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Made in gb
Ghost of Greed and Contempt

Engaged in Villainy

Omerta Dome.
An entire dome abandoned after a mysterious and virulent psycho-plague made the population erupt into in a frenzied carnival of horrors, sealed behind meter-thick blast doors, and cut off for decades.
Now, the quarantine has been lifted, and the first tentative expeditions into Omerta Dome have begun.
What riches (and risks) lie in wait for the interpid explorers?
Join us, as we venture within...

Hello Juves and Gentlegangers, Scavvers and Spyrers, and welcome to this, the Omerta Dome! Shall we jump straight in?
It's been a long time since my last P&M blog, but this, my latest attempt, will chiefly be concerned with the New Necromunda release (as you may have gathered already).
So, here's gang number one, the Goliath gang known as "the Dead-Head War Boys"...

The Dead-head War Boys are a band of ultra-violent Goliath gangers. Too aggressive to waste on tending furnaces, the gang has set out to claim its place in the hive - and where better to start than the sepulchural-silent Omerta Dome. In battle, the gangers paint their faces with white and black ashes. This, combined with their ferocity and various derangements, make them one of the more unnerving gangs roaming the dome.

Not the best photo, I'm afraid, but it gives you an idea of just how intimidating a Goliath gang is when grouped up like this. The gang's name and war paint was partially (mostly) inspired by the War Boys from Mad Max: Fury Road, and some of the ganger's names are references to characters in the Mad Max universe. It's not stealing if you call it a Homage!
So, let's meet them in person, shall we? We start with the leader, Top Dog

Top Dog

The man-mountain known as Top Dog is something of a mystery. Never seen without his face mask and war paint, his voice is strangely dry and hoarse, an oddity given that most Goliath leaders have voices comparable to foghorns. Vocal oddities aside, Top Dog directs his War Boys in direct, brutal, but often cunning battle strategies.

Armed with Power Hammer and combat shotgun, Top dog is a pretty imposing minature. He's got a lot more golden bling on him than his gangers (naturally). The hammer arm was converted by chopping up a brute cleaver-wielding arm and splicing the hammer head on, to give the model a less relaxed pose than the standard, "resting on shoulder" power hammer arm. On to the Champions!


The one known as StumpGrinder has a deep love for mutilation, and a berserker blood-lust beyond what even Goliath gangers consider sane. When released from the chains that his brothers use to control him, he will race towards the enemy, heedless of enemy fire, where he utilizes his treasured Renderiser to obscene effect.

StumpGrinder (Stumpy-G to his friends, if he had any) was the first Goliath I built and painted. The combination of gas mask and two-handed weapon reminded me a great deal of the optional bosses in the recent Mad Max video game, and so he borrowed his name from the one I could remember that wasn't obscene. On to champion number 2...


Gutripper carries an older pattern of Renderizer, but he is no less useful in a fight because of that. More sane than StumpGrinder (though that isn't a high bar to pass), Gutripper often leads flanking attacks, and has a reputation for only flying into a rage-fueled rampage once he is in the optimal position to do so.

So, Champ 2 - he's a bit of a to photograph - you may not be able to tell, but the business end of his axe is a Chaos Marine chainsword, and I wish the photo showed the hazard stripes on the blade casing - they probably ended up the neatest of the whole gang!

So, this is it for my first post, I hope you've found it vaguely interesting, and please do comment, even if it is just to comment on the photo quality (yes, I did notice!)
Tomorrow should see the second "content post", which will include (spoiler alert!) the gentlemen known as Maneater, Stinkjaw, and Toetaker.
Once again, please do drop a comment, and thanks for viewing!

"He was already dead when I killed him!"

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut


I am kinda loving all of this. Especially all the hazard stripes.
Made in gb
Ghost of Greed and Contempt

Engaged in Villainy

Glad you approve - fiddly as hell, but there's something very 40k about hazard stripes on wargear!

So, as promised, here's today's gangers, starting with the big guns. Presenting...


"Blastmaster was once the chief of a dynamiting team, responsible for blasting slabs of ore into smeltable pieces. He found a new calling, however, as the demolitions expert of the War Boys. Equally at home with exploding enemies with his grenade launcher as he is pulverizing them with his customized wrecking mace, Blastmaster is always looking for the next big explosion".

Blastmaster is one of my favourites, the head of his mace is from a Chaos Defiler's power flail, on top of the power hammer arm left over from Top Dog. Game wise, I'd probably counts-as the maul as a spud-jacker, that thing certainly looks like it deserves the "knockback" trait!


"Considered unsettling even to his allies, Maneater's name is unpleasantly appropriate. known to carve pieces off opponents, his unwholesome hunger is, so far, outweighed by his utility in a close-in fight"

Oooh, he's a nasty one... That "creepy grin" face was the starting point for this nutjob, and the idea of him as a cannibal seemed to develop quite naturally - he's a close-combat chappy, with knife and brute cleaver, so he'll likely be following one of the champions into the roughhousing.


"Stinkjaw is something of a pariah among the War Boys, due to his horribly rotten teeth. His breath is so bad, they say, that should his Stubcannon ever malfunction, he could probably kill his enemies by breathing at them..."

This fella happened almost accidentally - originally he was just going to be a generic, expendable gun-ganger, but I accidentaly gave him the cigar-chewing head, then lost the cigar! the slack-jawed look, combined with the face paint, gave me the idea that maybe his expend-ability, and his odd mouth might be related!

Now, I did promise the appearance of a fella called Toetaker - however, in a shock twist, he's being held back for tomorrow, where he will appear alongside such stalwarts as Psycho Wez, Rattlehead, and Broadside!

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"He was already dead when I killed him!"

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Made in gb
Ghost of Greed and Contempt

Engaged in Villainy

"On the XV1th day of the feast of the emperors ascenction, the Arbites gave to me... a bolt round to the back of the head!"

Carols in the 41st millenium are a lot shorter than they are nowadays. I suspect they prefer to go in for the whole "ominous latin chanting" stuff - who knows what the Inquisition would make of that famed warp being known as "Santa Claus?" I suspect promethium may be involved.

Anyhow, time to get away from tinsel and reindeer, and back to the reassuring gloom of the underhive.

Psycho Wez

"Wez is one of the less vocal gangers, communicating mostly through screams, howls and bizarre, eye-popping facial contortions. He is however, very eloquent when it comes to blasting away with his beloved shotcannon"

Wez was inspired by his namesake, Wez, the villain's main henchman from Mad Max: Road Warrior, played by Vernon Wells. He shares the bright red mohawk, which is actually a little brighter than the rest of the gang's hairdos. In terms of paintjob, Wez also has the best facepaint!


"Rattlehead lives for the sounds of battle echoing from the metal walls of Necromunda's tunnels. A natural percussionist, he is a lethal tunnel fighter, sweeping foes from cover with his shotgun, then clubbing away with his rivet-blasting spud-jacker"

Fans of Thrash Metal may recognize the name of Megadeth's mascot. Rattlehead is the ganger who doesn't fit into an 1000 point list - so he's probably going to be hired after the first game (assuming it goes well!) I've not really got a handle on a personality for him, but that's something that might come once he's seen a few skirmishes.

The Juves - Toecutter and Broadside

"Toecutter is the slightly-less-crazy protege of Maneater, and tends to follow his mentor everywhere, no matter how often Maneater threatens to tear his face off and eat it.
Broadside, on the other hand, fancies himself a gunslinger. Unfortunately, his name doesn't reference the ferocious firepower of a Naval cruiser, as the juve likes to believe, but rather the fact that he would struggle to hit the "broadside" of a silo he was standing in."

The comic relief of the gang! inept, and completely oblivious, but handy for catching bullets and taking out downed fighters. Who knows, after a few battles, they might actually earn the respect of the rest of the gang.
Or end up food for the rats...
I think we know which is more likely!

So, that's the Dead-Head War Boys in their entirety - not a very pretty bunch!

More content should be appearing on Boxing day, this time, something a little more subtle, and a whole lot less usual...
Yes, I think that's cryptic enough

Until then, have a most excellent Xmas!

"He was already dead when I killed him!"

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Made in gb
Omnious Orc Shaman

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away...

These are excellent and love the back stories. The face paint theme is great - was considering something similar to this but in the style of 'The Judged' gang from Dredd (2012)

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Great background stories. Adds a ton of personality. On top of the cool paintjob it makes for one awesome gang.
Made in gb
Ghost of Greed and Contempt

Engaged in Villainy

Right! with only an hour and a half left until boxing day ends, the promised update arrives!

"They say that there's folks living down in the dark under Omerta dome. Some say there's whole networks of tunnels, down below, from back when the ash wastes burst through the walls and buried Dome 1300. They say that they're mutants of some kind, living down in the dark. Cannibals. Or worse.
They take folk alive, and the ones they take never get seen again.
So you take it from me, friend, when you're down their scavving, you best watch your back, and take a friend or two.
Even then, if them Stalkers find you... well, don't go sayin' you weren't warned."

The account of Prospector "Easy" Ezekyl, on the subject of "Stalkers"

"The Stalkers... where do they come from? no one really knows. Some say they were a clan of ash waste nomads, who make their home in the ash-filled dome directly under Omerta. Others say they're a cult of mutants, who kidnap the unlucky and conscript them into their barbarous practises. All that is known for certain is that they always prefer to take their prey alive."
Excerpt from IInquisitorial report, submitted by ++REDACTED++, M41

"I saw it, when Gutrat's gang got taken down. The lights went out first.
That ain't so unusual down in the service tunnels, but then there were sounds.
Like... breathing, but stretched out, and all squeezed up wrong, like a vox signal that ain't tuned right. Then I saw them green eyes, come moving out of the dark.
There was gunshots, and screaming. I kept my head down, see. I weren't being paid well enough not to.
Then it went quiet, except for the sounds of that damn breathing, and a noise like they were dragging stuff. Heavy stuff.
By the time the lights went on again, they was gone. The whole gang. Except for Gutrat, that is. Him they left, but that weren't no mercy. You don't want to know what they'd done to him..."

Interview of Old Yellerbelly, underhive guide (retired).

"They creep up out of the dark, surround people. Then they flush them out, scare 'em into running - right into their trap. All they leave behind is webber-splash, and toxin ampoules. When a ganger fights too hard, though, they scrag them right and nasty, leave them strung up as a message. And I ain't going back down that tunnel even if the Emperor himself went first."

Last words of Gang member "flash Danny", (House Orlock affiliation).

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"He was already dead when I killed him!"

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Made in gb
Stealthy Grot Snipa

Northern Ireland

That is some excellent Necromunda gaming right there. That's how to do it man. Loving everything you're doing here.

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Fantastic models and fluff. They remind me a little of the old Venator models from Confrontation.
Made in be
Liberated Grot Land Raida


Loving the models and the background stories. Some really nice work in here, keep it up!

A Squeaky Waaagh!!

Camkhieri: "And another very cool thing, my phones predictive text actually gave me chicken as an option after typing robot, how cool is that."'

Meercat: "All eyes turned to the horizon and beheld, in lonely and menacing grandeur, the silhouette of a single Grot robot chicken; a portent of evil days to come."
From 'The Plucking of Gindoo Phlem' 
Made in gb
Ghost of Greed and Contempt

Engaged in Villainy

Well, it has been a while, but the Underhive is a big place, and sometimes a Hiver has to keep his head down for a while until the heat dies down!

In all seriousness, yes, I have rather let the blog die (sorry about that!), but fortunately, painting has been going on behind the scenes. My absence actually had a lot to do with hitting the proverbial wall with my Escher gang. I had 10 painted, but they fell into that awkward crevasse between “Not good enough” and “Too good to risk re-painting”, so I did what anyone with more disposable income than sense would do, and picked up a second box of Eschers. That gave me the freedom to find a new scheme, and re-do the old ones to match. So, now that you’ve soldiered through my edifice of exposition, it’s time to meet the new girls on the block.
Let’s kick off with the leaders, Vipsania “the Venomous”, and Lucretia “the Nightmare”

Vipsania "the Venemous"

Vipsania the Vicious first started out as the teenaged leader of a small gang of unafilliated Juves that quickly became a force to be reckoned with through a swift campaign of daring heists, takeovers, and outright elimination of the competition. But success breeds new problems, and Vipsania now struggles to hold together a growing gang. If she succeeds, she might become a real power among the Escher elite, but if she should fail, her fate is likely to be as cruel and swift as Vipsania herself.

Lucretia "the Nightmare"

“Lucretia is known as “The Nightmare” for her preferred method of attacking her foes during the long, dark watches of the sleep-shift. Lucretia has in recent months, begun to chafe under the leadership of Vipsania, and there are the beginnings of a rift that could split the two and their followers into a civil war. Lucretia herself feels she is ready for greatness. The question is not if she will make a play for leadership – but when.”

So, here are my leaders – Vipsania I imagine as the big boss, with her loyal core of rags-to-riches gangers, and with Lucretia being the leader of what is almost a gang within a gang – if the unlikely ever occurs and I ever actually have cause to play the game, the 19-member Escher clan could easily split up into 2 gangs, or I could swap between the 2 models depending on loadout on my leader, or have one get demoted to Champion. Lucretia was my first gang leader, while Vipsania was made up from the second box, and I flip-flop over which I prefer as Leader most – which is reflected in their write-ups!

Of course, in a gang, you need gangers, so...

Hester, Sulla and Weaver (left to right)

"Hester is a ganger known for being a little unstable – known as a skilled stealth operator, her preference for the shadows may result from the ruinous facial scarring she received as a young street-kid, which she hides under her lucky bandanna."

"Sulla is one of the newest members of Vipsania’s gang, but has shown a knack for being in the right place at the right time in a gunfight, moving quickly to lay down a deadly crossfire with her autogun, which she dubs “the pale reaper” – to the derision of some of the more cynical gangers.”

“Weaver has been in the gang from its first days, and her shotgun has been employed in every situation, from small-scale extortion and petty theft, all the way up to the legendary Sector 9b massacre where Vipsania’s gang first made its name as a major player.”

So, these 3 are basic gangers, lasgun, autogun, shotgun. Hester was inspired by Hester Shaw from the Mortal Engines books, and Weaver was named after Sigourney Weaver - the early gang was mostly named for female characters from books or movies I enjoy, I was 50/50 on calling Weaver "Ripley" instead, but though that was a little too obvious!"
Sulla, in the middle, came from box 2, because I realised that I’d made rather a lot of gangers with non standard or specialist loadouts, so I probably could use another simple ganger-with-gun to fill out the numbers. I’m quite fond of her all the same, especially her gold facial piercings.

Now, speaking of interesting loadouts, I give you a Heavy – meet Medina “Saw-Tongue”, special weapon carrier and devotee of Dakka...

Medina "Saw Tongue"

“Medina is a woman known for toughness, strength, and having a voice loud enough to be heard even over the roar of her customised Stubber. Her talent for scrounging ammunition is fortunate, for Medina does not like to be restrained by petty considerations like fire discipline. For her, there is no such thing as overkill.”

This was a conversion I still have some reservations about, but thanks to the new Escher equipment list, is actually a legal model (I think!)
In-game, should it be relevant, she’d either be a champion, or the designated “one ganger with special-weapon”. Her BFG would be a Heavy Stubber, and the GSC cultist torso would represent upgraded armour. I suppose, if I couldn’t afford a heavy Stubber, I could run her as a basic ganger and call the weapon an Autogun instead.

So, one last ganger for this post, the test model for my new Escher scheme, and oh yes, MOLD LINES!
Ester, "the Executioner"

Ester has a reputation for downing her foes with paralytic venom from her needle rifle, before despatching them gruesomely with her blade. An artist of sorts, her creative executions have ended fights before, with sensible foes not hanging around to fight such a twisted genius of death.

So, Ester has a needle rifle made by splicing together a lasgun with a dark elder splinter rifle, which I rather like. Simple, but it definitely reads as a needler to me. The magazine with the horrific mold line comes from the Skitarii kit, off one of the fancy guns in there. The mold line will be addressed at some point, I promise!

So, I hope that offering of content for the content gods appeases the mighty denizens of the Hive – and there is more to come! Not only the rest of the Eschers, but also more Stalkers, A small horde of rather gruesome mutants, some hangers-on, guns for hire, and even an honest-to God-Emperor Redemptionist preacher!
And of course, no Necromunda blog is truly complete without scratch built terrain, so that will be coming up soon as well!

TLDR, I’m not dead, new pictures, more stuff to come!

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"He was already dead when I killed him!"

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Made in gb
Ghost of Greed and Contempt

Engaged in Villainy

Still not dead! As promised, more content, and we shall continue with the Eschers, and this time, I’d like to start with the Juves:

Lita, Tori and Mako

“Lita, Tori and Mako are the newest, untested members of Vipsania’s Gang, and their abilities have yet to be tested. As yet they are not involved with the power struggle in the upper ranks, but if they show promise, they may soon become valuable resources in a struggle for the top position.”

So, two fans of John Woo movies (or the pub gunfight from Hot Fuzz) and another second-box inductee. I suspect Juves may become quite handy in getting more bodies on the table when working to a budget, and hey, dual-pistol wielding space gangers? Why not, eh?
So, speaking of dual-wielding...

“Cutter” Red

“Cutter red is a deadly combatant, though her skills are solely in the realm of close combat – her attempts at shooting have a knack of resulting in bizarre misfortune. But with her two swords, she will eagerly go toe-to-toe with any foe.”

One of the first Eschers I built, Cutter the CC Champion was one of the first box Eschers who I was most happy with the colour scheme on – thus the red hair and chequered tabard, which have remained from one iteration to the next. Her pose says to me that she’s shouting something along the lines of “come and have a go and I’ll rip your limbs off!”
So, let’s round out today’s group with one more close-in fighter, shall we?


“Soma is a silent slayer, as well as a skilled tox-brewer in her free time. Her brews are inevitably deadly, the only variations tending towards how drawn out and unpleasant a death they inflict. Soma is carefully asocial and aloof, but her skills speak for themselves.”

Soma is a conversion I copied from one I saw while trawling Yakromunda (I’m afraid I don’t remember who made the one I was inspired by) and I liked it much, much more that the weird pose of the “Official” chemthrower pose. Her backpack is from the GSC cult box, which is one of my favourite kits ever. I’m ambiguous on the rules for the chemthrower being worth the 135pt price tag, but hey, I’m unlikely to ever actually play a game, so might as well go for interesting models.
More to come tomorrow – and if anyone’s getting tired of Eschers, have no fear, because the next content post will include a “hanger-on” bonus feature!

"He was already dead when I killed him!"

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Made in gb
Ghost of Greed and Contempt

Engaged in Villainy

Well, that was a fun weekend of flat-pack-furniture assembly, and back to the day job tomorrow, but before then, time to offer up more models on the altar of broken paintbrushes. Just one today, but it’s one of my favourites, and I did promise a non-Escher, so that’s what you’ll be getting:

Hamlon the Rat-Butcher

“In the underhive, food is scarce, and the monotonous diet of corpse-starch and recycled effluent bars sometimes drives the denizens of the deep hive to eat what a less desperate soul would consider inedible. In such a society, there is money to be made for those with the skills to provide an alternative diet.
Hamlon has a talent for hunting, killing, and preparing the large rodents that haunt the underhive. This is dangerous, but also requires that Hamlon knows how to identify rat-meat which is too dangerous to eat, for the rats of the underhive can carry diseases, radiation, or toxic levels of heavy metals. After all, a customer who buys one rat and dies is not as good as one who keeps coming back to buy more.”

This guy is one of my favourite conversions, and there’s a lot of fluff still rattling in my head – the augmetic legs are replacements, but how did he lose them? The crossbow is his weapon of choice because ammo is cheap, it doesn’t damage the meat, and it won’t cause explosions when Hamlon goes crawling through pipes full of flammable gas when he’s hunting his prey.

"He was already dead when I killed him!"

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Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

6 foot underwater

Fun stuff. Enjoying the fluff, always nice to see in a blog.

Liking Hamlon, but is his staff just for advertising his wares, or does he take it hunting? Looks a little unwieldy for some of those vents....

cyborks & flyboyz : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/300067.page
heretical ramblings : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/302773.page
imperial preachings : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/303365.page
Da Waaagh-ky Races : http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/325045.page
Briancj: You have the Mek Taint, MT, and the only thing we can do is watch in horror/amazement.

Made in gb
Ghost of Greed and Contempt

Engaged in Villainy

I'd imagine he leaves it behind when he goes spelunking - it's a bit unwieldy for any non-goliath to be swinging around really!
Mostly, it's for advertising, and it gave me somewhere to display the chunk-of-meat bit on the model in an eye-catching way.
Glad you like him!

"He was already dead when I killed him!"

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