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Local Store. Usual reason.

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NoBanjo wrote:
I just think your original response was whiny and trollish.

Right, but that statement isn't trolling...

Thats rich sir, very rich.

Regardless, the point of this thread was a simple question as to where you buy your stuff. It only requires a response to that effect, of course such a thread is obviously like blood in the water for those looking to spout off about the 'ol lgs vs. On-line debate. Not surprising it happened it just OT and trolling in and off itself for people to take it there when that wasn't what was asked...

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Oxford MI

I like GW but when you can buy on line at 20% off its hard to stop there and hear their nonstop talking ...

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Burtucky, Michigan

I buy mine from a local shop called Riders. Their prices are always cheaper then GW anyways, so thats a plus. And usually the guys there are pretty cool to talk to. Tho there is one, that just is the UBER nerd guy, that just annoys my very core lol
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I go to http://www.gc-minis.com/
30% off , they do charge shipping , but generally
it costs way less than getting caught by customs when importing from outside Canada.

*Did i mention how much i hate customs here? $72 custom fee from my last order.

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Las Vegas, NV, USA

Spacemanvic wrote:Why do gaming stores have to stink (question my wife asked once)?
Except ones that smelled like new/freshly printed books, paint, brewed coffee or pizza, I have been lucky and never been in one that stank. I have been in a Game Stop that did though, so I know what people are referring to.

I buy from wherever I can get the best deal (price/ship time/etc) I can find for whatever GW product I am looking for. I mostly buy OoP stuff, so ebay or Chaos Orc get most of my dollars.

Sadly, if GW keeps the free shipping deal, they might get me to buy stuff off them more often, since I normally buy new stuff in small quantities, 20% discounts do not always cover shipping fees for small orders.

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Spacemanvic wrote:
Why do gaming stores have to stink (question my wife asked once)?

I have a theory , its anti phermone.
Either males cant smell it because they are used to it . Or they really cant smell it.

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I go with the LFGS sure i pay full price but hey I get a place to go play games .

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A slum in scotland... the only shinty with a computer!

me personaly, i have 3 real places, my "local" games workshop, (its only like 4 miles away......) there website is alright if your buying anything big or expencive(well i dont know about you, but im not going to go on the bus with a bos 1/4 the size of myself and have everone stare at me and threten me(this has sadly happened before)) or for bits n peices or "cheep" things fee-bay!

use this information wizely.... its usless...

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Pegasus Hobbies in Claremont, California. They offer a 20% off discount year-round on their GW EVERYTHING, including paints and other such garb.

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Cheese Elemental wrote:That made me think... what's a good pick-up line in the Imperium?

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Long Island

I got on line to www.thewarstore.com or I go to a Independent store that give 10 to 20% off things.

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I try to buy from local store.. but now I have a gaming floor in my house and the local store isnt being very accommodating lately

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LunaHound wrote:I go to http://www.gc-minis.com/
30% off , they do charge shipping , but generally
it costs way less than getting caught by customs when importing from outside Canada.

One thing I would point out to everyone inregards to Greater Canadian Miniatures is that they're a great place to order from... if you're CANADIAN.

If you happen to live anywhere else in the world, be prepared for a shipping time akin to a voyage across the ocean. Friend of mine waited three months for his items to show up and yes, I know we're in Australia, but if GWUS can have something at my doorstep in 36 hours, I find it hard to believe that their neighbours to the north would have trouble sending something via air-mail. Moreoever, and admittedly this might have changed in recent days, their system for charging international customers is primitive. Morse code primitive. They require scanned copies of your credit card be faxed or E-mailed to them before they'll do the order. They appear to be afraid of catching up with the rest of the internet. I've done three orders with GC, all cancelled because of their backward methods of payment and getting the product to me.

If this has changed in the past year, then by all means correct me, but that's my experiences with them. Great people, and were very attentive to my E-mails, but ass-backwards when it comes to the internet and the 21st century.

LunaHound wrote:*Did i mention how much i hate customs here? $72 custom fee from my last order.

Something you might want to check Luna is the threshold on import duty. I cannot claim to know how it works in Canadia (), but here in Oz once you import goods equal to or over AUD$1000, you get charged import duty. Whenever we do big group orders we tend to split them up so that they are worth less than $1000, even if in total they're worth more. During the last Warstore Black Friday sale I even got Neal to hold off sending my second order for a week so that they would arrive separately, thereby allowing me to avoid the attention of customs and be stuck paying $300+ in import duty.

So I'd check that to see if there's some sort of threshold before customs charge you for anything.

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Paints and most of my hobby supplies, I get at my FLGS along with the blisters, one offs and newer stuff that it's harder to find a good deal on on eBay. I'm sufficiently cheap that normally I'd probably not even do that, but I like buying local when I can afford to and I do play in the tourneys at the shop. They've put together a nice group of folks to play with, so I've no issue giving them some business.

For the stuff that falls into the category of things I just don't want to or simply won't pay full price for (like my Witch Hunters army), it's largely an eBay adventure.

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

The WarStore, or wherever's cheapest.

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The Webway Gate in California

I buy some of the more pricier things at the WarStore.
I only buy a few things at GW store it way too crowded in that little store. I buy stuff at Game Empire. They are very nice and helpful.

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Chino Hills, CA

Now normally I pay retail (Gasp!) But now, seeing as how I'm starting my Daemonhunters in full force (I've payed about roughly $23 for 5 Grey Knight Terminators [painted, but easy to remedy] Inquisitor Coteaz, a Grey Knight Justicar and a Grey Knight Dreadnought with Lascannon [AoBR conversion]) I'm hoping to head over to a store that sells everything for a good 20% off.

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Lorgar's_Blessed wrote:Pegasus Hobbies in Claremont, California. They offer a 20% off discount year-round on their GW EVERYTHING, including paints and other such garb.

That's exactly where I'm planning to get my Daemonhunter stuff.

A bit OT, but can you PM me the Address?

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Some people play to win, some people play for fun. Me? I play to kill toy soldiers.

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Commissar Molotov wrote:I pay full price at my friendly local gaming store - the owner runs a comics shop, but he keeps a LOT of GW stock and has multiple gaming tables with nice scenery. He's a long-time historical and fantasy (and 40K!) gamer, and an all-around nice guy. He runs a nice family place where 8-year olds, old geezers like me, and tattooed and pierced punks can all rub elbows and have a good time without anybody being traumatized...

I figure it's worth paying full price to have access to a nice hobby setting like that!

I may need to move. The situation is pretty bleak around here.

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Twisted Trueborn with Blaster

Maelstorm for the win.
So quick and so cheap.
Sometimes I buy from LGS and from GW if I go there (like from London, particulary because pound is cheap, at least was back then).

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Andy Hoare

Vancouver, British Columbia

I never buy at online shops unless they have something that I can't get at an independent retailer or a GW (which they never do). I always buy at an Independent Retailer if there's one in the area, but if not, I buy at a GW brick and mortar shop.

I like to play games at shops, and thus like to keep them around.

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Fresh-Faced New User

United Kingdom

I generally buy stuff from miniaturesbypost.com, it's 25% off, if they don't have anything like Direct sales minis i just buy from my local independent stockist for 10% off.
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Lady of the Lake

nyyman wrote:Maelstorm for the win.
So quick and so cheap.


I have no FLGS, just two GWs XD
I still buy all paints from them though and cheaper stuff like Crisis Suits and Blisters.

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Elite Tyranid Warrior

Birmingham UK

swbruni wrote: I was at GW And bought the planet strike White Dwarf and it was $9.00 ......Thats alot I thought $3.00 increase ???
Where do you buy your stuff ?? I just cant see paying full price for there stuff....

This is about the cheapest I've found.
Not sure about the shipping to America though.

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Morgan Hill, CA

AtraAngelis wrote:The Warstore FTW!

I concur with this wholeheartedly. Neal from the Warstore knows exactly what Customer Service means. Great prices too.

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