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PaniC Vs Dave 1500pts Nurgle CSM vs Ultra Marines... [PICS + MAPS]  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK


So Dave has been telling me he's doing a UltraMarine army for a couple of months now... So when I got a Phone Call saying they were finnished, I Demanded We have a game!


---Daves UltraMarines---

Captain (artificer armour, powerweapon)
CommandSquad (apoc, standard, champion,powerfist, RazorBack HvyBolter, extra armour)

6Marines (Razorback HvyBolter, dozerblade)

6Marines (Razorback Lascannon, hunter killer)

6Marines (Razorback Lascannon, dozerblade, stormbolter)

Vanguard (Sergeant power fist meltabombs,lightningclaws, powerweapon, Razorback HvyBolter, dozerblade, stormbolter)

Devastator Squad (sergeant chain sword bolt pistol, Lascannon, HvyBolter, Missile Launcher,MultiMelta, Razorback Lascannon, hunter killer, extra armour)

---Panics Nurgle CSM.---

DP (Mark of Nurgle, Wings)

7x PM (2 plasma Guns, PF champion, Rhino with Havoc Launcher)
7x PM (2 plasma Guns, meltabombs champion, Rhino with dozerblade and twin-twinLinkedbolters)
7x PM (1 melta Gun, meltabombs champion , Rhino with Havoc Launcher)

7 terminator (reaper AC and 2 combi meltas and Champion with Lightning calws)

Vindicator daemonic possession
Vindicator daemonic possession



Kill Points – Dawn of war - Table halves
I won the roll and picked the to go first and the bottom table edge.
My Daemon Prince set up in the woods and one squad of PM sat in their rhino nearby.
Dave set a Razorback in the opposite table quarter

Dave failed to seize the inititive? meh...!

Chaos army rolled onto the table 12" using darkness as cover,
SM army moved on 6" and Dispite the darkness a RazorBack imobilises Vindicator on the left
A Razorback with lascannon Spots, but misses the rhino on the right, with it's searchlight on the rhino both Razorbacks with heavy Bolters fire at the same rhino removing both its weapons...
end of turn 1 ------ Kill Points --- CSM - 0 --- Ultras - 0 -----

Chaos terminators arrive and fire at the command razorback but fail to penetrate...
Both my Vindicators both miss their targets!
DP and rhino moved up and the PM rapid fire with their plasmas and explode the CMD razorback.. no casualties

DP assaults the CMD squad and puts two wounds on the captain, the CMD squad fails to hurt the DP but pass their Ld test.

Razorback with Heavy Bolter stuns the rhino on the left
Razorback with lascannon destroys vindicator on the right... :(

1 chaos terminator dies to ranged fire. Then the Vet Squad with chaplin assaults the Chaos terminators, 4 vets and 5 terminators die in the bloodbath of a assault. leaving one vet, the chaplin and terminator champion...

The DP and the CMD squad exchange blows again, this time the DP kills 1 marine, but takes two wounds, he also suffers a wound to no retreat. 3 wounds total on the DP

end of turn 2 ------ Objectives Kill Points --- CSM - 1 --- Ultras - 1 -----

SM kill the remaining Chaos terminator
the PLague marines pile into the combat to help the wounded DP but it's too late, the DP can't find the strength to go on and the Captin has no trouble finnishing the foul beast off with his power weapon...SM CMD squad kill 2 Plague marines, in return the PMs kill the company standard bearer...

This makes the SM mad the RaZorBacks and devestators strike out...
they penetrate and destroy the vindicators cannon...and they penetrate and wreak both rhinos on the left side of the board

Both rhinos occupants get out... miles from their targets...

SM CMD squad kill 4 PMs... their lone champion fails to do any damage is swamped and dies to No retreat...(damn fearless troops)
they consoildate south
Razorback gives chase to the weaponless fleeing Rhino

end of turn 3 ------ Objectives Kill Points --- CSM - 1 --- Ultras - 6 -----

The writings on the wall for the Chaos forces!... Plague Marines run towards the SMs!...

the other squad of Plague marines rapid fire at the SM in the wood killing 2

The Razorback gets its rhino! and leaves it a wreak...

the space marine army consentrate fire on the first PM squad killing all but 1 of them!

end of turn 4 ------ Objectives Kill Points --- CSM - 1 --- Ultras - 7 -----

The PMs run forward again.

SM army combine fire again at the full squad of PM and kill 3

the lone PM plasma gunner misses! but so does the SM force...

end of turn 5 ------ Objectives Kill Points --- CSM - 1 --- Ultras - 7 -----

PM with plasma gun kills the last Vet with the PF
The Chaplin sends the PM to the grave..

the PM squad tries to take out a RazorBack with Meltabombs and melta gun...
but they only manage to immobilise it and shake the crew
Marines return fire killing 2 PM

end of turn 6 ------ Objectives Kill Points --- CSM - 1 --- Ultras - 9 -----

we roll a 1... No more turns!
Daves UltraMarines win on their first day out... and what a win!
I'm glad it's over... Tabled again!



Made in cn
Blackclad Wayfarer

From England. Living in Shanghai

very nice report. Its good to see 2 fully (and well) painted armies on the board (i'm a nid payer so i have another 90ish models to go)

Looking for games in Shanghai? Send a PM 
Made in au
Focused Fire Warrior

Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia

Nice game you two had, whens the next one

"I salute you! For though our path has been long and bloody, you have served our lord with unflinching courage and the honour of true warriors. We have seen many fall today and must remember, even as we die, that our blood to is welcome..."
Made in be
Resentful Grot With a Plan

Thanks for another great report!
Made in au
Lethal Lhamean

good report thanx, ultras wining like in the fluff, who would of thunk it.
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Great report. Don't worry, I won't tell Nurgle.

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." 
Made in ru
Virulent Space Marine dedicated to Nurgle

thats a great report panic, as usual! as an aside i had my first game with a staff member @ bromley on friday....to help my learn the rules etc. i won, but the guy was being VERY kind lol. so not long till im ready for war.....if you could keep this kind of form up i would be very greatful!


ps....nice tanks ;

"every day, and in every way, i am getting better and better." Pink Panther.

"he's fallen' in the water" The Goons. 
Made in us
Virulent Space Marine dedicated to Nurgle

where i want to be

Great report ,great painting and great pics.
Made in us
Angry Chaos Agitator

That ultramarines army is pretty.

And I dislike the smurfs squad normally.

Good game
Made in gb
Monstrous Master Moulder

I dunno...

Darn Smurfs... If i were you I would've taken a pred with lascannons to blow up some of those pesky transports

Bewhiskered Gasmasks: For the Post-Apocalyptic Gentleman

And to this day, on darkest nyte
It can be seen, they tell
A Prynce of Rattes, in finery
Upon a horned bell.
Made in gb
Beast of Nurgle

Nottingham, England

Nice report PAnic

Hope you had fun although the Ultramarines seem to have won the day, this time...

Question though - I noticed that Dedicated Transports were giving away victory points, I didn't think they did in Annihilation games, am I wrong?


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Chaos Daemons of Nurgle 
Made in us
Rough Rider with Boomstick

BennyB wrote:

Question though - I noticed that Dedicated Transports were giving away victory points, I didn't think they did in Annihilation games, am I wrong?

Yes, they give KP.

Great battle and great looking armies

The Happy Guardsman
Red Templars
Radical Inquisitor
Made in es
Fresh-Faced New User

hi can you tell me what kinds of blue you used to paint Ultramarines.
are darker than normal and are incredible.
primer you used black or white?

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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK


++Daves UltraMarine Paint scheme++

+Black Spray>
+RegalBlue Base>
+UltraMarine OverBrush>
+Blue Wash>
+UltraMarine HighLight>
+enchanted blue HighLight<

++Daves UltraMarine Paint scheme++


Made in us
Rotting Sorcerer of Nurgle

Lol at SM turn one.
The Likely Lascannon misses.
The UnLikely Hvy Bolter Immobilizes a Vindi.

The dice gods had fun this game...esp. with the whole weight of fire thrown at each PM squad enough to down them.

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Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job.
Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it.
It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.
Made in us
Water-Caste Negotiator

Lafayette, IN, USA

It's sad to see a game that doesn't star Squats! However, this looks like it was a great game. Nice to see some Smurfs krumpin some Chaos.

I actually have a full body tattoo, but it's of an invisibility cloak, so you can't see it.

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut


NidMaster40000 wrote:It's sad to see a game that doesn't star Squats! However, this looks like it was a great game. Nice to see some Smurfs krumpin some Chaos.

that might be becuase this game happened a good 2 years before arbertian(not sure if spelled right) made his squat army

i play bro plays
bros :1200 points 
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