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Made in ca
Huge Hierodule


Gargoyles. Criminy, nothing says good buy better than a Metal Swarm Unit.

Q: What do you call a Dinosaur Handpuppet?

A: A Maniraptor 
Made in ca
Mounted Kroot Tracker

Ontario, Canada

I'd have to agree with anyone who says grey knights because lugging those things around is a pain. The incinerator model is so chunky it weighs almost as much as my scouts box, unopened.

Night Watch SM
Kroot Mercenaries W 2 - D 3 - L 1
Manchu wrote: This is simply a self-fulfilling prophecy. Everyone says, "it won't change so why should I bother to try?" and then it doesn't change so people feel validated in their bad behavior.

Nightwatch's Kroot Blog

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I really want my Ork Warboss Multi part plastic kit.
There is so much that a Warboss wants to take, but needs heavy conversion to get.
The bike is a fething expensive forge world piece.
The only mega armor warboss is Gazkull, I feel weird playing a special character model for a Generic HQ.
No options for pistol/choppa.
Made in us
Wicked Warp Spider

The Webway Gate in California

A plastic Warboss would be nice.
A plastic Deff Dread would be nice. I had to grind it to fit because the cast was off and it didn't fit together.
The Eldar Warwalker was a pain to put toether. I put two Falcons together in the time it took to do one.

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We were masters of the stars once and we shall be again

Made in us
Steady Space Marine Vet Sergeant

plastic vv will be nice.

-to many points to bother to count.
mattyrm wrote:i like the idea of a woman with a lobster claw for a hand touching my nuts. :-)
Made in us
Never-Miss Nightwing Pilot

2) Fire Prism.
3) Necron Immortals.


Made in ie
Boosting Space Marine Biker

anything like
orks dd
dwarf gyrocopter(breaks if you look at it to long..i.e a second)
dwarf lord kit
dwarf flame cannon
plastic slayers
superheavy(non imperium and orks cmon gw we want tau titan)
ork dd
ork kk
dwarf lord kit
dwarf gyrocopter


Made in gb
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

'Waves hand' This isn't the user you are looking for.

I seem to be the only one but I would really like a plastic greater daemon one box for all 4 powers and assultmarines right about the gyrocopter but I dont use my dwarfs enough to buy one it would be good

A firm believer in yin and yang.
My eternal thanks to lennysmash for helping me with pics in my blog.
stephen fry wrote: Stephen 'My Bottom is a treasure house' Fry

Made in gb
Enigmatic Sorcerer of Chaos

Wraithguard and Fire Prism here.

Made in au
Lady of the Lake

spartanghost wrote:
n0t_u wrote:
It wrote:Necrons:

Everything other than c'tan


NOTHING. Everything is already in plastic apart from veterans and HQ choices.

We need plastic techmarines, those lower arms on the servo pack are annoying >_>
Also maybe a Master of the Forge so there are no more counts as techmarines.

Maybe Servitors as well.

I always thouguht techmarines and masters of the forge had the same model; i.e there isn't a specific model for MotF.

I wish there were plastic Tau pathfinders with weapon options. The fact that I have to buy them in 2's and they're metal is the main reason i havn't.

MotF is supposed to be slightly fancier and there doesn't seem to be a model for the Conversion Beamer.

Also yes to the Tau Pathfinders, maybe full plastic Broadsides and commander Crisis Suits as well.
I fact all half metal half plastic kits to plastic because they always seem to be annoying, especially the Fire Prism.

Made in us
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Somewhere in the unknown universe.

Avatar of khaine

Manchu wrote:
Agamemnon2 wrote:
Congratulations, that was the stupidest remark the entire wargaming community has managed to produce in a long, long time.

Congratulations, your dismissive and conclusory commentary has provided nothing to this discussion or the wider community on whose behalf you arrogantly presume to speak nor does it engage in any meaningful way the remark it lamely targets. But you did manage to gain experience points toward your next level of internet tough guy.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut


Ork Kommandos though you can mix an match decently with a box of boyz it would be a bit more generous otherwise.

"Definition: 'Love' is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope. Statement: This definition, I am told, is subject to interpretation. Obviously, love is a matter of odds. Not many meatbags could make such a shot, and fewer would derive love from it. Yet for me, love is knowing your target, putting them in your targeting reticle, and together, achieving a singular purpose, against statistically long odds." ~ HK-47 
Made in us
Nasty Nob

Joplin, Missouri

Plastic SoB
Orks in Mega-armor
Brettonian Hero
Any Griffon-based model
Juggernauts (40k or Fantasy)

"Just pull it out and play with it" -Big Nasty B @ Life After the Cover Save
40k: Orks
Fantasy: Empire, Beastmen, Warriors of Chaos, and Ogre Kingdoms  
Made in gb
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

Twyford, UK

Guard special weapons. Currently, your choice is grenade launcher, flamer, or go metal.

Guard HQ. Remind me again why I want expensive metal multi-part models with single wargear choices left over from prior editions?

Ork dreads.

Ork vehicles that actually look like they can carry orks. Even the 'improved' trukk can barely carry five.
Made in au
Killer Klaivex

Forever alone

Skorpion wrote:Guard special weapons. Currently, your choice is grenade launcher, flamer, or go metal.

Guard HQ. Remind me again why I want expensive metal multi-part models with single wargear choices left over from prior editions?

1) There's a plastic plasma gun in the IG CCS box. I bought lots from a bitz store.
2) See aforementioned plastic Command boxes. They're new.

People are like dice, a certain Frenchman said that. You throw yourself in the direction of your own choosing. People are free because they can do that. Everyone's circumstances are different, but no matter how small the choice, at the very least, you can throw yourself. It's not chance or fate. It's the choice you made. 
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