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5th God of Chaos (O'rly?)

Wonder how many pages this goes on with same whiners doing same whine in a loop. 44 now, 90 by end of this year?-)

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(HN) wrote:
Insert strawman here

Wow. At first I was answering you because I thought you had some valid arguments, I thought we would agree to disagree because we don't have the same criterias.

But now you are going on a crusade against me, picking everything I wrote to tell me that I'm wrong in a way or another. I clearly said the cost was an issue and you made me say the opposite. Even pretending that "I may be new to the hobby". Is the third edition a recent one ? Are we playing "who started Warhammer first" ?

I've been respectful but you cleary aren't, so I wish you a good day sir.
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Knee deep in bone ash, gore and mud

JWBS wrote:
You just need to learn who to put on ignore. Many, many slimeballs, morons, etc. Becomes more tolerable with liberal use of ignore button (this thread in particular seems pretty packed with losers, I have strings of up to 4 replies in a row hidden due to ignores).

Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I was completely unaware of this functionality
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Why would you ignore HN, they're one of the few reasonable people left on this forum.

"Tabletop games are the only setting when a body is made more horrifying for NOT being chopped into smaller pieces."
- Jiado 
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Locking per request OP.
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