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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

We tried a rematch after our last Cult battle, but Gary didn't want the hassle of doing the battle report, so I said I'd do it. However, I'm not nearly as good a photographer, so apologies for the blurriness. We rolled for mission, and got Capture and Control. We had to control the enemy objective while holding our own...

Panic's Nurgle CSM

1 x Daemon Prince (Warptime, Mark of Nurgle)
5 x Chaos Terminators (Icon of Nurgle, all have pairs of Lightning Claws) - 1 x Land Raider
7 x Plague Marines (1 Plasmagun, Champion with Power Weapon)
7 x Plague Marines (2 Plasmaguns, Champion)
7 x Plague Marines (1 Meltagun, Champion with Powerfist) - 1 x Chaos Rhino (Extra Bolter)
1 x Predator (Autocannon, Heavy Bolters)
2 x Vindicators (Daemonic Possession)

ArbitorIan's Slaanesh CSM

1 x Daemon Princess (Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission)
1 x Chaos Terminator Lord (Mark of Slaanesh)
5 x Chaos Terminators (Icon of Slaanesh, 1 Powerfist, 1 Reaper, 1 Chainfist)
6 x Noise Marines (5 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster)
6 x Noise Marines (5 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster)
6 x Noise Marines (1 Blastmaster)
6 x Noise Marines (Champion with Doom Siren) - 1 x Chaos Rhino
3 x Obliterators
1 x Predator (Destructor - Autocannon & Heavy Bolters)
1 x Predator (Annihilator - all Lascannons)

Deployment map

Nurgle's firebase and objective

Slaanesh's firebase and objective

Turn 1

Slaanesh goes first and opens fire. The Predator Annihilator immobilises the Nurgle Landraider and the Predator Destructor immobilises and destroys one of the combi-weapons on the Nurgle Rhino. The three Noise Marine squads on the buildings fire their blastmasters. One is aimed at the Landraider and scatters off to nowhere, one is aimed at the Nurgle Predator and blows off the Autocannon, and one kills one of the Plague Marines on the ground. A fine opening salvo....

Nurgle retaliates, moving the Vindicators up into the hole in the line vacated by the Predator. They don't to get trapped behind a possible three immobilised vehicles. The Landraider fires all guns at the Slaanesh Predator Destructor to no effect, and disgorges it's Terminators, who run towards the Slaanesh Daemon Princess. The Nurgle Daemon Prince lurks around at the back.

End of Turn 1 map

Nurgle's immobilised tank line

Turn 2

Slaanesh gets reinforcements from both the Obliterators and the Terminators. Both are deployed behind the Nurgle tank line, but the Terminators scatter off the table! They roll a 1 on the Deep Strike table and are all destroyed, including the Terminator Lord leading them!! The shooting phase makes up for it though. At first, the Daemon Princess tries to lash the Nurgle Terminators away, but fails her Perils of the Warp test and takes a wound. The Noise Marine squads in the large building manage to kill two terminators from combined sonic fire. The Predator Annihalator open fire on the lead Nurgle Vincidcator, wrecking it, and the Obliterators open fire on the rear Nurgle Vindicator, wrecking it as well! The final Noise Marine squad fires at the footslogging Plague Marines, killing two.

Nurgle retaliates, advancing the footslogging Plague Marines and the last three terminators and running them, trying to get closer to the Slaanesh objective. The Land Raider fires on the Predator Destructor again, but misses. The Nurgle Daemon Prince charges the obliterators with warptime, inflicting four wounds, but the Obliterators make three of their invulnerable saves. They inflict two wounds on the Daemon Prince in return with their powerfists and win the combat!

End of Turn 2 map

Obliterators and Nurgle Daemon Prince locked in combat

The nurgle tank line by turn 2

Turn 3

The Slaanesh shooting continues - the Daemon Princess successfully lashes the Terminators 6" away, before the last three are destroyed by sonic fire from one of the Noise Marine squads in the big building. The Predator Annihilator, Predator Destructor, and other two Noise Marine squads all open fire on the footslogging Plague Marines, killing all but one! The Slaanesh Rhino advances towards the Nurgle objective. In combat, the Obliterators again make all their invulnerable saves bar one, resulting in one casualty. They then cause one more wound on the Nurgle Daemon Prince.

The Plague Marine squad on Nurgle's objective open fire on the advancing Slaanesh rhino with their plasmaguns, blowing off the combi-bolter. The Nurgle Predator advances into the garden, towards the Slaanesh objective. Their Landraider finally hits the Predator Destructor, but only shakes it. In combat, the Nurgle Daemon prince does two wounds, killing another Obliterator, but the remaining Obliterator takes the final wound in retaliation, killing the Nurgle DP.

End of Turn 3 map

The last footslogging Plague Marine finds himself outnumbered

The last obliterator emerges from the combat


Turn 4

Slaanesh's Daemon Princess advanced on the Nurgle objective and lashes the Plague Marines within, moving the around a bit. The Predator Annihilator immobilises and blows a heavy bolter from the advancing Nurgle Predator. The final Obliterator fires at the Landraider, exploding it! The Slaanesh Rhino advances further towards the Nurgle objective. Sonic Weaponry accounts for the last footslogging Plague Marine, one squad of Noise Marines leave cover and advance, and everything else opens fire on the Plague Marines in the Nurgle objective building - but the combination of cover saves and Feel no Pain mean there's no casualites!

The Plague Marines in the objective building turn their plasmaguns on the Slaanesh Daemon Princess, causing two wounds! The last Plague Marine squad finally disembark their rhino and move around to protect their objective, their Rhino moving to block the Obliterator. The Nurgle Predator fires at the Noise Marines in the small building, killing one.

End of Turn 4 map

The Noise Marines advance

The Slaanesh Rhino moves in - Plague Marines move to intercept

Turn 5

Realising this may be the final turn, the Slaanesh Rhino moves up to contest the Nurgle objective, and disembarks it's Noise Marine squad. The squad then Doom Siren the last Plague Marine squad, with support from the Obliterator, killing three. Everything else fires at the Noise Marines on the Nurgle building, but the cover saves win again and only one is killed!

The invulnerable Plague Marines in the building plasma the Daemon Princess again, killing her. The last Plague Marine squad charge both the Slaanesh Rhino and the Noise Marines, but fail to do any damage. The Noise Marines manage to kill one Plague Marine in combat. At this point, Slaanesh are contesting the Nurgle objective, but we roll to end the game, and get another turn!!

End of Turn 5 map

The combat for the objective

Plague Marines plasma the Daemon Princess

Turn 6

In a simple turn for Slaanesh, everything fires at the Plague Marines in the Nurgle objective building, killing three. The combat behind the building continues, but doesn't swing either way, and the last Obliterator advances towards the Nurgle objective.

In the last Nurgle turn, though, the tables turn when the Nurgle champion finally manages to wreck the Slaanesh Rhino, meaning that their returning Plague Marines on the objective Building hold the objective uncontested! At the end of the game we think it's a draw, until we realise that the Noise Marines holding their own objective are actually too high up their building to be within 3" of it. They don't hold their objective at all, and Nurgle win the game!

End of Turn 6 map

Made in be
Resentful Grot With a Plan

First of all thanks for the report.
Your pics are fine. And I love your slaaneshi chaos marines. Only pitty your forgot to move your boys on the objective^^
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Silverdale, WA

Great report as usual from you and Panic. It's good to see that we're not the only ones still getting used to having to measure vertically.

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

This was a good game.
Ian had lots of early anti tank luck!
I tried to keep going with my assault on Ians objective regardless, which without the tanks was a bit futile?

My rhino got immobilised and a decided to keep the squad inside for a few turns and wait for a repair... which didn't happen until turn 3 by which time I had more to worry about closer to home... I wonder if they had run with the other squad would they have made it!?

This is my least favourite mission type..
It's very hard to secure a 2-0 victory.
Most games end 1-1 and a few 1-0 victorys via objective contesting...
there needs to be more focus on taking the enemies objective, Its too easy to sit on your home objective all game... like we did.
the game should reward risk. I think that each home objective should be worth one point for the home team and two points for the enemy... or something!


Made in us
Tail-spinning Tomb Blade Pilot

Where people Live Free, or Die

Great report and great pictures!

Menaphite Dynasty Necrons - 6000
Karak Hirn Dwarfs - 2500

How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb?
-- Fifty-Four -- Eight to argue, one to get a continuance, one to object, one to demur, two to research precedents, one to dictate a letter, one to stipulate, five to turn in their time cards, one to depose, one to write interrogatories, two to settle, one to order a secretary to change the bulb, and twenty eight to bill for professional services.
Made in ca
Mindless Spore Mine

Quite the early annihalition, eh.

I liked when the Land Raider got immobilised an' only shook the predator.

Only the insane have strength enough to prosper. Only those who prosper may truly judge what is sane.
+++ Proverb +++ 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

I was actually shocked at how well Ians anti tank performed... scoring immobilized results on both my transports in a game based on assaulting an objective at the other side of the table was a killer blow on Turn1

My landraider was utterly rubbish. 220pts for two TL lascannons that did nothing!

Ians's obliterator deep strike worked out... but it's risky.
I'm thinking of getting some obliterators of my own...


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