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Toowoomba, Australia

Most of the links within the archived sites still work and you can see thread outlines, but not the acctual posts (I have only looked at the real old ones and haven't found one yet...


*Pours a 40 on the ground for old skool dakka forums, where men were guys who got excited about new GW releases and rumours, the background for dakka was dark grey static and didn't hurt my eyes, and Malfred posted in every single thread at least once....*

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Holy crap, back when I had hair...


And proof that I am insane... my first trip from TN to NH for a tournament.


As a rule of thumb, the designers do not hide "easter eggs" in the rules. If clever reading is required to unlock some sort of hidden option, then it is most likely the result of wishful thinking.

But there's no sense crying over every mistake;
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Foul Dwimmerlaik

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We always knew you were insane. Hell, your still here after all this time. Ahh I remember those da...

Er..... I mean....wow...you were on dakka in '97? Youre old! (wheres the bald emoticon?)

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Maryland, USA

I wonder if it will have my old posts on my old member names...

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I'm probably not lookign hard enough, but is there a bit for all those old mega events, like the massive battles with 80,000 points playing on loads of different tables, as part of a storyline?

They were pretty righteous. I know all the models and rules for those events are now outdated, I'll take any chance to relive those days...

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Wow, thanks for this. I forget about archive.org. It has all the funny sites that were so simplistic and had a black background back then. Nintendo.com was a classic I used to visit back in '98.


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