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Reading, Berks

This is one that I've not yet built as I'm not keen on the overly sexualised elements. You've done a fantastic job removing these and that glow... wow!

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Yeah that's a much better take on the Lion God (as much as I like the chubby little face of the original).

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Thanks, yeah, it really felt like, i dunno, not even suggestive, just openly sexual organs for no other sake than having them. aku, yeah, I actually liked the old face decently as a concept and if it looked more like the one on the rules' inside cover I might have kept it, but it looked too much to me like someone had practiced sculpting will farrell's face and then didn't bother to give it an expression.

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 spiralingcadaver wrote:
The changes, or the monster itself? Either way, thanks.

While I liked most of the original KD content, more and more I've found that the designs are hit or miss for me. I think the closer to survival and a Dark Souls vibe, the more it resonates; the more towards body horror (a genre I love if done well) or sex the less I like it, largely because I don't think they get much nuance...

The changes. And let me second that. To me KD ends where it stops being about survival. Best horrors born with a darkness and a lantern are always in ones own head... IMHO.

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