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When you build an army which is more important?

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Looks & style. You have to enjoy playing your chosen army even when you loose.

The only reality that matters is mine. 
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I am just coming back to gaming. My last proper game of Warhammer was when they released third edition fantasy. I have always been firstly attracted to a look of a miniature or group of miniatures rather then what they can do then try to build something around them.thumbsup:

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I have to vote substance because I would be lying if I said otherwise. What drew me to my favourite faction was the part where we hit you with chainaxes! That was in 6th though. Now it's just the cherry on top that Berzerkers are good again. I would say I built my army based on its ability on the tabletop, but I very much love the style and I love painting the scheme. Ultimately for that army it wouldn't matter how good the rules were for it I would still play it.

Edit: When I say I built my army based on ability I really mean I built it for close combat.

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Gets along better with animals... Go figure. 
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I vote style but I might be lying to myself. I play BA because assault is the best part. First army was Tau and I just hated sitting back hoping no one would attack my guys. I decided I wanted to use assault style marines (style) so I made Vanguard Vets because they are better than Assault marines (substance). I then Math Hammered out what the best weapon loadout was by something I can only call nuking it out (for those not in the US Nuclear Navy it means trying way too hard to figure something out that isn't that hard) which again implies substance. I am always going to use death company (I play Blood Angels... style) and gave them Lemartes (substance). I wanted to use Sanguinary Guard (style) and I plan to pack the squad with things that will buff them out like crazy (substance) but will keep the swords and not power fists because the swords look good (style). 10 scout snipers because I wanted to try painting Camo (style). 20 Tacticals in a Rhino because I wanted to see if I could do magnets on my predators (style or trying too hard). 10 Primaris because why not?

Basically all squads were chosen due to style but then I nuked it out to see what makes what I like the best. (P.S. Vanguard Veterans should be given a chaplain, sanguinary priest, and two chainsowrds each because my nuke math says so!)

I think most of us do this. You pick what you like then make sure it's as good as possible. Paint what you love then make sure it's able to do well in the game.
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