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When you build an army which is more important?

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Made in us
Bounding Dark Angels Assault Marine

Downers Grove, IL


I feel dirty playing with unpainted minis.

1500 (10-3-0) (7thEd)
1850 (2-1-0) (7thEd)
2000 (1-0-0) (7thEd)

Made in gb
Ruthless Interrogator

The hills above Belfast

An army is just to expensive an investment for the look and feel of it to be dismissed. Not many people will fork out for an army and not get some element of joy out of the background and look of the army.

Made in ca
Monstrous Master Moulder

Space Cowboy Cruising Around Olympus Mons

I'm not quite sure what is ment by substance? I voted style because well...Skaven models are the cats meow man.

I think substance you mean variety of models and ability to play most units? If that's the case I'd say I'm 50/50 lol

1500 90% Painted
2200 50% Painted
500 25% Painted
7000 Skaven Project Blog ~15% Painted
1000 Empire
Farseer Pef wrote:
It's called a "gangsta lean." It means your exarch has swag.

Made in us
Blood Angel Terminator with Lightning Claws

KnuckleWolf wrote:

My Tau army has many small things to match modern day tactical things I've seen and heard of in documentaries. My Fire warrior squads are eight man teams, broken down into four, two man teams. The lead soldier of each pair has a carbine to provide suppressing flash-bang grenade salvos and fire, while his partner strikes with precision using his rifle to to hit distant threats. And no that doesn't work in game turns but I do it anyway!

lol. That is awesome, but i'm gonna have to go with substance. If I don't at least give my opponent a run for his money than my army of Fenrisian Wolves is just a big waste of time. But add some Thunderwolf Cavalry and a few other units, and my army of Space Wolves is an effective force that also happens to look good.

To quote a fictional character... "Let's make this fun!"
 Tactical_Spam wrote:
There was a story in the SM omnibus where a single kroot killed 2-3 marines then ate their gene seed and became a Kroot-startes.

We must all join the Kroot-startes... 
Made in us
On a Canoptek Spyder's Waiting List

Denver, CO

Style. I have to *want* to put it on the table in the first place.

WHFB [Wood Elves]
40K [Necrons]
both [Chaos Daemons of Slaanesh + Nurgle]
Made in gb
Yu Jing Martial Arts Ninja

The Lakes

Style - I'd rather my Tyranids had currently useless but very cool and fluffy scything talons, instead of yet more boring but very effective dakka.

Though the correct answer is Infinity, which gives both style and substance in pretty much every model

Made in gb
Stealthy Grot Snipa

 Flashman wrote:
Style every time. It has to look like an army i.e. a focus on troops rather than a random collection of vehicles / monsters.

Style, but the opposite of this^^

It has to look badass with a focus on badassness over everything. (but then im an ork modeller). I'll make and model units based upon whacky ideas of how i'd think they'd look and then i'll build my army to fit em all in.

Favourite Game: When your Warboss on bike wrecks 3 vehicles simply by HoW - especially when his bike is a custom monowheel.

Made in kr
Servoarm Flailing Magos

South Korea

Style - every fething time!

Made in us
Lurking Gaunt

Style all the way


Hive Fleet Pyro: 2150 points  
Made in gb
Irked Necron Immortal

Style all the way, I love the necrons background and how they look and their weapons just look cool.

Morat Noob

New Sylvans eventually



Snowy bases for the snow god!!
Made in us
Willing Inquisitorial Excruciator

Lincolnton, N.C.

Style and no spam as far as I can help it. I.E. 1 Helturkey, 1 Vendetta, Each Chimera equipped differently, etc. etc.

My beloved 40K armies Red Corsairs
Order of Saint Pan Thera
Da Krome Toof Killas

Made in pt
Skillful Swordmaster

The Shadowlands of Nagarythe

Style, even if unpainted yet.
However, some Redundancy is welcome, and I do find 3 Vindicators rather stylish, but ymmv

"Let them that are happy talk of piety; we that would work our adversary must take no account of laws." http://back2basing.blogspot.pt/

Made in us
Dark Angels Librarian with Book of Secrets

A Protoss colony world

Style is king. Having a "cool" army is better than just taking the "flavor of the month" spam list.

My armies (re-counted and updated on 8/22/17, including usual wargear options):
Dark Angels: ~9800 | Space Marines (Blood Ravens and others): ~900 | Space Wolves: ~1500
Inquisition: ~120 | Officio Assassinorum: ~175 | Imperial Knights: ~Coming soon!
Tau Empire: ~5500 | Chaos Space Marines (various legions): ~5900 | Death Guard: ~1900 | Chaos Daemons (all types): ~2300
Check out my P&M Blogs: ZergSmasher's P&M Blog | Stormsurge blog | Imperial Knights: Renegade blog | Total models painted in 2016: 50 | Total models painted in 2017: 47 | Current main painting project: Death Guard Poxwalkers
I'm totally sick of seeing people use the word loose for lose. You LOSE a game when you don't win. You don't LOOSE a game unless you somehow release it from captivity. Get it right people! [/grammarnazi] 
Made in us
Spawn of Chaos

Dreaming of Electric Sheep

I"d go with Style, but I don't view these things as mutually exclusive, since we're assuming Style=Aesthetic whereas Substance=Crunch.

I certainly want my stuff to look cool, but when i comes to playing games I want good rules. Prefering substance need not mean being a powergamer, or "flavor of the month". Rules that make a unit fun to use are beneficial to all. But I think as most people generally dislike losing all the time, well, "good rules" usually mean "powerful". I just personally find units that can actually accomplish something to be more interesting to use.

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Get Some.
Made in gb
Pulsating Possessed Space Marine of Slaanesh

Anor Londo

Style of course. I have no interest in owning models that don't look great.
Made in nl
Longtime Dakkanaut

I love how this adds up

-The majority chooses style
-Centurions and Dreadknights are considered ugly by the majority
All most everybody who is field and able to afford them owns and fields them

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Inactive, user. New profile might pop up in a while 
Made in us
Hardened Veteran Guardsman


I like for an army to look like it does in the paintings and the novels. Four MC and some Warriors in a Tyranid army aren't gonna work for me and I won't play with a power gamer. This is why I play Guard, because it's acceptable to make your army look cool and fluffy.

"We have lost the element of surprise, and they do not fear us. Perhaps they will appreciate our devotion to the Emperor and our ruthless efficiency." 
Made in pl
Elite Tyranid Warrior

Style. No point of having an army which I do not like to look at.
Made in us
Stubborn White Lion

West Lafayette, IN

Bit of a misnomer in the question asked.

When I CHOOSE an army, I go with style. Everything from aesthetic to theme to lore influences my decision on this, right down to whether a certain chapter/craftworld/kabal/whatever is more attractive to me.

When I BUILD the army ie. buying units for the army, I will get themed units, yes, but I'm also not going to ever run a gimped list because of fluff reasons. My Empire army, which I sold before it could see a lick of paint, and before half the models could be assembled, had 1 unit of Halberdiers and not a single handgun. It was themed off of the Grudgebringers from Dark Omen and Shadow of the Horned Rat. At the same time, even though there were no detachments in that game, you have to be a fool to bypass the severe benefits of the detachment system, so my list was built with the idea of a couple units being able to be split up as detachments for the main units.

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 Lithlandis Stormcrow wrote:
Style, even if unpainted yet.
However, some Redundancy is welcome, and I do find 3 Vindicators rather stylish, but ymmv

And here I thought I was the only one. If ever having young kids gets cheaper, that dream will become a reality

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For 4-6th WFB, 2-5th 40k, and similar timeframe gaming 
Made in us
Brain-Dead Zombie of Nurgle

Style, I always loved the kill team style of customization, and flying circus is basically kill team, but with big ol' daemons. Daemons also can have so much fluff and conversion ability, plus bringing nothing but spells and swords to a gunfight is pretty stylish!
Made in gb
Flower Picking Eldar Youth


You've gotta get a balance, but style is more important to me than substance. But I wouldn't play a list that was designed to look good over one that was designed to destroy my enemies! Both can exist in happy equilibrium!
Made in au
Yellin' Yoof on a Scooter

Somewhere on earth, plotting TEH EMPRAH's downfall

Style. Otherwise, what is life?

Here's my black legion epic http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/705999.page
 Tactical_Spam wrote:
The racial make up of the Imperium is 100% Australians. Its the reason the Imperium has survived for so long.
Made in gb
Sneaky Kommando


if you pull out 9 grey rip tides I'm scooping up my army.

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