortunate inident involving a wrecked plastic Warlord titan with lots of spare Chaos Troopers a Word Bearers force was begun.
But back on topic. Some more random minions these are Gor/Marauder models. The Mordheim Cultist can possibly be used as a Warrior as well. It just painted better here.

The Nurglings have been based on a larger 50mm base rather than the standard 40mm. This is so they can be used as a placeholder in my Warriors and Marauders as well as a Chaos Spawn. I have no plans to do a Daemon army however as the models aren't that good.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/12/17 19:35:05

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

I agree completely about the new Nurgle models. The sculptor should be sent back to "GW Sculpting 101" and the person that signed off on them should issue a public apology. They are the lamest plastic models GW has released in many years.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/12/18 05:26:58

Post by: Galorn

Your stuff looks pretty good. I'd clean off the extra basing on the edges of the bases but meh that's merely my aesthetic taste.

I also agree with skalk about the plastic nurgle stuff.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/12/19 22:05:45

Post by: Llamahead

They're not the best although plastic is certainly better than metal for conversions as this Chaos hero shows. The disturbing mawed torso and head come from the plagubearer kit while the arms and lower leg comes from the Chaos knight sprues it's based on the classic mounted nurgle lord and I hope you like it.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/12/21 16:25:45

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

That knight looks great! Really shows how the miasma of Chaos warps and mutates, and also shows how fickle the Chaos Gods are. Really decent work on this one. I always enjoy your conversions.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/12/21 17:54:03

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks this was almost the entire reason for my purchase of the Plaguebearer kit. I wanted to produce some really Lost and the Damned/Tortured Robot inspired Nurglite minions.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/12/21 20:43:28

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

 Llamahead wrote:
TI wanted to produce some really Lost and the Damned/Tortured Robot inspired Nurglite minions.
Any idea whatever happened to him? I know he takes extended Dakka breaks but he's been gone a long time. I really miss that thread he had going.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/12/22 15:07:10

Post by: Llamahead

Not a clue mate sadly enough.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2012/12/24 17:24:57

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

I'm guessing he'll be back. He's been gone before. I'm subbed to his thread so if he pops back up I'll see the notification.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/02/04 22:12:05

Post by: Llamahead

Couple of mates turned up at the society with the new Warriors Book on saturday. I'm unimpressed and with Net Epic taking of at the society it'll be a while before I take the thirty quid plunge finances are tight especially with my epic habit to support! However I've finally got my Warriors of Chaos BSB done and I hope I've done the model justice. Needs the flock knocked off more carefully as well.

She was based on the female Rackham Apostate of Darkness with a Chaos Knight banner and extra trophies.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/03/01 23:19:55

Post by: Llamahead

Another fun character model. It's a Cadwallon militia man who I plan to use as a Chaos Champion.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/03/11 18:55:27

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

I haven't taken the bite from WFB Chaos yet, likely won't. I haven't played a game since before the new edition came out, and feel kind of bad about it. I have two massive armies (Chaos and Vampires / Undead that have been in a box for ... a long time.

I haven't played Epic in over 15 years. I wish I had folks interested in it, and had the time to play it.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/03/11 19:56:07

Post by: Llamahead

Tactical Command is the place to go for Epic http://taccmd.tacticalwargames.net/ there may be somebody in Vermont. Fantasy in 8th is interesting I like it as Rank and File troops get to do stuff and it's not so often decided by march blocking and charge redirecting it is far more skill based. It's a lot like 6th Ed actually without all the flyers messing things up. Just got a new job so might bite the bullet and buy it. I can't help but think that the fly daemons would make great counts as Bloodcrusher thingies however the actual proper new models leave me pretty meh to be honest.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/03/20 18:03:25

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

I checked the forum but could not find a search for location, and it's really dark which makes it hard for me to read. Looks cool, but doesn't feel as functional.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/03/20 18:58:20

Post by: Llamahead

Theres a post on it for Net Epic. Got to agree about the reading problem as well. It' not just a button sadly.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/03/21 19:49:00

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Not somehting I'm going to look up for a while. Between Dakka and Yakromunda my online time is maxed out.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/05/20 18:43:54

Post by: Llamahead

Ages since I posted on here

Knight of Chaos combined with Flagellant parts I think the chain-whips and flaming head really combine to make him an evil crazed scourge upon the land. Still haven't brought the book yet been distracted by Net Epic and shiny toys. It's just I can't really be enthused about the playing side of this army everybody seems to have a Warriors of Chaos army and the Beastman book was never up to par or had the variety over books had.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/06/01 15:54:36

Post by: Llamahead

Decided to do a mid year review of my projects. This one has suffered the most neglect. It was for a long time my primary gaming army as either Warriors or Beastmen however the £30 asking price for the army book and my Epic habit has eft me annoyed it doesn't help that its primarily a tweak to the kit with nothing cool and Nurgley added. With a new job about to start however the army book seems likely and with a new stockist for Malifaux some more gribblies seem likely. I still want the Hooded Rider and the asking price seems less steep the more at GW's prices I look. To all intents and purposes this army is approximately finished with only a few odds and sods to paint when I feel like to finish up. At this point I should mention that I make a collection rather than an army gradually refining what I've got into a decent list. This army has almost always been defined by what's on Ebay at a decent price rather than what's optimal. The dream list for adding at the moment involves Dragon Ogres (nice kit star of the release) and Plague Drones as well as lots of Avatars of War goodies. However time and money mainly time for the next few months but after that probably money means my attention might go on Epic or Dystopian Legions

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/06/12 14:29:06

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

The Chaos Knight looks great from a simple kitbash. Nicely done.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/06/13 19:53:01

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks Skalk
May appeal to anyone looking for chaos inspiration

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/06/14 18:02:24

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Chaos Ambul!!!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/06/14 21:08:25

Post by: Llamahead

Really freaked me out. I've also been reading Elric of Melnibone, Micheal Moorcock is an author who must be recommended to anybody interested in the origins of GW. The Chronicles of Castle Brass contain the origins of a lot of the Imperium. Elric is fascinating he reminds me of pre-fall Eldar or High Elves before the Sundering. He is however an author you've got to be in the right mood to read and bored waiting for other people to finish their jobs is a good one for it.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/06/26 14:59:52

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Wow. I wasn't expecting that last picture. Yikes.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/06/28 19:37:25

Post by: Llamahead

I'll admit I do like some true body horror when it comes to Chaos. What I thinks impressive is how nauseating just twisting the natural mouth makes it.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2013/11/11 18:54:59

Post by: Llamahead

Ok I haven't finished anything for this project since May yeeek.

Heres some more Chaos Warriory dudes mainly as I felt like painting some 28mm Rank & File rather than 6mm or character pieces.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2014/01/04 13:10:45

Post by: Llamahead

Right review of the year for these guys. Hmm nothing going still haven't brought the Warriors book as the round of GW price rises at the time left me uninterested and I'd rather play and paint 6mm usually. I quite like 8th Ed but the Warriors book not adding a new Nurgle unit left me cold and I've got things I'd rather spend £35 on. I'll finish what I've got and paint what I feel like. I've managed to pick up a Sauron model of Ebay for a Daemon Prince as well so that'll turn up at some point.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2014/02/09 18:19:49

Post by: Llamahead

What's worse than Wraiths, Wraiths with Wings
Sauron with Wings that's what.
This model used the wings from a D&D Dragonkin figure and a LoTR Sauron the Spear comes from a Chaos Knight and the Shield is something I brought from Hasslefree although I might swap it for something more hoplite style. The head is from the Chaos Warrior metal command bits. All in all I'm really happy with this guy he looks a nasty imposing scary Daemon Prince. I'm particularly happy with the twisted fallen angel vibe the Spear gives him.

All in all the Sauron model does make an awesome Warhammer Daemon Prince I do have another and now I'm considering doing a 40k version at some point.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2014/09/23 20:36:11

Post by: Llamahead

I've been a fan of Avatars of War models for years and have been yearning to get their hands on the new plastics in ages. The basic review is a mixed bag. £25 for 25 models is reasonable value. The models have a chunky brutal mutated look that fits Nurgle wonderfully and also reminds me of the Dirz aesthetic and works excellently for Nurgle. The models are very flexible in assembly far better than the Warriors with a huge amount of posing options However the joints are not to the tight tolerances which make GW assembly so easy. The final detail is the material the hard PVC is irritating to work with being about on par with metal. Glad to have them and they'll be a nice break from the 6mm hordes.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2014/10/14 16:57:08

Post by: Llamahead

Just seen the GW Blight Kings to get an equivalent amount of models to the Corruptors of the Apocalypse from GW would cost about £150. That is absolutely ridiculous.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2014/10/27 18:08:15

Post by: Llamahead

More of the Corruptors of the Apocalypse These models are definitely growing on me might have to pick up the Great Weapon set as well. I've also been looking at the new Nurgle stuff and a lot of it looks cool very cool but pricey.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/01/05 21:16:25

Post by: Llamahead

Felt like painting something other than 6mm recently

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/02/06 19:07:41

Post by: Llamahead

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/03/08 20:40:39

Post by: Llamahead

More Contagion Warriors

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/04/18 11:19:46

Post by: Llamahead

More fun with the Coruptors of the Apocalypse I've also brought the Great Weapon set so now have the parts for 50 of the blighters. One major bug bear with the kits not enough spare hands........

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/05/24 07:45:59

Post by: Llamahead

Compleat Llamahead day today that means there's new stuff on all my active blogs;
The Rawl Plug Sheanigans and Specialist Games Hijinks http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/540/356363.page
The Conclave of Hrin http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/240/279068.page#7840092

Another Corruptor

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/06/14 21:53:14

Post by: Llamahead

My entry for Paradigm's June competition. I thought it was some form of Undead Troll but it turns out it's a Plague Elemental. Excellent classic model which belongs here and a paint job I'm actually really happy with.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/07/05 15:01:54

Post by: Llamahead

While Age of Sigmar looks inteerrreesssttiinnggg not necessarily something I'm enthusiastic about, I've just made a large order for this project I've decided to back the Black Plague for Zombicide whoch should give me some exciting new minions of Nurgle.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/07/18 20:33:27

Post by: Llamahead

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/08/23 18:39:08

Post by: Llamahead

Assembled another Corruptor.

I've also assembled a bunch of the Ral Partha Gnolls

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/10/11 20:55:09

Post by: Llamahead

Tried a new colour scheme with this chap. Read a lot of stuff on colour theory since I started this collection (it's two armies by now) and decided to use the yellow brown to give some contrast with the bronze and it's produced a far nicer model.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/10/25 21:10:42

Post by: Llamahead

Reaper Gnoll to enter the fray.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/11/22 12:45:57

Post by: Llamahead

Nobody else has commented on this blog since 2013................

Hopefully these guys will fix that.

While I'll be certainly hoping to use these Cultists in Frostgrave I'll be painting them up in my Forces of Nurgle style so I can use them all together in whichever game I feel like. That means these models will end up here while the more random Frostgrave stuff will end up here in the Shenanigan's http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/600/356363.page#8264413 as there'll be lots of cross pollination between the collections.

The revue will consist of Components, Assembly, Variability, Compatibility, Other Uses and Value

To start the revue we need to see the sprue.

5 Monopose Bodies, Components for Undead and Normal Cultists. Nice mix of heads with the evil pointy cultist vibe and some excellent brutal weapons I like the Bill Hook and Crossbow myself but it includes all the components you need to build a basic set of Frostgrave Soldiers. Theres also nothing too fancy and nothing you don't think you'll ever use. Excellent. Only problem is you can't assemble the entire lot with hand weapon and shield for basic Death Cultists.

Is a doddle they are 40k box set simple but with a flexibility that makes them satisfying. all the components are easily cross compatible and go together logically there is nothing that'll only ever combine one way and you can be fairly careless and still get good results. The models shown probably took less than 5 minutes each to go together and that was mostly finding the right bitz. Excellent

For monopose bodies fairly high that's as they'll easily take reposing and different weapons. They are an extremely compatible kit.

With the other Frostgrave plastics it's so good I can't actually tell the difference without thought between the bitz.
First of all a general scale shot.

From left to right. Malifaux, GW Militia, Cultist, Arbitrator, AoW Corruptor of the Apocalypse.
A good usual fantasy heroic human size at 28mm then.

I also decided to play about with some blue-tack and spares.

GW Militia normal human size GW parts will work well with them and vice-versa. They won't look right with Marauder Arms but they'll combine well with the Militia kit and so the Mordheim range,,,,,

GW Cadian. Doesn't gel well to me but I figured somebody will be considering this.

Wargames Factory Historicals. Doesn't work well. The Wargames factory weapons are far to weedy.

Wargames Factory Orcs. Well worth considering as they are multi-part plastic LoTR style Orcs.

The compatibility with GW ranges is fairly good when GW isn't trying to be deliberately awkward with how kits go together. They are definitely heroic scale 28mm. The kits will require some thought for sensible combinations as I personally don't think they'd look good with bare arms. Equally Militia, Flagellants & Plague Monks which are the ones I want to use with them will work well. It is also worth noting that Frostgrave figures are generally Early Medieavel while GW figures are generally Early Renaissance which may cause some issues.

Other Uses
Marauders spring to mind and Posessed in Mordheim. With the right weapons general pulp cultists from the Dark Ages to the 41st millenium are possible. They are a supremely useful generic bad guy minion which can be used anywhere from Frostgrave to Ankh-Morpork from Altdorf to Antares. I was originally planning to use some as Inquisition henchman and Chaos Cultists but decided I wanted some morally dubious henchman instead

£1 a model £20 at RRP so broadly equivalent to fantasy plastics but not as good as most historicals. Roughly equivalent in price to GW Miltia until they re-box them and all over the more recent figures.

General conclusion.
Excellent generic henchmen, useful fodder but you'll want other models for leaders I suspect.

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/11/22 13:13:46

Post by: Ezra Tyrius

Holy hell, no other comments since 2013?! Now that's an achievement in itself!

Anyways, you've got some great stuff going here, Nurgle must be very pleased! Thanks for the review on the Frostgrave Cultists kit, I've been eyeing it for a while now to use as Chaos Cultists for my WH40k Chaos army

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/11/22 13:21:58

Post by: evildrcheese

Nice. I keep seeing Frostgrave stuff and more and more I think it'd work well for cross with 40k kits. This proves it.

Had a look few the blog too, some nice stuff, consider me subbed!


Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/11/22 14:50:23

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Thanks I can see I'll be needing a box or two

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/11/22 17:37:41

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers glad to see some interest here have a group shot to celebrate.

Looking forward to seeing what get's done on here with the Cultist sprue as well

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/11/22 21:29:27

Post by: KernelTerror

Nice shot, those are nice rusty looking Nurgle slaughtermaniacs, really like the scheme.
The review of the cultists is indeed pretty useful, I'll consider getting some...So thanks !

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/11/28 21:48:23

Post by: Llamahead

More Corruptors march into the fray.

Plato also hobbles in. Excellent slack jawed lackey perfect for Frostgrave!

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/11/28 22:53:50

Post by: Ezra Tyrius

Looking good! It's amazing how you can almost feel the corrupted, diseased nature of these guys

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/12/07 21:36:29

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks. Got another 3 Done

Also a Centaur Knight old Grenadier sculpt I believe

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/12/07 22:27:39

Post by: KernelTerror

Looking great ! Going to battle wearing a heavy armor ? Might as well carry a tombstone, always proves usefull.

The armored centaur is great too, it is probably better to not see what decayed creature lives beneth these rusted platings...

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/12/14 19:55:08

Post by: Llamahead

First of the Cultists with paint

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/12/14 20:50:08

Post by: KernelTerror

Brilliant, let's go cut some heads !

Llamahead's Forces of Nurgle; Formorian @ 2015/12/26 20:30:31

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers KernelTerror but now it's clobbering time!