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[PICS] Panics 1500pts Nurgle CSM Vs SpaceWolves SM (4th ed)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK


Ok so this is my first attempt at a Battle Report! Feedback Welcome.

In this game we fought using the objectives system from the GW website
This is still my favorite way of playing 40k...
each side places one objective in their Deployment are and one objective marker in no mans land.
We used City of death counters for the markers and rolled for scatter 2d6.
Of the four objective markers only the one place in the SW building stayed put!
The Chaos markers ended up next to the Ruins and behind the hill in the Chaos deployment zone
The imperial had one marker in their Building and one on top of the Hill on their left

We then rolled on the mission table to find out each armys objective.
I rolled Hold Out and my mission was to Hold Both Chaos Markers
Paul rolled Bridge head, his mission was to claim 1 Imperial marker and 1 Chaos marker.

We deployed our troops.
Nurgle My Army List is Here


spacewolves borrowed one chaos dread --- counts as a assaultcannon and CCW...

and the battle started like this:
PM holding Chaos marker 1

SpaceWolf Battle Line ready to Fight for Chaos MArker 2

Turn 1 --- FIGHT!---

The Chaos Possessed Rolled on their Weapons table and got PowerWeapons.
Both Sides started out by walking forward towards Chaos Objective 2
the First fireFight was brief
Chaos tanks killed one grey hunter and attacked a Space wolf Dread blowing his assultcannon apart
Imperial armour fired back imobilising the Chaos Preditor. the first wave of speeder fire bounced harmlessly off the landraider...

Turn 2

Chaos lord hearing the speeder near decides to cower behind the building...
Everyone else prepares to battle it out for the central Objective
DS AntiTank Terminators Teleport behind the SPaceWolfs and destroy a dreadnought
the battle heats up as Chaos then take down a LandSpeeder...
SPace Wolfs not liking the idea of CHaos at the BAck Door turn around and attack the DSing Terminators... in two rounds of combat wipe them out

Dreadnaughts Wipe out 4 PM
Following this Success the First remaining LandSpeeder Crew doubles their efforts and Destroys the Landraider
The Lightning CLaw Terminators take cover outside the wreak... miles from their target!
LandSpeeder two fires at the Terminators but despite incredable accuarcy the Chaos Terminators cursed armour protects.
The SW PReditors fire enmass at the Shaken CSM PRED but do no damage.

Turn 3

Chaos tries to recover their losses but only manages to take a Dreadnoughs CCW
the LandSpeeders take out 3 of the LC terminators

Turn 4
A lone REmaining PM Champion readies his PowerFist and Charges A SW Dread
the Chaos Prince throws caution to the Wind and Desides to join him Leaps across the building and throws itself in to Combat with the Dread killing it with a solid blow.
then realises his mistake , with no cover available (or troops to consolidate into) gets Blasted at by both SW Preditors (no pics.. my bad... duh!)
The Daemon prince staggers back from the blows (with 2 wound remaining) Laughing at the Tanks... but He doesn't see the grey hunters take Aim and Fire, sending him back to the Warp. The LAndSpeaders wipe out the remaining LC Terminators...
the PLague Marines on the hill Rapid Fire and Destroy a LAndSpeeder...

Turn 5

Having had his First DreadNaught Prize Stolen by his DP Leader the PM champion charges a second Dread, But the Dread Wastes no time and without a second thought crushes the PM champions skull!
The Possessed Break Cover and Charge the SWs and slice through their armour killing 4 BloodClaws

the SW Fight the Horrors killing 1 Possessed but dispite their lossess stand firm
The REst of the Near Buy SW decide to help the young BloodClaws and Join the Combat
Knowing that they were doomed the Possessed fought with no fear Killing another 6 Bloodclaws
Before the SW culled 4 of the semi daemons!


The battle all but over, All that was left was for the SW to Clean up and CLaim thier Objectives

And the battle ended like this:
SpaceWolves Space MArines CLaimed 3 objectives markers AND a Major Victory!
Completeing Their Main Objectives
CSM No objectives a crushing DEfeat! (I forgot to walk the PMS back down their hill at the end of turn 6)

what do you think?
I think I know where i WEnt Wrong I Should have placed the LandRaider Central...


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Made in us
Kinebrach-Knobbling Xeno Interrogator

America... Feth Yeah!

Ok, I'm really new, but I think the main reason you didn't get it was just unlucky placement and a bad match up. You seemed to go on the offensive, because you had to what with your base pretty much in their territory. They were dug in enough to just pick you off one at a time without much trouble. I would have moved the heavy support in to cover your advancing infantry and make an attempt to dent the enemy's. Once it was dead it could be used as cover to hold the objective until an enemy strayed too close, allowing you to take it out while still keeping within slight cover. The AntiTanks would have done better imho taking out the landspeeders, which were more than likely to stop your advance on the right side as they did. Even taking out one of them would have given you an advantage, and with help from your men on the hill, you may have even survived long enough to get your men into firing range of the SW in the building.

Of course, this is proabably all false and my ideas of physics and the gameplay make everything I just said wrong. For that, I apologize, forget I said anything.

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut


Love the overhead views. Look forward to more battle reports.
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

I'm going to play another game tommorrow and i'll defenently be thinking more about my objectives and where i place my tanks!...
Obvious stuff really i guess!


Made in us
Kinebrach-Knobbling Xeno Interrogator

America... Feth Yeah!

He just had more heavy weapons that were capable of also ripping apart your infantry.

Made in us
Rampaging Carnifex

Mandeville, Louisiana

He had a numerically superior force consolidated with clear fire lanes against a smaller force spread across its deployment zone. By deploying that way, you set yourself up for an uphill battle. You instincts about using cover when deploying and advancig under it are good, but you need to focus your attack. He simply shot you as you approached.

Dakka. You need more of it. No exceptions.
You ask me for an evil hamburger. I hand you a raccoon.-Captain Gordino
What are you talking about? They're Space Marines, which are heroic. They need to be able to do all the heroic stuff. They fight aliens and don't afraid of anything. -Orkeosarus

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Great battle report with pics of amazingly painted models! A+
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Very good bat rep! I want to try to photograph some of mine this way. I agree that you should have taken the LR up the center, or around the left where it would have taken cover better. Your opponents army looked pretty nasty. That was a whole load of assault cannons! Going into that all you can do is try to get into HtH as fast as possible. Then there are the dreadnoughts...

The thing I noticed is that he had a strong concentration of force on a spread out area of your line. That is a killer.

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Made in au
Sickening Carrion

I think committed yourself too quickly...given he was going second it meant he was able to mob your push with counter charges very easily and eat you up, before solidifying himself around the objective.

I think its better to be a little slower to advance, given you have enough firepower to take out the landspeeders and at least damage the othr vehicles.

Throwing thr possessed into the middle of the enemy unsupported is never a good thing sir!
Made in us
Lurking Gaunt

Nice bat rep, pics are always a bonus on reps!

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

I don't think you played against a fair list. He was playing Space Wolf Assault Cannon spam against the single most vulnerable army to it (Plague Marines have their toughness and armor ignored by Rending).
Made in us
Angry Blood Angel Assault marine

New Jersey

Nice battle at all, and you provided a comprehensive pictures that is so great.
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