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Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/03 01:50:07

Post by: Ramos Asura

Welcome, welcome to the Project Log of Rollin All Ones Studios!

First started as a log of my personal Ork army, this blog has since expanded to cover my commission work as well!
So far I have painted models from Infinity and Warhammer/40k, and even a few limited edition models from Kabuki Miniatures.
I'm always willing to take on small projects here and there, so if you have any questions about models you want painted, definitely drop me a line!


For ease of reference, Ill be providing links to places in the blog of particular interest, much like Gitsplitta's excellent Mantis Warrior blog.

Click HERE to jump to the Catch-Up Week!!
Click HERE to jump to the Fire Hawk Painting Tutorial!!
Click HERE to jump to my commission work!!
Click HERE to jump to the beginning of the Red Scorpions commission!!
Click HERE to jump to the beginning of the Marines Errant army.
Click HERE to jump to my work on a Warhound Titan.
Click HERE to jump to the Storm Dragons- my Loyalist Counts-as "Heldrakes"

Oil Wash Tutorial
Power Weapon Tutorial

2017 [The Lost Year!]
2018 [The Year of Returns!]


A few examples of what this blog contains:

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/03 01:53:34

Post by: Corpsesarefun

Asura eh?
where did you get the name from? it sounds familiar...

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/03 01:59:02

Post by: Ramos Asura

Actually came up with it a few years back as a character in stories I used to write. Since then its become my online pseudonym.

I randomly punched buttons when I was making the name, but it actually turns out that Asura are Hindi Demons.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/03 01:59:57

Post by: templeorks

I personaly use vermine brown because its a more viberant color than the other browns plus when i bought it i thought it was an off orange (I didn't read the lable till i got home ) but I like the shadow gray for their paint i used it on about 10 of my orks but i chose to do a mixed war band so thats the whole of boyz in gray. All in all though it looks good i like the big mek very nice

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/03 02:02:36

Post by: Corpsesarefun

Ramos Asura wrote:Actually came up with it a few years back as a character in stories I used to write. Since then its become my online pseudonym.

I randomly punched buttons when I was making the name, but it actually turns out that Asura are Hindi Demons.

That may have been where i heard the name
im fond of my demons

EDIT: I remember! they were a race in an mmorpg i used to play

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/03 04:19:48

Post by: Ramos Asura

So... wow!

I took templeork's suggestion on using Vermin Brown, and I gotta say, it looks AWESOME!

A very orangey brown on a gray blue. pops very nicely.
I need to get a different color for belts (as too many VB straps would look a bit too bright) but the VB adds a great bit of contrast!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/04 19:51:17

Post by: Ramos Asura

Bah! I gotta get a better lighting setup around here.
Pics turned up dark, so Im gonna have to figure something out before i pop up the Nobz

In the mean time, here's a Rokkit and Big Shoota Boy for your viewing pleasure.

In other news, i have a AoBR Deffkopta Im converting so as to get different looks on the battlefield.
Its along the lines of one I saw on the net a while back. (I think it was on Tau Online or something...)

Also on the table are a bunch of Boyz and Kaptin Badrukk!
Im hoping to make Flash Gitz as soon as I can get a box of nobs.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/04 20:04:04

Post by: Blightdrone

Some great painting here! Especially the Big Mek!

Good work!



Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/09 05:17:04

Post by: Ramos Asura

The Big Mek's currently my favorite model. not only do I like having the KFF around, but it acted perfect with the lenses!

Tll see if the newer Nobs I painted will show up nice in a picture...

Nope... no they dont

Automatically Appended Next Post:
So I need help guys...
The original Shadow Grey/ Vermin Brown colorscheme I had planned doesnt seem to be working

Sheesh... I cant wait till I move out of this forsaken house! All the pics i take here are terrible
Well... I guess you can get the gist of my dilemma anyways.
It just doesn't have the punch I want. Needs Moar Dakka!

Originally I was gonna paint Evil Sunz or Bad Moonz, because I liked the impact of the bright flashy color.
But I want to use a different color scheme.
One that is unique to me, yet still has that punch.

For the life of me I cant think of anything... Im gonna finish this group as they are (least they're the AoBR Boyz and not my nice shiny set.
I mean, my space marines were easy! One inside joke with friends got me the "Shelled Ones".

Marines have migrated to their own home HERE

(Aye, Ive been a bad ork >< Goin' off ta paint humies )

But still cant figure something out...
I want it to have pop, and have identity of its own...
Any suggestions?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/09 23:51:27

Post by: Ramos Asura

Ahhh... yeah. Im still stuck on the orky color scheme...
In the mean time, i re-painted the Space marine Captain's power sword like a blog I was reading the other day.

Marines have migrated to their own home HERE

I liked how it turned out... though Im still working on making a smooth gradient on surfaces.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/10 00:13:01

Post by: Death Gear

Nice Job!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/10 01:47:35

Post by: Ramos Asura

Thanks Death Gear. I appreciate the encouragement.
Ever since I joined Dakka Ive gotten more painted up than usual. Probably a good thing, eh?

I must have ADD or something. Instead of thinking of a color scheme for my orks, I've been contemplating making a Warhound Titan for my Space Marines.
At this point its nothing more than a thought, but I was pondering putting a big ol' turtle shell on the back of the titan (or something of the sort) Making it in essence a giant fighting tortoise.

Eventually I should work on a little fluff for them, but for now they are a source of entertainment, as well as an interesting addition to the field, as far as color goes.

As always, I encourage C&C (even on these half-baked, mountain dew-induced schemes).
I especially want to hear thoughts on a possible color for my Orks =/
I thought 'Orange' for a moment, but its not very Orky >< Power Armor is waaaay easier to get painted.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/10 12:06:39

Post by: Jimi Nemesis

If you ever played Mech Warrior 3, you could make a Titan like a Puma, but with a turtle shell

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/10 15:05:31

Post by: Ramos Asura

After searching for pictures of it (Im lame... never played Mechwarrior ) Id have to say... awesome =P
It looks to fit the bill of what I'm looking for, and I found plenty of reference pics!
What do ya think... Warhound class size?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/10 15:16:24

Post by: ** Orcko Boy **

awesome i like da big meks base (and the mek itself of course) with the ultramarine shoulderpad on the floor is awesome

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/12 03:40:14

Post by: Ramos Asura

A small update today.

Finished most of the highlighting on my current squad of boyz, leaving only the flesh and gun bitz to do before its done!

In the mean time, I've been working on bases for the next group of boyz. It was pretty easy. i figure Im gonna do something similar for the whole army.
Most arent finished quite yet.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/12 03:53:26

Post by: LunaHound

I love your turtle marines , the color scheme is surprisingly nice to look at.

the white turtle icon is CUTE .

im tempted to steal the color scheme and the icon D:

*edit oh god i cant type proper sentence today.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/12 04:44:29

Post by: ruff

i like the blue suit on the orks.. it would be nice to see a urban camo scheme with them.. i think it would fit very well with the way the suit is.. btw great painting..

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/12 05:30:20

Post by: Ramos Asura

LunaHound wrote:I love your turtle marines , the color scheme is surprisingly nice to look at.

the white turtle icon is CUTE .

im tempted to steal the color scheme and the icon D:

*edit oh god i cant type proper sentence today.

hehehe ^^
Thank yoooou!

I really love how it turned out. I was wanting something unique and brand new, and I dont think ive ever seen pumpkin-orange Marines yet!
And to think... It all started with a random joke I made
Long story short- I pretty much made a 'religion' that worshiped 'Wstfgl the Random Turtle God'.

Im considering building a titan to suit them as well.

Much thanks to Jimi for the idea

Picture this as a turtle.... lol

Oho! And now a Terminator!

Marines have migrated to their own home HERE

Ahh Black Reach. You've doomed me to buy tons of figures

Only thing i dont really have is a name for the Chapter. Ive just taken to calling them "The Shelled Ones" (heh... sounds a little bit chaos-ey).
Maybe Ill expand the force eventually... pop in more tacticals and stuff... ooooh... or a Land Raider WITH A TURTLE SHELL!!! xD
But First! My orks!

Urban camo, eh ruff?
hmmmm... I did have that idea earlier. Ill think on if I can add it in at this point. That squad just got its final highlights ><
Thanks a bunch you guys!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/08/31 19:37:38

Post by: Ramos Asura

Wow.... so I kinda disappeared here xD

Anywho, great news (or it was for me at least): Im finally moved into my apartment!
This means more freetime and room to paint! (In addition to better lighting )

Bear with me now, Im trying to figure out the best way to take my pictures, so lighting is iffy on a couple of these.

Firstly, I finished my second squad of Boyz, painted with the Shadow Grey and Vermin Brown as the above one was.

Turned out better than I thought. Giving considerations to my next batch.

Then with the good lighting I had, I took pictures of the Nobz.

This guy's gotta be my favorite Nob at the moment. Sure its a stock AoBR Nob, but I love the eyepatch!

And lastly, the completed Deffkopta I've had since March (but never got a picture up >< )

Now Im working on a second squad of Boyz (most likely in Death Skullz colors) 2 Runtherds and 20 Grots, and a pair of Converted Deffkoptas (One is the longer version further above, and the other is me using up scraps from my tank xD )

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/02 01:51:09

Post by: Ramos Asura

More shots of the Boyz.
Couldn't post them yesterday because of the glitchy net around here.

C&C welcome and appreciated, as always.

Havent gotten around to basing, but they'll be done soon!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/02 06:31:56

Post by: Frenzied Potato

Love how your orks are coming along. Keep up the good work. Btw I took your the orbs off your big mek and placed them on mine TY for the great idea.

Maybe I can return the favor with your AOBR orks. What I did with mine read from another Tutorial is to cut off specific parts of the arms and wrists / weapons to create unique looking orks Like these. Perhaps a lil flavor more to your nicely painted orks.

The Guy on the Right For example...yes its bad painting but look at the weapon arm placement

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/02 07:03:13

Post by: slann

I like the marines nice color scheme .

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/02 15:33:15

Post by: Ramos Asura

I see what you did there

Im definitely gonna do something like that then. I like the idea! Just gotta get a razor saw- Im a little nervous about hacking away at my boyz with a big knife.
The purple hair is another odd little touch. Its great contrast between the green of the skin!

Nice work on the Mek. Im glad you like the idea!
I can't remember where I picked up the thought/idea but so far its been one of my favorite techniques!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/02 15:46:08

Post by: Frenzied Potato

As for cutting them my friend is an exact-o knife or a Gerber Knife if your feeling Rambo like.

Again, excellent job on your orks I am drawing a lot of inspiration from them.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/02 16:30:09

Post by: Ramos Asura

hehe Need new blades too now
Broke my last decent one cutting plasticard! ><
the rest are a bit.... erm.... 'orked up'? dull blades, epoxy stuck to em... ones superglued to my desk <.<


Anyways. Noticed in your thread you're doing a looted Hammerhead.
I recently finished mine... (though it morphed into a skyray along the way) Ill see if I can get good pics... otherwise, here's a little bit older one for your viewing pleasure/inspiration:

At this point Im busy touching up spots on it and building rokkits to put in the tubes.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/02 16:55:42

Post by: Frenzied Potato

Hahahah. Man that is amazing work. Completely orkied well. I love the rivets on the plasti card. Btw where is a good place to pick up plastic card? The stacked plates on it look amazing.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/02 17:40:44

Post by: Ramos Asura

For plasticard, most hobby stores should carry it. Its commonly used for RC car bodies and model railroading stuff, so places that sell that stuff usually have plasticard.

Its also known as Sheet Styrene.

I picked mine up at HobbyTown USA, but I think Hobby Lobby might carry it as well.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/05 11:36:08

Post by: Frenzied Potato

Well I know where a hobbylobby is so that works thanks.



Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/18 21:46:28

Post by: Ramos Asura

Now I know what you guys must be thinking.

"Where did he go?"
"Where has our favorite person in the whole world gone off to?"
"Where is that devilishly handsome Ork Player who seems to spend way too much time on details?"


Ok, ok... none of you are thinking those last two... <.<
[/dejected sigh]

Where I've been:

With school approaching (Tuesday of next week) Ive been busy fighting with the miserable idiots in Financial Aid as well as moving down to my new apartment. And of course, wouldn't you know it, but the week after I move in, the router blows. then a few days later, the only other hotspot in range was finally secured (to my dismay).

And so I was left to paint the remaining stuff I had laying around.
Got all my Boyz done, my army clear-coated, and the Grots started.
Alas, I have few pictures. Im still figuring out a place I can take them that gives me the right light. *shrug* Its an ongoing process.

However, I did try out a new technique on one of the Grots.

So what do we think? Look like wood?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/18 21:57:41

Post by: Frenzied Potato

Indeed good wood sir.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/19 07:15:56

Post by: Arakasi

2nd that! How was it done?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/19 08:39:25

Post by: Warboss Gutrip

The wood is amazing!
Yay Orks!
Yay turtle-smurfs!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/19 16:21:04

Post by: Ramos Asura

heh thanks guys!

Its relatively easy. (might make a tutorial later when I get more examples)

Basecoat it Bestial brown, and take a tiny brush and make small lines with Scorched brown. then pick small parts of the midtone out with Graveyard Earth!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/19 16:54:45

Post by: Frenzied Potato

Ramos Asura wrote:heh thanks guys!

Its relatively easy. (might make a tutorial later when I get more examples)

Basecoat it Bestial brown, and take a tiny brush and make small lines with Scorched brown. then pick small parts of the midtone out with Graveyard Earth!

Noted; Looks like I am gonna be taking more of your ideas. Finally picked up some plasti card today gonna try that hammerhead thing again. Thanks for all the lil tips again. Bah I have not updated my stuff as well....lazy I am.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/09/20 23:27:39

Post by: Ramos Asura

So no pics today (sorry guys, camera's being finicky), so in lieu of that....

Today's Topic:
Ramos tries out Vallejo Game Color!

So I went out to my FLGS today, and I needed some more paint, as some of my pots are running low.
I've heard bits and pieces about Game Color, and decided to check it out. So I get a new pot of Citadel's Bedab Black, and Boltgun Metal, because I know how those behave. Then i got Hammered Copper from Vallejo (because i knew it was an oop color, and copper's a neat color...), Tinny Tin, Glorious Gold, and whatever their Scorched brown is.

So I tested them out.
Long story short, Im not a fan. The coverage is kinda lousy, even on SB, which in the GW color covers well enough.
So, Guess im gonna stick with GW on it. its the same price at my store, so I figure Ill only use Vallejo for the oop colors.

And so- Im off again to the painting table!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/10/16 23:56:42

Post by: Ramos Asura

The 20 grots are painted except for skin... I had forgotten my catachan green is in a sorry state <.<

Anywho... A bit of modeling work done!
Im making my own Runtherds for my grots, as the stock ones are a bit..... plain =/

A custom grot Prod.

and an adventure into GS

As his "squig-holding arm" will be replaced by the Prod, I freed the little guy, and gave him his hair back!

Ill probably have him on a chain. Or maybe just let him loose!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/12/07 04:03:05

Post by: Ramos Asura

Oh my..... Seems like its been a while since I was here last...

*blows the dust off of his desk*

Its been a hectic few months over here. Finally figured out possible degree plans and all that, so Im excited.

So down to business!
I was in Texas over Thanksgiving (eating much delicious Mexican food, thanks to my friend down there) And seeing as there are NO GW STORES IN OHIO AT ALL, I decided to hit up one down there. Gotta say, I really liked it. Nice group of guys. Bit heavy on the selling, but not too bad.
Heh... I ended up loading my suitcase down with a ton of food (yes I got tamales down there =P) and more gitz fer ma waaagh!

on top of this, I've got another 20 boyz from tradin off some chaos junk!
Needless to say, between this and christmas I will have plenty of updates!

And so, I leave you with a parting gift: The firt of my eeeevil plans for next month's project!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/12/07 06:51:00

Post by: HalloweenBomber

I agree with Ramous Asura; build a titan but so far so good

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/12/07 09:18:57

Post by: assultmarine

looks good

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/12/07 21:20:59

Post by: LunaHound

Oh no! , you arnt doing more mighty turtle marines?
*is sad :<

*edit , to tell you the truth , your Space Marines are my favorite out of all dakka...

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2009/12/07 21:51:39

Post by: Ramos Asura

@ H B
A titan is in the works for my marines, and thinking o a skullhamma for my boyz

Thanks! I aim to please!

LunaHound wrote:Oh no! , you arnt doing more mighty turtle marines?
*is sad :<

*edit , to tell you the truth , your Space Marines are my favorite out of all dakka...

Fear not!
For the great Marines Chrysemys live on!

Heh! I love them far too much to quit them ^^
I only bought a buncha orks cause I already had a bunch of marines to paint still (a Land Raider Crusader, 4 AoBR Termies, a Rhino, 5 WiP sternguard conversions, not to mention a couple tac marines).

So in short, My Boyz were feelin' all abandoned and forlorn, so I went and gave em some love ^^

And thanks Luna

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/01/18 04:25:50

Post by: Ramos Asura

And thus I return to the field of battle... Husks of warriors litter the path, a trail of weapons with their owner's hands still firmly attached. Their black, lifeless eyes look to me as if begging. Begging for a new life. Begging for another chance at battle. Others look on with eyes not yet seared by the flames of war, their coats of gray and silver holding an odd brilliance and cleanliness.
In time, the black eyes will take in an inner fire as one by one their brethren don new identities, new faces. Even those untouched by war will take on new shrouds.
Their birth is one of battle, one of combat. What once was a stagnant and cold gray is now replaced with fierce yellow or vibrant blue. Warpaint accents fierce snarls and the clatter of fresh steel rings through the air. Weapons mere moments old, but holding the experience of ages.
One figure at front raises a thick, muscled arm, the end of which terminates in a wickedly spiked claw, and in a feral voice that shakes the heavens themselves shouts but a single word.


It returns!

So how ya doing, Dakka? Its been a while.
Much has happened though, what with the joys of Christmas and the wonders of dealing with relatives, especially in the world of 40k!
New to my lineup are a trio of Meganobz, and at their head the one and only Ghazgull! Backed as always with hordes of Boyz, 20 more now join the Waaagh!
A new Battlewagon, a new Trukk. Even the Marines got a little love with the addition of a new Rhino and Assault Terminators!

Whats more, is that it has been officially a year since I started my campaigns through the 41st Millennium!

Lets get down to business then, shall we?

First up, one of the MANZ, freshly cleaned and in the process of being experimentally based!

I wanted to make the roadway beneath him look crushed by each step he took. I figured its a few tons of Ork, and no stinkin 'umie road's gonna be able to take da powah!

Secondly, work continues on 'Ard Boyz!

They are made from Black Orcs and greenstuffed Boyz Shoota arms (konverted to sluggas ya see!). Im surprised how big they are compared to Boyz... Almost Nob-sized!

Finally, my brand new Trukk.

My goal here is to convert it into a Half-track (like old WWII transports, ja?)
Bed was extended with plasticard. Mostly for the hell of it, but part because it seems to suit it rather well!

Hopefully Ill have updates more often!
C&C welcome, as always!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/01/18 19:17:03

Post by: Ramos Asura

Whats this!?
TWO updates in a week!?

Surely this is heresy!
(well, duh! you play Orks! )

Almost done with a bunch of Grots. 20, to be precise.

Just need to finish up the teeth and claws, and then base em!

Also on the painting table are my first (sort of) commission. 20 BadMoonz Boyz.

Im only going to paint one up to full extent. the rest will just have base colors. Dont know exactly why he just wants me to do them simple... but... *shrug*

Finally, something I've been working on for some time now.

I'm going to be getting a Resin Kit for my birthday on friday (yay 21! xD ) and among a few other things, I was going to cast up a bunch of custom bases.
Eventually I might sell some of them for that little bit of cashflow, so I want you guys' opinions.

Am I on a right track as far as these bases? What other kinds of bases would you like to see?

C&C appreciated!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/01/18 20:45:13

Post by: LiveforFun666

Nice workins here, love the big truck.
a comment, i think you should make your bases more edgy, file them down or someting
they look real bubbly to me



Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/01/18 21:23:34

Post by: Ramos Asura


I sorta see what you mean.
Ill do some neatening up and final cleaning before casts.

In reality they dont look bad, but the camera seems to have added some bubbles ><

How many different bases do you think I should make of this "set"
They are rather simple, so I was thinking of making a set of 10 and casting those till my army's needs are met. However, Im rather thin on ideas right now...

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/01/18 22:08:16

Post by: LiveforFun666

yeah sets of ten sounds good, and its cheaper to cast those than buy so much greenstuff for all
oh and when i said that they were bubbly i didnt mean i didnt like them, just that they looked a bit strange



Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/01/18 22:27:30

Post by: Brotheralexos

I suggest that if you want to do a different colour scheme to GW, then look up How to paint ork skin on youtube, there will be a Miniwargaming tutorial on painting orks to where some are a greenish brown, while others are almost a sandy yellow.

it actually makes orks look like a natural army, as if they have genetic heridity.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/01/26 15:29:05

Post by: Ramos Asura

No pics this update, Gotta run to school in a few minutes here and popping on for a short update!

Ok! SO!
I got my resin kit on Wednesday night, and since then I've been quite busy casting up pieces and parts!

For the most part, my 2 part molds have been going well, but I fear that that run of luck is at an end ><
On this pour, Im casting 2 VERY large and detailed components. Half one came out well enough, so I poured the second.

Without rubber to rubber release.....

The ONE MISTAKE that can make or break the project..... and i made it ><
Not on a small component, but on the biggest ones....

So as it stands now, I have two massive components locked in a prison of silicone rubber........ ><

Damn. It.

*goes off to battle the gelatinous cube*

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/01/27 02:34:49

Post by: Brotheralexos

You shoul try and make smaller components first

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/01/27 03:52:29

Post by: Ramos Asura

I did, and from what I had cast, it was promising...

But I admit... it made me cocky <.<

I rushed the job, didn't put mold release on the part or on the rubber...
I know its good to have mistakes so that you learn from them but.... ugh.... like a third of the bottle of rubber went into these molds and they aren't even usable anymore! That kinda thing kills me.

But Ive learned.... aye.
Maybe Ill try and cut the part apart before casting it...
we shall see =/

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/01/27 22:33:19

Post by: Xappy

it's all a learning experience.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/02/05 19:45:45

Post by: Ramos Asura

Ah victory!
Figured out how to cast the larger part, so Ive been busy casting lately!

But naturally, Ive been painting!
Taking in account an old idea i had a while back, as well as Brotheralexos' comment on painting skin differently, Ive taken it to an extreme!
Allow me to present to you the very first of the Big Red WAAAGH!!

My concept was to mimic the Fel Orcs from Warcraft III, and I feel I have the colors pretty well down. This guy needs more purple on him, but thats what test models are for, after all!

So! Let me know what ya think, ja?

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Post by: Rose_Mountainz

impressive! I love the feral orcs from WC3, so big thumbs up for this ideĆ” my friend

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/02/06 01:01:26

Post by: LunaHound

I LOVE your armies!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/02/14 23:40:33

Post by: Ramos Asura

Haha Many thanks both of you! (and a second thanks to you Rose_Mountainz for your comment on my marines thread. I want to wait till I have another update before I post in it )

So Ive been playing alot more 40k than normal. If my opponents would finish a game, then I might win, but so far I have all uncompleted games ><

However, Ive got a buncha new stuff in progress!!
The rest of the black Orcs, 11 Choppa boyz, a nob, and a big shoota boy all have their skin done (but forgot pics)

But what I -did- remember to take pics of are my Mega Warboss. I figure ill run him instead of Thraka. I dont really sense the point in all the points for him, but I digress.

The body is Thraka, of course, as will be the arms. The head and chest plate are from the Fantasy Black Orc sprues. Im gonna use a more traditional bosspole rather than the one on there... What Im wondering is if I should keep the skulls dangling on the horns. What do ya think?

Next up, the Trukk I got base coated with metal and washed.

And finally, the start of an objective marker.

And so, Im off to paint again. I appreciate all comments!

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Post by: Frenzied Potato

Amazing job on the Fel Orc and the impressive use of purple. A great color that is very hard to use without pulling a Liberace result.

Keep up the solid work. Interesting objective marker. Is it going to be fuel ie:gas or fuel ie:BEER/GROG/ETC!

As for you not being able to complete games....being a fellow orc player....stop fielding so many damn ork boyz!!!!

Kidding; though, I am curious to the reason of time running out.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/02/16 13:04:27

Post by: Ramos Asura

The objective is prolly gonna be fuel: Gas (though I do like the idea of it being Booze )

I think I just have bad opponents ><;; They take the most time, and are unfortunately thus far been little middle-school kids (Im in college mind you). unfortunately a) there are a ton of them who play at my FLGS, a few of them too impossibly annoying for words, and b) 90% of their armies are painted terribly or not even painted!!

Mostly my problem is my opponents taking too long, rules lawyering, etc BS, but such is life i guess =/
Maybe things will be different this week...

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Post by: Ramos Asura

And Behold! An update!

Flesh has been finished on 12 boyz and a Nob, and I put the first armor color on.

And a group shot:

Also, got most of the objective built.

Ive been working on a base for that looked wagon I made so long ago:

And the wagon on the base (with a WiP Skorcha)

And finally: Work on the trukk continues.

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Post by: Empchild

HAHAHA I love the space marine getting squished.

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Post by: LiveforFun666

i doubted the red skin at first, but now it looks really nice, maybe a litlle wash would perfect it

the looted wagon base is also incredible
Cheers LFF666

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Post by: Rose_Mountainz

WAAAAGH!!!! enough said

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Post by: Ramos Asura


Red orks have been sighted on the march towards an Imperial-Controlled Sector. Multiple Guardsman battalions are confirmed defending region from Chaos assault!

What will come of this most epic battles!? Truly this is a sure sign of the Apocalypse!
More information as it comes available!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/09/19 23:42:57

Post by: Ramos Asura

And we're back with more BREAKING NEWS!
Hey! An actual Update!! Mork be praised!!

The Orks unveiled several brand new weapons in their assault on Saturday the 18th, including a Pulsa Rokkit:

And a pair of Fighta Bommas!

I was informed of this game maybe a week in advance, and oh boy, was I in for a treat!
I have perhaps 2000 points of Orks that I can play with in normal games. The list is anything but good, lacking most fast attack and elites choices, as well as having only 2 major choices of HQ. I dont think ive managed to do well in any games bigger than 1500, to be honest.

Anyways, It turned out that I would need a full 2000 points more than what Ive fielded in the past, and so began the Race for 4k points!!
Upon learning of the game, I immediately was struck with inspiration for a Pulsa Rokkit, completing all construction up to its current state in less than a day! I even built a marker for where it eventually would land:

Adding on all of the Rokkit's possible upgrades (as I needed points badly) I had 355 points down!

Upgrades on my orks abounded, with a full squad of PK nobz and a warboss fully decked out, mounted in a Deffrolla Battlewagon bristling with armament! (somewhere along the lines of 1000 points in that unit alone!)
5 Trukks (all that I owned) filled with boyz, including my Big Meks, one with a KFF and one with a SAG.

I then found the Fighta Bomma page in the Apoc book, and instantly knew I wanted a pair of them! One would receive burna Bomms, while the other got Supa-Rokkits.

Ultimately, I had come up with a little over 3900 points of Orks, including my Rokkit and Bommas. Just in time for the Game:

The organizer of the game made a bit of a custom ruleset for the game, that being that the deployment was a 36 inch zone from the teams' board edges, and no units could deepstrike into the opponent's deployment zone. Each member of the teams could choose one single superheavy and/or one formation to take, meaning a maximum of 10 of each on either side. Also, Spacewolves and Daemons were Without Number!

The abridged version of the campaign (as I am not exactly the most fluent writer today) was as follows:

Abaddon himself came to the planet, seeking its eradication, a meager battalion of Guardsmen all that stands in his way. However the guardsmen managed to send out a distress signal from their last remaining stronghold, calling the forces of the Space Wolves to their aid. With these new foes, Abaddon ordered the construction of a Chaos Altar, summoning hordes of daemonic fiends to battle. Naturally this drew the attentions of the Grey Knights, who came to purge the infestation.

And of course there were the Orks, Fighting for the hell of it!

Needless to say, it was quite an interesting game. I dont recall what stratagems my team took (I was on Chaos) but my orks took Flank March, which would prove to be one of the most awesome tactical decisions of the game.

We began early, as is necessary for Apoc games, so everyone showed up around 10:00-10:30AM, and we finished setting up our armies and our board by 11:00.

First Turn was rolled, with Chaos rolling a two (Oh no!) and the Imperials rolling.... ONE!
And so, Chaos Deployed quickly (One Chaos player held his men back, and the Daemons player naturally had to deepstrike all his units anyways.) I only Deployed my Pulsa Rokkit, while the remaining 2 chaos players deployed most of their forces their full 36 inches.
But the Imperials had brought a friend:

Oh boy a Warlord... This will go well.
Already he had a commanding presence on the field:

So first shooting phase comes around, and my Pulsa goes off! First it scatters too far (going off the table!) but fortunately its Grot pilot comes to the rescue!!
It plops down just outside the city walls, and goes to work pinning units and shaking vehicles! almost all the tanks in range were stunned, half losing one or more weapons, and even one or two being wrecked!

By turn two, the game has progressed slowly, with the Warlord having fired its vortex missile right into the heart of the Chaos formations. Even with a large scatter it vaporized 3 rhinos (all fully loaded) and a defiler!

All is quiet on the enemy's rear lines when suddenly..... ORK SURPRISE ATTACK!!!

Meganobz and Nobs follow their warbosses into Kombat!, even charging straight into the titan! Tank Traps cant stop us!!

"We'z fightin' that?!?"

The orks managed to rip the Volcano Cannon off in one fell swoop, as well as stunning all guns and Immobilizing the entire titan!
Not to mention they all managed to rip off 3 Structure points... Not to shabby!

Sadly they didnt survive being shot at too well, even with Cybork bodies...

(Retrospect, I shoulda taken the KFF mek with me ><

In turn three, we get a little bit of help from Chaos player Dave...

He takes down several Void shields, and my orks stun the freshly repaired Volcano Cannon again. No structure Damage.

MEANWHILE The Pulsa rokkit continues to roll high, making tons of guardsmen and marines go to ground, and breaking more vehicles!
Only problem was that it was pinning the daemon players units too ><;

In subsequent turns, Killa Kans appeared to shred a Land Raider, and more boyz came to stun the Defense Laser that had been taking pot Shots at our titan. They were subsequently shredded via heavy bolters and Guardsmen's flashlights.
A battlewagon Rams the Titan and rolls a pair of ones, adding nothing to the fight. Trukks appear and shoot at guardsmen, and Chaos marches on.

Ultimately, the Warlord was wrecked by the smaller Reaver, and Chaos held its objective while capturing the "Trophy Kill"-ed SW HQ unit, leaving the planet to be devoured by chaos!

Hehe! To whoever actually read all that, thanks!

Work will continue on my Apoc units, and I might make a new Bomma or two before my next game. Though with school fast approaching, who knows how much Ill get done.
Regardless, Ill probably have many many more Orks to do in the future!

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Post by: Sageheart

love the red paint skin tone!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/09/20 12:30:54

Post by: Rose_Mountainz

Nice update

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/10/15 02:21:57

Post by: Ramos Asura

Work continues, with 8 lootas built up and primed! I even custom built a couple of them!

No pics right now (as I wanna get em at least a little panted xD) but hopefully soon!

In other 40k news, Ive been painting up a model for my friend's birthday. Hes been talking about getting Typhus, and I happened to have the model through a random trade of boxed stuff.

And so, with nowhere else to put em, here are a few pics!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/10/15 06:43:05

Post by: Arakasi

Very nicely done!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/10/15 06:53:47

Post by: LunaHound

That nurgling is licking that horn very suggestively o_o

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/10/21 23:15:25

Post by: Ramos Asura

Arakasi wrote:Very nicely done!

Many thanks Arakasi!
Hopefully Ill have some decent ork stuff to pop up here, rather than all these spikey ladz.

LunaHound wrote:That nurgling is licking that horn very suggestively o_o

Mmmmmmm..... Chaos horn

Ah Freud, what a guy xD

Anywhoooooo, YES!
More progress on orks (finally).
Just a handful of lootas, a couple of them I only found one part of the deffgun, so bi built up the rest out of bits and pieces.

I messed around a bit with some marine and IG bits I had lying around to, and got yet another full loota!

And with that, I return to the models!


Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/10/22 15:19:04

Post by: Artsoldier35

I'm really liking that last Loota. Very original!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/10/31 23:58:08

Post by: Ramos Asura

@Art Thanks! Im hoping to run a whole bunch of these guys, and building them this way is easily my favorite!
I ran the group I had in a recent game, and was really pleased with how they turned out!

A bit more progress today:
Got a 3rd ed rhino a while back for real cheap, and originally was gonna loot it for a trukk. I had it built up to a degree, when i was hit with a little inspiration. Now its my very first warbuggy (dunno how Ill run him yet).

After drooling over Arakasi's trukks, I wanted to introduce some of those elements into my custom vehicles. Its a learning experience so far, and Im relatively pleased with the result!

A better view of the suspension thus far:

I welcome C&C, and definitely recommend you check out Arakasi's "Dark Angelz!"

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/11/01 00:04:26

Post by: monkeytroll

Like the buggy so far, and consider that idea looted

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/11/01 01:49:58

Post by: Artsoldier35

Great start. I know as you continue your building you'll get better and soon, we'll have a whole revolution of Ramshackle Trukks flooding the web.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/11/07 00:49:37

Post by: Arakasi

Cool. I like how you even managed to mimic the unevenness in the extended (right, from front) spring That wasn't my intention - but its Orks - so its all good! How did you bend your plasticard tube? I've been meaning to try that - almost did for my exhausts - but I will need it for a "future" project... Keep it up - hope to see some more detail added - and thanks for the plug!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/11/08 15:19:42

Post by: Ramos Asura

@monkeytroll: feel free! I looted it from Arakasi, so its Ork philosophy at its finest!

@Art: Thats the plan! I really like what Arakasi did, so im gonna try and blend some of his stuff with my own.
Heh... just wait. Just as we had countless SM orks, now we'll get a buncha ramshackle trukks!

@Arakasi: Really? That was unintentional!?
Dang, I was totally convinced that it was all part of your plans xD I think it makes lots of sense though, as it -is- ork technology so naturally it needs to be a little asymmetrical!

As to the tubes, I just bent them carefully after heating the plastic with a lighter. it tried to crimp on me a few times, but i think i managed to avoid that.
What I really need to find is either soft wire in the diameter of the inside of the pipe, or "plumbers springs".
In both cases, the object is to insert them into the rod before heating, then as you bend it, the wire or springs prevents it from crimping and gives it a smooth curve.
Then after you finish the bend, you just pull the spring right on out! (dunno how the wire would act <.< )

Progress is slow, especially as I managed to lock myself out of my apartment last Monday, and wasnt able to get in till friday. then I went home for the weekend, and etc etc etc...
I filled a few gaps on the base of the plates covering the back tires, sanding them down to somewhat smooth. I figure im gonna use a big shoota boy from the Battlewagon sprue, and magnetize the weapon so i can swap it out.
Currently im looking for .25 mm plasticard and scale diamondplate, but places around here dont seem to carry it ><;

Plans are on hold at the moment till I can find another trukk engine. Im gonna be putting the engine in the back of the buggy (where the brown is) and build the "turret" hanging or sitting on top.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/11/08 15:30:39

Post by: Element206

nice clean work! good job

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/11/09 00:41:47

Post by: Arakasi

Ramos Asura wrote:As to the tubes, I just bent them carefully after heating the plastic with a lighter. it tried to crimp on me a few times, but i think i managed to avoid that.
What I really need to find is either soft wire in the diameter of the inside of the pipe, or "plumbers springs".
In both cases, the object is to insert them into the rod before heating, then as you bend it, the wire or springs prevents it from crimping and gives it a smooth curve.
Then after you finish the bend, you just pull the spring right on out! (dunno how the wire would act <.< )

Cool. It was either that, steam or heated salt - though where I currently have my models, a lighter or steam are probably my easiest solutions... The wire idea is great - I think the fear of crimping was what was putting me off from trying! Thanks!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/11/22 04:53:16

Post by: Ramos Asura

@Element: Thanks a bunch! Hopefully Ill have a little more up and finished before too long.

@Arakasi: I tried salt once, but i was too impatient for it to fully heat, so it didnt work.

The method behind that, heated sand, and steam is that its indirect heat- it heats the plastic but doesnt burn it (as quickly). Trick with a lighter is not to let it sit too long on one spot, and not to burn the plastic. Nothing worse for ya than burning plastic smoke :X

On the modeling front, Ive had a relaxing weekend, the first one in a long while.
Most of the red ork squad is done, all of them have their arms glued on and just need eyes, teeth, and a detail or two picked out.

A bit of a side project Ive been working on is a base for one of my Fighta Bommas. The image I have in mind is a bit of a battlefield diorama with IG defense lines and a couple guardmen scattered about it.

And so, Ive spent a bit on an IG guy here, posed to get him running in fear

So, I do like the pose, however it shows that its been a long time since painting my last face. I need to figure out how to paint human flesh a little better- this is just killin me >< But i suppose, its all a learning experience, aye?

I definitely would welcome any tips!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/11/27 03:22:44

Post by: Ramos Asura

Popping in to wish all you guys around here a very happy (somewhat belated) Tanks-giving!

Hehe... this one in particular just proved to me that I still have a ways to go on my army

I taught two of my little brothers how to play, and had a great time at the family house. Heh the younger one even managed to beat me!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/11/27 03:31:37

Post by: whalemusic360

Nice, always good to share the knowledge. Because knowing is half the battle! GO JOE!

Good IG btw. As much as skin sucks, I think the face is quite good. Little cross eyed, but it happens.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/12/12 18:40:46

Post by: Ramos Asura

And at long Last- PROGRESS!

No more of them spikey-ladz or squishy 'Umies --- Now we Got some ORKZ!

Well... sorta.
This little guy's gonna stand in as an ammo runt for my SAG Mek. I need to find some better flat-coat, as hes a little glossy still (though not quite as much as the light makes them appear in these pics)

I experimented a bit with my picture-taking area, and managed to get something a little bit serviceable. Its not perfect, but I suppose its a lot neater than my messy desk in the background! Just need to work on lighting.

I have also completed a good number of lootas (building-wise, not painting), 5 of GW's stock models, and 4 of my own "looted" designs.

The first is the one ive shown here already:

Next up is one constructed mostly of some loose loota parts (bitz box ate one of them, apparently):

Next, a crowd favorite at my local game store. Hes one of my favorites too, and I kinda want a couple more of him! Only problem is that no bitz place anywhere sells the missile packs!! So if any of you would happen to have any missile packs from the SM Drop Pod kit, and are willing to part with them, pleeeeeeease gimmie a shout

Finally, one that was inspired by my buddy's Eldar Fire Prism, and a random idea:

He still needs more to him (including a left arm), but Ive no clue what I should add. Any ideas?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2010/12/13 02:49:02

Post by: whalemusic360

I has no ideas for you. I do however have several of the missile launchers (3 i think?). Shoot me a pm, we can figure out something.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/03 01:59:15

Post by: Ramos Asura

Happy New Year Dakka!
Hope you guys have had a great holiday season, and are enjoying the loot!

As to myself, Christmas has left me with a bunch of new 40k stuff, including something that Ive wanted for years now--


This appeared at my doorstep over the weekend, and I gotta say Im really excited!!
Ever since I was a little kid painting military models (and not very well at that) Ive wanted one, and now I have its limitless potential at my fingertips!!! (Well..... soon as I figure out how to use it )

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/03 02:25:04

Post by: bunnygurl

Congrats on the airbrush! I've wanted one for a while now so I'm super jealous.

Just found your thread btw and I'm enjoying your work. Typhus is my favorite by far. Very beautiful and Nurgly painting.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/03 20:19:35

Post by: Ramos Asura

Beautiful and Nurgly.

Now that's a confliction of terms that Im honored to hear Many thanks!
He continues to be something of a masterpiece as far as my work goes, as he is one of the few models Ive managed to paint recently! Plus the model is just so damn COOL! So many details and awesome little bits on him (i love the nurglings).

I hope you stick around, much more is yet to come!!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/03 20:24:02

Post by: bunnygurl

I am glued.

...No really....super glue is a biatch!

j.k. =P I'm watching your thread.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/08 17:14:45

Post by: Ramos Asura

So there has been little progress on painting, classes have started, so I was busily running around all week ><
I did, however, manage to work on a bit of a concept vehicle (most of the drawing done durin class ). Its from IA 8, called a "Mekboy Junka".

For those who may be lacking the book, it is essentially an open-topped rhino (can take ard case), armor 11 on front and sides, and armor 10 on the back. included standard are grot riggers and your choice or Ram, Grabba Klaw, Wreckin ball, or Deff Rolla. (Its very easy to see which one im gonna choose ). It is not a fast vehicle, but has an ability that allows it to be treated as one for 1 turn (just dont roll a 1 or its immobilized!)
Armament is 3 big shootas, that can be upgraded to skorchas for free, RL's for 5 each, TL big shootas for 10 each or TL RL's or KMB's for 15 each.
You also can choose to give it "Speshul Gear", which includes a Supa Skorcha (S6 AP3 flamer), Big Zappa (Zap gun with D3 shots), 2 Grot bomms, a KFF, or a turret SAG.

It can be taken as an elites choice or as a dedicated transport for a big mek. Points cost is 65pts base

So now onto the model itself!

(the vindicator top is not glued on, just sticky-tacked)

In the fluff, it says that a Junka is a testbed for a Mek's creations, so I figured making it out of a looted vehicle would fit the bill. I plan to have this pulling a trailer filled with assorted debris and use it as a base for the KFF, when i choose to equip it (otherwise its a snotling pen, transport box, junk storage for spare parts, etc.)

Right now it is the length of a trukk (normal one, not my long trukks), and is a little shorter than it height-wise. with the trailer itll probably be about the same length

Now Im pondering what do do with it. Im at something of a "Loota's Block", I dunno really what to do (what to add, change etc...)

One of my big questions is should the 'Ard Case (white plasticard) stay as is, or be widened to sit flush with the rhino's sides?
Other thoughts and suggestions are welcome as well!!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/08 22:06:30

Post by: diarrhea attendant

It'll look good either way, but i think making it look like a big box would be more orky. but then again, you would have to stick more bits and stuff on the sides if you did that. great vehicle though!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/08 22:35:28

Post by: Ramos Asura

Your name gave me a good laugh
Very much appreciated on the input!

I didnt want the "box" to be too large, and end up looking silly (even for orks)

Perhaps I'll keep the main body of it like it is so far, and build on a "bulge" of sorts? Sorta like sponsons in shape

Im going to add a wrecker crane on the right side of it, too- also like a sponson. (I think we've just found the secret word-of-the-day xD )

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/09 01:52:48

Post by: whalemusic360

Im withholding judgment until it is further along. Looks promising though.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/09 15:52:40

Post by: Ramos Asura

Got more done yesterday, worked on it for most of the day, actually. Its so relaxing, just kicking back and building something. Even caught up on a bit of Anime (yes, ladies and gents, I am a nerd), and rediscovered Mushishi and Kino's Journey, both of which I would recommend even to someone who isn't into anime. Kino's Journey is especially good for this, as its a very relaxed yet philosophical story.
But I digress, I wont make this into a rambling about anime, its time for 40k!

And a detail shot of the roof and hood:

The storm bolter will likely stand as a big shoota, with weapon swaps available, of course. The Whirlwind/Razorback bit will be where the "Speshul Gear" will go.
Today Im hoping to get the crane sponson done, and maybe the back panel. I have a Devilfish back hatch prepared for it, so I need only really fit it in and fill the rest of the panel with gubbins.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/10 22:25:31

Post by: Ramos Asura

And more progress today!!

Firstly, I played with my airbrush, painting the Pulsa Rokkit from so many months ago:
Not much to show really, Its... Red

The Junka on the other hand has gotten a few more bitz on it, as well as the crane for the most part is done.

I dont know if I should put a big shoota/gun mount on the crane turret. I need to fit 3 on here, so i dunno where I can put em.

C&C Wanted and always appreciated!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/10 22:40:34

Post by: moonshine

You're models are great. Can you put up a picture of the ard boyz when they're painted, i'm doing the same thing and i'm curious to see what other peoples looked like

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/10 23:18:48

Post by: Ramos Asura

Many thanks moonshine!

The 'Ard Boyz outta the Black Orcs, Right?
To be honest, I had sorta forgotten them
They had seemed rather large (very close to Nobz) and I didn't know if the project was worth it. I suppose, though, it wouldn't hurt. Theyre already half-way done anyways so why not finish em?

My concept was really just to beef up some boy slugga arms with greenstuff, and use the swords and ccw's that came with the Black Orcs.
For the two-handed ones I used the 2-hand axes and such and just gave them a sidearm from the ork Runtherd sprue.

Ill be sure to post a picture of them when they're finished. Ive got a couple projects goin before that, but definitely keep an eye out here!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/10 23:27:27

Post by: moonshine

I agree the black ork kit is fantastic for 40k. the two handed weapons are great for making tank hammers and the head can be used all over the ork army. I thought they were too big for ard boyz aswell but if you stick a nob in the squad they don't look so big. I hope you finish them imo it would take orks a while to save up for ard armour and whilst saving up they get bigger. The rest of you're stuff is awesome btw, definatly the re-insperation i needed

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/13 23:53:20

Post by: btemple0

Orky teck is so fun to work with, anyways great Pulsa-Rokkit

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/15 20:14:30

Post by: Ramos Asura

Many thanks btemple0! Ill have it painted up soon, definitely stick around!

Progress on the Junka continues!

I took away the Storm bolter on top, and instead replaced it with a Mek- essentially the "Kommanda" of the tank! I figured it would help in distancing the model from being confused for a battlewagon.
I wanted a Cybork arm on him, as what sort of Mek wouldnt have a bit of "speshul upgrades" on him?

Also, I Built a Deffrolla for it- Removable in the case that I want to take a plain old Ram instead:

Finally, Ive started work on the KFF option for it- Still needs plenty of Orky TLC:

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/16 16:16:13

Post by: Ramos Asura

I had a thought on this a little bit ago...

What if I took Tau Drones, and looted them, then put them on thin wire so they're "flying" around the Junka? This could stand in for the big shootas/etc.

What do you think? Would it look silly?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/16 16:53:31

Post by: ridin_qwerty

Could look cool. I say go for it
btw awesome stuff here. consider me subscribed!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/01/16 21:18:16

Post by: bunnygurl

Spikey spikey rolly rolly!! LOVE the spikey spikey rolly rolly deffrolla!!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/08 00:20:33

Post by: Ramos Asura

Im not dead!

Contracted a bit of Nurgles rot, but I seem to have made most of a recovery (Id like to thank the local Painboyz for the recovery and limited dental work)

So yes! A week of Strep throat and a week of the flu really killed my hobby time, including work on the Junka. I have, however, managed to get some work done on the turret-mounted SAG. Still a WiP, and needs a great deal more worky bitz and power gubbins, but thanks to a buddy of mine, Ive got a good selection of power bitz!

Future plans on this guy are gonna have to be pushed back- Im goin to a tourney here around the end of the month, so I have 3 weeks (prolly less) to get a bunch of stuff built up- Including a completely scratchbuilt Kustom Meka Dred!
Updates soon!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/08 03:47:01

Post by: whalemusic360

You doing the "Hobbiest Event"?

SAG is looking good!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/08 15:23:44

Post by: Ramos Asura

I think so. Its at the Comic shop Plus (or something, sorry) in Newark. My buddy signed me up a little bit ago (hes chaoticenforcer on here) and i kinda didnt pay it much attention until now.
I kinda went under the whole "AAAAAHHH!!!! BY THE EMPEROR'S GOLDEN CODPIECE I HAVE TOO MUCH WORK TO DO!!!!" recently...

My list i built (asking the TO if its an ok list to run) requires me to build an ungodly number of brand new kits, and I have none of them ><
This includes the aforementioned Meka Dread. To this point I only have the main shape of his body and a foot. yes. A foot.

I got a loooong way to go O_o

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/08 18:06:41

Post by: whalemusic360

I'm trying to talk someone into going with me. If I can, I will be going to that one as well. I went last year and had a blast, though got the 2nd lowest sportsmanship score, I was trying to be friendly as well. Guess winning 2 games with dark angels doesnt help.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/08 18:59:34

Post by: Ramos Asura

Yeah man i definitely hope to see ya there!
Hehe itd be pretty cool to meet up with the face behind the name! Definitely let me know!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/11 18:18:43

Post by: Ramos Asura

And so Im free!
School is officially over (except exams on Monday *groan*), so now its time for a little 40k!

Work on the Meka Dread progressed slow, due much to constant school and essay writing, however I did manage to get a little bit done on it:

Hey look! Its now a foot tall.
Get it?
hehe "foot".... erm.... Ill shut up now.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/12 17:11:28

Post by: Ramos Asura

Work on the Meka Dread continues!

Nothing to show for it yet, however while waiting for glue to dry, I looted a sentinel I happened to have lying around.
For the most part Im done, though battle damage and perhaps an armor plate or two more will be added. Ill need him as a Killa Kan in 2 weeks, and I need to build plenty more xD

The one question I have, is How should I "orkify" the chicken legs?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/12 21:05:17

Post by: Arakasi

Needs armour plates/glyphs! You could probably use shoulder pads on the toes - but you might need something bigger for the legs. Maybe some more pistons?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/12 21:47:26

Post by: Boyz "R" Us

Looted Sentinel/Killa Kan looks great so far, maybe beef up the legs a bit, as has been suggested.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/12 22:26:30

Post by: Commander Cain

Such creativity! All of your models are stunning and full of small details that really set them apart from the crowd. Looking forward to seeing the meka dread complete, it looks like a really promising build!


Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/13 22:39:51

Post by: Ramos Asura

Arakasi wrote:Needs armour plates/glyphs! You could probably use shoulder pads on the toes - but you might need something bigger for the legs. Maybe some more pistons?

More Pistons, More Armor, definitely doable. And I never thought of using shoulder pads on the toes!
Ill have to see what I can rig up. I have a feeling the main body will look more complete when I put on a CCW arm and the Grotzooka, but the legs'll need a bit of tlc from my Meks.
Although the Meka Dread is causing a bit of a stir with my Mekboyz, so I dunno how much work Ill actually get done on this lil guy!

Boyz "R" Us wrote:Looted Sentinel/Killa Kan looks great so far, maybe beef up the legs a bit, as has been suggested.

Many thanks!!
And think, I was gonna try to make this into a Deff dread! That is, until I saw the weedy little chicken legs ><

Commander Cain wrote:Such creativity! All of your models are stunning and full of small details that really set them apart from the crowd. Looking forward to seeing the meka dread complete, it looks like a really promising build!


Thanks Cain, I really try to make my army stand out. Details have become my favorite part of 40k models, and I usually end up spending many hours on something that really is insignificant (for example, most of the detail that im putting on my Boyz).
Definitely keep an eye on here- the Meka Dread will grow!

Progress on the feet continues!
While I was studying for Stats and Geography exams tomorrow (I look forward to neither of them ><* ) I managed to put more detail on the feet. Their main structure is done, and I managed to work out a piston system for the "heel". I need to swing out back to Hobbytown to get more sizes of tubes, then Im gonna build pistons for the toes. I think I have a concept of how to build the legs too- Sorta loosely based on how the legs are on the SM Dread.
This project is nuts (easily one of my biggest scratchbuilds), but I think I might just be able to get him done for the 26th!

Well, Im back to studying- Thanks for reading!!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/13 22:43:39

Post by: Commander Cain

Coming along nicely, good luck in those exams! You are not the only one who should be studying

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/14 16:25:47

Post by: rockystop123

Great stuff as always, looking forward to seeing what comes from those feet. What kind of paint job were you thinking for it?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/14 16:29:47

Post by: a small waagh

Looks very promising (and i wonder how everyone makes their plasticard look so amazing!), good luk on you Stats exam, it has to be by far the worst subject!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/14 16:47:40

Post by: Ramos Asura

Finished my Geography exam in 45 minutes (so easy). Missed a couplea questions, but I got an essay back from the professor- one I completely BS'ed- and I couldnt believe my grade. 9.5/10

Now Im stuck here for 5 blasted hours until my stats final. Its such a waste of time ><' I shoulda brought something to work on....

@Cain: Much appreciated! (now go study!) *ahem* I mean go paint some minis! For truly that is the path to enlightenment!

@rockystop: Thanks man. I have high hopes for this beastie. No clue on paint scheme quite yet- I dont even know what the final model will look like yet xD
Ive no clue how im gonna paint any of my walkers (save for one, Gurren Lagann Kan!). I guess Ill have to see how things roll out for him.

@a small waagh: I dont know whats worse about it: the math parts or the fact that a good portion of the first half of the class was remedial math >< People raising their hands about FREAKING PIE CHARTS!!!!
I did a good deal of number crunching, and so Ive figured out I only need a 50% on the final to get a 70% on the class.... and the final is 30% of the grade
So Im pretty happy. Ill do my best, but I like having that safety net!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/14 17:13:13

Post by: whalemusic360

Are you on break next week, or did you already have it? Anyways, remember that you have to get everything at least primed for the event, so get crackin!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/14 18:03:13

Post by: Ramos Asura

@WM360 Yup yup! Im on break all next week- so after tonight, Im gonna be completely free!! (for 2 weeks, at least).
And yeah, I remeber that. Its gonna kill me if I cant get my stuff ready in time.

Man I knew I shoulda brought something to work on ><;;;

So I suppose Ill put up a counter to track progress:

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/14 19:58:36

Post by: whalemusic360

I have to get a few things done as well. My goal is to have even few models on the table this time then last, which was 26 total. I think I have 20 this go around.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/20 15:53:02

Post by: Ramos Asura


And the pressure is on here at Asura's Workbench! With only 6 days to go before the tournament, there is still much to do!

==> Build Meka Dread (legs built)
==> 9 Deff Dreads (one partially assembled)
==> Finish building 10 Killa Kans - including Custom Grotzooka arms (supplies collected)

So as we can see- LOTS to go yet!

Progress continues at a great pace for the Meka Dread, and now it stands on its own two supa-stompy feet!

A comparison shot.

closeup of the upper legs

Detail shot of left lower leg and foot.

Detail shot of base- the best use for Tau

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/20 16:53:50

Post by: Arakasi

Quite a wide waist you've got going there...

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/20 16:56:56

Post by: CaptainRavenclaw

Love it, great to see the detail of your scratch builds as you progress through them. keep up the great work!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/20 19:12:06

Post by: Ramos Asura

Arakasi wrote:Quite a wide waist you've got going there...

I had noticed that too. Good? Bad?
He is a bit fat, but i think once the arms are on they'll balance out. Kinda jumped the gun on gluin him to the base, and true to bein me I never measured

s.j.mccartney wrote:Love it, great to see the detail of your scratch builds as you progress through them. keep up the great work!

Many many thanks!
I try to have a ton of detail in the final product, and thats whats killin me in the tourney. Everything has to be primed, and I dont like priming till i finish the model, sooooo.... this should be interesting ><

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/20 19:48:03

Post by: WillyBRags

it's like...giant plastic deffdread=AWESOME...how thick is the plasticard you are using...and how do you cut it?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/20 19:57:18

Post by: Arakasi

Ramos Asura wrote:
Arakasi wrote:Quite a wide waist you've got going there...

I had noticed that too. Good? Bad?
He is a bit fat, but i think once the arms are on they'll balance out.
It looks too wide at the moment, but I don't know what you have planned. But, if you can see it (and it matters to you), then you can at least work towards minimising or eliminating it It's definitely not an issue yet - just a concern (and only mine at that)

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/20 21:09:05

Post by: whalemusic360

Thats an ambitious goal for something that has to be done at 11:00 in 5 1/2 days. Your doing a kan wall then? You'll crush me if we get to play.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/20 22:13:58

Post by: Ramos Asura

WillyBRags wrote:it's like...giant plastic deffdread=AWESOME...how thick is the plasticard you are using...and how do you cut it?

I use multiple sizes: .125, .25, .5, and 1 mm thick.
Then tubes I use all sorts and sizes, the list is too long to mention
As far as cutting goes, I use a #11 exacto knife and a small metal ruler. For bigger pieces i have this Fiskars paper cutter that cuts roughly straight edges.

Arakasi wrote:
Ramos Asura wrote:
Arakasi wrote:Quite a wide waist you've got going there...

I had noticed that too. Good? Bad?
He is a bit fat, but i think once the arms are on they'll balance out.
It looks too wide at the moment, but I don't know what you have planned. But, if you can see it (and it matters to you), then you can at least work towards minimising or eliminating it It's definitely not an issue yet - just a concern (and only mine at that)

*nod nod*
I gots a vishun... Gork 'n Mork came inna dream or somefin'
Big, killy, stompy...

whalemusic360 wrote:Thats an ambitious goal for something that has to be done at 11:00 in 5 1/2 days. Your doing a kan wall then? You'll crush me if we get to play.

I find that the TO put it best:
"Sounds like Kan Wall on Steroids"

Nothing in this list has wounds, nothing has AV under 11 (not counting kan back armor)
Its looking nasty

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/20 22:39:42

Post by: whalemusic360

I dont know the rules on the big guy, but you might have problems with DE or BA, that can move fast and get strong shots off. Maybe even crons, if MegaDave plays his.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/20 22:50:06

Post by: Ramos Asura

13 armor front and side, 12 back. 5+ invuln, armed with a KFF and a gun that shoots a small blast that i think is S8 AP5 and you can re-roll armor pen. also is pinning Then he has a Wreckin Klaw which adds +1 to Damage rolls, and he has Mek tools which gives +2 attacks on charge and allows him to fix vehicles.
I think he is like 250 pts? i gotta recheck. Plus hes the HQ choice xD

MegaDave doesnt play his Crons anymore- sold em to chaotic_enforcer here on Dakka. Both of em are good friends of mine so we talk tactica alot.
chaotic is taking the crons to the tourney (and yeah, im not lookin forward to playin them xD )

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/20 22:58:49

Post by: whalemusic360

That's kinda a cop out to play an army at a hobbyist event that he didn't make/paint, unless he repainted em.
I thought about using the Lucius Pattern drop pods and making a BA Dreadnought list of drop assaulting doucheness, but wasn't sure if I'd have to get the FW dread pods or not, so not this time.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/21 02:41:14

Post by: schank23

Love your work. Conversions are looking very nice. Heck more scratch build that conversions. But again very nice cant wait to see more.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/27 02:01:31

Post by: Ramos Asura

@ schank23: Many many thanks! Hes gotten a bit more on him, but I havent had time to post more pics xD


Well that was fun! Had a great time, even though I was unable to play. I got to meet WM and a bunch of other really nice guys.
I had very little of my army done, and couldn't get a good list built with what I had.

Running on no sleep since noon yesterday- spent all night building grotzookas and junk xD

Ill give more updates after i get some food and some sleep.

One note of awesomeness: I placed first in the single miniature painting competition! Im really excited- there were a lot of really talented painters in the competition!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/03/27 02:36:11

Post by: whalemusic360

Indeed it was. I will be posting pics on monday when I have more bandwidth, including (I think) your winning model.

I can also assure people that in person with the torso on (wip anyways) it doesn't look overly wide.

Also just noticed your avatar is a .gif, has it always been like that?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/04/17 18:16:04

Post by: Ramos Asura

@ WM: Yup yup! Its a really subtle animation... something from when i used to do photoshop A LOT!

OK! So Im back again! (Or am I?) Dont worry, the layers of dust are part of a science experiment! (Or are they?) And I come bearing news of continued Ork goodness! (Or do I?)

The answers to these increasingly common questions (in no particular order) are: "Yes", "Maybe", and "Dont touch that, Ill finish it as soon as the research grant comes through!"

Progress does continue on the Meka Dread, and his legs have been 99% finished and primed (in hopes that itll get more tooth for drybrushing). Also, all parts of this beast are magnetized!

His left arm (the Rippa Klaw) still has a ways to go as far as beefing it up with armor goes.

The Shunta arm:

The Mek-face

Hes gonna get a proppa set of Orky Jaws (thats that faceplate) as well as a suitably Mek-ey "eye" setup on his right side.

The "Powa-Pakk":

This is gonna get a bit more lovin from the Meks. More armor, and a better integration into the main body.

And finally, some Fixin' Arms:

These sit on the same side of the Dread as the Rippa Klaw- You can probably see where the holes for the pins are in the pics.

So y'see Im not completely goofing off!
Ive been workin on random projects here and there- though school is starting to be quite the bother!

Ah, and before I go, A little Teaser for you guys:


Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/04/17 18:27:36

Post by: moonshine

that looks really, really, really, really, really, really cool

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/04/17 18:49:03

Post by: whalemusic360

That looks surprisingly similar to when I saw it in person. You know, a month ago? Slacker

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/04/17 18:52:53

Post by: samwellfrm

I love your work.

I'm also looting your sentinel Kan idea.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/04/18 16:22:52

Post by: Ramos Asura

@ moonshine: Many thanks, man. Just wait till theyre finished!

@ WM: Shhhhhhhh!!! Im trying to make it seem like I was actually doing something
But yeah... since youve seen it last it hasnt progressed much- lovely school has seen that i dont get time to build stuff as much ><

@ samwellfrm: Thanks! And feel free! Thats what orks do, right? build off each others' ideas and creativity to build all new things! (that and fighting of course, but that is neither here nor there...)

So yea!
I got a little more work done on that little teaser project (mostly the base) and may I present to you:

The Meka-Fex!

This is something I have wanted to do for a long long time, almost since I fist started up my army!
My friend was getting rid of a bunch of his Nid stuff, so naturally I took a look, and at a bargain deal I got a pair of Fexes and a hive tyrant!
The other two are currently untouched (in the holding pens, as it were), but this guy got hit full force with the Mek-Hammer.

Im gonna be using them as Deff Dreads (often running them all three in a squad, ala the nid codex) and they will be modeled in three flavors- Freshly Looted, where the big bug still has alot of his own skin left, "New Gubbins" where the Fex is a larger portion metal, and finally "Da' MekaFex" (this guy) which has been around long enough (or been "repaired" enough) to have become more machine than bug.

The MekaFex will be modeled as a Dread with 3 CCW's and a Skorcha:

Building this guy has given me inspiration on how I want to base my army, too!

Im going for an ash waste industrial scheme, with plenty of rusting metal and mysterious green goo (martial arts-trained reptiles sold seperately).

C&C Welcome and appreciated-- Thanks for reading!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/04/18 17:53:23

Post by: ridin_qwerty

So cool!
I cant wait to see that finished!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/04/18 18:15:33

Post by: samwellfrm

I've always loved the idea of looting tyranids. The mekafex looks great.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
I've always loved the idea of looting tyranids. The mekafex looks great.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/04/18 21:49:02

Post by: whalemusic360

Poor carni, we barely knew ye. I like it. Looks more like a looted nid then most of them we see, that are orks riding random nid with 2 wires in their head.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/04/18 22:01:42

Post by: schank23

HA I love it. Cant wait to see it painted and I have to agree with WH. One of the best lotted nids I've seen.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/04/20 17:17:08

Post by: Ramos Asura

@qwerty: Thanks! Keepan eye out around here- Paint is gonna come soon! (Im gettin a little impatient myself!!)

@samwellfrm: This guy has been a long time coming- his concept has been living in my head for well over 2 years now!

@WM: Yeah I know the type- I was kinda considering doing the other fex similar to that (that'd be "Fresh Loot"), with a Grot on a fishing pole in front of its head.
I still may implement that (though a bit more metal than previously planned) and I gotta do somethin special with the Hive tyrant!! (thoughts anyone?)

@schank: Thank ya Thank ya! I really have enjoyed buildin him!

No pics of the MekaFex right now (will post some tonight), but Ive got a couple more armor plates on him- mostly in the chest region. im going for sort of a Tony Stark-esque chest for him, with a glowy bit of some sort upon his chest (oooh... Object source lighting anyone?)

Also present are armored thigh-pads. Legs are being beefed up presently, and will recieve cabling and more armor.

Until next time!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/04/20 18:03:53

Post by: whalemusic360

Looted Swarmlord with 4 orky boneswords (deff copta plades maybe?). Make it so.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/04/21 23:29:52

Post by: IceAngel

Nice Ramos, that nid contraption is awesome. Can't wait to see more!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/04/22 00:01:40

Post by: monkeytroll

Very cool, looking forward to seeing the three of them

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/06/28 17:11:05

Post by: Ramos Asura

whalemusic360 wrote:Looted Swarmlord with 4 orky boneswords (deff copta plades maybe?). Make it so.

A good plan, a good plan

IceAngel wrote:Nice Ramos, that nid contraption is awesome. Can't wait to see more!

Thanks Ice! More are definitely on the way!

monkeytroll wrote:Very cool, looking forward to seeing the three of them

Thanks monkeytroll!

Ive a good plan for the remaining Fex and Da Swarmlord. Combining several ideas from here and my FLGS. Should prove to be a pretty awesome trio!

But as to my absence first and foremost:
Its been hectic around here to say the least >< Moved to ANOTHER new apartment, and will be doing so again in late august. So most of my stuff is staying locked away in boxes.
40k however, managed to unpack itself, and in my disappearance from Dakka, Ive actually made a fair bit of progress!


Im not 100% on the paint on the talons- in retrospect i should have painted it THEN put the plates of armor on it!

Legs both got a little beefier:

Da Meka-Arm:

A close up of the exhausts, details of the patina ive been playing around with on brass parts.

And his base:

From here, there is little more to go. Mostly it is the teeth and spines that need painted, and the purple armor plates need finished as well. Then its a bunch of weathering, especially the bare metal surfaces (legs, arm, etc.)
I want some of those weathering powders like MIG pigments so I can rust up the legs and give them more depth.
Then I want to go all over the model and sponge-weather the metal following a tutorial ive found online.

So yeah! Thats what Ive been up to xD
Thoughts? Comments?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/06/28 17:35:07

Post by: whalemusic360

Its a good thing you dont work fast, it would make me feel really inadequate at both modeling and painting to often. The only thing im not 100% on is the patina. Seems like to much of it atm. Maybe once you get the rest weathered up, it'll be good.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/06/28 17:36:01

Post by: Arakasi

Looking great!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/06/28 20:46:07

Post by: monkeytroll

Definitely looking good with a lick of paint on

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/06/28 21:01:11

Post by: bigfish


wow, your meka dread is just wow. really liking this whole thread, very nice carni convert as well.


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Post by: Ramos Asura

whalemusic360 wrote:Its a good thing you dont work fast, it would make me feel really inadequate at both modeling and painting to often. The only thing im not 100% on is the patina. Seems like to much of it atm. Maybe once you get the rest weathered up, it'll be good.

Hahaha Thanks dude. And yeah, I can see what you mean on the patina. Its the only "weathering" thats currently on the model right now (other than the pseudo-rusting metal effect gained by drybrushing over tin bitz, so it stands out much more than if it was on another model. Also it seems a bit brighter than normally- I mix it a little different each time it seems, so i get a varied array of results. still tryin to figure out optimum mixture. Hopefully itll all blend together once I get my hands on those weathering powders and weather everything.

Arakasi wrote: Looking great!

monkeytroll wrote:Definitely looking good with a lick of paint on

Many many thanks you two! Im excited hes getting more progress on him! Now I just have to build another one and then a looted tyrant and Ill have a funny little trio to play with.

bigfish wrote::O

wow, your meka dread is just wow. really liking this whole thread, very nice carni convert as well.


thanks a bunch bigfish, and welcome to the blog!
I still got a bit of work to do in the Meka-Dread yet, so maybe that'll be my next big project. Definitely stay tuned!!

Right now im experimenting with OSL and painting up my Big Mek with SAG (Yes, yes, another model Ive started but have yet to finish XD) Hell be done soon, though. Ill pop up WiP shots of him tomorrow when the light in my room is a bit better.

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Post by: Ramos Asura

I know I said Id post shots of my Shokk Attack Mek, but curiosity got the best of me

After playing with my airbrush for a little, basecoating the MekaFex, as well as some of my friend's Nids and Pink Horrors, I wanted to try somethin a bit more fancy.
So taking after our favorite Mantis Warrior, Gitsplitta, I experimented with Color Modulation.

First off..... Yes. It is a purple killa kan.
Secondly... No. Im not on drugs. Purple was a color I wanted to play with xD

Thoughts, comments, and criticisms?
Any tips on airbrushing?

Thanks for reading!!

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Post by: IceAngel

Freaking Awesome.


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Post by: bigfish

very very smooth finish... (just use it as a free booter kan when its done)

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Post by: whalemusic360

I want a game with/against these guys when they are done. So get on it!
You could use the looted nids as a starting point for regular nids too. Make the synapse creatures all looted, you'd be golden!

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Post by: Ramos Asura

IceAngel wrote:Freaking Awesome.

Thanks Ice!! I might even get an army running before the next ice age xD
was actually rather speedy!

bigfish wrote:very very smooth finish... (just use it as a free booter kan when its done)

thanks! Yeah I wanted to see a purple Kan, as its a primary armor color of my army. With how this cuy turned out, I may just paint up my whole army of Kanz and dredz like this! (naturally with some tone variation and one or two odd ones of different color)

What are your guys' thoughts on that? y/n?

whalemusic360 wrote:I want a game with/against these guys when they are done. So get on it!
You could use the looted nids as a starting point for regular nids too. Make the synapse creatures all looted, you'd be golden!

Absolutely man! Im hoping to get these guys armed by september or whenever the next Hobby Tourney is in Newark. So we shall see. We shall see indeed

And i did actually give thought to starting up nids, cuz heck! Ill have alot of the models xD
One army at a time tho, well play it by ear xD

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Post by: Ramos Asura

So got some pics taken of my SAG Mek. Hes still WiP, so Ive a little more to do on him yet.

And the SAG itself, with my first OSL attempt:

And a close up of the screen/OSL:

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Post by: samwellfrm

Very awesome stuff. I find it very exciting.

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Post by: whalemusic360

OSL came out good. Its hard to find a good balance, and I'm still not sold on it as a whole.

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Post by: Ramos Asura

samwellfrm wrote:Very awesome stuff. I find it very exciting.

Thanks sam- I, too, find it pretty exciting. In building and painting these guys Ive been trying to use more and more techniques. Learning quite a bit throughout the process!
whalemusic360 wrote:OSL came out good. Its hard to find a good balance, and I'm still not sold on it as a whole.

I definitely hear ya. its an odd technique- one that looks sorta unnatural. I dont think ill do much of it. mostly this guy was a test to see just if I could do it. I can. Sorta. But we'll see where it goes from here.

Onto the update!
I have a job now, which means I can actually buy stuff! Unfortunately it means I have no free time!!

I did manage to pick up weathering powders the other day, and now the MekaFex One is nearing completion. Just have sponge weathering to do.
This was my first venture into rust powders, and they truly are really useful. Its just getting it to look right is the problem. Please let me know how i did!

And Here is where Im gonna focus on sponge weathering-

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Post by: justhuman

That Mekafex is awesome! I love the weathering, good job. That is making me think that now I have to get weathering powder to play with...

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Post by: Arakasi

Looking good to me!

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Post by: samwellfrm

Very nice. I think I might get some rust powder now.

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Post by: Ramos Asura

The powder adds a new level to painting, definitely. Takes some time to learn, but its looking to be worth it. My kit came with a bunch of colors, some of which are strange, like blue and green- no clue what those can be used for.

I havent really done anything to MekaFex One- havent been in a mood to paint lately.
Although I did start work on the MekaFex Two (nearly finished with it, actually).

These are older pictures (he actually just got primer on him this morning) but you get the gist of things. I decided on a different direction with "Two".

And finally, the replacement "Scything Talon"-- NOW WITH CHAINSAWS!

Current version has engine and exhausts towards the back of it, as well as more teeth on the chainsaw (you can never have enough!).

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Post by: Gitsplitta

This is the coolest idea I've seen in a long time Ramos... really well done bud!


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Post by: bigfish

I think the pilot on the 2nd one is going to just make that conversion, although are you going to add anything like a head, a jaw for example in orky metal on the front or something similar?

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Post by: Ramos Asura

Hehehe Thanks you guys! Im glad hes getting such a warm reception.

As to your question bigfish- Ya hes got a pair of big ol teeth on him now, as well as two sets of headlight "eyes". Hes got a lot more details on him now like rivets and wires, as well as a "Krushin' Klaw" to match his organic one.
Im about to head into work right now (*groan*) so I cant post pics, but Ill get some up prolly tomorrow morning.

Thanks a ton for reading!!

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Post by: monkeytroll

#1 looking great, powders look good.

#2 coming together nicely. Nice scything chainsaw

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Post by: whalemusic360

Seriously, whole nid/ork army like this for Hobbyist Event 2012, and you already have my vote.

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Post by: Ramos Asura

monkeytroll: Thanks man! I still have much to learn, but so far the powders are treating me well. I definitely recommend em!

WM: Its certainly tempting... I have been giving it alot of thought lately, and the results are only serving to egg me on further. I dont kniow if Ill have a total OrkNid/TyranOrk army by then, but these guys ad a couplea other conversions will be done and ready!
On one hand, I want to do "looted Nids"- the conversion oppertunities are epic... but on the other hand, they dont have that same feel behind em as my orks. For the moment, these three will remain as some of the only bugs in my army- somethin of a Big Mek's Zoo. After I get a total army running, I am thinking Ill definitely look into a full conversion army.

As promised, here are some updated pics of the MekaFex Two: you'll notice he is getting the Behemoth scheme on him (or rather whats left of him )

the one thing im not 100% sold on is the big yellow lamp "eye". It sorta looks a little too OTT... even for orks.
Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

Thanks for reading!!

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Post by: IceAngel

The lamp is perfect! It is exactly what orks need so they can, "spot da humies"

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/08/08 14:04:38

Post by: whalemusic360

Looks just silly, no way it would ever work. Perfect for orks in other words

Are you plucking each on from a different Hive Fleet?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/08/08 16:20:06

Post by: Ramos Asura

Haha thanks you two.
I knew I had wanted a lamp os some sort, but didnt have any of the bitz available. All I had was a bunch of the cityfight building parts.
I am glad it seems fitting. Im just still feeling edgy about it. Maybe after I finish him, Ill see if that puts my concerns to rest.

And WM: Yeah, really its just a case of "Hey I want to paint a Nid of Hive Fleet X or Hive Fleet Y. No real rhyme or reason in it, other than it shares a color in common with my extant ork scheme.
Still no clue at all on what to paint the Meka Tyrant (MekaRant...? he needs a name xD ).

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Post by: DeathGod

So what happened here? Some crazy Painboss took a bolter round to the cranium, got inspired, and sewed a spare head from a dead Mek onto the shoulder of a Pigdok?

Awesome stuff, man.

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Post by: monkeytroll

Nice as always Ramos, the chainsaw looks great with paint on. Once it's all painted up I think you'll like th over-sized lamp as much as the rest of us

And I'm really digging the idea of a Mek Zoo

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Post by: whalemusic360

How about "Da Mekabug Boss"?

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Post by: schank23

That is pure awesomeness. One day the green skins or in your case the red skins will rule all. Good stuff.

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Post by: Ramos Asura


The plan here is to have a console of sorts for the middle guy to smash buttons on. Im gonna have one of the spotter grots ("Grotters"?) with some form of radio setup. Hmm come to think of it perhaps Ill give all of them some sorta headset... That remains to be decided i guess xD

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Post by: Dannyrevv

I like th elamp eye too!, kinda reminds me of these guys

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/08/14 16:39:26

Post by: Ramos Asura

@Danny: It took me a little bit to see that image- It denied me access for some reason or another.
This is what i found after some digging, and youre right, it DOES look like em!

Just so you know, you instantly have a gold star for referencing the original Transformers

Worked more on Da' Bug Boss:
It was only just as I began assembling his legs that I realized I would have an issue: The guy I got it from gave me two left legs!! Some cutting, sawing, sanding, and greenstuff later, and i think i have a reasonably convincing solution.

Now brings a question of painting? (I find its best to start thinking on it early xD )
=> What hive fleet should I pull the Tyrant from? I have Leviathan and Behemoth now (both in their own way fitting in with my extant ork paint scheme), so whats next?
=> What should I paint the Grots like? I dont know if I want them red (I like makin the smaller greenskins brighter-toned usually) and them being red might be too bright. I could just keep em green, but I need some sorta fluffy reason for the dimorphism (or at least i really want one!) I would give them some kinda red war paint if they turn out green... hmmm perhaps sort of a greenish- red? a light dusting of brownish red over top the traditional green- THEN red war paint!

Well guys- youve been really helpful in the past- Help me out again!!
Thanks again for reading!

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Post by: IceAngel

The grots should be pink. That would also go along with your kan you started and then did nothing with.

As for the fleet it came from, I would recommend Kraken. You already have the other major two fleets covered why leave out the kraken?

btw, i love the work you're putting into this. The control platform came out awesome!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/08/14 18:16:46

Post by: Ramos Asura

Thanks Ice!!
After stealing my roommate's Nid codex, I rather like Kraken! Color scheme is new, and yet still has a bit of similarity to the others.

As to the pink Grots... Ima have to think on that one. imo pink is a bit strange on orks in general (though strange and orks seem to go together....) Ill have to mess around with color schemes and stuff. To the test figs!!
And the Kan is still under construction! I just havent had the time to work on it quite yet xD

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/08/14 18:26:14

Post by: IceAngel

wait a minute! You say pink is strange for orks? Last time I checked your orks were red? Only a bit o white and that red is pink. On top of that your orks are maning tyranids. If anything, GREEN orks are strange for your army. Pink is normal.

Plus i think it would be cool to have some little pink grots running around. Heck if I had an unpainted grot I'd paint one up right now!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2011/08/15 03:08:11

Post by: Ramos Asura

Why yes. yes indeed.
Pink is strange.

I do have a number of grots running around here.... ill have to see if one wants to be pink!

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Post by: Ramos Asura

So no painting today- Work has kept me really busy lately. Great for my paycheck, bad for my models!

I do have a little progress on the Bug Boss- Mostly on his howdah. im still figurin out how to put chains on it that wrap around the body. ITs a work in progress, naturally.

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Post by: Ramos Asura

*clears throat*
Well then. seems Ive got a little bit of catching up to do....

Long story short, Ive been quite busy.
Graduation from OSU is on the way (coming June 10th) and as such Ive been struggling hard with my studies so I can end my school career with a bang.
I recently managed to escape my voluntary enslavement at Walmart, and thus I am left with a little bit of extra time in which I can FINALLY get back to my orks!

This week Im going to run something of a special event, in which I catch up all the work that I have done since I disappeared from this site last year.
New pics, old pics- altogether new projects will be unveiled!

And so Dakka, If you'll forgive my absence, I present to you...

The Big Red WAAAGH!! Catch-Up Spectacular!

Stay tuned! First updates come in tomorrow afternoon!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/22 10:53:58

Post by: whalemusic360

Hell yeah! Grats on graduation and liberation of WM. Looking forward to more impressive conversions.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/22 20:24:52

Post by: Ramos Asura

@WM Thanks dude! Ill admit I havent done any building lately, its been sloooooow painting so far on my workbench. I do have a few fun projects lined up for this year so be prepared for some wicked builds!

And so we kick off the Big Red WAAAGH!!! Catch up week spectacular with....

not much

Unfortunately, being the scatterbrained fool I am, I pick up my camera and proceed to begin taking photos... Only to realize that my battery was very low ><
So while it charges, I have unfortunately little new pictures.

But that is not to say that I have no new stuff to show! I still have many pictures in my gallery (mostly WiPs) that I still havent posted here!

First up: My SAG Mek. Glow is from his gun's targeting screen (seen below) and is my first attempt at OSL. It was an interesting experience, to say the least. I didnt realize that once he was all assembled you wouldnt see most of it! So much for the details!

The Meka Tyrant is progressing smoothly, and Ive finished the grots on his back (not pictured yet) and his control howdah:

*NOTE* The Konami code sadly doesnt work.

Still to come on the Catch-Up Week Event:
REAL new pics!
Half Trakk WiPs!
More Trukk WiPs!
Da Bug Boss WiPs!
Mekafex 2 WiPs!
MekaFex 1 COMPLETE!!
Red Boyz! COMPLETE!!

Stay tuned!

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Post by: whalemusic360

Looks good! I. Sure more folks will float back, no worries. I almost assumed it was random necro at first too.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/22 23:55:35

Post by: IceAngel

Welcome back Ramos, its good to see your crazy creations moving forward again!

btw, the marine swap you sent me, Brother Jaska, is still kicking it in my fluff.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/23 01:29:47

Post by: Ramos Asura

@WM Aye, I figured xD
Ill admit even I cant believe Im posting again Hopefully we'll see more faces in here, though Im glad to see Im still remembered here hahaha

@Ice Well speak o' the devil! Another one returns to the plog!
Wazza! Jaska's still alive!? Wicked!!
Im glad youre still writing- Now I gotta hop over and read!!


The SAG Mek is DONE!

And so is Da Mekafex One!!

Ah crap I see a spot I missed xD Had to fix the leg after moving.

Anyways, Thats all for now! C&C always appreciated!

Stay tuned for more WAAAGH!!! catch-up week!!

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Post by: Ramos Asura

Aaaaaand Welcome back to the Catch-Up Week Spectacular!!

*crickets chirp*

I knew I had an audience!
Today's pics are from a WiP objective marker. His arm is being fitted as we speak. His pants will be repainted as well. Also, I am going to put a few random stikkbomms and other gubbins scattered around the base.
Major components are done, and now its to the details- Namely that head at the top of the banner- bloody thing is way hard to figure out.
Any ideas? Im willing to change colors, for sure.

The survivor- Defendin his spot!

A close up of the Orks armor plate

Close up of the Banner

Thats all for now. Working on a few other things right now, so stay tuned!
Thanks for reading!

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Post by: whalemusic360

We're here, keep upcatching damn it.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/23 22:22:10

Post by: RSJake

I like the skin tone on the orks, not too orange-y.

The head on the banner. Can you make it look like it is bronze or brass or something? I think that would look good!

And welcome back!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/24 02:27:57

Post by: Ramos Asura

@WM : But of course! I just dont wanna flood the forum with masses of pictures xD More is on the way....

@RSJake : Thanks! Im really pleased how it turned out as well.
And Bronze/Brass you say? That may be pretty cool! Ima try it and we shall see!

In the mean time- TRUKK!

The masked off area is actually a cloth tarp underneath. Its covered so I can airbrush the rest of the trukk.

And a close-up of the ram.

Thanks for reading!
More coming tomorrow afternoon!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/24 11:29:47

Post by: IceAngel

Very nice! What's the ram from?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/24 12:33:51

Post by: whalemusic360

If you get some time this summer, we have a store in New Philly now, I'd love to sneak a game in.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/24 12:53:18

Post by: SelvaggioSaky

Holy Gork & Mork!
Subbed, send moar please!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/24 20:35:52

Post by: Ramos Asura

@Ice : I believe its from a Russ or Chimera. I picked it off of a friend of mine who has guard. I just sliced it in half and made it into a "V" shape. then i put a point on it with Plasticard and bits of sprue!

@WM : Dude hell yeah! Id totally be down for that!

@SS : Heyas! Welcome to the WAAAGH!! Always glad to see a new face here!

Today's Catchup post is the MekaFex Two- To be painted with Hive Fleet Behemoth's scheme:

This is an older pic, but shows the Fex assembled

I must admit, Im rather happy with how the skin turned out!

The Mek leg

Da Teef!

And a close-up of the driver- hes gonna be getting the cigar-smoking head from the Burnaz kit.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/24 21:26:59

Post by: bigfish

all is still going well here, very nice still. can't wait to see these carni's finished

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/25 16:31:12

Post by: Ramos Asura

@bigfish Thanks! Im loving these Fexes- Definitely one of my favorite conversions Ive done. So far I got one done, and then Fex two and the Tyrant are really at the same stages.

Sepeaking of which....
The Tyrant!

This particular model has been interesting, to say the least. He was given to me almost completely encased in superglue and paint (some of which I bet was enamel >< ), and missing several parts. After stripping him in acetone and Superclean, I finally got 99% of the goo off of him, only to find out that a few parts were missing- It was missing the tail and had two left legs.
Over the course of a few weeks I slowly assembled him, all the while wondering how I could make the kit work. Eventually I decided on the current arrangement, with a tentacle from one of the guns and a warrior head as the tail. The leg was more difficult, with a ton of green-stuffing and hacksawing. Ultimately, I think it worked pretty well!

First off, the Howdah Krew:

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/27 01:06:35

Post by: Ramos Asura

Ok! So I got in a little bit of Airbrush practice in today. Still digging out alot of old models, so Catch-up week is not quite over just yet xD

First up we have MekaFex Two. Im really happy with how the claws turned out. How I had painted them before was just terrible, looking back at it. These Im much happier with! naturally I still have work to do- this is only the primary color coat. Still wanna pick out a coupla details.
Something to note: The sything talon colors are much closer to what they actually look like: Its only Codex grey, after all.

Also, the Tarp Trukk got highlights, and is closer to its final shade. Dont know why its a blue trukk- just felt like using the color!

Naturally Im still very very new to my airbrush and Im still learning. Any tips or comments you guys might have would be greatly greatly appreciated!!

Thanks for looking!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/27 01:14:42

Post by: vent

As always I am disturbed by how cool your conversions are... Please tell me you're painting that truck in Optimus Prime Colours...

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/27 01:22:12

Post by: whalemusic360

vent wrote:As always I am disturbed by how cool your conversions are... Please tell me you're painting that truck in Optimus Prime Colours...

Do. This. Now.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/27 01:45:39

Post by: Ramos Asura

Oh. My. God.....

That is such a goddamn cool idea!!

While not my original intent, you guys just gave me the idea for my next major conversion
Omg its gonna be so damn wicked!!!

I dont think this guy will get full on Prime colors (but it will get its fair share to be sure ). My next Trukk, however, is gonna get the whole deal!
While Im not as talented as that guy who mad a transforming Orktimus Prime, I can definitely hack out a cab-over-engine trukk in full regalia!
I just so happen to have a kit laying around unassembled!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/27 02:04:09

Post by: vent

Ramos Asura wrote:
I dont think this guy will get full on Prime colors (but it will get its fair share to be sure ). My next Trukk, however, is gonna get the whole deal!
While Im not as talented as that guy who mad a transforming Orktimus Prime, I can definitely hack out a cab-over-engine trukk in full regalia!
I just so happen to have a kit laying around unassembled!

Do it! Do it now!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/05/27 02:31:25

Post by: whalemusic360

If you require TF parts, hit me up. Ive got several junkers laying around. No primes though, sorry.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/06/04 20:41:11

Post by: Ramos Asura

Woah sorry about the break in communications there- Final week of school was ROUGH!

But now- I AM FREE!!


@WM : Sure thing bro! Ill keep it in mind.
Man now I gotta do something real special for the Prime Trukk xD

No pics- yet. Gotta decompress after finals- fortunately all are done, and i can make headway on my models!

On an unrealted note.... I think im in love with the new ork fliers

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Post by: Ramos Asura

And so we conclude this week's festivities with a KONVOY!

I love converting trukks, and it kinda shows in my army. Below are the other two trukks:

The first is actually my first trukk i ever built, and I actually scratch built the treads myself. Only used a little chimera track on the one side. Im not happy with the color of the treads, and Im gonna darken and brown int up considerably. it was an experiment in a different primer. a ruddy brown by Krylon, iirc.

Next is an old chaos rhino that I happened to come across, and had a little fun looting. Beneath the tape mask there is an engine compartment with mesh over it. I'm gonna airbrush the colors on it and already painted the engine.

Finally, the "pilot" for the MekaFex Two- now with head:

Now a bit of a question for you guys. Two actually.

1) Im having second thoughts on basing for my infantry. right now its just a gray and black ash waste. I keep thinking I want to do something more. i want to put some love and time into the bases so they match with the minis. I want to maybe try some new techniques and use tufts of static grass. The gray on gray with a gray band seems too.... i don't know.... plain.

2) Colors for the trukks! I dont know how I should paint em... The half-trakk is getting random armor plates in purple (army color) while the blue trukk (the one with the V-ram) is gonna stay mostly blue with random plates here and there. The future Orktimus Prime Trukk is gonna be red, mebbe a bit of blue. Plus considerable weathering, of course...
Anyways, how should I paint the Rhino? Color? Technique?

Thanks for reading!

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Post by: cormadepanda

loving the trucks

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Post by: whalemusic360

1. I've started adding tufts of grass (the gw ones in the box are nice, but a bit pricy) and static grasses just to add some color, along with other bits. Grey wasteland is indeed to grey.

2. Play against or like and Chaos scheme in particular? Go for that. Or if you want a TF-ish scheme for your trucks, you could go for the Stunticons. Already have the purple and blue ones. Gives you 3 more options, and ties them together in a nerd-core kinda way.

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Post by: Ramos Asura

@cormadepanda : Thanks! They're some of my favorite models so far. you can just do anything with em!

@WM : What I think i might do is paint up a handful of just blank bases, then try out some schemes. i think Ive enough random stuff lying about to have good variety... *adds to to do list*

As to the Stunticons.... Hehehe! That's really awesome. If i get around to makin buggies/wartrakks, I think that might be a theme. As is, I'm gonna take a peek at my old 3 ed Chaos codex and see what pops out. I want to do some airbrush work on it so I think i'm gonna go with something unusual

In other news, I'm officially all set to graduate from OSU. Wish I had a better GPA (currently a 2.945) but i suppose that's life when you change majors twice xD
After Sunday, ill be all Official!

In the mean time, Ive been painting!
Nothin real special, mostly layers and color bases, but one thing I managed to work on is Da MekaFex Two's big eye.

Now Im unsure how to proceed. I painted it as a regular lens, but the big blank area seems needing of more details.
An idea I had was to paint a crosshair on it, like it is a targeting computer. Itd be done in light blue so that it could blend in to the lens.

What do ya think? Any other suggestions?

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Post by: Yellowbeard

Hey, Ramos. I just had a chance to look through your blog. Great stuff here! I love all of the conversions you've, especially the Mekafex. Great idea! I really like the pilot with the cigar, too. Is that just a piece of plastic tube? Green stuff? I thought about adding a cigar to one of my sergeants. (Ok, in truth, I want build Sgt. Fury and his Howling Griffons at some point )

Congratulations on graduation!

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Post by: bigfish

really want a challenge, paint a reflection in it . tbh though i think the targiter would look cool as well

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Post by: Ramos Asura

@Yellowbeard : Thanks man! Welcome to the blog! The cigar is actually a head from the burna boys kit. i figured itd be fitting for the Fex's pilot
I imagine you could do somethin similar with plasticard/GS.

@bigfish : Reflection is something I definitely want to do. I just dont think itll happen on this big guy- its a biiiiit outside my scope. I dont think Im that good yet xD

Im planning on doing something like that on a smaller scale, like a bike visor or a smaller lens on an infantry model.
With luck Ill be ready to do something like that when I finish building the Meka Dread (eventually...)

Im going to go for the targeter idea for the big ol lens, i think.... soon as I figure out how to do it.

So in the past week, Ive graduated, and started hunting for jobs. Alas, nothing yet :/ Still looking for more places to apply to, but Im starting to run out of ideas...

In the mean time, Ive been playing alot of PS3 games, and of course, painting.

Work continues on the Nids, but nothing too monumental enough to post pics on.
What I DO have, though, are a coupla pics of a Chaos Lord I decided to start painting. Wanted to do something different, so Im painting him as Emperor's Children (gaaaaah pink got bright somehow.... he looks fluorescent in reality hahaha)

Coupla questions on him though as far as painting him goes... What color is EC trim (shoulderpads, etc.)? Black? or a gold perhaps? then what color to make his back banner/cape? I was thinking a blue-gray (base of space wolf gray or darker). though at this point Im rather open to ideas.

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Post by: whalemusic360

I really like the way FW have their EC Dreadnought painted up. May be able to find some inspiration there.

If you get really bored, and want a few commissions, lmk

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Post by: Ramos Asura

dude thats a WICKED dread! Is that a chrome paint job on the left grille? Damn FW painters.... Wow even looks like the gun barrels are nmm.

That pic gave me an idea, and I think it may go pretty well. Ill update in an hour or two and see how shes lookin!

As to commissions.... pm on the way!

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Post by: whalemusic360

I think it is a metallic nmm paint job, which defies reality with its level of silly detail

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Post by: Ramos Asura

I think it looks kinda cool, honestly xD
Its the overwhelming detail that makes me want to do it!

Granted, though, it probably only looks good when looked at in one direction.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Ok! As promised, an update on the armor trim.

Here i tried two concepts.

(Man these things look gak when zoomed in D: )

The one on the left is half and half Adeptus Battlegrey and Chaos Black, washed with Badab, then brought back to the mix.
The right is pure chaos black, and will be highlighted sparingly with adeptus (just havent gotten to it quite yet xD)

I figure Gold trim was ruled out as it doesnt really suit the model, especially in such quantity. So i will be going along with the Chaos undercoat on all trim, with golden rivets.

Speaking of... does anyone know what is supposed to go on the blank pad (the left one)? Or is it just blank?

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Post by: ridin_qwerty

So pink!! I got a box of noise marines but cant find a good way to paint them. How do you get the pink so bright?

Oh, and put a target on the carnifex! I think that would look good!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/06/19 19:43:36

Post by: Ramos Asura

@qwerty : Hey thanks!
The pink is really simple- only 2 paints: Warlock Purple from GW and a P3 paint called Carnal Pink.
I used to use GW Tentacle Pink (which is much warmer than Carnal Pink), and honestly I much prefer it. Cant remember how I got this pot of paint.... but i darkened the pot with GW Purple and Magenta ink so it looks closer (i think I failed but whatever >< )

Wow so thats not quite as simple as i thought.... Anyways!

Either pink will get you this crazy fluorescent color.

1) Base with Warlock Purple
2) Highlight with 1 part WP to 3 parts Tentacle Pink
3) Highlight with 1:2 WP:TP
4) Highlight with 1:1 WP:TP
5) Highlight with 2:1 WP:TP
6) VERY sparingly highlight the brightest areas with TP
7) Wash with thinned Magenta Ink. For this, I mixed 1 part Ink with 2 parts matte varnish and 5-8 parts water with flow release mixed in. Apply this sparingly, and focus on the recesses of the armor. This overall wash helps bring the colors together.

Progress continues, slowly xD
Got the Lord's cape done, and Im pleased how it turned out. Ive always loved highlighting capes- they just seem to work so well for me.

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Post by: Ramos Asura

Ok. so as Ive been painting, Ive encountered a bit of a problem.

The Daemonweapon I chose to build doesnt seem particularly good. it seems unfinished, and I think it needs more details in order to establish it as a true daemon weapon.

This is one thought I had, with one (or more) screaming faces on the weapon's base. The above is the simplest idea, and will then get greenstuff all around it. You know, the whole ripples and texture deal.

So what do we think? Would this idea work well? Or is there perhaps something else i should do with it?
Is it even worth keeping this weapon?

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Post by: whalemusic360

I like the screaming faces idea. Maybe some texture on the handle as well?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/06/21 13:28:54

Post by: Ramos Asura

Like power wires and the like? a textured grip?
Hmm..... Some kind of weird chaos energy bolt?
Im tempted to gs flames. Sorta like that Pink Horrow icon in the plastic kits.

Im gonna be going home for the weekend, so unfortunately no updates till monday.
Im taking a sketchbook home so ill try to do a little brainstorming.

Till then, Catch ya later!

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Post by: whalemusic360

The first 2. I have a problem with flame sculpts. Cuz, you know, fire isn't solid.

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Post by: Ramos Asura

And Im back!!
Home was fun- barbecues and swimming! Always fun.

Now as to my 40k stuff, I am feeling myself dreading the launch of 6th Ed. My worry is that the rules might change for the worse, and Ill no longer want to play!
Well, fingers crossed, right? Maybe itll be worth it. Easy enough for me to re-learn the rules. Wonder if GW is gonna move anything along with the story?

Slaanesh lord continues!
Ive decided on a Shadow Gray fur around his shoulders, as it contrasts with the rest of the model nicely. I considered the same brown as his holster and loincloth thingy, but I think that might have looked off.

Now as to what to put on his banner. I have 3 concepts, lovingly crafted in Photoshop!

Mark of Slaanesh

Mark of Slaanesh: reversed

Chaos star

Im inclined towards the star, as the MoS looks too small (unless I was to combine it with something else, like text or something) and the reversed MoS looks stupid

What do ya think?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/06/26 01:40:17

Post by: whalemusic360

I'm kind of a "meh, banners" guy, so no help. Sorry.

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Post by: Ramos Asura

Ok! So recently,a s many are probably aware, Yellowbeard had a contest to see different ways of painting a Fire Hawk Space Marine.
I figured Id write out my method, so those of you who are interested can do it yourselves! The end result will look something like this:

So lets get started!

Choose your mini, and give it a good coat of primer. I use P3 Black, but the result is the same with other primers. Then give the whole model a coat of GW Dark Flesh (details will be picked out later) and then a generous wash of GW Devlan Mud, focusing on the recesses and armor joints.

Next, Bring the color back up to Dark Flesh, leaving the shaded areas in the joints and recesses.

Here we begin to highlight.
Use a 2:1 mix of Dark Flesh to GW Blazing Orange.

Then highlight the raised areas and edges with a 1:1 mix of Dark Flesh and Blazing Orange.

That gives us the rusty red color, so next is the yellow for the pauldrons and flame motifs on the legs.

Start off with a coat of GW Tausept Ochre, and wash generously with GW Gryphonne Sepia.

Then bring it back to Tausept Ochre (Are we seeing a pattern here? )

Finally, give the edges in particular a highlight of GW Iyanden Darksun.

Flames follow the same color progression, though I cut out the wash.
I found that by using a Sakura Micron pen (.05mm) to outline the flames, made it much easier.

After that, the rest is all just details and touchups.

1) GW Khemri Brown
2) New GW Screaming Skull
3) New GW White Scar
4) Wash Gryphonne Sepia

Green (eyes, plasma coil, and purity seals)
1) GW Dark Angels Green
2) 1:1 DA Green and GW Snot Green
3) GW Snot Green
4) Very light highlight GW Scorpion Green
5) Wash GW Thraka Green

Brown (pouches)
1) Base Vallejo Charred Brown (GW Scorched Brown)
2) Wash GW Badab Black
3) Bring back to Charred/Scorched Brown
4) Highlight with a mix of the brown and GW Graveyard Earth. This part youll have to play with a bit. I think I did a 2:1 mix.

1) GW Scab Red
2) GW Blood Red
3) Wash GW Devlan Mud

1) GW Chaos Black undercoat
2) GW Boltgun Metal
3) GW Badab Black wash
4) Boltgun Metal again, sometimes this is unnecessary on smaller areas.
5) GW Mithril Silver highlights

1) Base with a 1:1 mix of GW Shining Gold and GW Scorched Brown (I used Vallejo's Charred Brown)
2) GW Shining Gold leaving the recesses dark
3) GW Burnished Gold Highlights
4) Highlight GW Mithril Silver
5) Wash with GW Gryphonne Sepia

And thats that!!
Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Thanks to Gitsplitta for cleaning up the final photo. White balance was WAAAAAY off!!

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Post by: bigfish

Like your gold a lot, and really the whole marine, very nicely done

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/03 22:40:52

Post by: Ramos Asura

Thanks bigfish! I had a good time making and painting him, and its given me a couple of good ideas for future models, namely a basing scheme for my Orks!

I really like the martian red terrain, so im painting up a base now to see what it looks like with my Ork scheme. Ill pop results on here when theyre ready, but in the mean time, I have the Slaanesh Lord all done except for the weapon.

As to the weapon, I cant seem to get happy with the glaive, no matter what I do to it. Im gonna put it to the side for now, and get back to my Orks for a while till I can think of a weapon for this guy.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/03 23:38:25

Post by: whalemusic360

*Psst* You missed the skulls on the leather thing between his legs. Looks great otherwise. Love the hawk btw.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/03 23:46:10

Post by: Ramos Asura

They're gold! Totally Gold... You just... erm.... need the right light... Or believing in them... or something... <.<
*runs off to fix*

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Post by: Ramos Asura

So today marks something of a turning point in my hobby days. For the longest time Ive considered starting up a painting commission service, but lacked the resources. I didn't have a consumer base, nor did I have even the vaguest clue how to even start it!
Most of that changed a couplea weeks ago, when our very own WM360 approached me for potential commissions (which Im extremely grateful for!). So this is a learning experience for me, naturally, and hopefully is a sign of more things to come!

So lets see how this experiment goes!

I got 90% of the stuff he wants done yesterday: 4 Infinity models, and 2 Kabuki Primarch models.

Today I start the task of cleaning them and assembling them, and it is at this point I realize how different these infinity models are from 40k! Theyre so THIN. As to the Kabuki models, I have to say I really love them at first appearances. Gorgeous models with LOTS of detail. I got the Sanguinus and Lion stand-ins, and I believe WM has the Fulgrim model to be shipped later.
This is going to be a very interesting experience.

Thanks for reading!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/07 20:01:07

Post by: whalemusic360

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! I do have the fulgrim, just forgot to send him.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/08 01:49:02

Post by: Ramos Asura

Cleaning and assembly of the models is completed

All thats left as far as construction goes is Lion's head and helmet. We decided that the extant parts were too small (like the sword), so Im swapping bits out. Gotta do a bit of GS work all around, filling gaps and whatnot.

after gapfilling, itll be time to prime and paint!

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Post by: whalemusic360

Did you come up with a concept for the Infinity models? A Braveheart theme might be cool. If I had any idea what my Scottish background consisted of, that would be useful. No such luck though.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/08 03:44:30

Post by: Ramos Asura

I deffo want to include the tartan. I think it looks really slick! Could incorporate lots of blues, maybe even woad on the three models that have lots of of their faces showing.

If you dont know anythin about your ancestry, how about favorite color? Or a combination that has significance to you in some way? Betcha we could work out a pretty good scheme from that!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/08 03:56:06

Post by: whalemusic360

Favorite color is blue. Not really any "significant" colors, other than maybe a green http://www.donatelifeohio.org/ of that particular shade.

Or, as I am a giant nerd, there is always a transformers scheme to be made.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/08 04:24:32

Post by: Ramos Asura

hahaha Ill see what I can do. I think i have a coupla ideas

On an unrelated note.... Just finished watching Evangelion again.... Still makes no fething sense in the last handful of episodes.... I still dont see how this thing got so popular ><

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Post by: Ramos Asura

After swinging out for supplies (which took way longer than it should have ), Ive started work on the first Primarch model.

Hes a bronze statue!

Secondly, and what has been taking me the longest, is an experiment on the base. I want to go for a red marble, with gold studs. I think Ive got the base color down, now I have to work on the veining.

Thanks for reading!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/09 03:59:55

Post by: Sageheart

wow, that model looks cool

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/11 16:52:59

Post by: Ramos Asura

@Sageheart: Yeah I really really like these models. I rather want some for myself xDD Theyre really beautiful models, and there are just so many little details!
The Sanguinus model is definitely my favorite of the two I have right now. There are so many different little areas for color contrasts and stuff. Its exciting to paint ^^

Lion on the other hand, while not bad by any means, isn't quite as detailed. It does, however, have a cape, and I LOVE painting capes and cloth.

The pelt lost a bit of definition in this pic, but its actually darker in the middle recess... Future pics should correct it.

In any case, work continues!! Thanks for reading

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/11 17:05:58

Post by: whalemusic360

Looking good! Glad you're enjoying them. Fulgrim went out yesterday btw, should have it tomorrowish. Helm for lion in there too.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/11 20:01:37

Post by: Yellowbeard

Looks good, Ramos. I'm looking forward to seeing how the red marble effect comes out.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/11 21:15:56

Post by: whalemusic360

If you do end up wanting to get some, lmk. I want to get more, and would be happy to combine shipping.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/11 23:55:18

Post by: Ramos Asura

@WM: Excellent! Might be able to finish Lion by the end of the week assuming all goes well! And Ill definitely letcha know if I do send out for some. Wont be for a bit, as its out of my price range right now, but we'll see how the future goes

@YB: Thanks! Im looking forward to it too. Its an experiment that's paying off so far. Hopefully it'll work!

More WiP pics of Lion. Biggest change is his head, which I love and hate at the same time. The left eye came out great, but there was no end to trouble for the right eye xD
Hopefully its not too terrible.

Thanks for reading!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/12 00:20:24

Post by: whalemusic360

Looks proper 40k heroic scale now (which, yes, I know isn't proper). Should make a hell of a stand in Belial.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/12 14:47:42

Post by: Yellowbeard

Nice work on that face, Ramos! How did you do the pupils? Did you use a brush or some other implement?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/14 03:13:00

Post by: Ramos Asura

@YB: The pupil was made with a Micron pen. Very very fine tipped. Its great for pupils, purity seals/litanies, and fine text. More control than a brush!

And so, I've finished Lion!
Was a nice model, though the cast was rough in one or two spots. I'm liking GW's new gold (Gehenna's Gold). It seems to give a smoother metallic surface than Shining Gold, and is richer in color. Also through this model, I've discovered a really nice process to paint white!

But without further delay, Lion!!

A close up of the helm and shoulder details:

And a close up of the base:

Thanks for reading!!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/14 03:57:58

Post by: Yellowbeard

That s very nice, Ramos. And the white does look good, especially on the helmet. Would you mind sharing what you do?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/14 04:07:56

Post by: whalemusic360

Looks amazing! I think the swaps made him a ton better, he looked a bit weedy before.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/14 04:30:41

Post by: Ramos Asura

@YB: Ya sure!
I based it Fortress Grey, washed it with Badab Black, brought it back up to Fortress, then highlighted with a mix of 1:1(ish) Fortress and Skull white. Occasionally Id use a final highlight of 1:2 Fortress and Skull. I found that using pure skull white was too jarring and ended up looking unnatural.

@WM: Yeah man. The swaps made him MUCH better! Im pleased how the helmet came out- gave me trouble at first, cause I couldnt figure out how the wings went on xD

Working on Sanguinus now, and the Infinity minis have their first main colors:

Going with a desert scheme on em!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/14 23:54:14

Post by: Ramos Asura

Got more work on Sanguinus done!

I love the model, but realized that I HATE FURS!!! Especially fine-grained ones like the lion pelt. It just didnt seem to want to paint right.

In any case, here are some WiPs for today.

The wings- The camera knocked a bit of brightness off them. In reality their closer to actual white at their brightest.

Close up of the sword arm and shoulder pad.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/15 00:01:29

Post by: whalemusic360

Dude, you got some super wrong links in there.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/15 00:46:51

Post by: Ramos Asura

Wrong links??

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/15 01:30:44

Post by: whalemusic360

Some of the pics were wrong, may have been my phone freaking out. I like the white laurels. Your white is way good.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/15 04:54:10

Post by: Ramos Asura

Weird. All of them seem fine on my end :/ Maybe just a random glitch.

Work on Sanguinus continues (no real WiP pics right now...) and I've finished the marble effect, at least in theory.

I dont know quite how I feel about it... The vein experiment worked, but I think the background swirls are too subtle. (the brushstrokes from the wash will disappear with a flat/gloss varnish)

To give a sort of reference, these are a couple pics I was attempting to emulate

Any thoughts?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/15 14:06:38

Post by: whalemusic360

I think the white may be to solid. None of the examples have and solid lines, they all have red in the white as well.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/15 22:09:05

Post by: Ramos Asura

@WM Yeah, Im tryin to figure out how to get that effect. I think I had the shape down, but the paint needs to be more translucent or something.
Its all an experiment, so a learning curve is to be expected...
Im starting over on it today, so hopefully Ill work it out.

In other related news, Sanguinus is pretty much finished:

His sword was a bit rough, so I brought some details back as best as I could. Currently his wings arent glued on so I can flat-coat them both.
Pretty much the only thing left is his base!

Thanks for reading!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/16 02:09:20

Post by: whalemusic360

Dang your fast. Looking forward to finally putting these guys in the finished column, and on the display shelf.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/16 02:16:52

Post by: Ramos Asura

Hahaha! It helps to be unemployed and have no life!

Attempt number the second on the marble base, and this one i think is much better.
The background "cloudy" layer could do to be a bit brighter in the next attempt. Though this is a nice subtle color change:

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/16 02:47:07

Post by: whalemusic360

Looks much better. What's the plan for the sides and rivets?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/16 04:09:13

Post by: Ramos Asura

Rivets I think might be a darker gold. Maybe even a bronze.
As far as the sides go, Im not sure. Might go Dark Flesh all around. I usually take a color from the base terrain and bring it down to the rim. For example, on Lion, it was Adeptus Battlegrey.

Heh... started highlighting the infinity minis today. Difficult to construct a theme for painting them, as I dont know anything about the game, units, or fluff xD

Right now I'm kicking around the idea of desert camo on the solid metal plates on the commando and sword guy. Major thing stopping me is balance of color. The silver really helps to break up the model, especially for the commando. Otherwise it might be too mono-color.


Ill play around with it a bit, Mull it over...
Also, is the bit on his helmet a lens?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/16 14:17:38

Post by: whalemusic360

I have no idea. Whats the unit called? I can try to find some examples.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/16 14:25:18

Post by: SagesStone

Looks to be this guy maybe, I'm not that familiar with a lot of Infinity. I'd say its some sort of shield. I think his eyes are just under that ridge. Probably lenses there.

Some nice work by the way, liking the bronze/gold on Sanguinius.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/16 16:11:58

Post by: Ramos Asura

Yuuuup! Thats the guy! Thanks n0t_u!

So yes on lenses? (apologies, I didnt get much sleep and thus im a bit thick-headed today >< I cant really tell with the infinity paint scheme xD

Im loving the models though- Its really different to paint more "realistic" models than 40k. Assembly can be a bit wonky but other than that Ive very few complaints!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/16 16:40:39

Post by: Absolon

To get the veins in marble look correct, I have had success by using a watered down paint and applying it with a distressed feather drawn lightly across the surface.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/16 16:58:10

Post by: whalemusic360

I think its just a think ass helmet, not a lens.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/16 22:45:06

Post by: Ramos Asura

@Absolon: A feather? That's brilliant!! Ill hunt one down and see what comes of it! Thank you!

@WM: Aye. Though I was hoping it was a lens xD I just like painting lenses/gems, and Sanguinus had so many that were so fun to paint!

Progress report: Second highlight on the infinity guys complete! Nothing really to merit a picture, but Ill be sure to pop something up later when I get another color or two on them!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/16 23:23:25

Post by: mars2024

Absolon wrote:To get the veins in marble look correct, I have had success by using a watered down paint and applying it with a distressed feather drawn lightly across the surface.

Great job adding scenic painting techniques to mini-painting! You beat me to it.

Everything looks great, by the way, Ramos.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/17 02:34:21

Post by: Ramos Asura

@mars: Thanks a ton and welcome to the project!
As is no doubt apparent, I have much to learn about painting, and Im itching to give the feather trick a shot!! I always love trying new techniques.

I lied about Infinity updates, as shortly after taking these pics, my camera died! (sorry!)
But in any case, Sanguinus is done, as is his base. I decided to keep the second attempt, and brightened up the background with a stippling of Dark Flesh with a little blood red in it. I think it worked quite effectively!

And a close up of the base. I need new gloss varnish!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/18 05:14:58

Post by: Ramos Asura

Work on the Infinity minis continues!

Here are just a few WiP shots before I head to bed.
First up is our Commando guy. He hasnt been hit by the black wash, so his metals are a bit bright:

And the sword guy, washed and set for highlighting:

From here, I have a good plan of the next few steps.
The overall color will be a khaki/bleached bone, and in the shots above the color is I believe only one fine highlight from completion. I will be avoiding camo on these, as I dont think the overall effect would be very pleasing. Perhaps on a scout model, if one ever appears at my doorstep.

The army will have blue tartan on those who have the cloth areas (namely the models pictured above), and to tie the army together, the metal plates and shoulderpads on the models' right arms will be painted up to be some sort of red. The first step is pictured above- the sword arm. on models like the sniper and the guy with the Machine Gun, they have their elbow pad and wrist armor painted the same shade of red. After the red is complete, they will get some sort of metallic gold design freehanded on them, like the commando and sword guys have on the official infinity paint scheme.

And so, Im off to sleep a bit before continuing.
Thanks for reading and as always, C&C is appreciated!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/18 11:42:38

Post by: whalemusic360

Dang that dude has a massive melon

Looking good so far. These minis are interesting, I like them, and dont like them (model wise, not paint) at the same time. The leg position just seems unnatural to me. Is he doing a split or what? Certainly no fault of yours Ramos.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/18 13:04:58

Post by: IceAngel

Wow Whale, you're right. He does have a gigantic head. What are your thoughts on his sneakers?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/18 13:46:19

Post by: whalemusic360

I blame the anime influence they obviously have.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/18 20:14:42

Post by: Ramos Asura

I definitely hear ya on the models. In some aspects, I really like them. They have neat details, and have enough unique features to try new paint schemes on.
On the other hand, some of the details are waaaaay too tiny, to the point that they look down right unnatural. Paint gets sucked into rough patches (which honestly should have just been flat areas) and other parts seem to have no breaking point between color areas.

The posing is an issue, Ill agree, and the pictures above only emphasize the point. I think the reason theyre so bow-legged is to give them some kind of dynamic movement (I think they failed at it, but what do i know ) I never noticed before but the sword guy does have a MASSIVE head. Part of that is cause he doesnt have any arms, but Im definitely picking up the anime vibe. Heh... I think its only one catgirl away from being any given anime

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/18 22:11:36

Post by: Ramos Asura




Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/20 19:13:39

Post by: Ramos Asura

Wow... so the shock of catgirl doctors in an anime wargame was so big it killed my internet for the better part of a day and a half....

So! Then!
Today's update includes..... TARTAN!

(this pic got really yellow somehow.... and for whatever reason I cant get rid of it in photoshop >< I gotta get a better picture taking setup.)

The detail on the shoulderpad- the commando has this too. Not sure if I want to do something to the other small guys' arm bands in the same fashion.

This was a learning experience, as now I know a couple of tricks for next time. I dont know if they need one more small set of brighter lines, or if this is good enough. I dont want to put too much on and lose the effect.

At this point, theyre all about done and ready for assembly. And then Ill put some weathering powders and paints on these guys and then its on to the final Primarch!!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/20 20:29:33

Post by: whalemusic360

Looks good to me! The purple should be interesting. Seems like a palate up your alley.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/20 21:21:19

Post by: Yellowbeard

Nice work on the tartan, Ramos.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/21 02:56:03

Post by: Ramos Asura

@WM: Yeah and the model is pretty sweet too! Though I dunno how Im gonna work his "base" out.... it gives you a statue and a small group of stairs.... no base, so hmmm..... I think I have a few spare 40mms around here.

@YB: Thanks! It is admittedly something Ive wanted to try out for a while now. Convenient that WMs Commissions happened to include tartan-wearing dudes!

Infinity's done!

First, we have the sword guy (3rd Highlander Greys):

Next, we have the commando (Caledonian Mormaers):

Then the Machinegunner (Zouaves):

And last, the sniper (Zouaves):

And finally, a group shot:

I have to admit, these guys were hard.... I dont much like the models. There are -too many- details, and the tinyness of them makes most impossible to paint to a good standard (at least personally).

Im glad to be heading back to a more beefy model: The Primarch Fulgrim!

Thanks for reading!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/21 12:34:35

Post by: whalemusic360

For models you don't like as much, you did a great job with them. Far better than I could have. If anyone near me ever starts playing, I'm afraid you'll have more to do

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/21 19:04:56

Post by: Ramos Asura

Haha! Ill be glad to do em!
I dont like them, but they expand my painting experience

Today is a small update- Fulgrim is assembled, primed, and Im just touching him up with some liquid GS. Then its a bit more touch up and its off to the paint shop!

Two things i noticed on him...
Firstly, his cape is INSANE! It weighs more than the actual figure does!! Had to pin it on both sides, and gs the gap. the case was a bit rough on this part. the texture isn't totally smooth either, and you can see (if you look closely enough) that the cape has tool marks from the initial sculpt.

Secondly, the metal they used to cast this guy is super soft. The sword bends readily, as does the loin cloth and tiny bitz on the legs and shoulder. not sure how I feel about that. on one hand, its easy to clean mold lines. On the other hand, Im glad this guy is destined to be a display model- his parts and pieces would be bent to all heck if he got put into a figure case!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/25 16:15:56

Post by: Ramos Asura

Hi all!

So internet is being a pain here, so its difficult to get regular updates here.

Anyways, on to the purple!

Man.... figuring out this color was a pain... I never knew how warm of a color Liche Purple was, and it gave me no end of problems ultimately I wanted to match the color to a light purple-blue-gray, but no matter what it just didnt look right.
Even in this case I botched it by washing it with Badab Black. stupidly undiluted >< So its all gonna be darker than Id like...

I figure I have a couple more layers to go, then a diluted wash of Leviathan Purple. Hopefully I can get the color I want out of it.
He looks very dark now, but soon as I paint the gold and the details on, it'll help to brighten it up as well.

Ill be moving back north at the end of the week, so I dont know If Ill finish Fulgrim before I go. We'll see...
In any case, Thanks for reading!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/07/25 18:24:53

Post by: whalemusic360

For some reason I dont think the low bandwidth colors version I'm looking at now is a good indication of...anything.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Ah, yes, I see. It's very purple

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/08/15 02:53:48

Post by: Ramos Asura

Wow.... so after a VERY long period of moving (Im still unpacking >< I finally got through Fulgrim!

And as a little side note, I put a little detail into Lion's shoulder banner

The camera dimmed these photos a lot. His hair is actually much brighter for one thing.
The reason for this, i believe, is that I tried a new camera. Rather than the little point and shoot Fuji I have, I tried my brother's absolutely MASSIVE DSLR Fuji. The results are mixed. The camera took great photos, but they all turned out darker than normal. Not to mention the macro mode sucked (though I prolly used it wrong :/ ) Ill be returning to my good camera once I figure out where it is!

And thus, my first commission is completed, and hopefully my client is pleased. Been a treat workin with ya WM- Thanks again for the opportunity!!

Now I roll on to my own orks before the next wave o' fun stuff comes in!
Catch ya later!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/08/15 08:09:11

Post by: kizzdougs

Awesome looking Fulgrim! You've done a great job. The only critic I would make is that the armour looks a bit flat.
Excellent work on the primarchs.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/08/15 09:01:09

Post by: bigfish

AWESOME LOOKING! really like the way you have done his cape, very cool

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/08/15 12:54:11

Post by: whalemusic360

He looks (oddly) taller than he did pre-paint. Really looking forward to getting them back.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/08/16 03:12:01

Post by: Ramos Asura

kizzdougs wrote:Awesome looking Fulgrim! You've done a great job. The only critic I would make is that the armour looks a bit flat.
Excellent work on the primarchs.

Thanks mate, and I really appreciate the criticism!!
Ill admit that my highlighting is a bit too subtle, and in some cases doesnt show at all! I frequently highlight too much, wrecking potential shadows. Im getting better (i think).
in this case especially, the photo doesnt reflect the highlights very well. the brightest areas are knocked down for one reason or another, and the overal paintjob seems to have lost a little of its pop in it. He is definitely a bit brighter in person, but highlighting is one of my challenges.
Were I to do this model again, Id try some Zenithal Airbrushing, as Ive seen that get really nice shadows

bigfish wrote:AWESOME LOOKING! really like the way you have done his cape, very cool

Thanks bigfish! I love painting cloth and capes, and this model nearly defeated me in that regard. The texture is not particularly smooth, and there are toolmarks from sculpting all over it. I tried to GS some of it away, but it didnt seem to help too much.
In any case, the color mixes I have for the warm purple color are practiced and pretty well established- I use it on my Grots and some of my orks! So at least that part was working for me!

whalemusic360 wrote:He looks (oddly) taller than he did pre-paint. Really looking forward to getting them back.

I think thats a trick of the camera. Hes same size as always
It turned out really well, i think, and the angle really seems to give him more presence. I need to retry this technique with my own camera once I find it.
The thing still perplexes me, and I still dont like its color levels (played more with it today as youll see in a moment).
Glad to see youre excited about the models ^^

After I got home from work today, I managed to get some of my Orks painted up:
In particular, the heads and arms of a large squad of Boyz!

(This camera STILL has an issue with picking up colors!!! )

The heads in particular I think benefited from this assembly line method. I just went and painted like 25 heads in a row, so now I wont have to on subsequent models!

Thanks again for reading!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/08/17 11:18:43

Post by: whalemusic360

Looks like a red ork chop shop! Glad to see them getting some work again. Have you made any headway on the tyrant?

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/08/17 21:41:55

Post by: Ramos Asura

Not too much more.
Moving threw a wrench into my painting and modeling time. That plus my sloooooow painting speed

Anywho, Hes been sitting at my paint shelf staring at me for a while now so I think hes gonna be next up! Then its off to the MekaFex II and I finish the set!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/08/23 19:52:59

Post by: Ramos Asura

Alrighty! So I managed to about finish the squad of Boyz on my table:
If anything else, its a reminder not to half-finish projects and finish them years down the road. As I was painting them, I couldnt believe how i painted some things. Blends were incomplete, colors were weird.... ick.

A close-up of the Nob in 'Eavy Armor. Actually noticed Ive missed the blue helmet and two teeth! Doh! Ah, and his powerclaw got lost in bitz, so Im waiting on a replacement.

And then a few close ups of the Boyz:

At this stage they are just about done, just waiting on weathering and rust powders. Also, Im working on new bases for them, as I want them to match with my MekaNidz.

I still need to whip up a few more variants, but I feel that these are a good start. I especially like how the grate on the one base turned out.
The resin must be getting old- the finished ones are sweating liquid. maybe some of Part A that didnt set. Hopefully it wont interfere with paint.

Heh... And the squad seems to have been finished right on time- The second wave of commission work is here!

So much stuff. Orks, Eldar, and some of the Zombicide minis.
Zombicide minis are currently drying out after getting a short bath to clean off any mold release that might be on them, then its off to paint!

Thanks for reading!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/08/23 20:49:11

Post by: whalemusic360

They may have a few mold injection points on em too. Didn't notice a ton, but a few had noticeable ones.

Such a depressingly small number compared to the game store like stock in my basement.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/08/24 05:57:31

Post by: Ramos Asura

Yeah, I was rather surprised on how clean the casts were for the most part. There were only a few major injection molding spots, and moldlines were small. Problem is that some of em were in hard to clean spots, like hair or compound curves on arms and chests. Fortunately, most of these seem to have cleared up after I hit it with plastic welder- melted the moldlines back into the plastic and cleaned em up nice.

Also, sort of a complaint on the models is that the details are rather soft. there isnt that much to work with, though I suppose it is what is expected for game pieces. Also, the plastic is very flexible, and the pieces are thin in some parts. Again, I think this is because it is a board game, and needs more durable pieces.

Got the three characters started, and experimented with skin tones.

The most obvious difference is the middle guy, "El Cholo" I wanted to get a darker, more Hispanic skin tone with him, while the other two guys got a Caucasian tone. I like how he turned out the most. Definitely the most striking blend.
The other two I wanted to have reflect their jobs. I figured that the cop (left) would have something more of a tan, whilst the glasses guy (right) would have a more pale complexion. The picture seems to have lost a little of the transitions on the pale tone, but I think that once I get his clothes painted up, itll all come back together

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/08/24 12:37:16

Post by: whalemusic360

Looking good! I wanted to throw in one of the promo figs, thought you might enjoy him.

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/08/25 03:41:21

Post by: Ramos Asura

@WM: Thanks bro! I love the figure for El Cholo. I kinda think the promo figs have somewhat more detail to work with than the "Stock" characters, it seems.

Overall, Im finding the casts ok. Not great, but adequate. The details are soft (in particular, the glasses of the IT looking guy with the micro-uzis... I HATE that bit!!), and moldlines were a pain. On the other hand, the models are neat looking in their own rights, and being of a softer plastic seem to be able to take a bit more abuse than similar models by, say, GW.

So anyways, Im just about done with the survivors!

Dang they look creepy without pupils... Im waiting on a super-fine brush I ordered to come in before I try to paint em in. Hopefully with a really good really fine brush, I can make them look passable.

Would have finished them today, but ended up going golfing. Its safe to say that Tiger Woods has nothing to fear- Im quite good at losing balls and going several hundred strokes over par
At this point, they are about 95% done. The silvers need a layer of highlighting, as does the cop's shirt. Then its the basing and tiny details here and there.

Thanks for reading!!

Rollin' All Ones --- Rebooting (7-3-20) @ 2012/08/25 11:26:52

Post by: whalemusic360

I dig em. Cholo in particular looks great.