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 insaniak wrote:
 bubber wrote:
put $108 of goods into cart. shipping = $110 :O
i'll just have to miss out :(

To be fair, the cost of the goods has no real bearing on the cost of shipping them. $110 shipping is excessive for a couple of plastic kits, but it would cost the same $110 whether the kits were full price or marked down to a dollar.

Dreamforge leviathan boxes are gargantuan too

Godforge custom 3d printing / professional level casting masters and design:
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Thankfully I'll be in the US in the near future, so I grabbed one and 3 of the lil ones.
Sadly there didn't seem to be arm options for the lil ones but I'll just have to convert something.
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What would the expected customs charge to the UK end up being for one of these beasts and a few weapon arms?

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Oh, no paypal available at checkout. I really am out, then!

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20% of your total spend (yes inc shipping) + £8 on purchases over £39 and up to £135

over £135 you'd have customs duty to pay too, but what that might be I've no real idea as it would depend on what product category they thought it fitted into

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I need 3 squads of Plastic Eisenkern...

Going to miss these plastic kits.

SickSix's Silver Skull WIP thread
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JSF wrote:... this is really quite an audacious move by GW, throwing out any pretext that this is a game and that its customers exist to do anything other than buy their overpriced products for the sake of it. The naked arrogance, greed and contempt for their audience is shocking.
= Epic First Post.
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 SickSix wrote:
I need 3 squads of Plastic Eisenkern...

Going to miss these plastic kits.

I wish I would have gotten more when they were available. I planned on making them my Ad Mech troops, as the GW figures just don't do it for me in that area.
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Well, I bought as much as I could afford. Vic and Dreamforge split my Black Friday budget. Two leviathans plus extras and some potential IG bits.

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