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Short Verson: Kasi(Nether Assassin) and Lumi(Ruby) are available. The other three are pre-order. Not sure about free minis, but I've sent them an email.

EDIT:Only posting the first two. The rest are downloads, so if anyone can add actual JPEGs....
[Thumb - super-dungeon-kasi-sculpt-1_1400x.jpg]

[Thumb - super-dungeon-lumi-sculpt-1_1400x.jpg]

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We are manufacturing the Way of the Fighter miniatures in batches as funds become available. However, manufacturing costs are only one of the costs associated with fulfillment. Shipping costs are the final hurdle. To help with these costs and to get you miniatures as quickly as we can we are adopting two strategies:
1.When new miniatures are manufactured we will announce them here and on Kickstarter. We will then automatically include any available miniatures with your future ninjadivision.com orders.
2.Miniatures that are going into manufacturing will be available for preorder by fans who missed them on Kickstarter. The profits from these preorders, as well as from future sales of the miniatures, will go towards shipping the models to backers who have not made an order through ninjadivision.com.

(Please Note: We will ship as many rewards as we can based on the earnings from presales. We will then use profits from the continued sale of Way of the Fighter and Masterclass miniatures to ship remaining rewards that presales did not cover. We cannot guarantee the timeline of these shipments because they will be entirely as funds become available.)

Molds have been made for all five of these miniatures. Kasi and Lumi have completed manufacturing. Preorders will close at the end of the month and we will then complete their manufacturing run and begin shipping. (Kasi and Lumi will continue shipping worldwide with ninjadivision.com orders since they have already completed manufacturing.)

Should this strategy prove successful we will explore the potential of adopting it for our other resin line Relic Knights.

We thank you for your patience and your continued support as we continually look for solutions to provide all of our backers with their rewards. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@ninjadivision.com. We are delighted to be able to begin providing you with your rewards!

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Decrepit Dakkanaut


Ninja Division UK & Europe

Due to popular request, we are happy to add all new Easy Print versions of the Super Dungeon Rulebooks to the Super Dungeon Downloads page.
These Easy Print versions have had the background textures and heavy color borders removed to make them easier for you to print and play your games of Super Dungeon!


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Decrepit Dakkanaut



New Kisa & Scratch relic knight available (1st major resculpt for RK released I think)

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Regular Dakkanaut

Delphine, Harker and Zineda were remade too, unless you only count the Relic Knight models(Oneshot doesn't count since she's limited).

They also released a poster(dunno why Nyan-Nyan is there).
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The New Miss Macross!

Did anyone back the Starfinder minis KS by Ninja Division now taken over by Prodos? Alternately, does anyone care about updates for it? No sarcasm meant but I'm genuinely curious if I should continue to post them here. Fwiw, a poll was out up to see which minis they should work on next.


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Incorporating Wet-Blending

I'm interested, at least from the business standpoint.

@Orlando: So I can use my 1st edition SDE miniatures and boards with the SD printouts?


Rationalization: Because you refused to admit you backed a failed KickStarter. 
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Regular Dakkanaut

ced-Minis, yes. Board, no. You'll need to print that out(or buy a tile pack).
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Decrepit Dakkanaut


New Releases for Super Dungeon!

This week sees the release of six incredible new models for your Super Dungeon collections. Most exciting of all is the release of one of the five Princesses of Prophecy, Citrine!

Princess Citrine

With her commanding presence, Citrine found her calling as a warrior and general. She possesses a keen insight for battlefield maneuvers, and her boisterous and bawdy personality ingratiated her immediately with the soldiery. Joining her father on many campaigns, her mere presence serves as a rallying cry to the soldiers of Crystalia and her strength at arms turns many a battle in the King’s favor.

Chuy and Apprentice

Blasting their way south from Arcadia alongside Steelhorse Candy, Chuy and his misfit sidekick, known only as The Apprentice, have an uncommon knack for stirring up trouble. The minions of the Dark Consul have become obsessed with The Apprentice's capture. No doubt they are drawn to the young Apprentice Mage's unique connection to the magicks of Crystalia.

Chuy and Apprentice are Limited Edition miniatures that can be used in your games of Super Dungeon and Rail Raiders Infinite!

Witch Exterminator

The sprawling metropolis of Areals at the heart of Clockwork Cove is a twisting labyrinthine city of technological wonder and ceaseless change. As new structures are built upon the old, less savory denizens begin to fill the abandoned districts and subterranean depths of the city. When infestations of chimeric rats, Undercove goblins, and malfunctioning clockworks grow too large Witch Exterminators are called in cull their numbers and maintain the safety of the city.


Dedicated to bringing the killer of his uncle to justice, Faris has developed the skills of a hunter. Always patient, a master of tracking, and unerring once the prey is in his sights—all traits shared by the renowned Princess Emerald


A major otaku and video game enthusiast, Jun is no stranger to cosplay and loves attending conventions dressed as her favorite characters. She is always drawn to adorable witches, such as the Sanctioned Witch, and their lovely, pointy hats.

Note: Faris and Jun are both part of the Way of the Fighter Kickstarter. Their sale will function in the same manner as the last wave of Way of the Fighter miniatures. Details can be found here.

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