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hi this is my first attempt at a colored power weapon?

any suggestions or tips


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Looks good. I can see you have tried to blend from orange to the red. I think blending the orange up further would make it look even better. But maybe only do that on the sharpened edge, to make it look sharp .

Then maybe some really bright highlights at the tip to really set it off!

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What model is that on?

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Looks like a grey knight Nemesis halberd. I like it, but I agree with Slappy that it could do with the highlighting being taken just a wee bit further,

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Please excuse any spelling errors. I use a tablet frequently and software keyboards are a pain!

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Excellent job on the shading so far.

To add, what is the halbards hilt color gonna be? Depending on the hilt color and base you may already have a high contrast but if its gonna be a brighter color you may have to brighten it further.

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GREY KNIGHTS! best way to kill things.

That looks pretty good mate. Nice coloring
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Masculine Male Wych

Alright bro, take into consideration I just used paint... but there is 2 ways you can do it... So far it looks pretty damn good, here is some options you can do yo make the power weapon really pop!
First of all before you go and start throwing paint at it... it looks like you dry brushed it to get the orange look. Excellent way to learn highlights.

But recommendation, when you go to highlight the power weapon if you have GW ardcoat' mix that with the color you are going to highlight with, gives it a nice shine that will make the color pop and make it look as if its still wet and have a nice shine... don't use on all the weapon, I have found that gives my power weapons a nice look. There is to ways you can make the power weapon look good. Take a look.

Hope this helps you out a little bit.
[Thumb - Reverse.jpg]

[Thumb - Tip.jpg]

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i favor a quick final coat of stand linseed oil over all power and magic weapons works better than 'ardcoat for bringing out the richness of a color.
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Nova Scotia

Here's an example of how I did my power weapons. I used an airbrush but the concept is similar. I went right up to Skull White to give it that super hotness look, hehe. Shinoden has a really great example (using your mini, no less!). I personally think the bottom one is better looking than the top one.

EDIT: Click on that image to get a better pic (and zoom in too)

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thank you all so far

@ shinoden

Which one to i do out of your 2, and i do have ard coat so ill give that a try


:S man if i had a airbrush i would be much mor progressfull, my idea on the power sword is that the power comes from the base of it too thnx i didnt think of skull white to be in this

"I am the hammer,
i am the right hand of my emperor,
the instrument of his will,
the tip of his spear, the edge of his sword"  
Made in us
Masculine Male Wych

If you are doing the power coming from the base of the weapon, then probably the first one, with a SMALL touch of white for highlights near the base.

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