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Thank you all for the kind words- it makes my inner Mechanicus happy knowing that I could inspire

@ingtaier: Most of my lighting is just daylight coming in through the high window near our game table, mixed with some overhead lamp if need be. I sometimes use tea lights, flashlights, and colored LED lights for effects, so I'll dim the main lighting to make those show up better.

Where did we leave off then? Ah yes...
The Canterbury attempts to shanghai more crew from the Penal world of Vathor, but when they arrive, the penal colony is already gutted- likely by Tyranids! The Divine Retribution shows up and blames the Canterbury for the dead colony, until everyone is interrupted by a sudden Necron attack!

The Divine Retribution and Necron ship engage in a ferocious melee, and members of the Deathwatch make their way to the Canterbury where a diabolical plan is enacted to follow the Necron ship to... wherever they go when damaged. The crew force the Navigator to board the Necron ship, and use Kal the Psy-crow to track him across space and time...

Following the Navigator's psychic spoor leads the Canterbury back to Falon's Lament. But no sign of the Necron ship anywhere... Kal leads the crew to the planet's surface- and BELOW.? As they ponder how to get INSIDE the planet, a Tyranid Hive Fleet arrives, showering living death across the surface!

The crew manage to make it to a damaged tower, possibly Necron in origin, that leads below the surface. Only the valiant efforts of the Deathwatch and Gargshokka's Orks allow them to escape slavering death.

Meanwhile, the Stowaway Navigator and his Bodyguard- Nite the Assassin and Tu'Staque in his stealth suit- find their way out of the Necron ship. They then realize the sheer scale of the cave they find themselves in... it could only be INSIDE the planet!



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As the Navigator and his bodyguard make their way through the dark, eerie tombs, the Rogue Trader and his entourage make it below the surface- only to awaken ancient horrors! The accompanying Deathwatch buy them time as they look for some way to redeem themselves from the Tyranid Horrors above and the lurking horrors below....

Eventually they find an ominous chamber that begins to awaken with power, attended by Tomb Spyders. Something big is happening, but it is not clear what until Delta detects the Necrons literally drawing energy from the nearby sun and using it to incinerate the planet surface- including the Canterbury and her ally ships!

Gargshokka charges in, distracting the Tomb Spyders from their task and driving them against the machine.

Meanwhile Iyandriel leaps onto the Tomb Lord's back and starts pulling out cables and hoses in an attempt to stop it.

But deep in inside the Canterbury, Earnest, the strange little creature that's been with the crew since the Heretek outpost at Tantalus V, has been busy rewiring the ship's Warp Generator into a terrible new machine meant to convert the star energy into a Warp Rift! Delta discovers this too late to stop it...

...And Falon's Lament, the Necron Tomb, the invading Hive Fleet, and alll of our heroes are sucked into the warp!

Up next: the dramatic conclusion!

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Near Jupiter.

Wow mind blowing skills you have.

This is how aliens communicate in space.
Great Music - https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/760437.page 
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Our heroes find themselves inside the Hadex Anomaly, and this time they aren't alone! Necron and Tyranid ships tear at each other, fueled by the madness that surrounds them.

The very blood of the Tyranid ship mutates into unspeakable horrors that swim through space towards the alliance ships, while the Navigator's mind finally shatters and exclaims "I'm home"...

A glowing orb that could be the heart of the Hadex Anomaly appears, and mind-killing monstrosities begin to pour forth from it...

But our heroes find they aren't alone in their fight- the phantom battleship Iron Jager materializes and charges towards the anomaly, while the Gobskragga attempts to drill into it like cracking a nut. The Canterbury rams one of the Necron ships into the anomaly, and it begins to disintegrate, weakening the anomaly and creating what might be a hole...

The very fabric of reality torn asunder, the allied fleet bursts forth into realspace- and finds themselves back on the Imperium side of the Great Rift. But they also realize, with horror, that they have created a new hole in reality- a warp storm as deadly as the Eye of Terror...

And thus our campaign comes to its conclusion! Hope you've enjoyed our exploits.


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Could I see these ship miniatures next to a tape measure, someday?



Falling down is the same as being hit by a planet — "I paint to the 20 foot rule, it saves a lot of time." -- Me
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