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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK


+++ Platinum Devil +++ Canterbury – UK +++
Props to the Ketara for organising this, and RedS8n for his contributions.
And my thanx to all the players who made it a great weekend.

+++ My Grot Horde... +++ (blog here)

* Big GrotMek with KFF HeavyArmour - cybork body
* 3 Megagrotz 1xKombiRocket 1xKombiScorcha 1xTLshoota
* 3 Buggies TL Rockets
* 3 Buggies TL Rockets
* 3 Kans BigShootas
* 3 Kans BigShootas
* 3 Kans BigShootas
* 18 Grots 3Herders 1xprod 2xgrab
* 10 Grots 2GrotHerders 1xprod 1xgrab
* 10 Grots 2GrotHerders 1xprod 1xgrab

+++ Battle 1 +++
Annihilation - Pitched Battle
vs KillKrazy’s Hive Fleet Kielbasa

* Tyranid Prime
* 4 Warriors with Venom Cannon
* 4 Warriors with Venom Cannon
* 4 Warriors with Barbed Strangler
* Trygon Prime
* 3 Raveners
* 2 Zoanthropes
* 10 Termagants

I’d never played against ‘nids before so I was a bit worried. KillKrazy reassures me though ‘this is my first game playing with them!’ I won the dice off and choose to go first I set up on my left side.
KillKrazy set up a wide deployment. For the first couple of turns I run the Kan wall towards the ‘nids.
The Trygon turns up behind my lines and unleashes a torrent of fire on my buggies taking one or two out. 3 Kans turn around 180 and head back towards the Trygon. All the buggies and Kans Shoot at the Beast, they get lucky and get 5 wounds! The Warrior dakka Squads move to backup the trygon they fire at the buggies killing three, bagging 1KP and reducing the last squad to one buggy. The Trygon Assaults the Kans but fails to do any damage, the Kans remove his last wound evening the scores to 1KP each. The last buggy puts the pedal to metal and Legs it!
The Kan wall is almost at the ‘nid battle line – so they start a general retreat, but the alpha Tyranid Prime assaults the Kans but does no real damage, the Kans also fail to hurt the Alpha’Nid. Next turn my MegaGits join the combat, bone swords kill one MegaGit, PowerClaw attacks kill the TyranidPrime.

The Nids now down 1KP fire everything they have at the Grots but the KFF deflects half the hits and the game ends 2-1 to the Grots!
A excellent First game, very relaxed.
Grot Luck: with 5 hits from the Kans against the trygon I rolled four ’s to wound!
+++ Grot Victory.. +++

+++ Battle2 +++
Beacon drop - Table Halves
vs ArbitorIans PenalLegion

* Company Command Squad - Commander with Meltabombs, Astropath, 3 Meltaguns, Chimera with Multilaser, Heavy Flamer
* Psyker Battle Squad - 9 Psykers and Overseer, Chimera with Multilaser, Heavy Flamer
* Penal Legion Squad
* Penal Legion Squad
* Penal Legion Squad
* Penal Legion Squad
* Rough Rider Squad - 5 Roughriders with Lances
* Banewolf - Hull Multimelta
* Banewolf - Hull Multimelta

A very fun Mission. Six Beacons objectives on the board can be picked up and moved by and infantry. Squads over 5 models can pick up one beacon for every 5 guys.

Ian Won the roll for first turn but placed nothing on the table.
I put two troops choices on the board claiming two beacons and the MEK to provide the squads with a 5+ coversave.
first turn I brought my entire army on, the Grots grabed a third objective and started to move the to the corner of the board where I had hoped to line up against the board edge to deny it to outflanking penal legions and force them to fight the KansWall. My MegaGits and a 3 Kan escort claimed a fourth beacon at the other end of the table, I now had 4 of the 6 beacons!
On turn two Ian got lucky and almost all his army arrived via outflank! One claimed a far flung objective and hid on top of a fort. Rough riders claimed his second objective... two penal legion squads assaulted the grots holding the objectives. Reducing their numbers so they started dropping objectives.
Buggies fired every turn for the rest of the game at the Legionnaires in their Fort, but by going to ground they had a 3+ save and being stubborn, they held strong... gits.
In the final turns reserve grots arrived and picked up 2 beacons, I was wining 3 beacons to 2.
Ian had 2 beacons, his roughrider beacon safe in his deployment and the fort beacon. So Ian concentrated his fire at the Grots, he reduced them to nine models, meaning they dropped one beacon... this reduced me to two beacons and the game ended a hard fought Draw.
I was little gutted about dropping the 3rd beacon but I was happy with the Draw.
Grot Luck: In the last turn Ian wanted to melt grots with his ChemCanon, but to reach them his BaneWolf needed to go over a rock outcrop, he rolled a 1 for his dangerous terrain test - immobilised! And the grots were safe!
+++ Game Drawn.. +++

+++ Battle3 +++
Capture and Control - Table Quarters
vs Leggys Adeptus Mechanicus

* TechMagos (Primaris Psyker)
* Skitarii (Veterans) in a Chimera
* Electropriests (Penal Legionnaires)
* Knight (Leman Russ)
* Knight (Leman Russ)
* Lancer (Devildog)
* 2 Sentinels

I made clear my intentions in this game as I lined up 6Kans followed by the KFF and the a large squad of grots and 3 Buggies. All pointed at the AdMech GunLine. Defending my objective I had 3Kans and three buggies plus the small squads of grots.
Leggy set up tight on his Objective.
Rocket Buggies took out his chimera early on, while most of his firepower bounced off the KFF.
I was running everything. Leggy switched targets to the big mek and killed one MegaGit, annoyingly the GrotMek failed his Ld test and fled 7” meaning that the KFF was out of range of the Kans, luckily he regrouped, I decided to wait a turn for the GrotMek with his KFF to catch up and fired the Kans big shootas killing a bundle of Skitari.

The Kans reached the admech Line and finished off the skitari, grots moved up to claim the imperial objective.
Electropriests arrived on the Imperial side of the table, Sentinels arrived by the grot objective, but were set upon by the 3Kan home team.
The Knights tried to turn the tide, but they scattered alot, the Kans and buggies running amok.
The game ended a Grot Victory.
Grot Luck: The Knight’s Lascanons seemed broken, and I’m not sure that Leggy’s scatter dice had any hit sides printed on them!
+++ Grot Victory.. +++

Portal - Table Halves

* Daemon Prince - Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash
* Noise Marines - 1 Sonic Blaster and Blastmaster in Rhino
* Noise Marines - 1 Sonic Blaster and Blastmaster in Rhino
* Noise Marines - 1 Sonic Blaster and Blastmaster
* Defiler
* 2 Obliterators

Portal is a Seize Ground variant.
Each objective also counts as teleporter, There is one objective in each table quarter, numbered 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 .
During the movement Phase any infantry or walker may activate the objective and randomly teleport by rolling a D6.
1:-The unit is lost in the warp and removed from the game
2-5:-Place the unit in base contact with the beacon of the correct corresponding number. If you roll the number of the beacon you just activated, you may choose which beacon to emerge from.
6:-Deep strike the unit to anywhere on the table.

Teleported units may assault, but lose their bonus.

I set up first and claimed both objectives in my deployment area with my small squads of grots. RedS8n placed his Daemon Prince as close to my grots as he could.
Both armies entered play on turn one but night fighting meant little damage was done. NoiseMarine now held both the CSM telepads.
RedS8ns decided to throw caution to the wind, and used his Daemon prince to assault a squadron of Kans... the DP’s sword sliced through all three wreaking them, he consolidated into the ruins next to my grots! I fired my entire army at the DP and reduced him to 1 wound.
The DP thinking he was bullet proof assaulted my HQ, but the MegaGits roughed him up good ‘n propa taking his last wound...
From here we were both set up in our own deployment zones, each holding 2 teleporters.
Obliterator fired at the Kans but the KFF foiled them from doing any real damage.
I sent a squad of Kans through a telepad... usefully they appeared at my other objective 
next turn I sent them through again and scored a DS... which scattered onto one of RedS8n’s marine squads and misshaped, misplaced, RedS8n put them back inthir own deployment zone where they started the game! (a wicked sense of humour?)
I had a spare squad of grots so I sent them through the telepads and they scored a NoiseMarine telepad, and assaulted the marines, who laughed and killed them all

In the last turn I managed to get some Kans back over to RedS8ns objective and set about assaulting the NoiseMarines reducing them to one man. RedS8n backed them up with obliterators who exploded both Kans, amusingly the last NoiseMarine was killed by some Dead Kan Shrapnel!
Grot Luck: Exploding KillaKan death gave the game to the Grots!
+++ Grot Victory.. +++

+++ Battle5 +++
Seize Ground, Pitched Battle
vs TP1983’s MechGuard

*CCS with Dedicated Chimera
*Veteran Squad with dedicated Chmiera
*Veteran Squad with dedicated Chmiera,
*Leman Russ Punisher

We had a full set of 5 objectives.
TP1983 Set up along his table edge and I Set up en masse to assault his gun line with everything! a Simple plan...
This was a very one sided game, I think TP1983 had some horrible Luck. My army took minimal casualties running at the guard, and once the Kans reached the Imperial Tanks there was nothing to stop them opening up tank after tank with their Buzzsaws ( I think they wanted to see what's inside?)
Grots followed the Kans and claimed several objectives.
Grot Luck: the Basilisk and medusa crewmen must have been drunk, they missed the grot squads every turn.
+++ Grot Victory.. +++

Assassination, Table Quarters
vs RinkyDink’s UltraMarines

* Librarian
* Tactical squad with razorback TL Lascanon
* Tactical squad with razorback Lascanon and TL PlasmaGuns
* LandSpeeder Multimelta
* LandSpeeder Multimelta
* Dreadnought
* DakkaPredator

Assassination is an Annihilation variation, HQ choices are worth 3 KP, and Elites and Heavy Support Choices 2 KP.
I was worried about this Mission as it doubles the value of the part of my army I normally straight at the enemy, Normaly the GrotMek, MegaGits and Kans are worth 5KP, now they are worth 11KP! And to make things worse RinkyDinks Marines looked very much like a MEQ GunLine!

I won the dice off for first turn, I decided in for a penny in for a pound and decided to Line up and get ready to run at the marines!
RinkyDink castled up, and stole the inititive.
I ran at his guns and by the end of turn 2, I’ve bagged 1 LandSpeeder KP and he’s toasted 2 Kans.
He uses his last LandSpeeder as road block to slow the Kans down, Some Kans go around the speeder while another squad assaults it, but because it moved flat out they fail to kill it, they manage to stun it, I’ve lost inches and it’s still in the way of my squads...
RinkyDink’s AntiTank continues to pound away at the Kans but the GrotMek’s KFF deflects about 90% of hits and the ones that get through just shake the Kans, his Dread fires at a Buggy squadron and takes out 2. In my turn The last buggy turns tail and makes for the hills to save the KP. The Kans assault the Landspeeder again and (9 auto hit and auto penetrate attacks) explode it.
The Intact buggy squad takes out a RazorBack bringing me to 3KP to Nil.
In the last two turns I chase his retreating tanks with my Kans, Rinky dink kills the last Kan in Squadron making the KP score 3-2.
the Dread fires at the retreating buggy but it dodges the bullets and makes it to safety.
My Kans reach the Fort but Fail to roll enough inches to assault the marines.

We roll for turn 6 but get a ... Grots Win again!
Grot Luck: I think the GrotMek found some extra batteries for his KFF and turned it up to 11... no joke it saved about 90% of incoming fire!
+++ Grot Victory.. +++

And with that I’d finished the Platinum Devil Tournament with 5Wins and 1Draw!
+++ Go Grots! +++
I have to say I had a blast! and I loved the armies I played against.
I was expecting the grots to get a thrashing and walked away the Tournament Winner!

I wasn't done yet! I played in one more game during the Casual Gaming time

Seize Ground, Pitched Battle
vs Ketara’s Praetorian Guard

*CCS with allied Inquisitor in Steam Chimera
* Praetorians in Steam Chimera
* Praetorians in Steam Chimera
* Psyker Battle Squad in Steam Chimera
* Praetorians in Blimp GunShip

"Sentries have come in from the hills, Mr Bromhead, sir... The sentries report Grots to the south west. F'sands of them!"

We rolled for number of objectives = 3. They were placed in cover at three of the corners of the board.
Ketara won the roll for first turn and selected the side with two objectives and placed a squad on each, the rest of his army was spread pretty central.
I placed two small squads of grots on my objective and sent 6kans the KFF and the large squad of grots to go get the other.
OK this battle started out pretty simple
Ketara fired everything at my buggies killing them in the first couple of turns.
I moved towards his objective, and started shooting up his Praetorians, they took a few casualties before legging it.
The blimp made short work of the Kans defending my objective before his CCS and Vets wiped out the Grots.
Ketara was now wining 2 objectives to nil. We run out of time, but as it was casual game we decided to finish the game.

My MegaGits and a squad of 2 Kans reach the grot objective and wipe out the Praetorians holding it... Ketara is still wining 1-0

In the final turn7 My grots are very near the uncontested objective in Ketaras deployment zone so he sends the Psyker Battle Squad after them. He casts weaken resolve, reducing them to Ld2, next his chimera kills 5 and forces a Ld test.
I’m begging the dice gods for double 1!... I roll a 7, the Grots are about to flee so the grotherders set the Squig hounds on the squad, they bite the faces off three grots and I get to reroll the dice, they bounce across the table and pop up snake eyes...!!!
The crowd goes wild! Ketara shakes my hand he can’t believe it.
In my final turn the Grots climb into the building claiming the objective drawing the game!
Grot Luck: Nothing like squig Hounds biting your mates face off to restore order to a squad no matter the odds!
+++ Game Drawn.. +++

+++ Heres some more Photos from other tables at the Tournament... +++

Again I had a amazng Tournament, thanks to Ketara and RedS8n for their organising...
I can’t wait for DakkaDakka Nottingham in August! C’mon the Dakka!

Platinum Devil 2010 UK BattlePoints Champion!

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Made in gb
Tyrant of Badab

HATE Club, East London

Great reports!!

Those Grotz were well 'ard.

Though my guards may sleep and my ships may lay at anchor, our foes know full well that big guns never tire. 
Made in us
Awesome Autarch

San Diego, California

Awesome reports! Nicely done.

And congratz on the win, that is great.

It was very cool to see so many Dakka posters in the match ups.

Made in us
Agile Revenant Titan

Fayetteville NC

Very cool report with a bunch of unique armies. I really enjoyed going through this.

Also, I really dig the Praetorian Zepplin.

Have I really been playing 40K for nearly 30 years? 
Made in gb
Et In Arcadia Ego


The KFF is the bane of my gaming life.

Was a good game, I should have stuck to my game plan and used the DP to assassinate the Mek and just had him die to the NObz, but got a bit cocky after shrugging off the entire armies firepower.

Still my DP was rock all weekend, but I think that assault against the Kans was a spectacular highlight. He nearly came a cropper against the penal legionnaires. That would have been embarrassing.

I guess I should have said screw it and walked the Oblit. and the last marine through the portal... but I prefer to go down fighting.

The poor man really has a stake in the country. The rich man hasn't; he can go away to New Guinea in a yacht. The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all
We love our superheroes because they refuse to give up on us. We can analyze them out of existence, kill them, ban them, mock them, and still they return, patiently reminding us of who we are and what we wish we could be.
If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face going viral every day, and some people saying it's bad and others saying "no, this is good"
Made in gb
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

All good reports, and the adeptus mechanicus army was really attractive too!

1500pts: Mechanised Guard
2500pts: Artillery Line
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

on board Terminus Est


Very well done sir.


ALL HAIL SANGUINIUS! No one can beat my Wu Tang style!

http://greenblowfly.blogspot.com <- My 40k Blog! BA Tactics & Strategies!
Made in gb
Slaanesh Veteran Marine with Tentacles

Kettering, UK

Nice report mate.

I hope the grots will be staying at home for Nottingham!

My sorcerer hates green!

Pleasure is Everything. Pain is Nothing.

My Chaos Scorcerer > Phalius Libertain  
Made in gb
Sybarite Swinging an Agonizer


I gotta say, seeing that horde of kanz charging forward at you is one of the most intimidating things i've experienced in 13 years of 40k. Even after I got the Big mek and his KFF out of range I simply couldn't muster enough heavy firepower to take them all down.

In hindsight, I should have put the Chimera vets and Sentinels with the Knights, and kept the forward sentry vets in reserve to keep them safe. The higher rate of mid-strength firepower from the sentinels and Chimera might've swung the tide enough to pull out a draw. Dunno how i could've got a win though, you area denial trick would've kept the penal legion miles from your objective even if they rolled to come on the left.

Phazit257 wrote: the adeptus mechanicus army was really attractive too!

Thanks very much! Although, if I'm honest, my paintjob is benefiting from some really sympathetic lighting.

"Marion! For Gods sake, you're going to die!"
"Ah, but then I'll wake up in a magical fantasy world, filled with virgins!"
"You mean Games Workshop?" Mongrels

"Realism? THESE ARE SPACE ELVES!!" - My friend Jordan during an argument about rule abstraction 
Made in gb
Faithful Squig Companion

Diggin' the grotz Mate! And your opponrnt had you on, That was a regular trygon not a prime! Unless, of course he stated that and you allowed it.

Armies- ironic i know, my name suggests i hate tyranids, yet i collet them Click me if you like cookies -->

" 'oomans are pink and soft, not tough and green like da boyz. They'z all the same size too, so they'z always arguing about who's in charge, 'cos there's no way of telling 'cept fer badges and ooniforms and fings. When one of them wants to lord it over the uvvers, 'e says "i'm very speshul so'z you gotta worship me", or "I know summink wot you lot don't know so yer better lissen good" da funny fing is, arf of 'em belive it and da ovver arf don't, so 'e 'as to hit 'em all anyway or run fer it. Wot a lot of mukkin' about if yer askes me. An' while they'z all arguin' wiv each other over who's da boss, we orks can clobber da lot." - Ork boy. 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

Thanx Guys, I had such a good time at this tournament, I'm already excited about going to Warhammer World for the DakkaDakka Silver Sorcerer in August!

I had more than my fair share of good luck that weekend. I was so shocked by how well the grots performed, I don't think I'll change the List much, I'll just finish the paint Job.

Da 'nid crusher wrote:Diggin' the grotz Mate! And your opponrnt had you on, That was a regular trygon not a prime! Unless, of course he stated that and you allowed it .

I can't remember if it was a prime or a regular trygon, but I'd be more than happy that KillKrazy was playing whichever version he paid the points for.

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Made in us
Sure Space Wolves Land Raider Pilot

Dallas Texas

Hey panic,

What do you think is the most effective against your Kan Wall. I know some players who run them around here and I don't want to tailor my army to kill them I just want to be competative against them I play space wolves.

2,000 points and Growing
3,000 Points and Waiting 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

I honestly don't know yet, I've only played about 10 games with them in total.
They got destroyed by a gunline Tau army that used markerlights to bring down the KFF cover save and then railguns to take out the Kans.

Most armies struggled to do enough damage to the Kans because of the KFF.
But If you spend three turns ignoring the kans shooting at the BigMek, he's still done his job because you didn't harm the kans and by grot turn 3 theKans will have run across most of the table. So I'm guessing if you have a expendable combat unit that can take out the Mek in turn 2 or 3 (independant character) your anti-tank won't be bouncing of the KFF making it twice as effective.


Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Panic wrote:
But If you spend three turns ignoring the kans shooting at the BigMek, he's still done his job because you didn't harm the kans and by grot turn 3 theKans will have run across most of the table. So I'm guessing if you have a expendable combat unit that can take out the Mek in turn 2 or 3 (independant character) your anti-tank won't be bouncing of the KFF making it twice as effective.

Yeah, this is what I did in the last game against them and paid for it - ignoring the kans for three turns to take out the buggies is a bad idea.

I guess in this situation, anything that can move far and assault early in the game to take out the Mek is a bonus. Vanguard Vets, Land Raider units, Chaos Daemons summonder from Infiltrators, any Fleet beasts and cavalry? You have to be sure you have a long enough charge range so that you can be certain of charging the Mek without the Kans getting to you half way...?

Made in gb
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon


Yeah assaulting the Mek is certainly one option. I often play against SW with my orks. A favoured tactic by my opponent is take a JOTWW and target the Mek as a priority. His low intitiative means you have a good chance of killing him this way. This way you won't have to sacrafice any small units to kill him. But ofcourse not really useful for any other armies.

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

BigGrotMek is I3 ouch!
JOTWW is 24" range too... I think I might need to send the RocketBuggies RuinPriest hunting in SpaceWolf Match ups!


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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

ok no offense but why the hell do you say yeah before every post? I went and looked and almost 50 pages of yeah before every single post its pretty damn wierd
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

on board Terminus Est

Hells yeah.

ALL HAIL SANGUINIUS! No one can beat my Wu Tang style!

http://greenblowfly.blogspot.com <- My 40k Blog! BA Tactics & Strategies!
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

PanamaG I'm gonna need you to go a head and search google for Bill Lumbergh.
That'd be great...


Made in gb
Monstrous Master Moulder

I dunno...

Wow, 2 draws and the rest wins, very impressive Panic

Bewhiskered Gasmasks: For the Post-Apocalyptic Gentleman

And to this day, on darkest nyte
It can be seen, they tell
A Prynce of Rattes, in finery
Upon a horned bell.
Made in ca
Twisted Trueborn with Blaster

Its nice to see da grotz kick some kan. .

Made in gb
Repentia Mistress

Glasgow, UK

Its good to see so many unique armies.
Made in us
Flashy Flashgitz

Chicago Suburbs Northwest

Looked like a really fun tournament with a great representation of armies that were pretty laid back. Super jealous.

Great showing with the Grotz!

- Blackbone

Us Blood axes have learnt a lot from da humies. How best ta kill 'em, fer example.  
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