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How to represent the Alpha Legion
Codex: Space Marines with Scouts to represent human 'Operatives'
Codex: Chaos Marines with Daemons to represent human 'Operatives'
Codex: Space Marines with Inquisitoral allies to represent the various 'Operatives'
Operative army of IG, with a few Deathwatch or Grey Knight units to represent marines
CSM or SM army with the 'Traitors' rules from the Witch Hunters codex
Another ingenious solution....

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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

I was thinking about a Pre-heresy (or to be honest, post heresy too) Alpha Legion force, composed of sneaky marines and their sneaky 'operatives'. How do you think I should represent them in the rules?

Alpha Legion fight in small sneaky infiltrating squads, supported by human operatives and psykers. Would Codex:CSM or Codex:SM be the best choice? And how should i represent the 'operatives'? I have a load of spare marines lying around, and also quite a lot of Van Saar models, which would make good operatives. Should i make the operatives scouts in a C:SM army? Or Daemons in a C:CSM army? How about a C:SM army with Inquisitorial Allies to represent operatives? Or a veteran heavy Imperial Guard (operative) army with Deathwatch/Grey Knight allies to represent the marines?

Are deathwatch rules even legal any more? What about the old LATD codex? What about the rules for 'Traitors' in the Witchhunter codex? Is it even WORTH using Inquisitorial stuff if they're likely to get re-done in the next few years?

What are YOUR thoughts?

Made in us
Morphing Obliterator

The Frozen North

Khan lets you have some pretty sneaky Space Marines. Everyone gets Outflank. Also, Shrike allows for Infiltration of one squad he joins, and Sicarius provides Scouts/Infiltrate to one Tactical squad. One or more of these characters allows for a pretty sneaky group.

Using Scouts also allows for some Cultist/Human Operative types.

LATD and Traitors are both illegal in tournament play, but perfectly fine for friendly games. I think that Deathwatch is still legal, but I'm not sure.

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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

I vote Imperial Guard with a small ammount of grey knights.

Guard - Human Operative types
GreyKnights - Super bad ass Alpha Legion core.
Plus this you access to sly marbo the ultimate pawn and
Ratlings which would make awesome fluffy underlings.


Made in us
Been Around the Block

Pretty sad that codex chaos space marines will probably come in last place here.... very little that infiltrates makes the chaos codex the LAST place to look for the alpha legion, a chaos legion. sad, sad, sad.

Have you considered Daemons? Their deployment rules represent an ambush pretty well and the variety of different models will let you build an interesting counts as army. Bloodcrushers as Alpha Legion Veteran Terminators and pink horrors as shooty operatives, etc. tzeentch heralds as heavily armored jump pack snipers, etc.
Made in us

I think it depends which type of Alpha Legion you want to play.

For an advance force that sews seeds of rebellion and destabilizes the target before a major offensive, I'd say IG operatives as the parent list with GK allies.

For the main force, which arrives after the preliminary work is done intending to crush its opponents in a decisive alpha strike, Sicarius with combat squadding tacticals and Inquisitorial Stormtrooper Allies.
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