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Everything looks great. Always love seeing the updates as you add more.

Have a look at my P&M blog - currently working on: Tempestus Scions/Primaris Howling Griffons

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Ha a lot to catch up on and as lovely as your HI conversions are, it's even more cool with the new job, congrats! Hope something permanent can arise of this.
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Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

 osjclatchford wrote:
@mobilesuitrandom. Yeah. The stormbolter and powerfist combo arms do sit fine on this style of conversion as do any termie arms, Stormshield and th look especially badass (more on that later?) But as aforementioned, I wanted these to be fieldable as heavy intercessors that simply had termie visuals for the sheer sake of nostalgia. But having said that, chainswords/bayonets...

@tauist. Yup. Chainswords are NOT legal, but I've added many a chainblade to guys all over this army, mostly just to emphasize spacesharkness. The grenade guy's got one in this squad too, the others have chainbayonets.
I'd say the powerfist guy is in charge but it matters not really as I'm no gamer these days so although I do vaguely follow the basic squad organisational rules as a guideline, I do take liberties for visual and thematic licence hither and yon...

Put it this way, if you're a stickler for rules on models you won't like the upcoming final squad member much...

Oh, I'm not a stickler for rules by any means! Was just curious is all. Looking forward to seeing the last model of the bunch!
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Automated Space Wolves Thrall


I just wanted to pop in to say your heavy intercessors a really looking great. I can't wait to see the fifth one.

You whole force of spacesharks is really inspiring me to put in some work on upcoming Space Wolves project.

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Regular Dakkanaut


Love this work.
The conversions are relatively simple but really effective, and the monochromatic paintjob has a lot of mood.
I am doing a similar thing with the "true scale" approach and I am definitely going to take some notes from your ideas. I have also done helmet swaps and light armour conversions on the basic intercessors, as well as used interceptor bodies for jumpack vanguards, and age of sigmar models to convert veterans.

Dont want to steal the spotlight, but I would love you to check out here:

Serve the Emperor today, for tomorrow you may be be dead.
Painting blog:
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Sneaky Sniper Drone

Love the terminator like one, I've been wondering how to do one to go with my truescale imperial fists so may just try and copy yours.
As for the storm bolters and powerfist combo, I think they make perfect sense for their original use in boarding spacehulks. At those close quarters you don't need to aim as much as you think and having a free hand for manoeuvring and hitting would be... ...Handy...

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Regular Dakkanaut

chigwell, essex

@jamesY, cheers!

@vitterbi, yup, time will tell...

@bencyclopedia, glad you've decided to join the primaris/truescale club! please do share the wolfy boys with us soon!

@killatores, yep thats some hot stuff right there! great minds think alike eh? lovely, lovely!

@guardling, if you do want to tackle the conversion this: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jcfw0wtem9up3mv/OSJC+Primaris+Terminator+Tutorial.pdf/file is a pdf of a tutorial I made for it. (not sure if it was seen on t'other page as it was rather squeezed in amongst my usual extensive wall-of-text exposition!)
you know, what you said makes a LOT of sense. As I say, the termie arms do fit rather easily on the conversion. I was even tempted at one point but I have to say Im not a fan of how the twin muzzles are rendered on the current plastics. all blobbed together, yes I know I could fix that in two seconds with some tube/rod and a drill but you know what I mean? the old metal terminator captain had the barrels rendered right. two seperate distinct bolter muzzles akimbo, but the plastics are all moulded together in what I can only assume is lazyness to hide the restrictions of moulding tech around '93-'96.
however, its now been that way for so long that its continued to be moddeled that way even now, as if its a design feature not a casting limitation! LOL
anyway. any terminator options are possible with these conversions. I just liked the big rifles!
Also, I'm not a huge fan of the current termie limited arm poses...
as for hulk action?
@tauist, just FYI the next HI is armed appropriately for boarding action, as I say, looking at rules in the rear-view mirror though...

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chigwell, essex

So as promised, the final space-shark is done:

rather than the boring old heavy bolter (which was a bitch to try and model the arms of onto the terminator torso) I went for a very different approach.
I figured that teminators are often used in boarding actions into hulks and the like and nothing says boading action like a pump-action shotty!
this dude has killed more genestealer's muties and zombies in hulks, than you've had hot dinners. he knows what works for him and that's the astartes-shotgun.
chunkier and more durable than the scout shotgun, the astrtes shotgun is capable of loading several different variants on the standard shell. as shown by the penetrating explosive 'breacher' shells stowed about his person.
these were created from the shells on the ogrynsprue. yes a little large for shotshells but, funt it. it looks the part and I rather like the look it gives so thats good enough for me.
the head is a real experiment in what a terminator/gravis beakie would look like.
the mk5 square nose and studs give a sense of solid-ness and terminator asthetic and the added central crest is a fair tie into other marks of armour too.
the rebreathery bits (made from ogryn jerrycan lids) are an attempt to wident he general look of the beaky, without differing from the core asthetic too much yet tying in some of the flavour of the gravis armour helmet design.
I think it works.
altering the symbol on the death-watch-sprue shotgun to no longer feature inquisitorial symbology was a bitch to do in truth but you'd never know it now.

this marks the end of this project now and a fitting end I think.
I'm totally burned out on painting these marines (as shown by the gulf of time between this and my last post) and, aside from any specific new releases that catch my attention for future conversions or whatever I think we're done here...

oh, yeah, here is the obligitory squad shot as a parting gesture!


thanks for all the support on this guys. it has been a real blast.
fair well spacesharks, more guardsmen await!
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Discriminating Deathmark Assassin

Shotty terminator! Certainly far from shoddy work on him, love your creativity.

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