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Nurgle Daemon conversions. "Counts As" Epidemius painted.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Prescient Cryptek of Eternity

Mayhem Comics in Des Moines, Iowa

I've been wanting to show these off for awhile but my computers been dead. Still is actually so I'm posting these with my parent's instead. Anyways...

First up are the grunts, the Plaguebearers. I've currently got four units of seven of these, made from the box of Ghouls from Fantasy. It's a little bit of reposing to get them to stand up a straighter, fill in the stomach gap to give em the trademark pot belly, drill out their face, insert rod, grind into a horn, and sculpt a new cyclopean eye. Swords are cut from plasticard into random sword shapes, some more original than others. Conveniently Ghouls come with 10 arms that are holding a bone or a stick or something so I just cut off one end of it and presto, instant sword hilt.

First picture is just some random regular guys, second two are shots of my three Icon Bearers. I don't like the idea of Daemons carrying physical banners, so I used the champion upgrade bodies to represent em.
[Thumb - Picture 008.jpg]

[Thumb - Picture 009.jpg]
Plaguebeaers Icon Bearers

[Thumb - Picture 010.jpg]
Plaguebearers Icon Bearers

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Made in us
Prescient Cryptek of Eternity

Mayhem Comics in Des Moines, Iowa

Next up are my Beasts of Nurgle. While I do like the metal fig for it, $20 each for a unit of seven identical figs.... Just no. Instead I took that $20 and got a box of Dire Wolves from the same Vampire Counts Fantasy line. They're cool figs, the decayingness of them is Nurgely, and being from the same army gives them continuing themes in appearance such as the hair with bones and stuff in it. I filled the gaps where their head goes on with more hair, and filled in their empty stomachs/rib cages with giblets for starters. After that I drilled out their mean glaring eyes, gave em bigger ones for nice big puppy dog eyes, and added a few random fun details like the tongues and chaos shield Frisbee since their fluff is about them just wanting to be your friend and all.

The one with two heads is Muffin, the Noxious Touch upgrade. It comes with ten wolves, I only needed seven, and the heads are already separate bitz so I thought it would be fun to do. The actual upgrade is barely worth it, but the fig deserves it for being cool. I call Muffin Epidemious' favorite pet as the unit of Beasts act as his bodyguard in games.
[Thumb - Picture 005.jpg]
Beasts of Nurgle

[Thumb - Picture 006.jpg]
Beasts of Nurgle

[Thumb - Picture 007.jpg]
Beasts of Nurgle

Made in us
Prescient Cryptek of Eternity

Mayhem Comics in Des Moines, Iowa

And last thing I've got to show off for now is the big fat man himself, the Great Unclean One. Used the plastic giant as the basis for this guy. While the giant kit is some ~$15 cheaper than the metal GUO, I've put at least $10 in Green Stuff into this guy, so it's not much of a savings. However, the metal guy is only two thirds the height of this guy, so he's got a lot more presence.

Cut the legs off, glued the two front pieces and two back pieces together, then put the front and back together at the neck but spread the bottom way apart to make it much wider front to back. Did not like the left forearms the kit comes with, so I used the second right forearm on the left upper arm. Put some sprue pieces inside the body to help support it initially, glued the feet to those purposely using a mismatched pair for odd toe count. Filled the whole body up with hot glue to give me a backing to sculpt the sides onto it. Dremelled down the top of the neck and put the head on top of it rather than in front of the chest to give it more height. Layered on a bunch of green stuff to work up the fat. Took me three tries to get the head right, when I realized I couldn't get the "second chin" to look good because the giant's head doesn't have a first chin to begin with. Now he looks like Slimer. Made a big sword that would make make an Orc Warboss jealous. Gave him hair to match the Plaguebearers and Beasts of Nurgle. Lots of scabs and sores and pustules and stuff. Might add more yet.

Still deciding what if anyone I want to put on the antlers. The fluff talks about garlands of intestines being a common adornment, but I've also thought it would be fun to put a nurgling "look out" perched up there.
[Thumb - Picture 001.jpg]
Great Unclean One

[Thumb - Picture 002.jpg]
Great Unclean One

[Thumb - Picture 003.jpg]
Great Unclean One

[Thumb - Picture 004.jpg]
Great Unclean One

Made in us
Rotting Sorcerer of Nurgle

So. Damn. Sexy.
Keep it up and may Nurgle always bless you with wins...and boils.

Love the beasts of nurgle, esp. the one with the tongue hanging out... and what is that? A frisbee? Hah.

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Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it.
It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.
Made in gb
Kinebrach-Knobbling Xeno Interrogator

Birmingham, The UK one!

The big one looks like hes wearing a thong lol but no they are awesome works.

Follow me on Twitter too! @Jake_TooTall 
Made in us
Enigmatic Sorcerer of Chaos

Buena Park, CA

That unclean one made me laugh rather hard... but its so awsome!!!!!!!!! I like the conversion!
Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

The Cav is fantastic, and the Daemons are good.

You put a ton of work in him, but the GUO doesn't quite work because the proportions are too far off:
- legs much too stubby
- neck too long
- arms too skinny & long.
More clowny than scary, I think?

Made in dk
Been Around the Block

Those are looking awesome dude!
Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Burtucky, Michigan

JohnHwangDD wrote:The Cav is fantastic, and the Daemons are good.

You put a ton of work in him, but the GUO doesn't quite work because the proportions are too far off:
- legs much too stubby
- neck too long
- arms too skinny & long.
More clowny than scary, I think?

Its a demon for gods sake. Nurgle demons swell and stretch and distort. I didnt know they had a cookie cutter for the demons.

Anywho. I like it all man. Nice work. Through some paint on them and fix your damn computer lol
Made in gb
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

Those are some great conversions, and I can't see anything wrong with the GUO. I think daemons have the oportunity for some very unique conversions and you pulled it off well. Allthough I agree the GUO is out of proportion, it is a daemon from another dimension so unnatural is good.

More clowny than scary, I think?

Being nurgle this is a good thing, from what I have read about nurgle greater daemons this fits their funny, caring personality.

In the end nice work
Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

I love the Great Unclean One. Nurgle would be proud.

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Made in us
Humming Great Unclean One of Nurgle

Georgia,just outside Atlanta

Nice work here,like it all alot,and,despite Johns opinion,I think your GUO looks really good,it has the sort of "gallows humour" feel I like to see in Nurgle creations,well done.

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Made in us
Sagitarius with a Big F'in Gun

Grass Valley CA

"I ate a babeh!"
Only thing i thought about when i say that amazing GUO
20 out of 10 man great work

Deathbot wrote:Point out to Ahriman that he's spent 10,000 years failing to get into a library guarded by clowns.
Made in us
Prescient Cryptek of Eternity

Mayhem Comics in Des Moines, Iowa

I agrea with John on his points about the proportions, except that was really the exact look I was going for. Matter of person preference I guess, so no worries.

And thanks for the kind words on everything folks, but darn you all for not casting a single vote on any image!!

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

@Aduro: Oh, OK. I just like to understand some kind of semi-consistent physical anatomy underlying models.

It's kind of why I was a little bit surprised you didn't sculpt a sphincter on your Nurglish Mr. Potato Head...

And no offense intended, of course.

I'll go vote now...

Hey, you only gave 4 votes?!?

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Made in fi
Roarin' Runtherd

Its cool but the hands aren't thick enough!

Made in au
Member of the Malleus


GUO, the idea is so st... borrowed...

Plague bearers: I was thinking of doing something similar, nice work.

Beasts of Nurgle: These look awesmone.

Jimi supports METAL

We're outnumbered ten to one here. Still' I love the odds! - Free Will Sacrifice - Amon Amarth

Ketara wrote:To survive on the net requires that you adapt the attributes of a Rhinocerous to a certain extent. A thick skin, a big horn to stab people you don't like, and poor eyesight when certain images are linked from places like 4chan.

Made in us
Prescient Cryptek of Eternity

Mayhem Comics in Des Moines, Iowa

Well, when it comes down to the anatimy, the proportions are all pretty much straight from the giant kit, with the exception of he legs of course. I didn't make the arms longer. Didnt make the neck longer, just moved the head to sit right on top of the shoulders instead of sticking out of the chest. While the legs are a bit stumpyer than I planned, he's got the kind of ground clearance I want, and I figure there's a bit more leg hidden inside the fat.

And yeah, my own few cast votes are rather hypoctical, but it's because I don't really browse the gallery or modeling forums like I used to due to the lack of computer. You don't get much to view on a couple inch phone screen.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Oh, yeah, and I started calling him an evil mr potato head right after I put his feet on too.

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Made in au
Frightening Flamer of Tzeentch


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Is that followed by a pile-in move?

That brings a whole new meaning to the term "Hit and Run"

Can that be following a deep strike, or do you have to wait until the next round? 
Made in be
Liberated Grot Land Raida


Wow..; The beast of Nurgle don't work for me (too far away from the original I guess), but the GUO is brilliant!

A Squeaky Waaagh!!

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Made in nz
Been Around the Block

That's one of the best Nurgle Great Unclean One... I've seen... ever.

1. The sense of movement on something that big is incredibly well done. Although I think you could've done a little more sagging action with some of the bead/pellet marks of Nurgle. I mean, they could be boils, but still I would imagine them to be sagging slightly if that thing is moving forward as it is ... still that was just me forcing a critique lol.

2. you actually used the Giant kit in a unique way (I'm being honest, I haven't yet seen someone use the Giant kit without retaining the ugly body it has). Seriously - job well done.

3. the horns look good. But I do wonder if it is better to have it at a slightly more plain level. I don't think it needs a change though. Just a 'what if' thought.

4. The sword - this is entirely based on personal preference. I don't like it. I like the broadsword that the original Unclean One wields. Because it reminds me of a rusted sword, not a butcher's cleaver. But like I said, it's personal preference, and this is superbly done.

The lesser daemons are far better than what GW has produced lol. Bravo!
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

HATE Club, East London

I am not sold on the beasts, but the Plaguebearers are significantly better than the absolute tosh that GW are trying to palm off on us.

I love the GUO, mainly due to the fact it looks completely out of proportion! The left arm gives me a little pause for thought, and maybe some more flesh under the shoulder giving a fleshier join to the arm could be added, but overall, I say awesome!

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Made in us
Prescient Cryptek of Eternity

Mayhem Comics in Des Moines, Iowa

Clocking in some more work on this army. Got one Daemon Prince pretty much done, and a second one WIP. May do more GS work on the first one yet, at least to put a Mark on him. I don't have to do a Ton of work on them, since they're quite unique already in the 40k landscape they're played in. I want to make all three from Ogre Kingdoms figs, so they're separate from the themes of the "actual" Daemons of Nurgle, while following their own theme in appearance. I'm going to refer to the three of them as brothers.

Which of the ogre figs would you use for the last one? One other than the two special characters that is. I was thinking of using the Hunter at first, but now I'm leaning towards this Maneater. The third one will have no wings.

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Made in dk
Nurgle Predator Driver with an Infestation


I look forward to see the maneater done

"Not only is life a bitch, but it is always having puppies." --Adrienne Gusoff
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Made in us
Alluring Sorcerer of Slaanesh

Union, Kentucky United States

great work I look forward to seeing the orges done up more.

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Made in gb
Slaanesh Veteran Marine with Tentacles

Sheffield. England

awesome green-fu there dude!!

Made in us

O H I am in the Webway...


FINALLY! Someone realizes that WHFB Ogers make perfect nurgle Daemon Princes!

He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster and if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you  
Made in us
Prescient Cryptek of Eternity

Mayhem Comics in Des Moines, Iowa

They do come out a bit on the small size compared to the normal princes, thus the one has the taller base to make him bigger, and opponents will be allowed to target their wings. But otherwise yeah, they pretty much scream Nurgle.

Made in gb
Massive Knarloc Rider


why nowings outta interest? wouldnt that llink em as bros or summsit? btw mini idea, couldnt you make the butcher one khorne? i mean it seems to fit, plus you could say hes count as khorne whislt still retaining the nurgle look?

Check out my (new) blog at https://neonrust.home.blog
Made in us
Prescient Cryptek of Eternity

Mayhem Comics in Des Moines, Iowa

No wings on the third one, because wings are really expensive in a Daemon army, and I can afford some extra goodies other places in the army by leaving one clipped.

And definitely no Khorne, as this be a Tallyman list. I get more benefits to/from guys with the Mark of Nurgle.

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