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Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/06/30 00:33:07

Post by: monkeytroll

A room full of seated people. One man stands up.
'My name's John, and I'm a modelholic...'
Guess most of us suffer from various modelling disorders, mine tend towards the 'it's almost fully undercoated..Next.' end of the ADD spectrum. A shot of my workspace to demonstrate

Having multiple projects on the go personally keeps me interested creatively, but I have started a blog on my cyborks and want to keep that pretty clean as that's a project I'd like to keep motivated on. I didn't want to start a dozen or so different blogs and update each one almost never, so figured I'd start one focusing on the chaotic stuff, and then maybe another featuring Imp stuff, and keep the orks as my main project. So here's a bunch of stuff lying about the desk - all in various states, some of the paint very old(but that's not neccesarily the worst paint-jobs), some broken over the years, some -dare I whisper it- almost finished.

Slaaneshi beastmen lost and damned. Started not long after the codex came out, and progressing err, not very quickly tbh Have a few in various stages of construction, and plans for some guys using tau legs. Was part of an overall PLAN, oh yes The idea revolved around a bio-mechanical Slaanesh demon and it's entourage and various followers. Had plans for demons made from Rackham wolfen torsos paired with ravener/red terror tails, kind of a pleasure-mech cult thing going on, and involved various units that could be used in different armies and all sorts of crazy stuff that was never gonna happen. Although obviously all those ideas are still congealing up in the brain

A test scheme for some Slannesh CSM
Which naturally is going to be out of focus on the figs with any paint on.

Renegade troopers
Meant to be multi-purpose, renegades/traitors possibly even imp, as theres more a lack of Imp iconography than overtly chaotic.

And a slavering horde of mutie scum
More of the bio-mechnical hybrid - or at least guns stuck in place of arms and gave a few figures a slaanesh feel, so it could fit with the above beastman. I have a lot of love for these guys, even if I don't show them my brushes enough.
some gibbering hordes.
and some big muties, one with gun and dodgy looking skin disease. It looks like moss, especiaslly with the skin colour, but it was meant to be scales I'd been messing with sand and flock as hair/fur and had made a patch that looked really good as scales, so instantly put it on my then latest model and hey presto...low-rent swamp-thing Oh, well.

So that's my 'current' chaotic wips, I do aim to concentrate on green-skins for now, but I will throw some love this way as and when I do something(well, I'll try to limit it to the more interesting stuff, as opposed to ' I spent a few hours staring vacantly at a box of arms before sanding down a gobbo's foot')
edited for missing pic

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/06/30 00:40:05

Post by: camboyaz

The painting on them is great! But i think the renegades skin is too yellow...

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/07/09 22:44:48

Post by: monkeytroll

Hey, thanks. But I'm not sure what you mean by too yellow, it matches my reference picture almost exactly, hang on whilst I dig it out. Ahh, here we are, yep, 'Homer and Marge - Average American Couple'
Well, when I started the first few guys way back they ended up with that yellow tint - not QUITE as bad in rl, but still yellow - and then when I started a few more, for some reason I made a few of the new guys a bit yellowy instead of re-doing the first few. No idea why. I can just put it down to chaos jaundice anyway

So, finished off a few of the muties - that's my definition of finished by the way Pics were taken pre-varnish.

Some chaos hounds (only 4 in the works for some strange reason)
Inspired by some fluff describing them as having muscles etc visible through ripped skin I promptly threw some flock onto some DE warp-hounds, job done Apart from the one whose missing a tail end, the painting and the missing hound

Just need to do a bit of tidying on test piece for Slaanesh marine
second picture auto-adjusted. Dry-brushed this one as I was thinking of a variety of armour shading - some stippled, some drybrush etc, trying to convey sense of different textures without vastly over-reaching my painting ability. (plus it was quicker ) Reasonably happy with the basic scheme, but ended up dropping the shield onto the shoulder pad after several free-hand attempts looked more like Nurgle taking the proverbial out of Slaaneshi symbols Thinking more along the lines of a warband rather than chapter, but don't like the blank shoulder pad look for these guys. May just end up messing with some decals, or may have come up with something by the time I get around to doing some more.

And finally, found this guy lurking about (excuse the 20 year old enamel paint job)
Was part of a planned undead 40k band but I only got around to making a couple, most of who got pulled apart years ago, the last surviving guy having been looted by my cyborks recently. But when I found this one it immediately jumped into position in another floating project and is now tempting me to open up another of my wip boxes

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/07/10 06:26:25

Post by: Lord Kaesar II

Lol, now that's some wicked weird stuff. However, besides playing against witch hunters, what you gonna field them as, unless I overlooked something in some post or another?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/07/11 22:10:17

Post by: monkeytroll

Thanks Lord Kaesar, that's the kind of compliment I like to receive They're currently based around Lost and Damned list, but to be honest I haven't really played since Rogue Trader so.... I just have this weird OCD that compels me to build legal armies rather than whatever the grud I want, c'est la vie.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/07/11 22:15:10

Post by: Samus_aran115

These are disturbingly good and creative. Kind of gross

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/07/11 22:23:19

Post by: wizard12

I LOL'ed when I say the mini with what looks like a lego camara stuck to its body as a weapon (the closest mini to the camara on the 8th pic from the bottem of your first post)

I have to say this stuff is epic! Your paintings good and your modeling skills even better, though I agree with camboyaz, the renagades skin is too yellow, but then again you could always call them the simpson guard.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/07/12 10:08:41

Post by: Morgrim

I love the creativity in some of your mutants. Most stick to the basic 'okay, one limb is bigger, someone else has guns molded into this flesh, ooh this one can have tentacles'. I especially like the one walking on two 'hands' with the third arm holding the chainsword coming over the back like a scorpion tail.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/07/12 19:34:02

Post by: monkeytroll

Thanks guys!

Samus - Thank you, as i said to Lord Kaesar that's pretty much the response I'd like

wizard12 - not sure I'd class it as epic but thank you, I'll certainly take the compliment Yeah, I'm resigned to them having yellow skin as I mentioned earlier, but as more guys get added I'll move away from the simpson look and hopefully the few that are in there will just look tainted - or maybe I'll just say I let Matt Groening paint 'em I had to check which model you were mentioning as I couldn't remember using a camera on any of these guys (but lego bits often find their way into my stuff ), I can see what you mean, but that's actually an older bolter model

Morgrim - Thanks a lot man, I'll admit I'm probably over-fond of the guns as bodypart look myself, but I do like to have some variety with chaos. Chaos mutations should be just that, chaotic and mutated I tend to let my inspiration back-track to the old-skool chaos minis, before spikes and skulls were all the rage, and other old-skool stuff like the original Stronty Dog stuff, in fact the one you picked has a head based on McNulty and if I recall correctly there were a couple of 3-limbed brothers who Alpha took out at some point.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/07/30 01:20:25

Post by: Scarper

Just realised that I haven't commented on this yet - I love the originality in your mutants, as well as all the different flesh tones! Did they take much green stuffing? Or is it mostly kit bashed?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/07/30 01:30:29

Post by: monkeytroll

Thanks Scarper, I was trying to get away from the mutant=he's got a big claw look, although I do use that as well Different skin colours for muties just seemed right to me, part of their mutations - probably goes back to some of the fluff from the old slaves to darkness/lost and damned books ( I think there was anyway-too late to be checking now) and my old genestealer cult which was vari-coloured, in my mind due to costant shifting of gene pools or something.

Pretty much all kit-bashed, apart from the dwarves head which is an old milliput attempt from whenever those mini's were released, it was a chaos dwarf in an old warband, and I just stuck some grenades on his belt to stick him in with theses guys . I aim to slowly increase my GS skills so that I can do a bit more with later versions, hopefully I'll get a bit of practice in with my cyborks.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/07/30 01:40:31

Post by: vent

By the seven layers of hell... How do you find anything?!? It's like a chaos theory venn-diagram...

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/07/31 17:35:37

Post by: monkeytroll

That's not a bad analogy vent, there are various sub-sets of minis scattered about the table I'm in awe of those peeps who work in a tidy, organised space but personally find it limits me somewhat. Finding stuff on the table's not really a problem, it's trying to remember in which box in which of the 2 cupboards various bits are in. Having a random pile of bits sets off all sorts of trains of thought for me, especially as my main project at the moment is my cyborks - can't be a proper mek and stay organised A lot of ideas come from just seeing a couple of pieces next to each other that you wouldn't expect to see in that configuration.

And speaking of rummaging through boxes, came across these in my DE box, probably the only DE models I have any interes in right now.

They were part of an army that I've pretty much given up on at this time. Don't like the paint scheme on the warriors, or the models themselves now, although I had a fondness for them when they came out, and not sure I want to do anything with them now. The unbuilt/partially built raiders are being looted bythe orks, my converted grotesques are slowly morphing into muties, but I still like these, just need to find something to do with them. Maybe I'll just get them finished and then leave them on a shelf for a decade or so till a new line comes out I can add them too

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/07/31 17:42:45

Post by: Popsicle

I'd keep going with those Dark Eldar, as you're sure to want to field them when the new Codex comes out. Go with the flow. Jump on the Band Wagon. You know it makes sense.

Anyway, the Painting looks really clean and precise, but at the same time, Flat. A Gryphonne Sepia Wash would really Tone-Down and Shade that Yellow, and ultimately tie it in to the Black. I got the Sepia Wash yesterday, after not really being interested in Washing so much, and now I'm addicted. They're fantastic for fast, Table-Top Quality work. I'm working on some Deffkoptas which feature Hazard-Striped Rotors, which are just Iyanden Darksun and Chaos Black, washed heavily, 2-3 times, with Gryphonne Sepia. The End Result is fantastic, I can tell you.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/10/09 21:19:56

Post by: monkeytroll

Nah, too much other stuff to do to start up the DE again Although I will no doubt pick up a few of the new bikes at some point Yeah the yellow was a bit flat on most, they'd only had the one coat, just picked 'em up and decided to take a couple of pics, there's a couple with ink shading and highlights, but they are VERY much wip.

As are these 2 guys:

Decided I'd finally make a start on my Hell Legion - basically a form of traitor guard, a twisted mockery of the Imperium. The triple-breasted whore of Eroticon VI will become a commissar, once she gets her filthy mitts on a bolt-gun, and the other guy's a sniper. There's a few old-skool mini's like these to go in there (and some of those who follow my blogs may have noticed my love for these guys is such that one only gets a pistol added and the other gets NO conversion work at all) and a bunch of skaven who've been mouldering in a box waiting for their chance to become ratlings The current blitz of 'RAAATTTSSS IIINNN SSSPPPAAAAACE' is probably to blame for this project re-surfacing, but as always (so far) I will still be prioritising my cyborgs. Actually wanted to get more done on these guys but tiredness meant I couldn't keep at it for any length of time at a stretch, which coupled with my modellers ADD meant, well not much done basically

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/10/16 19:57:23

Post by: neil101

oh man this is good stuff, three breasted dominatrix cultists. space helmet headed skeletons ? where eles but dakka. really creative like the way you think.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/11/06 12:00:52

Post by: manoknok

I really like those muties.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/11/06 12:45:42

Post by: Fifty

That is OLD SCHOOL Chaos, and I love it.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2010/11/08 20:10:18

Post by: Viktor von Domm

i know your pain, having so many projects in the go...
and your workspace looks disturbingly familiar...

your models look great. love your mutants, especially the oneeyed axewielder...

good luck finishing whatever takes your fany, vik

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/03/09 01:39:55

Post by: manoknok


All the mutation bits are the easily accessible? Affordable?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/03/09 02:01:37

Post by: risewiththefallen

And I thought I had a lot to. Paint

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/03/09 20:23:28

Post by: monkeytroll

I'd say most of the mutant bits are fairly easy to get hold of mano, most are just kit bashes from popular ranges, any in particular you were looking at?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/03/09 21:54:42

Post by: Perkustin

Hello Monkeytroll. That is a nice collection of muties you have. They remind me of the Eye of Terror Campaign in '03 judging from your minis you purchased a few of those mutant conversion kits.... Love the skinny guy with the face for a shoulder defo my pick of the bunch. BTW what on earth is your avatar? It's been annoying me for months, i swear i've seen it somewhere....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/03/09 22:06:24

Post by: Llamahead

Really nice stuff I like the more harmless and strange looking mutants makes a hang from everything gets more spiky anyway!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/03/10 04:12:24

Post by: Lord Kaesar II

Avatar comes from Eve Online, if my eyes don't deceive me

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/03/19 20:49:01

Post by: monkeytroll

Perkustin - Thank you, yep the Eye of Terror was the start of most of these guys. Lord Kaesar has the avatar pegged

Llamahead - And thank you sir. Indeed, it is nice to see something other than big claw and spikes, then some more spikes. Not that you won't ever see that sort of thing coming from me, but there should be a mix, don't want all those muties looking similar now do we?

LK - Your eyes do not deceive you, although that pic has now been replaced thanks to the new character generator gubbinz which meant we all had to re-design our avatars. More realistic, less funky bitz to play with. Raque there is now much darker, with thick, reddish dreads, no tats and no cats eyes

And so onto some pics (which really aren't all that considering the last pic update was last year sometime)

Take one old chaos sorceror. Add a sprinkle of krootox, a pinch of old saurus then stir in some putty using bits of wire.

And you may get something a bit like that. The sorceror is undergoing re-painting, the robes will stay red, may keep the blue as I'm thinking his wee timorous beastie may be of a blue hue. A chance to work on my gs skills, fairly unsure as to how I'll do, just thought a little stand-alone piece would be nice.

Maybe even a small series of vignettes..

Classic old marine in robe that I've been missing for ages. Finally picked him up the other week and finally realised he wouldn't work for my Bloodfists as I want them all helmeted. So he loses his hand (gains a tentacle/claw/something) thinks about upgrading his sword, and goes off to plan unspeakable acts against helpless young ladies. An all too familiar tale I'm afraid..

And a minor update on the hell legion - enginseer, commissar and sniper.

Absolutely no promises what-so-ever, but I'd quite like to get somewhere with the little diorama type things in the coming weeks

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/03/19 21:06:01

Post by: Emperors_Champion

WOW! And I thought my desk was messy!

Great looking conversions (or should that be concoctions? ) keep it up!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/03/19 21:15:20

Post by: Perkustin

Lol am thinking of modelling something pretty similar to that lizard beast myself Great minds. Cool collection of minis/projects.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/04/02 23:13:10

Post by: monkeytroll

Thanks guys! The lizrd-beast has had a first layer of GS put over the milliput and is currently undergoing sanding, before filling any dodgy areas, and then I'll put the under-belly part of the tail in. Neck has been filled awaiting detailing.
Everbody else in the same state as previously, but a newcomer has arrived on the scene with unprecedented haste:

The bits had been blu-tac'd together for a LONG time, but I was avoidng doing anything with it as I really wanted the parts to go elsewhere. Specifically the winged backpack to a squad of raptors, but it was waiting till I had several more. Well, got bored waiting Had a go at painting it within an hour time limit, using only white and washes. Didn't quite manage it, and today it got a dryrush and another set of washes, then a base which was also painted using only washes. It's far from perfect but I'm relatively happy with it considering prep, build and paint took less than 2 hours, which by my standards is phenemonal, it can easily take me over that to basecoat

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/04/02 23:28:44

Post by: neil101

hey never saw your last update , like your mini diorama , and love that wall maiden , now that is a classic, i think the chaos sorceror should get a complimentary scheme to the beast , which i think would suit some skinless sinew. and is that a overlook they are standing on the edge of ?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/04/03 09:51:44

Post by: Scarper

Really nice! I can totally see it as some kind of biomechanical predator in a wasteland area. Great job with the washes too - bold colour scheme, and it looks great! I'll have to try that out if it's as speedy as you promised

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/04/03 10:07:01

Post by: jackanory

I think you might be slightly unhinged!
That's a compliment by the way...

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/04/03 11:52:08

Post by: Viktor von Domm

that winged beast is very good looking... only washes eh? do i see some other member related influences here? a name comes to my mind...
the mini looks really good and ithink it is one of my favorite of yours by far, do you paint by the way to collect, for pure joy or to play with? never asked this here i guess^^

cheers and hope to see more of this kind of work^^


Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/04/06 14:44:00

Post by: RSJake

The triple-breasted whore of Eroticon VI!!!


Great looking stuff! I keep finding more and more of your awesome stuff! Keep it up!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/06/19 23:58:14

Post by: monkeytroll

Is it?

No, surely not?

An update? Here?

Well, small and sort of, yeah

neil - that is a small overlook, still trying to find some good bark to use as the cliff face itself. The sorceror is pretty much the colours he had, still working on the beast ( obviously ), snd I'll make a final decision then, but I'm not thinking skinless at this stage.

Scarper - Thanks! Hey, if I can do it that quickly, it must be like it's Barry Allen painting for others

jack - say's the creator of Gonk and Inflatus Don't worry, I took it that way

vik - I like to try different ideas now and again, keeps things interesting Thank you, and I think I've answered your query elsewhere now, still a little late though. I'll see what I can do about providing similar stuff for you

RSJ - Good old Eccentrica Gallumbits Cheers, and where do you keep finding my stuff, I never remember where I leave it?

So are there any goodies at the end of this literary rainbow? (Yeah, I know, pretty poor metaphor, what can I say, it's past midnight on a Sunday/Monday )

Kind of :

The warlock for the maiden dio

Still needs the tentacle tidying up a bit, forgot that when I undercoated. But this is what he'll look like, at present I'm thinking deep red armour and blue robes, possibly greenish power sword, fleshy-purply tentacle.

And the maiden

Basic colours down, reckon there'll be a pentagram type thing srawled on the bare rock, or maybe a brazier.

And another piece using different media, this one using inks and washes. Well, mainly inks so far, there will be more inks and more washes in the future, the guy above has forseen it.

He'll be getting Ahriman's bacpack (I think - it has four nozzles on arms?), and possibly some companions painted in a similar manner.

That's all for now, who knows, there may be another update in less than 2 months this time

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/06/20 00:26:21

Post by: neil101

Hey monkey good to see this blog again , Nice colour work, The green on the naiden is real nice , if i wearnt for you and weety i think i would never see these cool minis again. thanks for that.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/06/20 02:36:03

Post by: medabee

That is a great job on the maiden, I love it

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/06/20 09:30:00

Post by: Viktor von Domm

darn an update here too...now don´t tell me i have to follow this thread now closly too...darn the list goes ever so more stuffed of threads to follow...where is the reader digest version of dakka when needed^^

like the RT chaosy marine...
and one day i have to get me that maiden for free too from ramshackle games ...great objective marker for fantasy and sifi alike...


Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/06/20 21:04:11

Post by: monkeytroll

neil - it's slow, but it ain't dead The green worked better than I thought, may end up keeping that as is.

medabee - Cheers, glad you enjoy.

vik - well, you know, I don't think it's too much effort to keep track with this one, it's not exactly the fastest moving of blogs And thanks. Yeah, hard to resist a maiden chained to a rock. Even harder if it's a freebie

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/06/20 21:21:26

Post by: neil101

monkeytroll wrote:neil - it's slow, but it ain't dead

like a bad tag line from a 80's zombie b movie

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/06/20 21:26:33

Post by: Viktor von Domm

lol that was such a nasty and naughty one... i guess if they are chained to a rock they can be only freebies^^

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/07/03 22:14:55

Post by: monkeytroll

A Sunday evening quickie for your pleasure

Two more converts to the ink and wash brigade. Figure I'll end up with a small squad and a leader like this.

The newer guy with a splash of colour has the old yellow ink as a base, the last of my supply has started to gain a bit of viscosity, and comes out a darker yellow than it should, whish is a shame as I used it as a base for a tranquility sniper for Gits. I was hoping for the nice bright yellow and then use some washes to shade it, but I'll have to use some paints now (on the sniper). The blue, purple and red are all GW washes, given one layer, with a second going on at the same time.

The pale guy just has a delan mud wash and a white drybrush over a white undercoat, as does the backpack on the guy you've already seen with some colour.

He's had a lot of layers of Windsor & Newton inks, canary yellow and plum. At least 8 coats so far, and one thing I discovered about these inks is they're not waterproof. Easy to disturb a previous layer, and in some areas you can see where the yellow has picked up a bit of the purple, there were always several hours between colours, sometimes over a day. This will be useful for some blending techniques I'll try on some of these guys, but a pain when you want clean delineations. I ight try another like this, but do all of one colour, 10 or so layers to build up a nice depth, then seal before moving on to the next colour. That should be interesting as I usually like to see how various colours are working as I go.

Told you it was a quickie, but hey you weren't hanging on for several months this time..

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2011/09/10 10:20:01

Post by: Norn King

Some very, very nice models.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2012/12/04 00:46:14

Post by: monkeytroll

Hmm, could do with a bit of a dusting around here....

Zombies and stuff - rising from the dead, just like this thread...

So been a while since much was done in my chaos hordes, and the craving to do a little chaos has been tugging at my ADD, so I've started throwing a few things together. Mainly one-offs and some pieces for playing with paint on, so quite a random selection - as if it isn't anyway

These bits have been seen on my cybork blog, apologies for the repeat -

And there was a tentacular thing inspired by some banter with King Cracker.

Which has now been painted:

Really enjoyed making that, there'll be variations on that theme appearing again

And a few chaos sorts that are awaiting colour

Torso and head from an old Kaleb Daark figure.

Based on an old khornate champion - technically not waiting for paint, as I just noticed he hasn't had a pack built yet.

Arms were hold-overs from my ancient rat-marines (all deceased now) and I just built a basic guy to stick 'em on - I think this guy will be a rusty armour test.

And the guys being worked on atm:

I want this guy to be pushing his fingers into an opponent's chest, Judge Death style - either this arm or a 'stealer one. Trying to find the right figure to be his victim before I go further with him.

Switching between the claws and some kind of pus-cannon at the moment. Been meaning to use some thrall bits as csm for a while now, felt it was bulky enough to use as a termie-type. I see nurgle stylings in this one's future...

Gun arm is still undecided. I was playing with assault cannon arms at first, then decided on some kind of auto-cannon in place of an arm, looking at it now I'm thinking some kind of power lance might be an idea...

Variation on the halberd weilding geezer above, as that one has a pole-arm I might switch to guns for this one, but having difficulty in finding a pose I liked with firearms. These guys I might actually try to link with my beastmen lost/damned - I've just picked up the new CSM 'dex, so I'll have a browse later and see what that stirs up.

Another floaty guy, this one more technological than sorcerous - thinking nhe might become some sort of tech-marine, possibly working at a console.

Rough concept - think I'll switch out his left arm, not sure what with yet though, took a while before I went with that one.

The weapon was another rescue from the rat-marines, and another basic build to stick it on - may switch the head out.

Killing off my DE and seeing what can be done with the archon's (?) body.

And dropped some ink on this guy, hoping to fade down through green into blue, possibly contrasting with a red fading to black.

Few more guys being assembled, but they're not in any state to show themselves yet.

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully I'll be back shortly.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2012/12/04 06:27:53

Post by: weetyskemian44

I'm sitting comfortably, please begin.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Oh and the yellow dude is great - so chaosy.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2012/12/04 06:57:32

Post by: Viktor von Domm

yep...a bit dusty around the edges

coupla pics that raised certain questions/interests...:

as classic as it can get... the barbwire belt is definatly a winner here... just don´t change a thing here!

where is that gun from? it reminds me strangley to some old Star wars action figures... i am intrigued !

that body...warmachine? very cool looking... smokestacks and then the double claw thing... that guy definatly leaves an impression

where are those hooves from? and the poseing is just reminding me most hilariously of schwarzenegger or stalone... a really beefed up brute! i like him!

masterblaster got even weirder... i too think the left arm is a bit akward atm... tho i would keep it... maybe get the pose a bit different? tho..i´d be damned if i know how to change it get it? damned... sometimes i am killing myself with my insane amount of humor

and again... classic toy look here...anyone think of Small soldiers? anyone??

well good looking and weird gathering here...

more needed

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2012/12/09 16:32:30

Post by: Llamahead

Theres all many of bizarre reepy weirdness and insanity here. Incidently I can imagine some of the models here being compatible with the Judge Dredd minions the Fatty in partiular would make a great Slaanesh cultist.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2012/12/13 23:10:11

Post by: monkeytroll

weety - hope you haven't got a numb bum from sitting there all that time, and cheers on Mr Yellow, I really need to sort out my lighting in the workshop as what little paint was on him looked really smooth in there, and didn't once I moved him to the living room for pics - the curse of our wonderful British winter strikes another modeller.

vik - uh-huh, and if I'm not careful it'll get covered in dust again

Cheers, he is staying the same, and has progressed to grey-scale so far - I skipped the pack, I have another plan for that - similar to the dude with the hovering crackle ball (sort of)

The gun is formed from the back of an old RT ork bolter, the needle gun part from a combi-bolter belongingto an old RT-era Inquisitor in termie armour, a scope from the space crusade scouts, and I can't quite recall where the magazine came from. Ahh, wait a minute - it may be from the old one piece plastic gretchin.

Yep, bone thrall from the Cryx faction - always thought they'd be great for chaos parts.

Legs are from a tau battlesuit - possibly the stealth suit?

That'll have to do till we get an eye-rolling orkmoticon He's still as is atm, I'm letting him stew for a while.

Hadn't crossed my mind till you mentioned it, but yes I see it

More will be coming, please be patient whilst..uhh, sorry, forgot what I was going to put there - blame the evil alcohol for that.

Llama - Just as I like it I suspect that there'll be more bits mutating into the dreddiverse than dred bits heading grimdark, but you can never be too sure.

Progress on pretty much everything has slowed immensely right now, trying to deal with some relationship issues at the moment (probably not very well as might be guessed by all the alcohol references that have suddenly appeared in posts by a tee-totaller ), normal (?) service will be returned shortly. I was actually going to post a few pics of progress from last week, but failed to do so after realising that I couldn't find the pics becuase I hadn't actually uploaded them yet

On the plus side that might portend that there will be plenty o'pics when I do update next...

Thank you for hanging on, I'll be back......

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2012/12/14 00:45:04

Post by: LoneLictor

The conversions here are amazing.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2012/12/14 17:30:33

Post by: Llamahead

Alcohol isn't actually the best way to fight depression. New toy soldiers and a modelling binge however work wonders. I find doing something constructive perks me up far better.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2012/12/22 20:51:04

Post by: monkeytroll

LoneLictor - Thanks ma, hopefully ther's plenty more to come...

Llama - Cheers for the support fella Don't worry, although I've been teetotal for at least 15 years I'm well acquainted with alcohol and it's effects Purely anaesthetic reasons were the call of the day - and my state of mind over those couple of days wouldn't have been at all useful in the workshop - far more likely to have wrecked stuff than created anything new...

Anyway, nothing further to report as since then I have been struck down with the Mayan Flu which took out half our staff, flu's all gone but now sore throat and bit of a cough...on the mend though and not back to work till the 2nd - I can't believe that...I've not had more than 2 days off over christmas for nearly 20 years... Now you need to get cracking to make up for the absence we'll note In Jan Various supply drops needing to be looked at too - hopefully there'll be a bit of progress.

I did mention there were some pics floating around from a few weeks back, might as well bung 'em up now hey?

Some detailing to the termie, and wondering if I should use that possessed arm instead of one of the lightning claws?

Concept for some kind of flying beastie...like the idea of 'jets' on the shell while the body hangs off with a weapon below...I'm tending towards dakka as I couldn't come up with any good close combat options for him....more thought required here....

Gotta love a guy with tentacles for eyes hey? Always thought the necron chests could be used with marine parts,...

Started on the rusty armour, been a while but think it was a mix of khemri and calthan, devlan wash and some dabs of macharius..

Was going to use that as base and throw some crackle over it, but forgot tha was the plan and drybrushed a bit of umm, leadbelcher?, can't recall over it.

May still get crackle on the pads, we'll see how it goes, as usual

That'll do for now, stay frosty people.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2012/12/22 21:21:07

Post by: Dr H

I'm liking that flying beastie, very cool . What did you make that out of?

As for the terminator, I think you could get away with the possessed arm if you modify the lightning claw on the other arm to look as if it's in the early stages of going the same way, if you get what I mean?

My first thought when I saw tentacle eyes guy (well not the immediate first thought, that was "Oh Monkeytroll and more tentacles, good o") was that the tentacles could do with eyes on the end... and then I thought "...that would make some sort of sense, it'd be just like a... oh a snail... maybe not".

Rusty armour looks rusty. Good job. Maybe you could do some weathering to reveal it, or was that what you were intending with the crackle paint?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2012/12/22 21:55:21

Post by: monkeytroll

At the moment it's just a talos body with jets from...umm, I think a stormtalon? Just concept at the moment...

Yeah, I get you...I'll look into it.

Yeah, what would I do that for...

Oh there's more to come on that for sure...several of these guys are for various rusty/weathered armour tests more than anything else....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2012/12/22 22:03:13

Post by: ghosty

Wow! I love that recipe for rust! Mind if I nab that for my miniatures?

I think the Talos/gun turret would make for a great Blight Drone, it looks brilliant!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2012/12/22 22:07:46

Post by: Dr H


Showing my lack of knowledge of the model range again. is a good concept.

Ooo, just thought, you could maybe add more tentacles to the eye sockets, so he has two writhing masses for eyes, that could look cool.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2012/12/22 22:32:01

Post by: monkeytroll

Yeah blight drone was kinda where it came from...along those lines. Go ahead..it's why it's up here I'd say there'll be more varieties to come..but you might not want to wait...

No worries Dr H - I don't know half the current range....10 years ago I would have recognised most bits...not now
This dude's just getting the two...but don't worry there'll be plenty more tentacle madness coming....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/10 23:30:30

Post by: monkeytroll

Digging deep for archeo-tech, we stumble blindly into a dark, malodorous cavern. After several attempts we get a servo-lamper to stay lit, and gradually the brightness grows to unveil...monkeytroll's old Lost and Damned thread....ye gods, look at the state of this place, no servitors have been near here for aeons....

Hmm, well looking at the last few posts it seemed I was trying to be mindful not to let this place slip into disrepair...nope, didn't manage that

Well, let's try a bit harder this time hey?

In search of my long-lost modelling mojo I decided to return to my old stomping grounds and look up my first true love - Khaos, in all it's many splintered glory.

With chaos I know I can still let my madness loose as with the orkses, just need to keep a slightly darker tone to it....and all that's grim-dark is good..or something....

I've also strayed a little from my usual in that I'm not following my old OCD-ish dependence on building units that can be used in a game that I haven't played for nearly two decades, and just building stuff. Some of it fits into a codex, some of it won't. Oh well.

Let's take a peek at what's been brewing in the warp then shall we....take a seat, make yourselves uncomfortable, take a sip of the hemlock and help yourselves to those pretty coloured berries on the plate there.....

Kiss my axe:

Some kind of Slaanesh champion or chosen type. Was going to get a much larger pole-arm type affair originally with an empty left hand, but then I found that axe arm and decided i liked it on him. He'll probably be getting that base too.

Where there's a whip, there's a blade:

There's a definite skew towards Slaanesh amongst the latest offerings, but there'll be a bit of digression too . The serpent-bodied look may become prevalent as I continue - I once had designs on a 'nid force built in a similar style, variations on ravenors across the board, but I've plundered the bits I was stock-piling there for the greater evil. Army painter white undercoat came out a little grainy as can be seen here, I kept it for texture rather than strip and re-spray (that's what I tell myself, not that I was too lazy to do that and wanted to see some sort of progress ).

Made to measure:

Look, see....one of those guys is certainly more nurgly than slaaneshi surely. Even if he has forgotten his trousers....think Grommit has got himself in a world of trouble elsewhere.....

Whip it out big fella:

Who can resist a sensation-seeking dude in a giant suit of powered armour with a massive electric whip arm thing?
Not me!

Scream for me baby:

And because I enjoyed the last one so much I decided I needed another Slaaneshi screamer.
I have several more sets of those winged backpacks on route to me as I type...ostensibly for a 5 'man' raptor squad, but possibly for more screamerage type shenannigans....

The Lancer:

It took quite a while to finda ranged weapon I was happy with for this guy, for a long time he had various versions of assault cannons blu-tacked to his torso, and for a while he almost became a purely close combat type, but in the end the lancer was born. Almost tempted to have a joust type mini diorama if I come up with a suitable opponent....

Night stalker:

The Stalker here almost certainly fits into the 'doesn't-fit-in-a-codex' category, but I like him, just not sure how I'm going to base him.....


Another dude who's been hanging around for a while, finally got another arm onto him and added the hint of a back-pack. Did forget to re-do his pointy-toed pixie boot though....
Also still debating trophy spikes on his shoulders....

Never aneasy life:

Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a figure in my possession. Originally an inquisitor, he didn't last long before I turned him to the side of chaos. Then a few years back I ripped off his tentacle and spiky backpack in order to let him serve the glory of the false emperor once more. And then just the other day.....

The worm turns:

See, said there'd be more serpentine bodies. Not convinced with the tentacle arm though, may need to re-think that....

Put it back in your mouth:

Never enough beefy Slaaneshi dudes around, so here's another one.

Give me an 'S':

And another. This time dual-wielding spiky blade things like an evil, armoured cheerleader from the future. Coz it's fun, right?

See no ebil, hear no ebil, speak no ebil:

More pustulent action for all you plague fans out there.

Step lively:

Well, it could be magick...but I'll probably give him the rest of the strap to hold his bolter in place.

Stop. In the name of love:

Was going to give him some kind of visor/eye slit, but then decided I like it better without. More spooky...

"We're gonna need bigger guns...":

Tentacle and a big rotary cannon. 'Nuff said.

Just like his dad:

Spiky arm and slightly smaller rotary cannon. Hey, what can i say? I like tentacles, spikes and rotary cannons

You got me, I ran out of snappy title ideas a while back, just hoped you wouldn't notice:

Not sold on the arm choices here, may swap out the firearm once I take delivery of some new arms/weapons. We'll see....

Phew....that took longer than I thought, may have been a bit brief with some of the descriptions

Don't be fooled into thinking that pic dump means I have got my mojo back...remember I've been off dakka for about 6- weeks now, that evens out to not a lot

Plenty more power armour types on the chopping board though, along with an unhealthy selection of culty types, and possibly some mounts or vehicles...as always, we'll see.

Thanks for stopping by, hope the snacks went down ok, don't worry about any internal pains as the gribblies hatch inside your organs, just take an aspirin and have a lie down.....

edited for some truly egrecious errors...but I've no doubt there's still a few lurkers.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/11 00:25:09

Post by: Dr H

In keeping with the theme of the previous posts: Yay, tentacles!

Liking in particular:
Kiss my axe - nice pose.
Big electric whip guy.
Night Stalker. Where'd his legs come from?
I quite like the tentacle arm on the serpent guy, at least in concept, but I can't see any major issues in the pictures.
Evil, armoured cheerleader from the future.
and the big rotary cannons.

As well as all the general tentacle-ness.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/11 14:25:49

Post by: Llamahead

Good to be back and that stuffs pure chaos totally and utterly. These definitely show why you shouldn't hang around too long in the eye of terror.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/11 15:17:47

Post by: neil101

Nice to see the heretics getting some love again mate.

Eye Tentacles and night stalker would be my go to choice for chaosy mutations - but the last guy - who looks like the bounty hunter bosk ? from starwars has great legs and face - the rotary gun on toilet head guy is rather nice too.

If this thread ends up being half the craziness of the cyberork thread we have a lot to look forward to .

the three breasted dominatrix is still my favourite though.. ;-)


Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/12 23:40:13

Post by: monkeytroll

Dr H - Less tentacles today I'm afraid. But I have prepared a small selection for later use, so you'll get your tentacle fix soon Or, you know, you could go watch Urotsukidoji....

Yeah, I'm happy with Axe's pose. Like I said, originally he was going to have a long polearm with massive blades and I wanted him to look like he'd just leapt down from somewhere, but whilst I was still trying to find the third blade for his weapon I realised that axe arm would be a pretty good fit.
Those stalker legs are from the Arachnid warriors from Mongoose Game's Starhip Troopers. They were originally grabbed to be used in another 'nid army, this one to be much more bug-like, with at least 8 limbs on each creature....like the serpentine 'nids, I figure the ideas being hanging around for so long I may as well loot, err...corrupt, the bits now
The tentacle arm just looks a little off to me somehow, too chunky for what I had in mind possibly. I'll leave it for now and see how it looks when it gets a bit of colour added.

Rotary cannons and tentacles - check, both on the list for many future appearances

Llama - It is good to be back, hopefully I'll stay engaged this time Yep, chaos is not just spikes and skulls

Neil - And nice to see you again mate

Eye tentacles requires a bit of surgery at the moment...I managed to knock off one arm and botth his tentacles somehow More are ready to go in their place though. That face is from a Space Hulk hybrid, I beleive one whose body was looted by the meks Toilet head? That, my fine fellow, is no mere receptacle for bodily waste but an integral part of the drive system for the NCC-1701


Was working on a conjoined marine but cut back a little too far, so that body became a flyer...obviously Couldn't get a good look with any ccw, so went the dual pistol route instead, but not sure on the tail...figure it'll probably be one of the first two, but there's something about making the tail a weapon that has an appeal.....

Fairly sure this little dude will end up with the guns. I thought he'd look good as a scuttling little brawler, but think I'll need to do a longer legged version to pull that off. These legs were supposed to be longer actually - I started with claws from either gaunts or ravenors with part of the fleshy connector still attached, but couldn't get the fit to look right, and in the end chopped down the claws and used the tips - if I'd realised that was where I was going to end up I'd have just carved some sprue to start with and saved the claws for something else
Think he'll get a smaller backpack too, was going for a multi-limbed feel but it's too much on that little body.

And you know, just 'coz. Evil kinky space nun is better than a space nun, right?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/12 23:51:08

Post by: Llamahead

Really enjoying the insectile chaos marines. Both of them remind me of Sids creations in Toy Story. The evil space nun really works gruesome and corrupted angeley.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/13 00:20:24

Post by: Dr H

Evil kinky space nun is a win.

There's something to be said about a little scuttling being with many arms... usually WhatTheF*IsThatGetItOffArgh... But guns work well too.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/13 06:55:51

Post by: weetyskemian44

Mmmm thats a juicy slice of chaos. So inventive. I hope they get painted!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/15 23:28:33

Post by: monkeytroll

Llama - Cheers mate. I'd forgotten Sid's creations, there's some inspiration there

Dr H - Evil kinky space nuns FTW

Still undecided on that one, I'll leave him for a while then try somemore loadouts....

weety - Ripe and juicy khaos is always the best sort What is this 'painted' you speak of though

I do intend to put some colour on these guys at a faster rate than I normally do (which isn't saying a lot I know ), but this wind is making things a wee bit unsteady on the boat at the moment - when there's a real danger of stuff falling off bookcases then delicate brushwork should be avoided. That's what my nan used to say anyway. But hopefully soon - I'm beginning to enjoy the modeling again now so I want to try and carry that momentum over to the painting side too....


Started looking through the pile of kits I've accumulated in the last few months, and decided that these little buggers might have some potential. 1/72 Tachikomas from Ghost in the Shell, came with a helicopter kit that might become a speeder-bike/hunter-killer type thing, or might get thrown to the meks. Three of these to play with, thinking first one I'll use the leg unit to base a terminator on, maybe some kind of warpsmith.

Caught this guy walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches....
Legs came from some Dropzone Commander walker with a bit of re-posing, and as he ended up with a couple of blades figured a FW Emporer's Children Palatine Blade head fitted the bill...

Big guy who almost ended up with the three-barreled ork pistol from the FW bikers, but got swapped for a storm/combi bolter at the last moment. Legs from chaos Forsaken, torso from EvilCraft, who also do some very nice heads and backpacks, axe from FW.

Warpsmith type blokey. First thing I wanted to do with the stuff that came from Anvil's Afterlife kickstarter, although I ended up using the missile launcher and the gatling gun first (on the night stalker and the guy with no real head respectively). The tractor units are very cool, and I got ten of them, so expect to see more...can't resist a good set of little tracks me The rear servo arm is from Zealot miniatures, need to fill a couple of air bubbles in that, the two mech-arms are from a WM Crysis starter set. Debating whether to add another set of work-arms to the backpack - part of Fabius Bile's pack.

And lastly, playing with an idea for a steed. Thinking one mechanical foot, one bestial, some kind of weapon mount on the tail.


edited to make children out of choldren....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/15 23:50:53

Post by: Dr H

Yay Tachikomas! I love me some GitS (predictably if you see my avatar). Got to get me some of those at some point.

I like the pose on the big guy with the axe. Very thoughtful for one so bedecked with spikes.

Nice eye on the tracked chap and an interesting steed.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/16 08:03:12

Post by: weetyskemian44

Hi monkey I hope you've got a way off your boat at the mo! Sweet cyborg steed you've got there. It looks like something out of doom!.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/16 15:54:53

Post by: monkeytroll

Dr H - The 'Stand Alone Complex' Jigabachi AV helicopter kit from Kotobukiya has three of these in

Yeah he's pondering the futility of conflict within a post-human community based on such outdated concepts as 'Good' and 'Evil'. And then wondering whether the incoming follower of the false emperor should be met with a hail of bolter shells or a whirring axe blade.

Ah, that's just my bog-standard bionic used on the cyborks - didn't want a helmeted head, but still felt he needed something a bit techy. I'd like the steed to have some nice blending from mechanical to biological, so that'll be a good push for my meagre GS skills a bit - gotta practice if we want to improve right?

weety - Yeah, I just put on my kite-suit and jump....get blown ashore nicely Well, if it's reminiscent of Doom that's a good thing by me

So quick update whilst I lunch...

Legs from an old epic paladin knight (hey, that's topical right?), claws from Zealot minis, skull-filled pad is an old-skool pad. Not sure what to do with the buckle plate - try and sculpt something or attempt to paint a design....trying to avoid the default stick-a-skull-on-it and don't think I have anything else worthwhile putting there that size.....

That necron gun bit was going to be part of a hover unit, but then I realised that sticking a tentacle out of it would make a great non-standard head May still add something to the back of the claws.

That's it, short and sweet this time, but wind has stopped, there's actual daylight around and I have undercoated the earlier guest stars, so may go to the colouring stage for some of them rather than the chop-shop for more. We'll see.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/16 23:39:53

Post by: Littletower

Amazing kitbashing, great and unique figures come out of here!

Striking take on the stead, and great use of the tractor units too

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/16 23:56:14

Post by: Ruglud

Wonderfully crazy, chaotic creations dude

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/17 00:00:55

Post by: monkeytroll

Littletower - Cheers dude, chaos should have a touch of the unique about it don't you think

Yeah, we'll wait and see whether I ruin the steed with some shoddy gs work I do love those little tractor units

Ruglud - Thanks dude

So, ended up doing a bit more chopping anyway

Feel more sensation if you don't wear your full armour, right? Plus it's hard to get the arms to fit those elbow blades...all very well getting gifts from the gods, but it can cause havoc with one's wardrobe.

On the other hand, if your armour warps to accomodate your nifty mutation then it can be a bitch getting that sleeve off....

Need to do a bit of gs where the blade meets the wrist on this one, and just remembered I was going to add some scars to both of them...gonna get cut without your breastplate

About time the beastmen got some kind of armoured troopers I figure. Been meaning to use the Tau legs for just such a thing for ages now, original idea was to use cadian bodies and beastmen heads.

Was going to be, and might still end up as a warpsmith type dude, but once I'd put the face-torso on the base I couldn't resist this.... Might keep it, might not.

And did splash a little colour about...not much, and not well, but it's a start....

Cheers for stopping by.......

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/24 20:17:10

Post by: monkeytroll

So, decided the ratkin needed a couple more companions...

Second guy needs either some shoulder pads or some gs work on the shoulders..arms didn't fit quite right and I was intent on getting them in place there and then. Think a hellstrider pad should do the trick. I know I could have done a much better job, but at the moment I'm just happy to be modelling again and staying interested - I'll accept a certain amount of shoddiness in return

Your bog-standard general purpose Slaaneshi marine.... The head's been sitting around for a while, but each time I made a marine I decided on a different head to this...finally got his chance

...and a companion. I think he ended up with an axe as I'd been admiring krautscientist's khornate gladiators

Very simple daemonette conversion - she was originally going to have double claws, but then I decided I liked the whip, and having just one claw, slightly hidden behind her leg looked more fitting somehow.

Some tentacles to keep Dr H happy Planned to give him an armoured head, but then picked up the tentacled head and realised it would suit an arms out, screaming type pose...may yet swap the arms out, but I doubt it.

And just for a bit of fun, some sort of plague ogryn was called for...still looking for a suitablr left arm, toyed with tentacles, but thinking I might use the old zoat powerfist i have lying around...

And no great progress/pics, but proof the brushes are seeing some kind of action:

That'll do for now....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/24 20:21:03

Post by: Moltar

Jebus! Great stuff. Perfect Nightmare fuel to get my motor going.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/24 22:01:04

Post by: Dr H


Nice work.
Like the posing, especially of the daemonette.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/24 22:35:12

Post by: emperor bacon

a bit curius but from what set do you get the small wersion of the rotary cannon?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/24 22:45:46

Post by: monkeytroll

Moltar - Glad to hear it - does that mean your new hobby area is almost prepped and ready to go?

Dr H - Just for you buddy Can't takecredit for the daemonette pose, all I did was bend the whip and add a claw

emperor bacon - That came from the Afterlife KS from Anvil, same as the little tractor unit - not sure when they're due to hit retail, but some nice stuff there.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/24 22:49:01

Post by: PDH

Damn this thread reminds me of the toys in Sid's room (Toy Story).

Exceptionally creepy and properly chaotic....like the Realm of Chaos is flowing through your mind.

The tentacle ball is so right/wrong.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/24 22:50:13

Post by: Llamahead

Great work on the claws of scythe blade. If your interested in Space Skaven the Vermyn line from Mantic might be worth a look some really nice crazy weapons in there

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/24 23:04:46

Post by: Moltar

Haha funny story that happened last night:

Day 72 without Warhammer contact....

Since, I didn't trust the moving company with all my nerdery, the wife is packing my things (I'm not sure why she insisted on her doing it).

Released the obligatory, "You cannot buy anymore nerd stuff until you paint what you already own!"

Shortly thereafter, she pushes a box backwards and it slides all my in progress builds, that were on a cutting/hobby mat, off the table onto the hardwood floor shattering about 40 hours worth of work

Oh joy!

We're almost all packed, but the renovations are keeping us from moving in yet. I have about 3 more weeks, before we can get in there and I still need to buy a new painting desk. I'm as eager as can be to get back at it, despite this terrible upset and set back. New Hellbrute kit is about to land and my older brother wants a FW order in before the end of the month. So despite (or in spite of ) her, "You cannot buy anymore nerd stuff until you paint what you already own!" statement, I'll be building my force upwards and outwards here in about a month. But I have a ton of awesome chaosy things, so when I finally do get to sit down and work, I should be busting out a lot all in quick succession. That's the plan at least.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/24 23:13:42

Post by: Dr H

 monkeytroll wrote:
Can't takecredit for the daemonette pose, all I did was bend the whip and add a claw
Well it's very nicely bent then...

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/27 23:06:44

Post by: monkeytroll

PDH - Another mention of Sid's toys I have to admit that the resemblance had completely escaped me, but I will be re-visiting the film for research reasons Far too long since I watched it.

Now that I take as high praise indeed, coming from you Peter

I love the tentaball, really enjoyed making it, and will do some more soon...I'm also thinking of a tiny version as a familiar type thing.

Llama - Cheers! Yeah, kept looking at the vermyn for the cyborks, some of the drills and such-like looked promising. The legs on Kiss my Axe are from a dreadball vermyn, have a team of those kicking about for conversion purposes, but not got round to picking up ay of the warpath ones yet.

Moltar - Ouch!

Yeah, buy more....buy more...no time for painting...buy more

Hope it all goes smoothly whe you finish moving, and look forward to seeing you back in action.

Dr H - Thanks bud, that really means a lot to me

Ok, quick update time...

Took a while to find a left arm forhim, none of the swords or guns looked rightuntil I realise tat obviously a guy with no eyes, or indeed a real head, should be pointing at something

Nothing sophisticated here, just a weird head and some claw things...your standard khaos.

The rest are more wip than done...

The tachikoma termie...was originally going to be some kind of warpsmith based guy with your average four legged locomotive device, but after adding the torso to the searchlight bit that didn't feel quite right. A hasty swivelling of the body before the glue set and the addition of a head at a much lower level suddenly made much more sense. And of course, freed up some valuable space for tentacles I'm thinking some kind of rotary cannon (obviously ) for the right arm, still undecided on the left...and probably some kind of mecha-dendrites coming from the leg unit just as a nod back to the original warpsmith idea.

These cute little guys were going to be added to the screamers, but now I'm going to use them as familiars for some dudes, so leaving the tails till then...I see the bat-winged one with it's tail wrapped round an outstretched arm of some kind of freaky falconer. The other jump-back will also see service as some kind of gun-drone I suspect, but first things first....needed a snake headed version to start.

And a slightly bigger version....may try mounting an old-skool daemonette on there, but still deciding on whether there'll be a 'firearm' or a 'blade' at the end of the tail...

That's it from Sid's workshop for now....sweet dreams everyone.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/27 23:57:57

Post by: Littletower

Hardly going to sleep at all, after this, much less have peaceful dreams, too many legs and tentacles for that!

Looking great, that upside-down hanging bat is crazy-ace.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/28 00:11:27

Post by: Dr H

Nice work.

Really like that little flying thing with the fans in the wings.
Reminded me of Ratbat and Laserbeak, but actually looks nothing like either of them... *shrugs*
It's a good look anyway.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/02/28 11:53:37

Post by: Llamahead

Great work must resist temptation to spend money on Puppet War Doomwings

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/01 22:40:57

Post by: monkeytroll

Littletower - Sleep little mortal, sleep and let slaanesh bring you dreams you couldn't imagine.....

Dr H - Cheers! Got those jump packs to use as jump packs, but think they're likely to all end up as drones/familiars

Llama - They would make great epic scale flyers..........

Sun came out today, so most of the previous guys have been primed now

So, what else is new...

Renegade trooper...had a different pose decided for him, but whilst trying to find a suitable pistol arm I ended up putting the shotgun in place. May try and pick up another sniper to try out the original pose as I really liked the idea.

Troupe D'Basqueville:

These were once dancers until the D'Basqueville family doctor turned them into psychically linked combat servitors for cultist Lady Isabella D'Basqueville to use as bodyguards/enforcers.

And a servitor skull managed to sneak into their dressing rooms too....

I'll have a think about adding some colour to the next update.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/01 23:30:20

Post by: sennacherib


LOve all the creativity that you have invested in your conversions. Do you use a press mold for the GS tentacles.?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/02 13:24:25

Post by: Llamahead

Great to see you playing with some Malifaux stuff. I reckon Lucius would make a great Slaaneshi cultist.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/03 22:58:47

Post by: Dr H

Very interesting concepts for the D'Basqueville bodyguards.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/09 21:35:06

Post by: monkeytroll

sennacherib - Thanks a lot dude! Yeah, I have tentacle makers from Masque Miniatures and Green Stuff Industries - both good, but the GSI ones edge out the Masque as they're easier to use, don't need to have something to steady them.

Llama - Yeah, now I'm back to chaos I'm digging through some of the 'saved' stuff.

Hmm, yeah, he might make a good Lord D'Basqueville - I was planning on using some old Hunters/Brats for the males, but then they'd all be a lot shorter than the females There'll be a few other companies work appearing probably, as obviously there's little in the way of decent female conversion fodder from GW

Dr H - Cheers! Originally they were going to be cultists, with firearms and mutations, then I decided I preferred the idea of dancers chosen by Lord D'Basquville for their agility and used for his pleasure/rituals before being passed to the family doctor for mind-wiping/re-programming.

So, anything new?

Just needs a bit of gs work on his backpack and he's good to go.


Concept for a dark magos. Pretty sure he'll be keeping the eldar glove, just messing around with what I want on his back....

Figured out the weapons for the tachikoma termie...just need to make his feet as I decided not to use the originals, bit of gs around the head, and probably a couple of mecha-dendrite type thigs coming around from the back....

And playing around with this guy...can't figure out a weapon set for him yet, not even sure if he's going to get a second CCW or something with a bit of range to it....

And to work on my gs skills a bit I decided to start on a daemon.

Few other little bits done, mainly matching' torsos' to 'legs', and tiny bits of colour applied sparingly, nothing else worth looking at though...

Stay frosty peeps....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/09 22:38:52

Post by: Dr H

All good. Particularly liking the 3-legged chap, nice pose.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/10 11:28:02

Post by: Llamahead

I take it most of those legs come from warmachine. Excellent madness.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/13 21:02:08

Post by: monkeytroll

Dr H - Cheers! There was a lot of different torsos going back and forth on those legs At various points it was a marine, a termie and a magos (using an old genestealer hybrid), marine won out in the end, but I might get a similar set of legs for a magos yet

Llama - Actually no - you are mistaken young padawan The four legged version is from Malifaux - a steamborg, and the three legs are from Urban War - some kind of syntha. Glad ypou approve though

So, been a bit slow recently, but I have a couple of rough concepts for Lord D'Basqueville's bodyguard types....

Obviously there's a lot of clean-up to get a good fit required, and some weapons need to be finalised, but I'm liking the basic idea. Serpentine female cyborgs produced by the good doctor - I'm still umming and ahhing over the figure and name for him (or even her, or possibly them ) as a counterpart to Isabella's terror troupe.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/13 22:35:38

Post by: GiraffeX

You have a nice collection of disturbing conversions coming along, looking forward to more.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/13 23:44:31

Post by: Dr H

I'm liking how your good Doctor is thinking.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/14 22:01:28

Post by: Moltar

You had me at, "Robo-lady-snakes."

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/19 21:35:30

Post by: monkeytroll

GiraffeX - Thanks dude, always pleased to hear the word disturbing in relation to any of my stuff Hope I can keep them coming for you...

Dr H - Yeah, you would

Moltar - That was the idea Should be more in that ilk along sometime soon....

So, robo-snake-ladies awaiting GS work - and two waiting on another arm to go with the gs

What can I entertain you with in the meantime......

How about a champion/prince type fellow to point you in the right direction?

Lord Vortinex the Lustgrabber has been mightily blessed by Slaanesh during his long career
Thinking the spiracles on the tail may get some tiny tentacles added, and before the shoulder gun gets wired in I may have a fiddle with it - not convinced by it at the moment. Also considering replacing the other shoulder spike with a semi-mechanical manipulator/claw arm...not sure if that makes it a little too busy though, as I think that's what's annoying me about the shoulder-pistol.

Or maybe you're more susceptible to a nice daemonette to help take your mind off your worries?

Shardclaw Glitterleg was inspired by some of JB's sketches in the Liber Chaotica....been perusing that and the old Realms of Chaos books for inspiration recently

Or possibly some weird many-legged thingy is more your bag?

I suspect the legs will get inverted and the claws reversed to bring the legs out more sideways, similar to some kind of techno-scorpion, which is obviously what this is going to become....

Hopefully that'll tide you over for now.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/19 22:13:17

Post by: PDH

I like the champion prince a hell of a lot

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/19 22:32:12

Post by: shingouki

Monkey,you definately have skills to pay the bills.Great conversions /creativity,i love it.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/19 22:47:07

Post by: Dr H

Maybe if you get the shoulder gun pointing in the direction he's looking, rather than at the floor, it will look better.

Nice work.

I like the techno-scorpion. What are the body pieces?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/23 21:44:15

Post by: monkeytroll

PDH - Thank you. If it meets with your aproval I know I'm on the right track

shingouki - Cheers, thanks a lot. If only it did pay the bills......

Dr H - Busted! Yeah, that was me not checking the angle properly before gluing it.... It's currently off te shoulder awaiting either re-positioning or replacing.....

Those bits came from the Necron Wraiths - which were mainly grabbed for their tails to be pillaged

Slowly building up a pile of bits that need GS work applied...probably worth me starting on that soon

In the meantime, between time....

A veteran marine turned renegade - hasn't actually turned to chaos, just left his chapter....

"Gordon's Alive?"

A raptor, obviously The more I look at it the more I dislike the abrupt change in the helmet now, didn't mind it when I first tried it.....May have to come back to that with some GS...

And where there's chaos and heresy...there's also the Inquisition....

Decided it wasn't worth putting these up on my old Imperial blog...I'll just keep this one and the orkses as separate entities...

This guy's been kicking around for a while, finally glued him together...although I couldn't find the head I'd put to one side for him...the same head, just with the feather still in the hat...fished around till I found the one I knew was missing the feather, and added a feather to the pad instead, and swapped out the more chaosy pads that were originally going to be his for plain versions. Obviously, I found the original head about 20 minutes ago....
As an interrogator his master was in the Ordo Xenos, but over time he's realised that Chaos is the much greater threat to humanity...

And what self-respecting Inquisitor goes around without a faithful fetishist death cult assassin in tow?
Bit of GS tidying up to do on the arms...

And a trusty acolyte bearing the holy light of truth.
Bit of GS tidying up required at the back of his neck....

Right...that'll do for now...tatty bye....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/23 22:57:39

Post by: Dr H

"Gordon's Alive?"

Liking the faithful fetishist death cult assassin in particular.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/24 15:22:23

Post by: Moltar

That fetishist death cult assassin looks amazing. Subtle sexy pose mixed in with gothic weirdness. I love it.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/24 15:49:54

Post by: Littletower

Crazier and weirder by the visit, and loving it.

Poor acolyte must be feeling odd in his normality...

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/03/30 19:39:15

Post by: Camkierhi

Well, this was a treat. Just gone through this blog, fantastic and weird and wonderful and amazing and yuk all at once, brilliant.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/01 22:30:26

Post by: monkeytroll

Dr H - Had to be done...if I hadn't, someone else would have And cheers!

Moltar - Thanks dude! She's only 5 pieces, but it took me a while to find the right ones...now to decide whether her sisters or her dark reflections are next from the base minis......

Lt - Good and good, and excellent

Ahh, but he's not normal inside his head.........

Cam - Glad you could make it along for the ride, and thank you!

So, not much to show, but it's been a week so felt I needed to put something up....

A very PIP of the plague ogryn....yep, you heard that right, treating you to a tiny sprinkling of that colour stuff you kids seem to like so much......

Still a few more layers of flesh to go, and the associated off-flesh colours, and everything else needs a lot of work still, but it shows I have done something, and it does include colour

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/01 23:06:28

Post by: Dr H

Nice colour additions.
The yellow/orange is particularly good.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/01 23:41:34

Post by: Camkierhi

OK when you do colour you do COLOUR.

Great job so far.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/02 09:09:57

Post by: Llamahead

Great job on the intestines. Really yicky.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/10 21:37:54

Post by: monkeytroll

Dr H - Cheers, it's a start at least

Cam - Thanks buddy. Although I think you may just be getting over-excited because there IS some colour for a change

Llama - They'll get ickier

Ok, progress has been somewhat slow, nowhere near back into the flow of things yet, but a couple of pics as proof of life and to keep me on track....

So, decided to have a play with some of the AK worn effects liquid on one of the marines...

Gave him a rough coat of browns and orange...and didn't really think it all through first as this probably wasn't the ideal choice for a rusty marine, but hey-ho, adds to the mix Gave it a coat of the worn effects and as soon as that dried..

....gave it a hasty coat of averland sunset and a quick drybrush of a lighter mix. And once that was dry...so pretty much straight away....

....went at it with a stiff wet brush and a cocktail stick. You can see some bits where it stripped back to the promer, think I was a little hasty putting the worn effects on. Didn't work anywhere near as well as it has on terrain pieces, but I'll give it another go at some point.

So for now, I just splashed some orange wash on it and started to continue with the rest of the scheme - well, a bit of the red part anyway
I'm sure I'll still end up with a rusty marine at the end, but first attempt with this on a figure doesn't go down as a huge success Which is to be expected really.

And a little more work on the plague ogryn. Slowly getting there.

Random progress on a marine...or rather, progress on a random marine.

And similar for a termie....

Started work on Shardclaw.

And a splash of colour on the inquisitor.

And, what with it being the run up to Salute I'm obviously not going to spend money elsewhere....



The rather lovely Kingdom Death pin-ups in plastic. Very nice models, but with the slightly bizarre touch that most of the breasts come as separate parts....But great fodder for cultists and warbands nevertheless.

Gustave Eiffel and his mechanical spider from Wild West Exodus - some fun bits that will probably become at least three different models....

And found a thread the other day that pointed towards Cadwallon, a Ukrainian company with seemingly the whole Rackham range available. So put in a test order for a couple...

Not supplied in original packaging, and considering how long they've been out of circulation I'll put my neck out and guess they're re-casts Quality is good, and I do love a lot of the Rackham sculpts so I may go back for more. Once I've found where my current stash are hiding so I can see what I really want...I'm guessing I'll want more Dirz and Devourers though.....

All right, that was a reasonable amount of pictures covering remarkably little progress, so that'll do for an update

Later all, and thanks for stopping by.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/10 22:03:01

Post by: dantay_xv

Your models are amazing... and oh, the colours!!! I really want to squeeze that poor plague ogryns plukes!!

I am loving your own unique brand of insanity, please don't ever stop.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/10 22:22:40

Post by: Dr H

Good experimenting. Shows potential.

I like the colour of the ogryn's gauntlet.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/10 22:49:43

Post by: Squidbot

That Ogryn is truly gross. And I second the praise for the gauntlet colour. The metal looks decayed.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/10 22:53:19

Post by: neil101

Aye up, looks like I have missed a fair bit since I last checked in mate. Its great to see inquisitor get some love in this blog too.

Loads of inventive funny bizzare sureal conversions as usual . I particularly like the beard marine, very subtle but charaterful conversion.

Pretty jealous of your kingdom death unattached breasts :-)

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/11 06:47:33

Post by: Llamahead

Excellent stuff here and they have the entire Rackham range in stock hmmmmmm

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/12 22:44:20

Post by: monkeytroll

dantay - Thanks a lot! trust me, you realy wouldn't want to see what comes out.....

Dr H - Yeah, it's worked well on larger terrain pieces, first time trying it on a figure, but with a bit of practice I'm sure I'll find a use for it at this size. probably haveto look at doing small areas at a time as you don't want to give the top layer time to really set, so kind of limits highlighting when doing whole figures..

That was an experiment with P3 armour wash, yellow ink and I think sepia wash, turned out pretty much the way I'd hoped, which was nice

Squidbot - That's what I like to hear, cheers Glad the gauntlet comes across as decayed, I wanted some kind of old, corroded look, but not a rusty feel.

Neil - Fits and starts, but things are slowly moving Yeah, figured the Inquisitor belonged here, didn't see the point in putting him in the Imperial blog, only to have it updated every other month for three months And he is fighting chaos....at least, this one is - I think there'll be some rogue Inquisition types soon enough....

Good to hear I'm keeping it surreal The beardy marine came about just due to me wanting to use the Anvil spec ops torsos in some way, and I thought rogue veterans fitted the ida of being loaded down with gear better than any Imp marines.

The minis are lovely, but that is a weird choice - I think I could see a possible moulding reason in one of the models, but not the majority...and then to have indiviual breasts as well....

Llama - Yeah, I'm going to have a play with them tomorrow to check the quality of the metal, but first look seems to be ok. If I'm happy then I can forsee many orders being placed in the future, I really like their sculpts, and never bought anywhere near enough of them whn they were around.

So, nothing new on the construction or colouring side of things, but was at Salute today, so figured I might as well show some of the goodies that I really shouldn't have come back with

from Anvil:

The new dog squad, and some robed legs and heads. Also grabbed another squad of the little tractor units, as I have many, many uses for those in my head. They didn't have the new drones available yet, but they looked great in the flesh, and will certainly be grabbing several of those when they're released.

Various bits from Zinge - the new swivel joints, servo-arms, the newish small track units, cable connectors and cables, bits like that. Also saw the prototype for the new ork buggy,very cool. Modular construction, separate pieces for the roll cage (no mould lines!), loads of extra components, definitely a winner:

And props to Kit for recognising me as monkeytroll from last year's show when I had a quick chat with him. The team is very enthusiastic, and they do have a lot of passion for what they're doing He also had a Taurox on the stand which had the tracks replaced with some of his wheels - huge improvement to it, which I guess isn't going to come as a suprise to anyone

The free show mini:

Ainsty Castings:

Couple of the hovercraft that the orks are using as bikes, and some of those tiny hovercraft that I think the grots might loot


Imperial greyhound and dragon riders from Warzone Resurrection. And a mutant steed.
There was some lovely stuff from these guys there, and the alien v pedator stuff they were previewing looked very cool.

Infamy Games:

A steampunk Holmes to go with the Watson I already have...although you know that won't be the guises they'll actually appear in when I get round to them

BlightWheel Miniatures:

Mutant steed, couple of servitor types, and a tread-bike.

Studio McVey:

Naga and medusa.

Plus a few other bits and bobs, some brushes etc.

Fun day out doing retail therapy. And for your further enjoyment some pics from the painting comp:

Some of the demo games:

And some of the goodies at vendors:

More available in my Salute 2014 gallery, and in the Salute thread in News & Rumours....


Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/13 20:20:35

Post by: monkeytroll

Forgot the most important ones....

Let the League feast upon the sight of all that rivety goodness - beautiful brass rivets en masse

And just to show I have been doing something other than thinking up what bits need chopping from yesterday's haul...

Chaos hovering techy type. I'm thinking I might plug his scanner into a wall panel with guitar wire in order to suspend him.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/13 21:11:47

Post by: Dr H


Lots of interesting looking things there and a nice haul of new thingies you have.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/25 23:00:01

Post by: monkeytroll

Had to come out I suppose

Was a fun day, and lots of interesting things to drool over.

So, onwards we go...to prove there is some sort of work taking place....

Thought I'd give him some kind of sonic blaster pistol rather than a boring old bolter. Originally the eldar fin was going to be two atop his backpack as a kind of standard, but then I decided it looked better without the pack.

Daemonette....still needs a bit of gs around the third arm and on her back.

And nothing quite says 'burn the heretic' like a servitor equipped with two flamers and a huge brazier......Still a fair bit of work to go on this dude, needs some gs around the waist joint, something for the cables to attach to on the track unit, and a few other little details - maybe some lights and a couple of purity seals.

Concept for a corrupted inquisitor....the bolt pistol will be replaced with something more unique, not sure whether he'll be keeping the chaos star on the pad, and need to come up with something for his backpack.

And gs work has commenced on the steed....bit rough and ready at the mo, but it's a start....

And hopefully that little lot counts as proof of life

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/26 07:14:51

Post by: Camkierhi

Wonderful stuff, wierd in a good way, but definately wonderful.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/26 08:12:14

Post by: Llamahead

What are the legs on the first marine I've got a use of some legs in that style at some point

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/27 16:36:26

Post by: monkeytroll

Cam - Weird is good Weird and wonderful is even better - thanks!

Llama - Those were from Urban Mammoth, one of the synths. I'll see if I can figure which one as I want some more mysef

Ok, couple of henchmen for your perusal.....

Can't decide whether the second guy gets an extended hood to go with the first - that was the initial plan, but they've ended up in such similar stances I think it may be more distracting to do so now....

So the idea with the chaos marines was to do a bunch of individual models just for fun, play with various colour schemes and effects. There's a couple with a more traditional purple about them (for the Slaaneshi types that is), but I noticed that several others were all going in a yellow direction. Not all the same shade of yellow, but a definite yellow direction - probably because I wanted to play a bit with chipping on a figure scale rather than vehicles, and I'm fairly happy with ways to chip yellow....

Those two guys for instance....

So I made a concious decision to try something else on the next guy I started and went for some of the P3 turqouise ink I picked up recently - I'm loving their inks. Next thing I know I have several turquoise marines staring back at me....

So...guess I found a scheme for at least one warband now Not sure on trim colours though...I was thinking of a variety spread arond, with just the turquoise to tie them together. Think black should be a nice contrast, also considering reds and yellows, probably avoid metallics for the trim....hmmm, thinking cap on...

edited to at least resemble English.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/27 17:07:48

Post by: Llamahead

Generally I find when I'm painting random colours it often randomly ends up the little bit of colour from another model I have left for my palette and it actually works quite nicely....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/04/27 17:34:20

Post by: Dr H

Nice work MT.

I like the sonic blaster you gave the chap on the last page.

The right shade of purple can go well with turquoise.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/13 21:33:01

Post by: monkeytroll

Llama - Yeah, that works on the occassions I actually use my palette... Not so sure it'll actually be random colours for their trim, there will be some sort of thought behind it (mostly), I just don't want them all to be the same complete scheme - Slaaneshi types shouldn't all be conformists now should they.

Dr H - Cheers Doc. Simple but effective I thought. I have no doubt there will be some purple somewhere amongst them

So, not a great deal of progress on the colouring front ('Quel suprise' I hear you cry.....)

Proof of something.....and pulling out some older guys to try and actually finish them...and in the process dropped the most fragile of them and managed to lose at least one bit....(he's not in the pics)

And not a huge amount going on build wise either to be fair....a few randomish pieces slowly getting tiny additions, plus these:

Very basic arm swap only for this gal.

A mutant who still requires some GS around his shoulders....

I figured a change of weapon and a horn could turn an old mechanicus into a slaaneshi type due to the detailing on the armour....haven't decided on what exactly to do with the shoulder pads yet...maybe a chaos symbol, or a slaaneshi icon, or just try to paint something on there.

And another henchman...another burny type henchman at that...may join the first Inquisitor if I find a suitable place to add a feather. Will probably have some kind of auspex in his left hand - chained to his waist so he can instantly let go and grab the flaner if so required - and looking through loincloths/purity seals to find something suitable.

...and that's about the extent of it to be honest....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/16 19:39:04

Post by: lone dirty dog

So this is where you have been hiding then, I seen you posting but thought no work updates then find out you have another thread on the go
Well I have been through it all picture looking mainly hey you know me but dam how many cool ideas and how much more money I need to spend now

So many things have caught my eye I don't even know where to start, love the use of terminators and love the Tau suit legs with marine body solved an idea I have been struggling with so big thanks

Great work once again and really love the look of the renegade torso with blight bodies, I was thinking something like that but was not sure if they would match up well enough obviously do

Ogre looks great and those boils really do pop ( no pun intended ) love it all you truly are the craziest and coolest converter keep up the inspiration

O yes subbed so don't disappear again

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/16 19:50:51

Post by: Dr H

I thought I'd commented on the latest batch...

Good work MT.

Liking the purple and the green chaps.
and I like that girl with the new arms. Nice model.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/18 14:38:50

Post by: Two Spartan

Can't believe I have missed this blog until now! Crazy variety of model conversions, I love it!
They all look cool, I love how good your tentacle mutations look, the tentacle eyes are especially creepy. And the floating tentacle monster is just ace! =)

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/18 21:38:42

Post by: monkeytroll

ldd - That's the not reading things bothering you again see - I'm fairly sure my last post on the orky blog said I'd be over here for a while Felt I needed to change things up a bit to help get back on track hobby-wise considering where my head's at Glad you found me now though.

Those Tau legs have been waiting for bodies for a few years now to be honest Originally they were going to be Cadian and renegade torsos, but that wasn't quite the look I was after, then the Dreamforge stuff came along....hey presto.

Yeah I've found most of the Blight stuff fits pretty well with GW, need to pick up a bunch more soon.

Cheers buddy, and I'll be here for a while yet, maybe with just a quick visit back to ork-land now and again

Dr H - Thanks doc - those two are ALMOST done..some tidying on the purple and some tidying and basing for the green - which isn't bad considering the purple dude can probably be seen on the first page of this blog

Yeah, 'tis a nice model - Chimera from (I think) Figone. Just swapped one of her claws for a tentacle....nearly always a good thing

Two Spartan - No worries mate, it's been laying fallow for a good while till recently And now you know it's here

Cheers - I do need to get round to some more tentiballs soon, it was great fun to make and paint. Tentacle eyes is unfortunately just normal eyes at the moment - lost his saving throw against desktop, and is currently awaiting more tentacles.

So let's see what tiny bits of progress have been made recently...

A couple more guys got drenched in turquoise...

May change the face-prongs on the termie to another colour, I'll re-look at that part when he starts to get some trim colouring.

Think the remaining leg details on the purple trim dude will probably be gold or brass, possibly a black gimp-mask - thinking gloss black with no highlights. Not sure about the arm blade yet....

And as I started on his trim....

Still scrappy and in progress, but I think the idea of different trims with the turquoise main works okay...

Started on one of Lord D'Basqueville's cyber-serpent guard femmes:

Speaking of the D'Basquevilles, I think I've narrowed the choice for Lord down to 2 base models - the Infamy Sherlock or Yannick hennebo's Laurent LeLeu, and have a few possibilites for his lady wife too. And at least one of the medical staff responsible for their servants is being based on the metal female DE haemonculus.

Couple of the daemonettes have started to see a bit of colour too...

And so has their latest companion..

This one is posing with the faithful death-cultist....she will be joining a rogue inquisitor's retinue as a dark reflection of said assassin.

And this guy has been seen before, but I was still dithering over arms for him back then...

Wow, that was almost like a real update....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/18 21:52:17

Post by: Dr H

A very impressive and colourful update.

They look like particularly good arms for him too.

Good work.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/18 21:57:23

Post by: SilverMK2

Like the daemonettes and lightning claw marine. Some really nice colours as well

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/18 22:18:50

Post by: Squidbot

Loving the daemonettes.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/19 07:58:32

Post by: Llamahead

Always nice to see bright anarchic and sinister Chaos too many Chaos forces are far too uniform.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/19 08:20:34

Post by: neil101

Wow, so much goodness , the pics from salute are cool , very enviious of that tread bike , i think they are brilliant, love to see a dedicated 40k version for ig .

some superb creations as usual mate , the robot chiken steed is fantastical , really looking forward to seeing that complete.

also loving the slaanesh upgrade bits head , the one that look like a gimp dominatrix mask , i was going to buy that a few weeks ago - or was that the real gimp mask i forget.. the turquoise purple paint scheme works really well .

really far too many good ideas to comment on ... good stuff carry on sir..

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/19 08:44:33

Post by: Logan

Wow! Your stuff is so impressive and full of a creative madness. *subscribed*

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/19 18:01:24

Post by: lone dirty dog

Seriously do you live on a boat where on earth do you store all these miniatures, great colouring by the way love the fact you are willing to risk bright colours I must give in and try to be as daring

Great work and do I spy a chaos marauder torso there

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/19 22:21:36

Post by: monkeytroll

Dr H - Well colourful at least Cheers bud! Yeah, those arms are a better fit than the ones I had previously - I don't believe I had the full pair when he was first on the table.

Silver - Thanks. Need a splash of colour for slaaneshi types, what?

Squidbot - Cheers!

Llama - Well I'm fairly sure the one thing you can rely on me for is non-uniformity There will be spikes, there will be skulls, but that is far from everything that chaos represents

neil - Good to see you buddy! Thanks a lot. Yeah, wishing I'd piced up a few more bikes now - having a hard time deciding whether it should be heretical or imperial......

Think the robo-chicken steed may be a while longer yet....and then I have to find a suitable rider.....

That is one of the best slaaneshi heads I think, have to be careful to not over-use it myself.

Will do........

Logan - Thank you, hope you enjoy the ride

ldd - Well, having a small wormhole in the workshop is quite useful Need a bit of vibrancy for the sensation seekers.

Thanks....and no, not in that last update you don't There's a kroot torso and a hellstrider torso, but the marauder isn't in those shots

Just a little something for you tonight, nothing serious....

Flouro-socks FTW! Slaanesh was huge back in the 80's

And if turquoise works, why not vile green?

Flouro-knights forever.....

Disco marines will have you stomping you feet....

For it is the winter of our disco tent.....( sorry )

No, wait...come back.....

Ok, not really....although the flouro-socks on the daemonette do work for me actually....

But after getting out my trusty filbert and some golds...

I know you might not associate corrosion with Slaanesh, but I wanted to suggest this lass has been whipping bad-boys for millenia, so figured a little verdigris on the gold might be worthwhile.

And so obviously....

Not a disco marine at all...much more heading towards the rust and corrosion camp....
Backpack will be rusty steel, may get a touch more brassy metal in there somewhere, and then find a suitable contrasting colour for the pads which will then get weathered up...maybe a dark yellow would work well in there. Flesh will be something icky and slimy.

As I said, just a short one tonight........

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/19 22:40:24

Post by: Dr H

Flouro-socks FTW! Slaanesh was huge back in the 80's

Good effect with the gold over green.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/19 23:03:10

Post by: Two Spartan

Fantastic effect, the armour looks like ancient relics

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/24 18:41:28

Post by: lone dirty dog

Hellstrider I have that box set as well looks great either way.

I think your wormhole ends in our spare room ( I call it the man cave )

How about doing the pad trims in bone finish to tie in with the jaw bone ?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/25 21:58:58

Post by: monkeytroll

Dr H - Cheers!

Two Spartan - Thank you, just what I was hoping

ldd - Losing your touch

In that case, I'll be over later to grab some bits back

Trims will stay as they are, pads themselves will get coloured, and besides, there's no bone showing on the jaw with colour in place

So, lots of little bits of progress, not much of it worth showing yet. Let's see if there is anything worthwhile....


I'm often heard to say spikes and skulls do not a chaos warrior make....or words to that effect anyway....but sometimes a spiky suit of armour is just what the doctor ordered.


Put together another hencman for some inquisitor somewhere. Well, put together is overstating it a bit...stuck a book-on-a-stick to some poor sap's backpack is really what I did Did start putting a spot of colour on him too though...that's gotta count for something, right?

Burny, burny, hot, hot:

Finished building the flaming servitor for some inquisitor....maybe even the same one...who knows?

Three arms are better than two:

Gs'd the mutant's shoulders, and splashed a bit of flesh on him. Not sure whether to go for yellow cat's eyes or regular eyes....not sure a mixture would work well. And if regular type eyes, do I try for a coloured iris?


The renegade marine was originally going to get a variety of colours....I saw him scavenging armour parts from various friends and enemies ove the millenia. But then I started and it seemed he didn't like that idea so much Very messy at the moment as I've just put chipping in place but not added the highlights yet. Pouches will be a variety of dark greens and browns I think, bolter will be aged blue steel (no, no idea what I mean by that, or how to acheve it ), unsure of the vhainsword still.

Well, that's it for now....it was something at any rate

Cheers for stopping by.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/25 22:17:07

Post by: Llamahead

Renegade Marine looks rather Rogue Trader and really liking crazy plant head bloke.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/25 22:35:00

Post by: lone dirty dog

Not just my touch I am losing

The spiky guy does work nicely all though I do agree skulls and spikes do not make a warrior of chaos

Love the Hot Rodney works well great idea and no worries about getting a flat.

3 arms looks pretty cool nice combo of races mixed species

I dont know what it is but loving scrappy he just reminds me of Vultan from Flash Gordon but in a cool way

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/26 11:24:20

Post by: Dreadclaw69

"Come with me if you want to live"

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/26 11:44:54

Post by: lone dirty dog

 Dreadclaw69 wrote:

"Come with me if you want to live"

Or give me your wallet if you want to live

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/05/26 18:24:53

Post by: cormadepanda

Love the conversions of all your dudes. Really adds a good feel, and its top notch smooth work from what I have seen. Surpirsed I never seen your plog before! will have to visit more.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/01 17:56:36

Post by: monkeytroll

Llama - I'm happy with a RT look Hopefully he'll look more like crazy eye head bloke once done....although I seem to have misplaced my black micro-pen to do the irises....

ldd - If you're referring to your mind, you're not losing it....that ship has long since sailed my friend

Well, sometimes you just want some spiky terminator armour so you can run into crowds and see how many mortals you can get stuck to your armour......

"And so the srevitor came to be known as Rodney....."

Now I need to dig out my beastmen to see what colour their loincloths were....some sort of red I believe, although I may repaint them all turquoise now, thinking there might be a full on army following the marines - cultists and beastmen. Actually, I don't need to dig them out of their storage boxes...I could just look back a couple of pages.........handy this photo malarkey

It is a bit of a Blessed face...perhaps I'll do another hawk-winged raptor with a similar head

Dreadclaw - Well played sir!

ldd - Just not in the same league I'm afraid

panda - Thanks dude. No great suprise really, this one's lain fallow for a while in lieu of the orkses....having a change of pace has brought it back into the limelight now

Progress still going slowly, but a couple of new treats for you.....

Simple arm swap on an old slaaneshi beastman to give him a shotgun, thought about changing out the sword for a more fancy one but decided not to.

Simple head swap to create one of the D'Basqueville medical staff. Still toying with possibly adding a third mechanical arm with a blade or hypodermic.

And an adept of the dark mechanicus. May do something with his backpack yet, not sure.

That's your lot I'm afraid, thanks for stopping by, please help yourself to the hemlock tea on your way out.......

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/01 18:06:20

Post by: Theophony

Love the conversion to the genestealer sorcerer dude(last guy, or get his proper title). I think instead of an extra arm maybe a separate piece like a floating surgical tray (tau gun drone repurposed), or lab rat assistant

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/01 18:27:30

Post by: neil101

Loving the adept of the dark mechanicus ! i dont think you need to do anything to the D'Basqueville medical staffer, she looks great as is.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/01 19:13:32

Post by: Camkierhi

Great work, simple but effective. With your usual twist of course.

Nursey looks scarily brilliant.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/01 19:24:59

Post by: cormadepanda

dark mechanicus is neat.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/01 19:44:46

Post by: lone dirty dog

I just dont get it you do the simplest of conversions and it works I spend hours and it still looks

Beastmen with shotgun is awesome simple but so cool " The littlest Hobo with a Shotgun " OK not a dog but kind of works

Nursery nurse hope she don't ask you to cough

The dark Mechanicus what can I say except why don't they bring back Hybrids but you have brought new life to this miniature and in a dark sinister way and is that a Zinge arm I see there

Glad you have decided to keep Rodney

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/01 19:53:29

Post by: Dr H

Good work MT.

If you do add an arm to the medic, try and keep the "ta da" pose she has. ...or is it a "here's one I prepared earlier" pose?

Liking the mechanicus chap. I always get a Ming feeling with those models.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/01 20:36:15

Post by: Llamahead

The Mechanicus is sublime I get a real cheesy game show host feel from him very ta da as some one said. Exuberantly crazy loo and he really needs some flashy duds to pull it off.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/01 20:39:13

Post by: Medium of Death

Those henchmen look fantastic. I'm loving the classic figure conversions too.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/01 21:39:58

Post by: monkeytroll

Theo - Thanks dude! I'm thinking she won't get that extra arm now....but floating surgical items, lab rats and assorted freaky bits are all on the menu. With all the weird surgical procedures the D'Basquevilles go in for there'll be a complete medical retinue.....

neil - Cheers mate! As above I think I'll keep her as is now. I think it was probably just me not really believing a simple head swap counted as a 'proper' conversion and so wanting to add more. To be fair, she probably would have worked with her original head, but that really would have offended my sensibilities ....and besides, it'll be a good head for another piece anyway

Cam - I thank you...."scarily brilliant"....I like that

panda - Glad you approve. Thanks!

ldd - Hey...it may be simple but did I state anywhere how long it took?

Who knows...might be a dog face under that chain-veil. Was originally planning a more complex conversion, had to get rid of the shield arm obviously, but once I'd done that I realised I had the shotgun arms which would fit just nicely, and no need to chop it all up

She doesn't ask...she tells

Been meaning to use the hybrids as cultists for a while now, but then figured they were equally suitable for dark mechanicus, and have a subtle kind of slaaneshi vibe to them....which is nice It is, those little servo-arms are great, need more now. Which means a bunch of other stuff too obviously

It'll be his pet name from the henchmen

Llama - Cheers! He gets overly excited about some of his creations sometimes May well get flashy duds as I suspect he'll have some sort of allegiance to Slaanesh...or at least the cyber-snake-daemon aspect that manifests to a large portion of my cultists

MoD - Thank you sir!

Well, lookee here....a bonus little treat....

Speaking of the cult medicae....

Slaaneshi influenced medical caryatid.....need to figure out how to base her now.....

Put the legs together weeks ago, and been trying to figure a good marine pose for it ever since....and then today realised that instead of a marine it should really be the basis for a servitor or some kind of dark skiitari....tried an ork torso first (as I seem to have a few lying around ), but didn't quite do it for me. Scout torso was better but couldn't find a suitable rotary cannon, till I remembered this one...just need to figure out a decent shoulder joint for it now. Have a few close combat arms to try before settling it, and will try out a few more heads too...this one works well for the skiitari vibe, but may look at some skulls for a more servitor feel before decisions are made....

And whilst I'm talking concepts....Decided I wasn't really feeling this torso on the mechanical spider legs from earlier, just for a bit of fun tried it against some steed legs, and actually I think I like it. Obviously there'll need to be a bit of GS work in the pelvic area if I go with this....also need to finalise a weapon load-out if it's a go.

Okay....that's two updates in a day....don't go expecting that again anytime soon

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/01 22:02:02

Post by: Dr H

Ooo. Liking them too. Especially the spider-trooper.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/01 22:22:33

Post by: lone dirty dog

Monkey you're going to overload the mind has taken control of you thats it we lost you know

That is one scary looking caryatid its like the evil tooth fairy she just rips your jaw out with her iron claw

Now spidey that is mr mish mash, but liking the vibe mix of gatling gun and nice servitor blade along with the smaller head keep the insect feel going.

The last guy no way least works surprisingly well kind of getting some kind of game character feel from it, plus there is the real sense of power and strength with it definitely a favourite

Glad to see you back on top form

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/02 09:05:30

Post by: weetyskemian44

Lovely work monkey! Maybe its presumptuous of me, but I'd love to paint one of your conversions some day, just for fun, no charge. It'd make up for all those lascannons you sent me!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/04 04:50:59

Post by: cormadepanda

Lovely conversions. Have great motion/posing to them.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/04 16:11:11

Post by: Llamahead

That techno-head on the latter model is great where's it from?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/12 22:14:25

Post by: monkeytroll

Dr H - Cheers buddy! I think the spider-trooper works far better now I've decided he's not marine based.

ldd - Not even close to running in the red yet, let alone overload

Pray it's only your teeth she's after.

Not completely convinced by the spider trooper yet, but he's close

Those steed legs give it a certain something....

Getting there

weety - Thanks! Wow - presumptuous? Not at all - you just offered me a free commission and you're worried you might be presumptiuous? I thought you'd made up for those with discounts on your pottery (that going anywhere anytime soon?). Is there something in particular you fancy having a go at? I'm more than happy to make a piece for you to paint

panda - Thanks a lot, glad you like!

Llama - That's from Malifaux, the plastic Leviathan, it is a great head, but not worth the kit just for that - apart from the gatling the rest of it is so-so.

So today is my fourth dakka-birthday! Yay!

I thought it would be a great idea to celebrate with a full colour post with at least a couple of completed minis in........but unfortunately that's not going to be.....

Didn't really get into things over the last week at all, just bits and bobs, enthusiasm was fairly low. On a positive note I did start a new course of therapy this week and things do seem to be moving in the right direction...so I'll keep on going on

So, no completed models, and it's not really worth doing a review of the last year either as there's almost nothing to show for it, so I' figure I'll just post some semi-random stuff from my current painting

The caryatid and medicae. Was trying for a stocking type effect on the caryatid...don't think I got there, so may re-do the legs. Can't decide on a good wing colour either - probably wait to see what I do with the legs. You probably noticed there's a green and yellow theme with the medical retinue...probably go with the turquoise as a spot colour to tie in with other slaaneshi types, although I have considered pink/purple - specifically because I thought the bows on the caryatid's dress might work well in pink. Think that might be too much though. With the nurse I'm trying to decide if the stocking should be green and just have the headband in turquoise, or if both should be turquoise, or possibly even have turq on the stocking and something else for the headband.

Random marine - very in progress.

Base colours on the renegade trooper.

Another random marine, this time from the as-yet-unnamed warband.

Mutie at an almost-there stage. Still need to find my micro-pen to do his pupils....bracelet, guns and hooves need a bit more attention, and possibly a wash on the kin.

Beastman at a similar stage - bandage, vracelet and sword hilt all need a bit of work, skin needs at least one more wash, and I may need to re-think the two icons.

And just to finish things off.....

Dragon rider - not sure on the arms yet, and to be honest, still not sure if he's got a firearm of some kind of lance/polearm yet.

Was a marine concept, but toying with making it more of a dark mechanicum thing now - thinking the waistband will probably get a bit of tentacular action

And a flying daemonette (an air-maid?). Still needs a bit of GS work - going to continue the parchments on the wing on to the body - possibly with one trailing to the ground to support her in the air.

And that my friends is all.....thanks for stopping by

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/13 07:04:10

Post by: weetyskemian44

Anything that's mad looking will do for me - oh wait that doesn't narrow it down at all does it... errrrm, just ling something your not going to get around to painting in the post, they're all good.

Did I used to do ceramics? Oh yes I recall I made you a chalice with extra norks on it and some troll heads.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/13 13:21:07

Post by: Dr H

Happy Dakka-Birthday MT.

Good to hear there is good progress irl.

and good progress on here too.
Maybe for her tights, try a more sandy colour and less of a red-brown. Could always add a seam-line up the back too.

Liking the random marines.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/13 13:25:51

Post by: Theophony

Happy birthday MT. One more year out of the diaper is one more year closer to being back in one , I personally can't wait, means I don have to get up from model building as often

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/13 16:24:19

Post by: Llamahead

For the Dragon Rider how about going for a Flame Lance been re-reading the Tale of the Runestaff and a weapon like that would really suit him. I can also just see the Marine going to the Medicae with a nasty case of Flaming Tentacle Rash.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/13 21:49:04

Post by: lone dirty dog

Happy birthday mate congrats I give up trying to figure out what you have used the dragon rider is driving me nuts.

Now I think I see Elysian torso and arm and I gather the dragon is a prodos mini from mutant chronicles but the head I am completely at a loss ?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/14 05:49:15

Post by: weetyskemian44

was it your birthday? Or was it just your dakkadakka anniversary?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/15 06:32:02

Post by: cormadepanda

i enjoy eyeballs the most. Happy annual whatever you are doing.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/15 07:30:26

Post by: Llamahead

Should have done a Slaaneshi Disco Ball head mutant to celebrate!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/15 18:40:20

Post by: monkeytroll

weety - Mad looking? Whatever do you mean? I'll certainly get something off to you sometime soon.

Yeah, you have an expensive kiln still sitting around doing nothing if I'm not mistaken too........

Dr H - Thank you. Well, I was going for dark stockings...it's more that I was hoping to pull off a stretched effect with them, so that it looked like more 'flesh' was visible over areas like the calf...thought using inks and washes would make that easy I may have another attempt, I may go for a brighter coloured stocking....

Theo - Or you could get your local pain-boy to fit you up with a bag

Llama - Hmm, that's an idea. Been a long time since I read any Hawkmoon - or indeed any Moorcock, perhaps I should delve back into some. Well, if he will play with the daemonetes......

ldd - Pretty much got it, I believe the head is from a Titan forge demon hunter.

weety - Just my dakka-day - well, I say 'just' Real birthday is a couple of days after yours.

panda - I much prefer tentacles to eyeballs

Llama - The disco-marines may yet live

Ok, I finally have some finished stuff....Yay, yay and thrice yay!

Obviously, by finished I mean, I've looked at the pics and realised what else needs doing.....but whatevs

Brother Silas Septus, worshipper of Nurgle:

Silas' head segments twitched as he sensed for the spoor of the imperial lackeys. There were two more within these ruins, lowly guardsmen rather than than the Ultramarine dogs, but still, they'd feed his sword-arm. Keeping his pus-bolter high he advanced across the rubble, chem-tanks gurgling softly.

Brother Heimliche, beloved of Nurgle:

"Come followers of the false emperor. Come to my embrace for I have many gifts from the all-father for you, gifts such as your puny primarch fathers could only dream of...."

Veteran Brother Kranar:

Darkly lit corridors
Power throbbing
Grinding treads
Glimpse of horror
Fear runs cold
The hunter has come

Well, I think that'll do for now......let you all recover from the shock of completion

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/15 19:45:23

Post by: Camkierhi

Fantastic work, mad as ever, but fantastic, they look amazing with a bit of colour.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/15 22:48:41

Post by: Dr H

Well maybe a dry-brush of a light grey or brown to give the tights a matt highlight on the upper surfaces where the light will catch the surface.

Liking Silas Septus. Good job.

Like the legs on Heimliche. Nice and bony/robotic/fleshy.

And a good job on Kranar, Like his crackle ball thing, works well.
Nice metal work too.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/15 22:55:51

Post by: Phutarf

Ok. Colour me disturbed....!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/16 07:48:49

Post by: weetyskemian44

Those are grrrrreat, you totally have the eye of the tiger atm.

Yeah I should sell my kiln... but I'm just not quite ready to let go.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/16 16:43:09

Post by: Llamahead

Looking utterly bizarre. Great work with a real Slaves of Darkness vibe.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/17 02:18:05

Post by: cormadepanda

I hope one day you field a force on a table, so I can see all its craziness.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/21 17:52:13

Post by: monkeytroll

Cam - Thanks bud, glad the colour works

Dr H - Still undecided as to whether to try and rescue them or change the colour......

Cheers, glad you approve

Phutarf - Nice to know the forces of chaos have that effect

weety - Thanks a lot!

No.... You should get it back in use....

Llama - Cheers, just what I like to hear

Panda - Hmm....don't hold your breath....consider how much of the cybork force is complete

And in shocking news, I present another finished mini.........

So, guess that means it's time to get chopping and sticking again

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/21 19:22:24

Post by: Camkierhi

That guy looks amazing bud, fantastic work. So atmospheric.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/21 19:34:14

Post by: shasolenzabi

With all the mish-mash part bashing, I am definitely feeling the chaos

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/21 20:28:29

Post by: Dr H

Great job Monkey. He looks very nice, in a corroded way.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/22 04:22:33

Post by: weetyskemian44

super blood/guts monkey. Its important to be subtle with blood I find.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/06/22 14:21:50

Post by: Llamahead

I hope your referring to models Weety. Excellent base Monkey a good characterful and best of all finished piece.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/07/03 08:06:30

Post by: cormadepanda

I can hold it a long time.. That space marine is fantastic. great basing, and tones.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/07/07 09:50:52

Post by: neil101

love the crackle paint on your big ball monkey

the rusty marine is rather grim and , how did you do the blood drips on the chain axe ? i think the blood needs to be a bit glossy though

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/09 20:37:49

Post by: monkeytroll

Cam - Thanks a lot dude, I think it's his pose that sets him off.

shaso - Good to hear - I'm a firm believer in chaos being just that....chaotic, weird, freaky.....not normal

Dr H - You say that like there's looking nice in a non-corroded way

weety - Glad you approve.....although the dark gods aren't so sure about subtle.....

Llama - Well she does the odd sacrife to the painting gods I think. Cheers, and yes indeed, good to have some finished stuff at last

panda - Still holding it? You're looking fairly blue now..... Thanks a lot.

neil - Oh you say that to all the boys.
Thanks man. The blood is very fine copper wire loaded with paint so it forms a drop at the end. It is glossy in RL, but not super glossy as it hasn't been sealed.

OK, so back in the saddle...for now at least. Severe lack of progress on most stuff, let's see if I can keep it ging this time around...

Personal gak:

Complete lack of motivation recently, depression has been a bitch, no interest in much of anything for a while - wasn't even following what you all were doing on here. Compounded in recent weeks by me injuring my knees (old RAF injury) with an attempt to get back into shape - too much, too soon, no rest days....silly boy. And that has stopped me from going to a couple of festivals that were basically my holidays for the year, so that really didn't help. However the therapy (finished CBT and am now undergoing IPT for those interested) is getting me places - slowly and painfully, but there's progress. So that's good.
Enough whinging...on with the teeny peeples...

So gained enough motivation recently to start in on stuff again, and the latest League terrain comp ( http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/609100.page#7093794 ) has also piqued my interest....


Couple of basic, very minor weapon changes to some Dredd cultists as I know I won't be painting them up for Mega-City use. May grab a few more at some point as basic cultist cannon fodder...

And Slaanesh has blessed this cultists with some extra arms, as is her wont.


Originally going to be some kind of champion, but turned into a daemon....the tentacle tongue is just a place-holder at the moment - I've lodt the real tongue, if I don't find it soon I'll probably use the tentacle.


Servitor/skiitari for the dark mechanicus...needs a bit of wotk on the back still.

LOER 11:

Red Harvest won the last terrain comp, and has set the new one up with the idea of Roads...


Initially I thought of a bridge/walkway section for my orky/hive terrain, with a couple of ramp sections so it could stand alone or act as a bridge between existing pieces. Also considered another rotating bridge to go in there too.
As I was cutting out the basic plasticard sections for the bridge itself I was left with a piece that I was considering turning into a footway. Then as I was playing with it I had an idea for a more chaotic type of road, one that seemed more suitable considering my 'current' focus is chaos. And although I do immensely enjoy making the orky terrain this promised to be something new...

The Road To Nowhere:

Initial concept, with random figures to see if rough positioning was viable...and I think I like it

The challenge is to get the Möbius strip sturdy enough and to find a suitable method of suspension for it. Plus the fact that the several figures needed are going to be th bottle-neck...hmmm, how long does it normally take me to FINISH 6 to 8 minis

So, it needed to be at least two strips of plasticard to be stable enough, and I figured well, why not add some curves and holes into the equation...semed like a suitably chaotic thing to do. One strip longer than the other to allow the overlap when I glue them in place.
Roughly rounded off the edges, not too finely as I'm not sure yet what the final finish will be on the surface.

Decided it would be easier to glue one Moebius strip (Yes, I'm going to switch between spellings, just because ) together first, then attach the other piece to that...clamps are your friend here

And we end up with...

So, now to start figuring out the figures themselves...and the whole suspension thing too

Thanks for stopping by, sorry the biscuits were a bit stale and the tea was cold, but they've been sitting there a couple of months now

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/09 23:23:25

Post by: Dr H

Good progress on both fronts.

Liking multi-arm guy.
Yay, for the many and varied tentacles.

Good idea on the strip detailing.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/10 07:08:13

Post by: Llamahead

Escher style mind warp art great for Chaos or really really bizarre Order.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/10 20:51:05

Post by: monkeytroll

Dr H - Cheers!

Always with the tentacles.....

Well, a plain asphalt moebius strip just wouldn't be weird enough would it now?

Llama - Definitely chaos in this instance

Not a huge amount of progress to show today, plenty of stuff started, but not much worth sharing yet.

Contemplating various finishes to the Road To Nowhere (henceforth known as the RTN), and how they might help with the presentation of the thing. Current top runner is to add some tentacles (hey...who would have seen that coming ) at various points and have one of them making some kind of connection to the 'ground'.

The road surface could get some extra plasticard striations added, and maybe some GS ridges and get a nice glossy or semi-organic finish.
Or it might get a covering of very fine sand (much finer than my usual basing material) out of which the tentacles will blend.

But there's more to consider before making that decision.

Also starting to rough out where and how I want the characters so that I can start building them. I want them to be interacting in 3D space rather than utilising non-Euclidian geometries as it will make more 'sense' to the viewer, and will probably end up being more aesthetically pleasing considering some of the interactions I want.

Obviously I can't let you go without a couple of pics, so here's what did get 'done' today....

Another of the D'Basqueville bodyguards, switched the arms from the original plan as I found these which are less chunky than previously planned. Still need to come up with some kind of shoulder guards though....

And another combat servitor rolls out of the dark forges.

That should tide you other till next time.........

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/10 22:12:10

Post by: Littletower

Just to mention it - 'cause I don't think it could be done, at least not without some industrial size gear -, but it is what came to my mind when I first saw it: it should definitively be levitating.

A heavy duty electromagnet on the base, and evenly - and polarity-wise, properly - placed magnets on the strip? Or a flexible magnetic strip, as the material used for fridge magnets?

Of course, metal models would be out of the question then.

Not wanting to mess with you here, tentacles would look ace, but a levitating Möbius strip? That would be something else entirely...

On another note, although I think I've mentioned it before, those small tracked units are great!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/10 22:47:23

Post by: shasolenzabi

Nice creations there! mutant servitors and daemonic bad guys, Moebius loop road is also a cool concept.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/10 23:29:52

Post by: monkeytroll

Lt - Unfortunately I think the servo-grots have hidden all my super-conducting materials otherwise.....

I'd guess it would have to be a super-conductor moebius strip floating over a base, not sure if you could do it with magnets due to the way the twists would interact with the polarity. Or possibly you could have an elctro-magnetic loop with the strip floating inside it.

Would be damn cool I agree, but yeah, guess resources and time are against me in that one.....

Now here's some damn cool magnetic levitation:

And here's the effect using a moebius strip as the road....

And here's an explanation of it for the scientifically curious....

shaso - Thanks a lot dude! Let's hope I can do justice to the concept....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/11 00:33:14

Post by: shasolenzabi

Cool videos to boot!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/11 21:24:03

Post by: monkeytroll

Science, cool stuff and the occasional model....look at all the goodness this thread provides

Ok, still in the planning stages with figures for RTN, so nothing to show there.

Couple of other tit-bits for you though...

Leggy Linda:

A long, lithe, luscious, leggy daemonette whose eager to please....
I spent a couple of hours trying out different arms before going back to two of the original arms. GS work at the 'waist' still needs some work....


And every 'good' chaos warband needs a decent apothecary...
Originally planned to have more tools coming from under the leg unit, but couldn't get it to work quite right, so just the extra arm at the front and a light underneath.

And it's about time for another interesting concept ....

An idea for a dark magos, possibly originally a Magos Biologis?

Thanks for stopping by.....TTFN....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/11 21:39:31

Post by: lone dirty dog

CRAZY JUST CRAZY no not you your models I really feel like these were inspired by the Jason and the Argonauts film either way great work and like the twisted warp road idea now thats thinking out the box

Hope the therapy is working out for you mate as well

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/11 21:51:43

Post by: Dr H

Always with the tentacles...
Where would the world be without tentacles...

I nearly mentioned the superconductor levitating thing for the Moebius strip. Very interesting physics and chemistry involved.
But it can be tricky to get hold of high-temp' superconductors and liquid nitrogen, at least the magnets are reasonably easy to get.

Good work on the various people;
Liking the D'Basqueville bodyguard. Looks a slippery customer...
The servitor looks a mean beasty.

Only one thing to say about Linda; She's got legs, and knows how to use them...
Apothe-scary is cool. Where'd the legs come from?
And that is one interesting concept.

Keep it up. Good work.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/12 06:03:16

Post by: weetyskemian44

There is the theory of the moebius, A twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop, where time becomes a loop, where time becomes a loop, where time becomes a loop.

When we reach that point, whatever happened will happen again, When we reach that point, whatever happened will happen again.

Best trek episode/orbital track ever...

Hope your knees and yourself feels better soon.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/12 08:15:06

Post by: Malika2

Really digging the 'old school' vibe you've got here! I know it's a wrong term since it suggests more Rogue Trader era stuff, whilst this is more 2nd/3rd edition style. Kinda miss that old madness from time to time!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/12 11:07:41

Post by: Viktor von Domm

hey mate.... I was fearing to look into your thread and be squashed by too much info... well... you used the clever road of a hiatus to spare me from that... it is really bugging me (tho I have an explanation for my own needs...) how so many talented fellas here suffer from the "big grey feeling"... I hope you get better... (no point in adding here soon as I know that road myself...)

I really like your RTN project... I was wondering...if you cant get the magnetics all worked up... I would suggest using thin nylon cable to let the whole thing hang in the air... (it will probably be never a true playable terrain piece... but an awesome diorama... paralleled to nothing out there...) and have a frame around everything... if you hand the frame then on the wall it would be a 3D picture... you could even make a non square frame then...

and your minis look awesome and freaky... so nothing new there....

as LDD stated... seems you ate a great helping of harryhousen pie

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/12 19:55:09

Post by: Llamahead

That Zoat style model is awesome. The simplest way to balance the road would be around a tower or peak.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/14 18:03:49

Post by: monkeytroll

dog - Nah...it's both The daemonette was actually partly inspired by a John Blanche sketch, but I can totally see where you're coming from, the sculptor of the succubus model obviously took some cues from Harryhausen. Outside the box, but inside the tesseract

And thanks....it's definitely helping

Dr H - True, true

Yeah, it's interesting stuff - I'd seen the Moebius strip before, but looking for it again lead me to that first one where they 'lock' the sled at different angles - that was cool.

Cheers for the comments The apothecary's legs come from a Warmachines kit - one of the Convergence of Cyriss faction.

weety - Now I want to add an MP3 player to the base loaded with that track Thanks!

Malika - I'm happy with old school - that encompasses RT and 2nd Edition to me That old madness is the best part to me, always miss it

Vik - Hey, none of my threads ever progress at the speed of yours And thanks, I appreciate it

Hadn't thought of suspending it until you mentioned it....wall frame won't really work as I you really need to be able to rotate it (plus I have little spare wall space, and no really solid walls ), but hanging it from a tentacle is down as a possibilty

Thank you, that's what I'm always aiming for

Think that's all down to the head sculpt, but suprised I didn't catch that myself.

Llama - Thanks, glad you like Who wants simple? That would be an idea, but I want there to be line of sight across the middle so not this time....

Ok, so some ideas for the characters...or rather, idas for their 'uniform' styles, was just figuring out the general look, not the actual pieces themselves....


Scion legs, DE arms, modified Elf torso and head.


Scout legs, Scion torso, cadian arms, Dreamforge head


Elf legs, Dreamforge torso, cadian arms, Elysian head. Arms don't really fit the style on this one.....


Scout legs, marine torso, cadian arms and head. An old favourite of mine that I never actually get around to making, was my idea for an Inquisitor's Storm trooper squad way back when....


Dreamforge legs, cadian torso, Scion arms, hellrider head. Only arms other than the DF ones that really work with the legs....


And was thinking that it might be fun to do a kind of true-scale marine for the CSMs.

Like I said I was planning for 4 characters, wih two slightly different versions of each, originally two marines just because I felt they worked better in a duel formation which is part of the 'plan'. Athough I guess if I went with a powerful dark eldar or harlequin they could face off a marine.....

As is often my way though, I'm considering another direction now.....the idea of some of the figures actually being daemonic entities forming out of the essence of the road itself.....
Need to think on that a little as it will affect the dynamics of the pieces somewhat....and not sure if I do go that route whether to keep the theme of multiple instances of characters caught in the time loop - I'll probably need to cut down to 2 characters if I go this way, so it might be more effective to just have different guys........


So, was adding some extra layers to the road when I came up with the daemon idea mentioned above - and figured I should stop here if I'm going to be bringing creatures out of the road itself...I can then add anything I feel necessary once they're in place....


Concept for a marine - quite possibly one suffering with a slight case of possession....

Take one old rough-rider/hybrid that was planned for my stealer cult many, many moons ago, add one old jet-bike that's been lying around for a while and hey....we might have something here...... Figure he'll make some kind of Slaaneshi cult biker.....

Some kind of scavenger/cultist....the jester hat could work into a possible Cirque de Terreur - I'm working on a stilt-walking musician type so we'll see where that goes....

And a sweet little critter....

Thanks for stopping by....see you anon.....

edited for disgustingly poor spelling.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/14 19:16:48

Post by: Viktor von Domm

hmmmm.... your characters I can only say the first one actually spoke to me... the others look not that good to me to be honest... too mishmash for my part... the first one has that interesting head...that makes him stand out and he looks as if there is a story about him waiting to be revealed...
the idea to have characters ooze out of the road is a good idea... but I would rather use some kind of horrors or nurgle thingies use for that job...

what I also could see is a small platoon of maybe four or three poor wee IG´s and they get startled and strangled by the new road they have to "travel"...

also... that "jester" character looks quite interesting too on second look...

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/14 20:27:35

Post by: Llamahead

Some good stuff here the Slaaneshi style marine is particularly good if rather clean by your standards

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/14 21:38:08

Post by: lone dirty dog

You really do love mixing it up don't you mate although there are some strange combos it has given ideas and after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder or should that be creater

Either way interesting and thought provoking stuff and where the hell is that jetbike from

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/14 22:59:02

Post by: Dr H

Yeah, it's interesting stuff - I'd seen the Moebius strip before, but looking for it again lead me to that first one where they 'lock' the sled at different angles - that was cool.
Yeah, that's called "Flux pinning", should you want to look it up (or haven't already).

Good ideas you have floating about for the chappies. Look forward to how they progress and how the strip-tentacle-daemons turn out.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/14 23:02:10

Post by: Littletower

Nice line out!

And I like the idea of the characters either being part of or coming out of the road, I think it would go well with the 4 dimensional / chaossy (either or the same?) concept.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/15 00:28:50

Post by: shasolenzabi

I am liking the blends, I am also so used to my Dreamforge guys as are, that one guy you made looks so stocky! (It's the GW proportions.)

Like the monster blends of parts very creepy vibe

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/16 23:47:04

Post by: monkeytroll

Vik - That's fair enough, most of the others would require a bit fo work to make them, err, work. They were mainly to get ideas flowing for various uniforms rather than the actual characters themselves - although the first one may well end up joining an Inquisitor now.
Yep, the idea is for more daemonesque type things to be forming out of the road rather than characters- although now I'm also playing with the idea of there being malformed 'copies' of the characters coming out of the surface.....really need to stop exploring different tracks and get a move on with whichever direction I'm going to go in.....

See, that's just adding fuel to the different directions.... I've been thinking of chaos 'champions' from various warbands/cults stuck on the path....but there's certainly merit in having a squad together, and even having the Emperor's lackeys caught there....hmm, how about an Inquisitor and his warband......

The jester is part of the general chaos stuff, not for the RTN. As stated he may very well become part of a Cirque de Terreur, possibly with links to the Troupe D'Basqueville.....

Llama - Thanks! Well, he is only a concept at the moment - plus if he does end up on the RTN then I want him to stand out a bit from the general mutated mess that is the road...or at least one version of him if I have multiple versions...

dog - 'There ain't a problem I can't fix, 'coz I can do it in the mix....' It's the strange combos that lead to interesting places

Jetbike is an old Fenryll piece, there's a rider floating around somewhere, some kind of armoured space-suit.

Dr H - Yeah, I was aware of the concept, but hadn't actually seen a demonstration of it before, so that was cool

Cheers, and me too

Lt - Thank you!

Yeah, I'm fairly sure that's the route I'm going now...at least for some of the participants....

shaso - Cheers! Yep tricky to mix the DF limbs in with standard GW stuff - heads and torsos are a bit easier though.

OK, whilst I'm still working out ideas and practicalities of the involved parties I started adding some more aspects of the road itself in...

I've also realised that the surface should be in a state of flux between different forms, and so really there should be some treadplate or similar in there somewhere...wish I'd thought of that earlier....

And in other news, reports just in of new servitor-drones being worked on in the DarkForge, one example of which has been seen semi-operational....

Bit of tidying up to do, some little knick-knacks to be added, and still debating whether the four small ports will be for 'limbs' or maneuvering thrusters...

Right, there's your proof of life.....I'm off.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/17 00:39:34

Post by: lone dirty dog

Nice mix up there monkey

I like the road so far and some other texture would add to it nicely maybe some partial objects as if they are being dragged through, mind you I am surprised not to see the stretching out arm

As for the drone that looks bloody awesome especially the tentacles, I was thinking it needed some servitor arms but when you mentioned the positioning thrusters it made more sense.

Either way great work keep it coming

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/17 05:16:24

Post by: weetyskemian44

Ooo I like that drone he looks like he'd make a great pet, flying up to you when you get home, wagging his tenticles happily and drooling foul icor onto your boots. Do you suppose he's house trained?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/17 18:19:26

Post by: monkeytroll

dog - I think if you look closely at those pics you may be able to see a hand....there were two arms and three hands at that point...there will be more, I just needed to confirm figure placement before adding anything else.

Yeah, it was originally going to get smaller mechadendrites with manipulators on the end, but then I realised I quite liked the look as is......

weety - Fully house trained and able to perform many household tasks, although he has a tendency to let tea brew for too long......

So, been working if my placement fo figures was still viable with some of the changes I've been contemplating with the line-up....and at this point I think so....obviously nothing is set in stone still, but.....

So test shots of poses....only a couple of the figures are correct at the moment, but it gives me something to work with, both for more road surface shenanigans, and the actual figures. ANd I really do need to start getting somewhere with them if I'm to finish this.....

That's all for now...thanks for stopping in.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/17 18:50:48

Post by: Camkierhi

Looking brilliant Monkey. Kinda knew it would. Such a great idea.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/17 21:58:14

Post by: Dr H

You've got to be a brave or foolish man to hang on to a shape-shifting 4D road, one handed., but then, which way would you fall...

Good progress.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/18 07:38:32

Post by: lone dirty dog

AARRRGGGHHHH I see the hands now these pics are more clearer

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/23 15:04:49

Post by: neil101

So much great stuff... the infinite loop is as perpetually boundless as your creativity . but I am particularly jealous of your spyerer servitor.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/23 15:29:16

Post by: Llamahead

Great stuff and a real classic chaos literature feel to it.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/27 16:05:13

Post by: RiTides

 monkeytroll wrote:
And in other news, reports just in of new servitor-drones being worked on in the DarkForge, one example of which has been seen semi-operational....

Bit of tidying up to do, some little knick-knacks to be added, and still debating whether the four small ports will be for 'limbs' or maneuvering thrusters...

Looks awesome! I quite like a skull that actually looks like it could fly, rather than it being magic . I think the current limbs work great, and that the 4 remaining ports should just be representing thrusters.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/30 23:57:50

Post by: monkeytroll

Cam - Thanks a lot....let's just see if I can get it done intime......

Dr H - Well, technically he's floating horizontally relative to the surface he's just come off, but compared to the other possibilities well......

dog - How could you have a wild variety of entities morphing out of a road without at least one classic reaching arm?

neil - Cheers....if only I had endless time to fulfill the endless ideas Thought the servitor would be up your street I have a feeling the DarkForge will be producing several servitors of previously unknown classes....

Llama - Thanks, and pleased to hear it.

RiTides - Thank you! Well, I have nothing against 'magic' servo-skulls, but there's a limit to what they're capable of being equipped with Yeah, thrusters is how they're going to go...

Ok, bits and pieces being worked on slowly....various drone type thingummies, couple of henchmen, and putting together the figures for the road....nothing much worth showing for any of that though. So just to prove something is happening a couple of pics showing textures being applied to the road....

Need to get cracking.......

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/31 06:11:13

Post by: Camkierhi

The surface is looking fantastic, very biological, almost Giger! Brilliant.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/31 08:49:23

Post by: shasolenzabi

Interesting, so will the moebius loop road wind up with many different yet blended surfaces?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/08/31 08:58:41

Post by: lone dirty dog

That is looking great Monkey the group of cabiling bursting through reminds me of Aliens so much and in good way I also like the arm grabbing out nice

Also the textured PC is a good call adds a little more to the warp aspect pulling different objects and worlds through.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/01 00:52:35

Post by: Littletower

Looks greaat!.

The blending of organic with the thread plates and the tubing, with things coming out of (or sinking into?) the strip really conveys the idea of going across (across I don't know what, worlds, dimensions, alternative realities, whatever, but across!) that I was hoping for when I first heard your idea

In your own words (mostly), now you just need to get cracking!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/03 21:26:11

Post by: monkeytroll

Cam - Thanks a lot! Biological, mechanical, artificial, demonic, natural...I'm hoping for a blend of all once done....fingers crossed

shaso - That's the idea...although there may be some areas that are hard transitions rather than blends...the course of chaos doesn't always run smooth

dog - Thanks! There's a bad way to be reminded of Aliens More grabbing arms to be added yet

Lt - Cheers! Yeah, I was thinking of drawings I use to do waaay back in school, that were heavily influenced by a couple of illustrations of Chaos Columns by one of the early GW artists...been tryng to find an image on the net but to no avail. They were basically a blend of flesh, metal, bone, stone, reptillian skin etc....always think of that as a touchstone for chaotic warp-spawned stuff.

Ok, so a tiny glimpse at the start of some actual characters and entities...

And some more gribbly type texturing shenanigans...

Just to prove something is still happening here.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/03 21:33:20

Post by: Littletower

Prime, prime, prime!

And paint.

That's all I have to say about that.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/03 23:21:16

Post by: Dr H

 monkeytroll wrote:
...Biological, mechanical, artificial, demonic, natural...I'm hoping for a blend of all once done.....
May I recommend (not that you seem to need the inspiration) Giger's Biomechanical landscapes. I've been going though a lot of his work recently for obvious reasons.

Good work. Can't comment much more as a judge. Keep it up.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/04 08:07:11

Post by: lone dirty dog

It just continues to get more intense with each update I am really liking the chained spawn that is a great idea have you considered cutting a Space Marine at an angle as if it is being pulled through the warp just a thought.

As to the alien remark I meant the cables looked like the background of their nest in the movie in a good way I have no idea how you are going to tackle the paint scheme though

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/04 08:22:02

Post by: Truecrusader

Oh wow mate you are a wicked hand at green stuff !
And if you haven't already check out h.r giger, you will be spoilt for inspiration believe me !

Also great stuff you have here, there's nothing quite like converting stuff en mass eh ?!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/06 18:29:06

Post by: monkeytroll

Lt - Soon, soon, soon ! I reckon I'll be priming the main build and hopefully at least some of the characters tomorrow. Plan is to paint using mainly washes and inks as I find that a lot faster and it probably gives me a chance to actually get it done in time

Dr H - Well Giger's always in the back of my mind when contemplating this sort of thing, but I deliberately avoided pulling out any of my Giger books for fear of getting too involved in recreating certain aspects - the time considerations meant I couldn't get that invested in parts of the build

If my plan to start with some paint work tomorrow comes off then I'll be needing some 'building-breaks' and there'll be more stuff for you to actually comment on outside your judge role

dog - Cheers! I briefly considered doing a 'half-marine' type thing, but as I went for 'marine-entities' coming out of the surface I figured it would be hard to show which was which....

Not sure on paint, but I reckon it'll come away from the Giger vibe with that....I'm thinking it's more likely to be a multi-hued madness affair rather than dark and slimy - although there may well be patches of dark and slimy, and those patches may well have some cabling in them

Truecrusader - Thank you and welcome. Although to be fair, there's not much skill involved with the GS work, tentacle and tube tools are my friend here, I'm just putting it in place
Yeah, big fan of Giger, he'll be sorely missed

And cheers, for me it's the chopping and building that's all the fun, don't understand these guys into putting colour on stuff

Ok, bit of work on putting the entities in place.....

And added some slightly larger tentacles...

....so that it can stand up.....

Although it's not the most interesting support mechanism I've come up with, it is perhaps the easiest, and therefore the quickest, method. And time is ticking on, so.....

Plan for tonight is to get the last few gribblies in place and hopefully add some more support tentacles so that it can be displayed at different angles - one set almost directly opposite, and if I can work it a set that will allow for it to stand in a horizontal configuration.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/06 18:54:08

Post by: Camkierhi

This is going to end up one of the best pieces I have ever seen at this rate.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/06 19:46:52

Post by: Llamahead

Awesome do me one favour though and complete it properly regardless of the competition deadline

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/06 19:50:17

Post by: Malika2

I'm scared...

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/06 22:21:15

Post by: Dr H

Perfectly valid support mechanism.

I like to think that this is what's inside my box-o-tentacles. As that is how it gets around too.

Makes sense what you say about Giger. That's partly why I suggested his biomechanical landscapes, as they are more of an overall "feeling" than a distinct item. You're doing perfectly well as you are though.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/07 00:03:26

Post by: Littletower

A multipode tentacled caltrop. Always standing right, no matter which way it is actually standing. What could have been more fitting?

Only problem I'm seeing with it at this time, is that it not longer qualifies either as playable terrain or even a diorama...

It is a sculpture.

And looks (scaringly) awesome.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/07 01:31:03

Post by: Bronzefists42

I would love to see a Great crusade era marine standing on one of the sheet metal like parts and than a mutated chaos variety of that marine standing on the other metal plate thing.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/07 22:24:11

Post by: monkeytroll

Cam - Well, thank you sir - I'll be happy if it comes anywhere close to that sort of standard

Llama - Cheers! Well I've left enough room so that if I ever decide to go for the whole rotating-on-tentacles look I have in my head I should be able to pull it off. Although to be honest the display stand would be big enough to cause me real problems with finding it somewhere to live.....

Malika - It's fine....come in, the warp's lovely.....

Dr H - It is, my only concern is that it kind of hides the underneath section - but as stated above, to be able to display it all requires a rather sizeable base...

I like to think it's what's inside every box....at least until you open it. Schrodinger's warp....

I think the landscapes tend towards a certain sexuality/sensuality that is more fitting of a Slaaneshi landscape....and although there's elements of that I was trying for a more generalised warp manifestation....But good call nevertheless, it's Giger after all

Lt - Makes perfect sense to me (which is always a little worrying ) but unfortunately the caltrop of chaos was not to be.

It'll shift back to diorama with the figures in place

And thank you!

Bronzefists - Had something similar planned in the early stages, but it's kind of mutated since then....the touch of chaos and all that Although I hadn't considered Crusade era - that could have been fun to play with the time loop aspect of the loop.....Maybe I need to do a series......

So as mentioned above the multi-directional caltrop approach to supports didn't come to be. I couldn't get it quite right and was becoming frustrated with it...a sure sign that I'm going to go with a bodge if I carry on, so I cut my losses and have left it with just the original support tentacles. Once it's complete I may re-look at supports, but hey-ho....

So Primed it this morning, then took some random rattle-cans to it, quick overspray with white, then pretty much a tub of Agrax Earthshade roughly washed over it followed by a rough drybrush with white to make it clearer what I had to wotk with. And also making clearer that several of th areas I thought looked blended, weren't

That's it with a couple of spots of colour picked out.

And here's a few more colours and textures appearing in a seemingly random order....

Using my cracklepaints, and plan to do some experimenting with the clear crackle. Lots of washesand inks in my future......

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/08 01:53:30

Post by: Littletower

Even with only one way to stand up right, it still looks great.

Really coming together now.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/08 17:34:39

Post by: Llamahead

Looked at it and thought Dali.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/08 19:07:21

Post by: neil101

This is so very very unique ! it would make for an interesting boardgame - although trying to get the dice to settle might prove difficult .. Really like the colour of the cables mate.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/08 20:28:00

Post by: Dr H

 monkeytroll wrote:
Dr H - It is, my only concern is that it kind of hides the underneath section - but as stated above, to be able to display it all requires a rather sizeable base...

I like to think it's what's inside every box....at least until you open it. Schrodinger's warp....
The box contents are either normal or full of tentacles! You don't know until you check.

'tis a nice thought experiment, that of Schrodinger's.

I think the landscapes tend towards a certain sexuality/sensuality that is more fitting of a Slaaneshi landscape....and although there's elements of that I was trying for a more generalised warp manifestation....But good call nevertheless, it's Giger after all
Quite a few of the biomechanical landscapes have none of the sexiness that he sneaks in, in other pieces. The landscape series, for instance (without the "biomechanical"), do often have more "biological" shapes involved.

Still, keep doing what you're doing.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/08 22:49:30

Post by: monkeytroll

Lt - Thanks a lot! Well, my comment to Bronzefists has planted the seed of multiple versions, so maybe the chaos caltrop will yet be manifested

Llama - Definitely another of my influences, spent a lot of my teenage years looking at surrealists.

neil - Hmm, would it still be unique if I made a series? Zen surrealism anyone Well, if we go back to vik's idea about layering in a metal sheet for magnetic figures we have a playing surface at least.... Cheers.

Dr H - If Schrodinger had watched Urotsukidoji.....

Hmm, true, I was thinking more of the landscapes than the biomechanical landscape series

Ok, boss, will do

So, a calming little break...let's take a stroll through the darkforge.....

Servitor...or perhaps another magos...hard to tell at this stage Undecided on whether there's going to be a manipulator or a weapon on his lower right....will probably get at least one set of tools from the rear...... and cables obviously. My main concern with him at the moment is whether there'll be tracks protuding from the lower section or if he's some kind of hoverer....I tend towards the latter, but every now and again swing back to tracks....

Whereas this guy is most certainly of the tracked variety Heavy gun servitor, still requires cables, gun tidy-up and the rest of his other arm.....

And this little cutie is definitely a floater Needs some tiny tentacular mandible type things, and possibly some hanging cables....I like the sleek look he has, but you know me and cables....
Also not sure about the missile launcher...was going for two manipulators at first...then a bolter....

And no, I have no idea where I'm going with this either Was going to get a head on that rear socket type thingummy, then decided that did look too comical, but with a torso there it definitely shouts penis-gun. I was playing with some lictor claws as a kind of sensor array, but that started to look too 'niddy.

Oh...and I have a new favourite thing....

Tim Holtz clear rock candy crackle paint Oh yeah baby! Same crackle finish as the others in the range, but with a clear gloss finish. Put it over some colour, then when dried drop a bit of ink in there and watch it fill the cracks.....hmmmmmm....delicious.

Here....let me show you.....

Used it here really just to get a different effect for the head emerging from the surface, this will get colours over the top, but it shows the effect nicely.

Nice effect of veins along the cabling...and compare the cracks to the size of the tread plate...that's some fine detail you can get there....

In the first pic you can just make out the larger cracks from a coat of it over the base colours...gives a kind of raw, cracked meat effect almost....that got a wash of purple which added a lovely depth to it, great for diseased flesh, the layer of clear adds a realistic layer to it. I then put another coat over the top of that and this time went for the yellow ink....that has some uses for some putrid nurgle types I'm sure....

And over a mainly yellowish background I went back to the red ink.....again, I can see some lovely cracked oozing skin coming from this.....

And that's why it's my new favourite thing....

Once I've finished this piece (and I'm trying very hard not to cover it almost entirely in this stuff ) I think I'll dig out some ogres and minotaurs for servitorisation (yep, that is so a word )....want some large fleshy creatures to play with...

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/09 02:02:18

Post by: Littletower

I'm out of words now. It certainly isn't nice, nor [i ]beatiful[/i], maybe astounding? In its own, strange way, it is definitively something.

And it'd be stealing the show anywhere it'd be displayed, too.

The delicious part, on the other hand, I found a bit scary...

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/09 17:16:25

Post by: Camkierhi

Outstanding Monkey, love it.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/09 17:39:22

Post by: SJM

Is it wrong I like the walking Wang-cannon? Looks cool tbh lol

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/09 18:00:46

Post by: Dr H

Good work MT. I like the little floating missile launcher.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/10 04:42:19

Post by: shasolenzabi

Good stuff! and the shaping of the Moebius is also looking good too!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/23 14:22:15

Post by: Truecrusader

Everything is looking great man ! Can't wait to see all of it together, dark stuff

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/09/23 18:47:45

Post by: PDH

Catching up!

Damn the Dark Forge stuff is spot on. The servitor drone is brilliant.

The road is totally chaotic and reminds me of the realm of chaos books. The blue tentacle is my favourite bit

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/12 01:43:43

Post by: monkeytroll

Lt - It's not lovely Well just having it's own strange way is enough

Cam - Thanks you!

SJM - Well, not wrong as such....unless it does get a torso and really does become a phallus gun - then it might be

Dr H - Cheers. It is kinda cute I think - may get some buddies now the road's done (for a certain value of done...see later)

shas - Thanks - the shape still looks good now it's done, not so sure about the rest of it

Truecrusader - Thank you! I'm afraid waiting is very much the name of the game around here though

PDH - Thanks a lot - I know I'm doing something right if you think it's spot on Thought the servitor would be up your street.

And good to hear the road has a RoC vibe....always a good thing. It was a lot of fun, but I didn't do it justice I feel....and....well, read on....

So frantic painting and a bit of modelling today meant the road got 'finished'. A couple of weeks in the doldrums meant I'd dropped behind and had to rush it through....paintings not where it could have been, and looking at the pics I can see lots of little (and not so little) missed spots. But it's done in time and I can say it's another piece done....or can I?

Many repairs were undertaken today as it was dropped around lunch time....couple of the plasticard 'arches' broke, several tentacles ended up shorter than they were and a few of the slimy strands got busted.

The legs it stand on aren't the best display idea for a boat either...during a choppy patch this afternoon it toppled over....cue more repairs.....

Thought it would be a cool idea to video alonf the path of the road to get a feeling of the never-ending moebius strip......that really required a lot more thought to make it work For some reason I started the photo-shoot with detail shots, which were a pain because it was now obviously dark and two of my daylight bulbs have blown so was a bit awkward getting decent shots.

And then I dropped it again.....having just taken one shot of the complete piece....which is no longer a complete piece.....

Characters came off, the strip the hanging dude was hanging on has broken off, one aem and two backpacks are no longer attached and a few more slime strands are broken.....

All should be fixable, but absolutely not going to happen right now.

So....here's a couple of dodgy attempts at videoing the piece....and they will be dodgy...looked bad through the lens, and after the mishap I haven't even bothered to look them over yet....you may well be seeing them before me

There's fifty odd pics in my LOER 11 DONE gallery http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/images-30344-43533_Loer%2011%20Done.html, I won't post them all here, just a selection...feel free to go and have a wander through though.....

When I re-fix it I'll try and put some shots together in GIMP for a better look.

Well, guess I need to build some more stuff now, been far too much painting recently

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/12 02:04:10

Post by: shasolenzabi

I liked the first vid , attempt to add Pink Floyd's "Mettle" for the soundtrack was nice touch.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/12 05:57:48

Post by: Camkierhi

Well Monkey got to say it is every bit as spectacular and wonderful and weird as I was expecting. Off the charts buddy. Absolutely brilliant.

Going to take me a while to "inspect" it properly, but first glance, it is a very serious contender bud, it is my personal favorite entry. Best of luck bud.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/12 07:30:47

Post by: Llamahead

That is brilliant horrific and cool sad to hear about the damage though.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/12 10:49:03

Post by: Littletower

Sir, you did not disappoint.

It came to be all that was expected from it, really an outstanding piece

Really sorry to hear about the mishaps, I trust the damage is solvable once you feel like it again!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/12 11:06:50

Post by: Malika2

Ok, that's officially one of the most insane models/dioramas I've ever seen!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/12 11:22:59

Post by: weetyskemian44

Crazy stuff monkey. Pretty incredibly fabulous. Hope it fixes easy.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/14 18:33:53

Post by: Zogg

This thing is equal parts awesome and disturbing.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/14 23:19:28

Post by: shasolenzabi

I knew he would do it. that is one winding and twisted road there.,

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/17 23:54:56

Post by: monkeytroll

shaso - Cheers! The Floyd was just what happened to be playing at the time - if I'd finished half an hour earlier it would have been the Chemical Brothers But it does kind of suit it, so all's good

Cam - Thanks a bunch! The issue with so many details and the overall design is it was a bugger to get good pics of...once I've fixed it up I'll spend some time figuring out the best angles...

Llama - Horrific and cool works for me, thanks!

Lt - Well thank you, and glad to meet expectations. Everything should be fixable, may need to re-work a few bits to strengthen them after snapping - primarily the 'hanging dude'. My real concern is that I'll now be looking at all the bits I didn't feel I finished properly and will no doubt try to get them up to scratch - meaning it'll be hanging around in bits for a while longer - increasing the chances of further breakages or slowly edging into the 'to do' pile....

Malika - Excellent, good to hear, thank you

weety - Thanks a lot! Should be easy, but see above comments

Zogg - Just what I want to hear, thanks!

shaso - Well, I'm glad someone did.....

Well, I'm chuffed to bits - even with the mishaps I managed to finish an entry in time, and not only that, but somehow managed to win, plus got the honourable mention as chosen by my peers!! All warm and fuzzy inside

Obviously the originality won everyone over, as I really don't think the majority of the painting was up to scratch.

Well, that means the next round of the comp is down to me, and well....that can be found......here: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/619261.page

And with that done (for now....) I can get back to some chopping and gluing. Let's open the doors to the Dark Forge once more.....oh, hold on a minute, what's this? http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/13500/289929.page#7271840

The right honourable Gitsplitta is running another Mantis Maker competition, and I had an idea for a corrupted Mantis Warior that I thought I might try....

Then I had another idea...

And another....

And another....

And damn him, now I think I'll have to do a small contingent of corrupted mantids just to get some ideas out of my system...oh well

So, the idea I think I'm going to enter is probably a jet-bike bursting out of concealment....

Probably based on that last one, with a true-scaled rider....

And then there was the option of a guy on foot....

And then I had to stop for a bit as I had no more torsos in the pile in front of me........

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/18 07:37:59

Post by: Llamahead

Great work on the corrupted Mantids.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/18 07:55:48

Post by: Camkierhi

They do look brilliant, yet again your mind is a wonder. Love the bike idea myself, but they all look good.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/18 10:12:27

Post by: Littletower

Scroll-down through the advancing mutational stages of corrupted MWs. Fantastic.

Last one's the best, though maybe too much far out for the Comp...

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/26 22:36:57

Post by: monkeytroll

Llama - Thank you!

Cam - And thank you! A wonder, hey? That's one thing it's been called Yeah - that was my problem....I couldn't decide which to do so now there's a whole warband forming up

Lt - Hah...that does kind of work....if I'd actually planned that it would have been brilliant I'm liking that termie a lot myself - thelegs were planned as part of a servitor a page or so back, but I think this is where they're staying now

And so when I left you I'd run out of to-hand torsos to continue with the Dark Mantids (yep, the warband has a name now ). On a perilous trek through the chaos of my work-romm to find more I came across a few bits that I'd forgotten about, some of which are still being blu-tacked to various other bits inan effort to find just the right sort of madness, and some f which I could immediately use.

Brother Sabera of the Second Instar from the Dark Mantids warband.

He gained a bit of stowage and then went so far as to get some base colouring laid down.....

I plan for the brown to get some striations to go withe the carapace feel, and plan to add a fade effect to the green on the bike to help differentiate the rider. Gloves and weapons are still a bit up in the air for now...well, not a bit so much as a few miles up still I was contemplating a black/green for the weapons but that may yet change...

Oh, and some paint splashed over on to a couple of his brethren whilst I was at it...not really worth showing yet, but hey, it's progress, and you don't get to see that often round these parts

I'm thinking that I'll vary the colour placemnt slightly when more start to see paint...I'm partial to the idea of warbands having a set palette but having some autonomy in how they use it individually.

Hopefully more soon.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/27 13:33:37

Post by: Littletower

Nice team, and good-looking ride. More?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/27 18:03:01

Post by: Llamahead

Great jetbike where did it come from?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/27 22:59:32

Post by: monkeytroll

Lt - Thank you. And yes more, always more......

Llama - Puppetwar was the source for the bike, with some very minor modifications. It is a great looking bike, I'll certainly pick up some more at some point.

And just as a minor update, another jet-biker....

Although that shot does make him look like a khaos kayaker

The last shot shows the options I'm contemplating for the lift exhausts...leaving them as plain holes in the body, turbo-fans, or jet nozzles.....I like all three for different reasons, but tending towards the turbo-fans at present.
Found the main body along with the jet-bike, and thought it looked suitably insectile to become something for the Mantids...need to mess about a bit to figure out if it'll be a normal jet-bike or maybe an attack bike version with heavier weaponry mounted on the back carapace.....

And a further trooper...

That's all, you may carry on now.......

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/27 23:34:48

Post by: Camkierhi

Great stuff all round. I like the middle jet outlet myself.

Your Mantis comp. bike is AWESOME.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/28 00:40:30

Post by: Dr H

Anyone else racks their brains to come up with an idea for the Mantis Maker comp'. MT has enough ideas to create a whole squad/army.

Good collection of ideas and good progress on the one that is most likely to be entered into the competition.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/10/28 01:08:36

Post by: Pekel

Lots of really neat ideas in here - I'm particularly impressed at how that one Jetbike seamlessly combined a Space Marine bike with Dark Eldar and Eldar bits. Keep it up!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/11/01 01:55:30

Post by: monkeytroll

Cam - Thanks dude. Yeah, I'm thinking the turbo-fan look works better, but I'll wait till I've put it together a bit better before deciding for sure.

Dr H - Creative genius or easily distracted layabout? Who can tell? And cheers!

Pekel - Thank you. If you're referring to the one with the 'serrated' mandibles at the front then I'm really pleased with how well those front parts meshed - just need to get the rear sorted out now

Another layer added to Brother Sabera, and put a bit of a fade onto the green - pics didn't look all that different though tbh so I didn't bother uploading them.

Instead I thought I'd use that old fall-back of some supply drop pics - boxes have been steadily piling up over the last year and I've not mentioned many, so here's a couple that came through the door recently....

Rewards from the Mechadrome KS from Gunfight Games (in the guise of Necros from these lovely forums). Three of the light mechs (these are 15mm scale), not entirely sure what they'll become, but you know...mecha....had to get some.

Also got a couple each of the tracked and walker drones - obviously I wasn't going to pass up on track units - may have to pick up some more at some point

And after the postie misplaced my original parcel from Mierce, an email enquiry got a very rapid response and I got the replacement 2 days later - excellent service.

Seza - Blade Abhorrent from the Ysian faction.

A giant, three-legged, claw armed lass? Pretty sure I can find a use for her somewhere

Dawn of Khthon - five lovely snake ladies. Already had a couple of the snake men - they were nice, these are even better. Another one that I pledged for without any clear idea of where they would end up, but snake-ladies? How could I resist

Right, that's it, that's all you're getting in place of an update this time round, I'll have some actual 'stuff'' for you next time.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/11/02 00:41:31

Post by: monkeytroll

And a bit of progress with Brother Sabera...

Not convinced with the striations on the brown now I've put them there...I'm wondering if there needed to be more, closer together.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/11/04 22:17:54

Post by: monkeytroll

No further progress with the bike, a little bit of colour added to some of the other Mantids...

And in other news, I received a big ol' bag'o'bitz today courtesy of Red Harvest - my prize for the last LOER comp!!

Woohoo...plenty of bits to play with there...arms, torsos, heads, shields, insignia, icons, etc etc etc. Including a complete metal termie, an old-skool metal servitor and right in the middle there you can see some old GW tracks, circa 1987 - I think from a wartrakk/skorcha. And I do love me some little tracks Even got part of an original vindi, and the turret from the original whirlwind!

Excellent stuff, thanks a bunch Red - really appreciated!

And what better way to celebrate getting a bag o bitz than to build something out using some of the parts provided (well, I suppose you could always build something using ALL the parts provided, but you know, that would require a little longer.....)

So we have a nice little imperial servitor built only using parts from the prize bag - obviously I could have built a variety of marines out of the parts, but that would be no fun really would it?
I'll have to cheat a little and fill the gap in his 'helmet', but I'm ok with that

Thanks for stopping by......

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/11/04 22:49:59

Post by: Dr H

Oo, lots to comment on.
The mech looks nice. Do like a good mech.

The other things you show there look nice sculpts too.

Like the green fade you did on the bike, looks good.
The stripes, are they a pattern or weathering? I'm assuming a pattern and they can therefore be nice and regular. Maybe they could be sharper/thinner.
Or maybe some smaller ones interlocked with them. Probably heading towards tiger stripes then, not a bad thing, but maybe not what you are after.

Nice prize and good use of them.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/11/05 01:08:08

Post by: genom.cor

So much win. Good use of bits for the servitor and the jetbike! And the road to no where is as insane as the warp should be, good job all around!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/11/08 21:50:54

Post by: monkeytroll

Dr H - Never anything wrong with a bit of mech action.

Yeah, the Mierce sculpts are lovely, still not entirely sure what I'm doing with them yet, but they were too nice to not pick up

The stripes were meant to be reminiscent of a bug carapace - rather like the effect you see on a lot of 'nid armies. So really should have been closer and finer, but for some reason I spaced them out - it was a conscious decision to do so, but not sure why I did....

genom.cor - Thanks, and welcome. Nothing like getting a bag of bits from someone and seeing what you can make straight out he bag

So, starting to worry about getting Brother Sabera done in time for the mantis maker comp - no worries on the figure, he's almost there, but I'm still struggling to come up with a good base design for him. I'm off to Leeds for a comic convention next weekend, so unless it hits me tomorrow I'm left with a handful of evenings to get it done - which as any casual follower of my blogs will know, is no time at all in my world
As a basic figure it would work with a fairly standard base I know, but that would leave it lacking somewhat in regards to capturing the theme Gits set....

Whilst contemplating these things I did a very basic job on the cultists from earlier...

The leader needs a bit more obviously, the two dogsbodies will get a bit of tidying when I base them - quick'n'nasty, cheap'n'cheerful is the name of the game with these fellas Not sure on their basing yet - it would make sense to go with an urban battleground theme as that's probably what the slaaneshi marines will get, and these are tied in to them, but was contemplating the idea that the cultists might have a more....well, culty feel to them. Maybe checkered marble flooring or similar....was playing with the idea that different elemnts would have similar bases, ie the D'Basquevilles, the cultists (who may or may not be part of the D'Basqueville retinue), the marine warband..and any others that materialise...

Keeping with the cultist theme for the moment....
A while back I purchased some 3D printed bits from Shapeways - some buzzsaws and hands, designed by Malika2...you may recall them if you perused my cybork blog. I was impressed by the level of detail they had, and resolved to look at some more 3D prints at some time. Well, the other day I figured I might as well, and purchased one of the 'female stealth gangs' that some of you may have seen if you've ever been to Shapeways....
They arrived and I thought I'd ink one up to get an idea of the detail...

Had a wash of fleshtone, then a drybrush of white just to pick out the detail. Not bad, you can see the texture caused by the print process, makes it look a little grainy. They come attached to each other via a sprue along the bottom of the feet - that's the only clean up required, which is a bonus. The graininess is obviously made more prominent in a magnified close=up pic, but it's visible to the naked eye with the figure in hand. Probably not going to be able to paint them up as real showcase pieces, but passable as gaming pieces, which I guess is the main market for these.

And so, I based one in white, hit it with a wash and then quickly threw some inks and a bit of paint at it to see how it looked in colour.

Facial detail is a little soft, rest is all pretty good. Inks and washes show up the graininess, probably not helped by the shininess pre-sealant, but it's certainly passable at a table-top distance - paints in place of inks/washes may help alleviate that even more.
I'd say that at present this stuff is great for gamers who want a bit more variety, not quite there for the painters/collectors. Next test for these is to start cutting and chopping to see how well they can be worked. Should start on that fairly soon I reckon...

And just because I had the colouring kit out I did a bit more on one of the Inquisitorial henchmen..

Was going to call him done, but I can see a couple of bits that need finishing/tidying.

Well, that was a colourful update for me...I'll try to ensure there's more bare plastic and metal in the next one

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/11/08 22:17:33

Post by: lone dirty dog

Monkey I never know what to say when I check your thread you jump from one project to the next and with a large range of alternative miniatures

However I do always and enjoy the inventiveness and well sheer madness of concepts you manage to combined and build, they do say there is a slim line between madness and genius and well you do stumble from side to side

Anway to the commenting box of bits must be a dream come true to you dive in and create, on top of this the brightly coloured cultist seem to be a theme that should not work but somehow do and the old skool las gun just rocks.

As for the Ganger that is a shame as I have been looking at these for a while however the graininess of the sculpts is a disappointment, what finish material did you get these printed in by the way ?

The henchman is nice and bright well we do like to see danger coming after all keep up the craziness

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/11/08 23:04:05

Post by: Littletower

Far from a specialist, but maybe an acetone wash - caring to avoid the lesser detailed parts, such s the face, to avoid downgrading those - might help with the graininess issue?

Either trial and error, or a consult to Shapeways' customer service?

Colour is good!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/11/09 23:56:11

Post by: Dr H

Nice colours MT.

Yeah, depends on what material they are made of, but acetone or liquid poly' may work to smooth the texture. Use sparingly though.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/11/10 00:09:00

Post by: Camkierhi

Gosh darn it, it's too late at night to read, will have to come back tomorrow, but pictures are damn impressive, all looking amazing.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/11/10 03:10:44

Post by: shasolenzabi

Such bright colors! I'm blind!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/11/10 13:04:33

Post by: Theophony

 shasolenzabi wrote:
Such bright colors! I'm blind!

He's channeling moonpie . Nice haul of cool stuff including the mecha drone mechs. Also the stealth gang girls look pretty good to me, but my eyes don't see that much detail and the graininess on the cloak looks like crushed velvet.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/12/10 23:06:03

Post by: monkeytroll

ldd - So many ideas, so little time - what's a man to do?

Lt - I had considered that, not got round to it yet though. And thanks.

Dr H - Cheers! And as above.

Cam - Cheers bud, I'll keep this one short for you

shaso - Thoight I'd make up for the lack of colours by using bright ones

Theo - Well, now you say that I realise that there is at least one chaos marine hanging around here who incorporates pink and yellow in his scheme

Well now, a month since my last update and not a lot to show for it, but figured I put some proof of life up.

First off, one of the numerous supply drops that have landed at my doorstep recently - this one getting some attention as the source was dakka's own OneMan Noodles.....

Pholus patern rhino....I grabbed two, one for a bit of chaosification, the other may go either way yet. The kit uses the doors, hatches and floor from the GW version (or alternative supplier for the bits and plasticard for the floor). Cast looks good, may even put one together sooner rather than later.

Also had a bonus bag of bits thown in with the order...

Some interesting bits there, not least the toaster and teapot set

Just to add a splash of colour to the page some pips.....

And a few more peeps put together...

Some kind of bodyguard.....

A mutie.....

A bestial combat servitor....

Stilt-walking musician, not sure on exactly what his pole is going to become - a decorative staff or a bladed weapon....

And that is me for now.......

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/12/10 23:18:30

Post by: Commander Cain

I have been neglecting this thread for far too long! Great conversions all round and that painted tractor monster thing is just perfectly hideous!. Great job as usual.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/12/11 04:43:06

Post by: weetyskemian44

Where'd you get the toaster and teapot? Are the mutants to have a snack corner for their breaks? You will need some tiny mugs and tiny pop tarts as well.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/12/11 20:07:20

Post by: OneManNoodles

Hmm Nice bits drop you've got there

oops I didn't notice that there was a bubble on the lid of the pot. Just grabbed one out of the bag. The other bits are from my seconds pile since I have an ice cream tub full.

@weety: well I have made cups and plates ... think pop tarts might be IP protected however.

The musiceion looks awesome so far, reminds me of an image by blanche that I've seen somewhere the head fits very well
Cool use fo bits on those muties, I've had several attempts at making them in the past and know how much of a pain it can be to get the right components for a model, yours are looking pretty decent so far if I do say so.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/12/12 04:13:41

Post by: weetyskemian44

So I take it you are the creator of the kitchen appliances onemannoodles? Good stuff. You could always do crumpets or toast to go with it. Given that the universe is infinite, would anyone like any toast?

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/12/12 21:14:19

Post by: Llamahead

Yes please.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/12/13 11:00:36

Post by: Camkierhi

Take mine with butter and Marmite thanks.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/12/14 13:51:46

Post by: monkeytroll

Cain - Well, things have been a little slow here, so it's probably no bad thing to have missed a few updates Glad you popped back in though, and thanks!

weety - All armies should have a snack corner.....tea and toast are the cornerstones of civilization, and should be available to all.

OMN - Yeah, it is indeed I had assumed they were all from your seconds pile, I hadn't even noticed the bubble till you mentioned it

I felt there weren't enough stilt-walkers in the 40k universe, figured a musician would be a good place to start. With the muties I go both ways - sometimes I need the right fit of parts, sometimes a fairly random mish-mash will work -they're muties after all Cheers!

weety - "Talkie's my name, toasting's my game."

Llama - What setting would you like? 1-4, barely warm bread, 5 and up, burnt to a crisp?

Cam - Good man!

So, not a lot done, but I have had a play with MN's rhino kit.
I'd previously used the sides of a rhino on one of the cybork's vehicles, so had a spare rhino floor that I could use, although it would be pretty simple to use some plasticard for the same purpose.
Clean-up was easy and dry-fit was good, needing just a slight trimming of the floor plate to get everything together tightly. I punched out the turret ring on this one, and that was a straight-forward job, few drill-holes, started cutting, then popped the waste out.

Seen here in a razorback configuration - hence the cutting of the turret ring. I've popped a door in place to show the fit, and also pushed some track links in place for the same reason - although those are actually chimera tracks rather than rhino tracks, it shows there's a good tight fit for pieces.

And with a Bitsbox turret in place for a predator variant - which looks very cool in this design I think.

Good fit of pieces compared to many other resin kits I've played with, only gap that needs filling is between the front and the top on one side - but if I'd spotted that during the dry fit I could probably have fixed it with a bit more sanding. Sanding the rear edge of the roof revealed a couple of air bubbles, but nothing major, and I suspect I'll be detailing that area anyway.
A nice fun little kit if you want a rhino variant, and I'll happily buy from him again

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/12/14 14:48:32

Post by: Littletower

A right out of the box build? Not even mounted the tracks backwards?

Man, that must be the weirdest thing I've ever seen (in this thread)!

Looks good nonetheless!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/12/14 15:54:17

Post by: monkeytroll

Well, I did cut out the turret ring But to be fair, that is just the basic build of the hull in place, it's a long way from finished yet, so don't despair

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/12/24 15:18:01

Post by: Dr H

Another good collection of builds. Look forward to what you do with the tank.

Have a good Christmas.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/12/25 00:04:53

Post by: monkeytroll

Thanks doc

No updatde to speak of...just popping in to wish season's greetings on one and all!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/12/29 23:53:54

Post by: monkeytroll

Hmm, time for a post-christmas update I reckon...

First up, I once again took part in the DCM secret santa, and received some cracking stuff. Highlights to follow....

So a goodly pile of bits for the flesh vats, plus some exceptional pieces - the original goff rockers, no less than 6 old-skool cyboars, and a bloody chaos squat in exo-armour! Quality goodies indeed!

I'm currently pondering what I can come up with utilising only parts of the drop - as that is both what I like to do and a fun part of the secret santa itself. So expect something 'not-quite-right' latr this week hopeully

Still debating on how I'm going to chaosify that first pholus rhino, so no progress there to speak of.

But whilst debating that issue I had a liitle dig and started thinking about some cultist style transports. Thought these hulls would make a good start for renegade chimeras...

The original kits were wheeled, I'm thinking they'll be tracked for me Originally thought I might try actual chimera track units on it, but I forgot I'd used all my old ones, and the new style kits come with those side additions as part of the single piece - I was thinking of doing something else there. Also I've not full decided on how the front of the hulls will look - if I extend them at all then the chimera tracks may end up being too short for my liking....

Also had a putter with another rhino variant...

This one's a hover variant, thinking it'll be a good transport for either a rogue trader or an inquisitor and their respective retinues.

Spent the evening looking through the LOER competition entries and making notes as the start of my judging duties. Needed a break after that so had another rummage in my pile of boxes and started playing with a couple of things.

Just started putting bits together from this to get an idea of what I could do with it. My current thinking is that it could make an excellent base for a meka-dread, so if that idea takes hold there may be a bit of action back over on my orky blog

Then spent a bit more time playing with another kit....

Just pushed together for now to get an idea of size and construction fr further work. Had forgotten how easy it is to push-fit the Japanese kits together without gluing - so much easier than having to blu-tac everything together to get ideas
This one's definitely one for the dark-forge, a brass scorpion stand-in perhaps, or possibly some kind of stalk-tank. Lots of potential there....may even have to look for another one

That'll do for now I reckon...thanks for popping in.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/12/30 00:12:35

Post by: Camkierhi

So much, too much. Brain melting............blah.

Nice haul bud, looking forward to seeing yiou twist this lot up.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2014/12/30 00:54:37

Post by: lone dirty dog

Wow that was a pressy indeed the rock band and squat fetch well on ebay

Looks like another crazy combo on its way with that lot

I have to ask where are the chimera stand ins from by the way ?

I think I have seen them somewhere but not sure, especially when you said wheeled.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2015/01/04 19:37:31

Post by: Dr H

Lots of nice and interesting things... all over-shadowed by a multi-ped tank, Woo!

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2015/01/06 23:17:01

Post by: monkeytroll

Cam - Not to worry, brain-melt helps when sticking odd random bits to other odd random bits Started with a bit of the twisting

ldd - There were some very nice hauls going back and forth this year. Well pleased with the squat, the rockers and all those cyboars

Crazy combo part one incoming....

I'd really like to tell you where those vehicles came from....but I can't remember Been sitting on them for a year or so I think, might have to try trawling through my e-mails to get a clue - but that will take forever. I wouldn't mind knowing as I'd be up for some more if I can work these ones into something I like. I actually had two versions - one as a standard chimmy proxy, one as a hydra proxy, although I'm opting to use both in chimmy roles.
If anyone out there recognises them feel free to help us out

Dr H - I had a feeling that might catch your eye

Ok, let's see if we have anything interesting here....

First up a quick head and hand swap to give us another cultist...

And then a little play in Santa's box...

A slaaneshi style mutie with obligatory cyber-gun-arm.

A chaos renegade with obligatory spiky armour and big gun.

And a couple still undergoing their surgery....



Still a bit of fiddling to do with the last two, but I think that's about it for 'out-of-santa's-box' builds......anything else will likely require the use of bits from elsewhere.

Still, that should do you for a short while...

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2015/01/07 08:56:23

Post by: lone dirty dog

You never cease to amaze me the will to decapitate expensive/hard to find models (Arbite) although it does look cool very Fallout vibe

The next guy seems to have a slight Jason of the argonauts feel to it which I love, although the eldar las put a stop to it

Crazy legs just makes me laugh and wolf abomination in both states are your madness running wild

As for the Chimera stand ins I have figured it out I knew I has seen them somewhere http://www.warchimera.com/pl/p/Hammer-Anti-Aircraft-Defender/28

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2015/01/08 21:40:03

Post by: monkeytroll

Good spot - Warchimera it is indeed

Well, technically he's an enforcer rather than an actual arbites I'm not sure they're that hard to find - certainly not as hard as the original arbites. I have a bunch that have been sitting around for years waiting for me to actually start on an arbites force. Figured it was time to do something with at least one of them

I'm not sure that's my madness running wild - that's just playing with some bits in a box. Pretty sure I could do worse

So, I really should put some colour on some things, or maybe finish sticking some things together.


Got a parcel today that had my Curious Constructs KS stuff inside.....

Tracked weapons platform:

Obviously, being tracked I got a few of these

Wheeled weapons platform:

Thought I should have something else for balance.

Walker weapons platform:

I have since realised that the legs have been placed completely incorrectly in my test pic

And a dis-assembled walker to show the bits...

The tracked and wheeled versions come with slightly different attachment points for said wheels and tracks. One thing I particulary like is the 'head' unit, a cylinder with four different 'eye' formations - you align it in the manner you wish, then a little cover hides the other faces, an elegant little solution to optional heads I thought.

And a selection of weapons:

A multi-mortar:

A missile launcher:

A flak cannon:

A triple-barrelled machine gun:

And a rocket:

I see my grots wanting more of these

And a complete platform:

Also, some ammo:

All fantastic stuff....very shiny!

My only gripe is that the AA-gun and the missile launvher don't actually fit on the platform if fitted with traks or wheels, as the weapon is too wide to fit between the means of propulsion. Now, this isn't much of an issue to me personally, as the chances of any weapon/platform set that come together actually bein assembled together are fairly slm in this household And granted, the mobile platforms were bonuses, the original KS as for static platforms, which all weapons appear to fit perfectly, but still a slight issue I feel.

Nothing else to report as yet, somehow I let myself get distracted by new things.....

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2015/01/08 22:47:48

Post by: lone dirty dog

Running madness I meant creative genius

Thanks for the update on my kickstarter stuff that has not arrived yet you got yours before me

Mind you they do look cool plus that walker is going to be for my green skins I have plans for that

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2015/01/08 23:35:08

Post by: Dr H

Good, crazy builds.
Like the chap with the tentacle legs,

Interesting flying wolf bat scorpion...


Good idea for a head on the Cent-ork.

Nice looking pieces in the drop.

Heretical Ramblings: Assortments and oddments... @ 2015/01/09 15:39:23

Post by: shasolenzabi

Nice haul! I am unfamiliar with 'wheeled Transports" you intend to add treads to.

Like the GiTS super heavy multi-pedal tank.

So many goodies to play with!

Okay new name, LuckyMonkeyTroll