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Do the 40k rules need a complete re-write?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
Does 40k need a complete re-write?
Yes total re-write from scratch.
Yes total re write but based on WHFB.
No it just needs some more special rules.
No it has no problems at all as it is.

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Holy Terra.

 Blackie wrote:
FrozenDwarf wrote:
many hate it, but the 40k needs to do an AoS.
simpler rules = more fun!

when you need to drag a rulebook that is bigger then ikea cataloge, something is fundamently wrong!

I strongly disagree, the rules are fine and AOS is garbage. 40k is not complicated, its only issue is that there are some armies that are overpowered. Drop grav, D weapons and decurions, decrease the efficiency of some psychic phases (for example: you can never have more than 10+1d6 dice for casting psychic powers, regardless of the number of psykers involved), increase the cost of some big tau shooty robots and the game would be way better. In general if you play not competitively at any cost but organize balanced games with friends then 40k is still awesome.

And make the rules free, with an optional printed edition like with AoS. That will make it easer to have multiple armies.

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Only one issue in the core rules IMHO, the poor dice range in the close combat phase. Hittin on 2s and 6s would be appreciated if two units/models fight with very different WS.

A lot of stuff included in many codexes needs a total rewrite though.

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niv-mizzet wrote:There is no option for my vote.
"No, but it needs LESS special rules."


MrFlutterPie wrote:I've been saying this for years now.

Go back to a 2ed revised model. 2ed had some great ideas and mechanics but it had it's problems too. Fix CC, the physic phase and tone the codexes down while adding a proper foc and we're off to the races.

KingmanHighborn wrote:I like a d6 system, it's super easy for anyone to get d6s by the bunches needed.

That said, a consolidated rulebook, like the 3rd ed. One is what's needed, and a return to the 3rd ed. Rules. There is too many rules, units, and bs that needs the fat trimmed. They also need to bring back the concept of only being able to play special characters, with opponents permission, and if the army is x amount of points. Flyers just need to be skimmers, unbound outlawed, and the ability to take buildings done away with. ADLs and the like should have never been a thing.

Kid_Kyoto wrote:yes.


Eliminate at least half the special rules and wargear, go for the level of detail 3rd edition had (a power weapon is a power weapon is a power weapon).

Azazelx wrote:I'd strip it back to something much more like 3rd edition, but with universal special rules added in to cover contingencies and unique units - in the same way that Kings of War has them. Rather than piles of unique special rules scattered across many, many codices and other Datafax/dataslate/formation/etc sources. Not sure if that counts as a "complete rewrite" since it'd much more be stripping back the bloat to the core that worked very well, and then carefully adding the more fluffy layers back in an (ideally) balanced and measured way.

Wow, great minds think alike.

Manchu wrote:
 Phydox wrote:
You might end up with a simple "beer and pretzels" game
As opposed to ... ?

There is a lot of AoSphobia among 40k players - but it really seems like AoS is based on 6E and 7E 40k. Although I don't currently play it myself, AoS currently gets a ton of play in my group. It's not a perfect game but it is fast and fun, two fronts where 40k could stand to improve. I think 40k will be "AoS-ified," except this will really just mean that 40k will continue down the path it is already on and has been on for a number of years now. Unlike with WHFB, there is no reason to "blow up" the setting to accomplish this.

WFB didn't need the setting blown up either.


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