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Made in us
Fighter Pilot

Found my Typhus model from a few months back that i had gotten from a friend. Never thought i would get around to painting him, so i did last night as a fun speed paint. I used mostly Vallejo and P3 on him with a little GW mixed in. Here is my 2 and a half hour speed paint of Typhus.
[Thumb - IMAG1695.jpg]
Typhus Front

[Thumb - IMAG1697.jpg]
Typhus Back

[Thumb - IMAG1699.jpg]
Typhus Side

Made in gb
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

Scottish Highlands

Firstly, I'd like to say- Congratulations with the High school graduation!

Moving swiftly on... I have really come to love your Imperial Guard colour scheme! It works well, and is very effective!
The GS work is a nice touch and adds a lot of character.
Good luck in any future projects!

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"My good blade carves the casques of men,
My tough lance thrusteth sure,
My strength is as the strength of ten,
Because my heart is pure." - Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem, Sir Galahad  
Made in us
Shas'ui with Bonding Knife

Concord CA

Nice army, the pj is amazing!

I will...never be a memory 
Made in us
Fighter Pilot

Im painting my friends dark eldar army, its all infantry and here is what i did in about two days.
[Thumb - IMAG1702.jpg]
Dark Eldar

[Thumb - IMAG1703.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG1704.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG1705.jpg]

Made in us
Secretive Dark Angels Veteran

You are a really good painter. Great eye for colors.
Made in us
Fighter Pilot

Here is one of my other commissions I spent time working on yesterday. It's a circle warpwolf for a friend of mine.

Thank you all for the comments I appreciate everyone of them.
[Thumb - IMAG1708.jpg]
WiP Warpwolf

[Thumb - IMAG1709.jpg]
WIP warpwoft II

[Thumb - IMAG1711.jpg]
WIP warpwolf Ice Blade

Made in us
Fighter Pilot

Finished my Brits up today, my entire 6th paratroopers company and some of their support options whether it be the DD armored platoon or my Cromwell MK IV unit, here is the finished product.

It feels nice though to finish the entire thing, was a good feeling to be done!

It took roughly 3 days worth of work, a platoon a day and the tanks were easily finished within an hour and a half for them all.
[Thumb - IMAG1718.jpg]
The 6th all togther

[Thumb - IMAG1723.jpg]
Some of the chaps

[Thumb - IMAG1726.jpg]
different view

[Thumb - IMAG1727.jpg]
Better view

Made in us
Fighter Pilot

Some update as to where I have been. The past three weeks have been spent assembling my new bathroom in my upstairs. I havent had gak all time to paint anything let alone have any kind of social life those weeks. I had also been working on getting my college schedule in order as well for the first Fall semester in a few weeks.

It was my birthday on Friday, after getting all of my college stuff sorted out I took a long break from painting as i felt that i was going no where with it so I just stopped plain and simple. My weekend was fun. Went to a convention with one of my friends on Saturday after some work at my house. Spent almost the entire day out having fun.

Here is a model I got for the game War Gods of Aegyptus, I chose Anubis as he is my favorite god and i really do like the models. I will be returning to updating this blog regularly as my schedule becomes concrete and I actually have time to paint my own stuff.
[Thumb - IMAG1734.jpg]
Anubi Standard Bearer

[Thumb - IMAG1737.jpg]
Anubi Standard Bearer Back

Made in us
Fighter Pilot

Well, its been a while again as i haven't really posted 40k stuff of my own in a while, here is what I've got going on. I picked up the new box set for 40k and the cultists are hands down my favorite part of it and they will fit well with my cultists from Forgeworld though these ones didn't cost an arm and a leg as I split the box with a friend of mine.

Here are some of the cultists I worked on today. So much fun to work on.

Now with the new starter box being so good I have decided to get back to chaos though slowly and it will mostly be a guard detachment as a slaneesh cult and my marines will be that of the flawless host. I am very excited to paint up new chaos stuff in hopes that it will be a lot better then my previous chaos army.
[Thumb - IMAG0043.jpg]
Melee cultist

[Thumb - IMAG0051.jpg]
Melee Cultist Front

[Thumb - IMAG0046.jpg]
Slaneesh Cultist

[Thumb - IMAG0050.jpg]
Slaneesh Cultist Back

[Thumb - IMAG0047.jpg]
Clubber Jack Front

[Thumb - IMAG0048.jpg]
Clubber Jack Back

Made in us
Fighter Pilot

Worked on creating my Slaneesh Champion for an upcoming story campaign for my local store. I used the new cultist champion as the basis because ive got three of them and happy I converted him using gray stuff and a lot of spare bits.

Here he is.
[Thumb - IMAG0061.jpg]
Azarak Magast, Champion of Slaneesh WiP

[Thumb - IMAG0058.jpg]
Azarak Magast, Champion of Slaneesh WiP Front

Made in us
Fighter Pilot

I've really gotten into building up my cult troops and militia for my other guard army. I put in a lot of time trying to make the cultists I've got into an interesting unit. I want them to have a lot of character. It's nice to have the cultists because they compliment my vraks renegades I had for so long.

I plan of finishing them as the bulk of my guard and having them ready for an upcoming campaign I'm playing in. It will be fun fielding a true chaos army of militia and cultists.
[Thumb - IMAG0077.jpg]
militia squad alpha WiP

[Thumb - IMAG0067.jpg]
the Arnak Greznov militia

[Thumb - IMAG0069.jpg]
WiP Magnus Assault Tank (thunderer siege tank)

[Thumb - IMAG0075.jpg]
Enforcer Derrik WiP

[Thumb - IMAG0075.jpg]
enforcer Derrik WiP shot 2

Made in us
Shas'ui with Bonding Knife

Concord CA


I will...never be a memory 
Made in us
Fighter Pilot

Focus seems to be something I couldn't do for the past few months, but now that I am getting my life in order and my own stuff organized, I decided to get into a one army sort of deal with 40k. I traded off my marines and sold off my orks and now I am left with over 10k in imperial guard, both renegade and Imperial.

Being that I was in a more colorful mood aside from my regular drabs, I went into even more of a pastel pallet. Much of what I am doing now is bright and colorful. I think my armies needed a pick me up in their mood. Makes me feel better when I put a crazy assorted militia onto the table and people go, hey look at all the guardsmen who look different from one another and have a lot of detail, what a crazy guy!

Here is the stuff I have been working on for the past few months, thanks to the dark vengeance box release and some good trades and splits I now have over 80 something cultists in my cult army.

Here is some of the stuff I have been doing, experimenting with new flesh tones, adding custom plasticard armor which is a new thing for me and is amazing to work with. I have been customizing weapons as well. One of my militiamen is carrying a plasma fusilier. A weapon I read about when looking up the Hrud.

This army will be able to be played with all the imperial guard dexes and supplemental when I am finished except for the Krieg one of course though, as they are for another time.

Now to some pictures!
[Thumb - IMAG0091.jpg]
Painting wall all organized next to my desk

[Thumb - IMAG0095.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0096.jpg]
Custom plasma gunners with my WiP purple and pink plasma

[Thumb - IMAG0098.jpg]
Finished Brothers of the Pyre squad

[Thumb - IMAG0099.jpg]
WiP troops

[Thumb - IMAG0101.jpg]
WiP Turret emplacement

[Thumb - IMAG0108.jpg]
This guy is from my first forgeworld order way back when

[Thumb - IMAG0103.jpg]
Plasma Fusilier

[Thumb - IMAG0111.jpg]
More crap to work on

[Thumb - IMAG0106.jpg]
Scrapper Pete

[Thumb - IMAG0112.jpg]
Combat shields

[Thumb - IMAG0116.jpg]
Pastel pallet

[Thumb - IMAG0105.jpg]
Heavy Flamer and Stubber

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Made in us
Fighter Pilot

It is time to turn this thread over to chaos as that is really what I have been working on. Its been a few weeks worth of work and I am finally happy with it too. Being that I have had a rough few weeks and my Uncle and my Grandmother passing, its been hard for me to work on my stuff. Though they have passed and it has been hard I have used some of this grieving time to occupy myself with painting to help myself cope.

Here is what i finished last night, the Sons of the Pyre Chaos Clan. The whole army for me will be made up of a bunch of different Cult Warbands and clans from the wastes. I still have to decide on what planet they come from...

Here though, take these pictures!

I really would like critique too it would be most beneficial.
[Thumb - IMAG0118.jpg]
Sons of the Pyre First wave.

[Thumb - IMAG0120.jpg]
Another shot

[Thumb - IMAG0122.jpg]
Plasma Gunner

[Thumb - IMAG0121.jpg]
Gunner Harro

[Thumb - IMAG0127.jpg]
Shot 2

[Thumb - IMAG0128.jpg]

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Madison, WI

I really like the way you've handled your guard. It's an excellent color scheme, well executed. Kind of reminds me of the way some of my best eldar figures look, which were painted long ago but with great care. I like the Typhus figure a lot, but I think he would benefit from some kind of contrast within the color scheme. I love the browns and greens, wouldn't change that at all... but it needs something to make it pop a bit. Perhaps something on the weapon. The rust color is great, but some other kind of corrosion, some other color... would help make the figure stand out & be memorable.

Great job all-round!

Made in us
Fighter Pilot

Thank you for the critiques, i appreciate it. Good to have some feedback from the experienced end of the painting field too.

Made in gb
Jovial Plaguebearer of Nurgle


The purple on your plasma guns looks fantastic.

Did you know? The Reach belongs to the Forsworn. 
Made in us
Fighter Pilot

I'll be posting new stuff up later when I get outa class. I am working on the bodyguards unit at the moment.

Made in us
Fighter Pilot

Update of the day is from my main idea for this chaos battle group.

-Have a group of clans depending on weapons and equipment.
-For example, I want my army to be made up of a lot of little chaos war clans and marauder groups who aren't necessarily chaos.
-The Sons of the Pyre are my main battle group, hence the orange uniforms. Each group will specialize in specific roles for my army. The Sons are the main shooting group for my army and make up the bulk of the shooting group. Their only real support roles for the army are their use of auto cannons. The war band has raided several large storehouses for heavy weapons.

-The Done Sharks (Yellow troopers)

Their main purpose in my army is the assault unit with all close combat roles. They employ Ogryns for their forces and are low on the shooting end. They also employ Chimeras and mortar teams for cover fire. Lots of home made flamers and shotguns.

-Heroks Bruisers (Purple)

The unit is a high tech band of marauders and techno barbarians. The Bruisers specialize in special weapons. They buy weapons and sell them on the black market so they have access to some special equipment.
-Plasma guns and all that.

Xarax Looters (Red and Dark Gray)

-Tanks and infiltrating troopers.

Timbera's Riders (Black armor and green cloth and emblems.)

-Cavalry and fast attack.
-Also has a good command structure for outflanking units. Specialize in melta weapons too.

That is my plan and emblems for each war band will follow. I just need some time to draw them up on my tablet and i will throw them up for you all to see.

Here is some of the stuff i was working on today.

Also going to swap out the head on my War-band leader too, not liking it. I have a better idea for it too.
[Thumb - IMAG0129.jpg]
Beat up shield

[Thumb - IMAG0130.jpg]
Dune Shark Command Squad, WiP

[Thumb - IMAG0131.jpg]
Warband Leader Drax of the Dune Sharks

Made in us
Shas'ui with Bonding Knife

Concord CA

Wow all those conversions are coming out great!

I will...never be a memory 
Made in hk
Krazy Grot Kutta Driva

Hong Kong

It all looks great!

I was wondering what happened to the Ogryn proxies though, are you going to paint them? I would love to see what they look like once they are finished!


Check out my Orks WIP blog 'ere http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/451845.page
Painting, and modeling models, not armies.
Made in us
Fighter Pilot

Im thinking of redoing them tomorrow when I get up, but Ive been so busy working on my main infantry sections that I had almost forgotten about them. Thank you for reminding me.

Made in hk
Krazy Grot Kutta Driva

Hong Kong

Haha, NP, I am excited to see how they turn out! And about infantry... I feel your pain, da' boyz I have left to paint... ugh


Check out my Orks WIP blog 'ere http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/451845.page
Painting, and modeling models, not armies.
Made in us
Fighter Pilot

I am a little more then 1/3 of the way through my basic infantry. I just keep making new guys to fill in the ranks though.

Made in us
Fighter Pilot

Played a theme match tonight at my local store, it was a lot of fun. It was a space marine special force going in to take out a chaos cult in a desert town. It went well too because we had 3 sets of tokens to represent the possible spots my chaos could appear out of. I also played an assault on a castle match too which was a lot of fun too. Nothing is more fun then a theme game. I took worker rabble in my list too for the sake of themes.
[Thumb - IMAG0147.jpg]
cult in the town

[Thumb - IMAG0148.jpg]
the town

[Thumb - IMAG0149.jpg]
he found me!

[Thumb - IMAG0151.jpg]
the gate house is mine

[Thumb - IMAG0153.jpg]
take them out

[Thumb - IMAG0157.jpg]
defenders of the keep

Made in us
Fighter Pilot

I got a box of CSM's last night after looking through my chaos guard entry from the Vraks book, i forgot i could have a few squads of them in my list as well as.

Go figure I chose the Pyre, an orange CSM warband go figure. I am happy with this choice though as I mostly paint with Orange anyways so this is good. Gives me an incentive to get back into my Chaos Marines slowly.

I also gray stuffed bolter silencers and drum magazines too. Just for fun and the fact that my friend was making some custom regular space marines too.
[Thumb - IMAG0166.jpg]
Magnus Pattern Assault Bolter

[Thumb - IMAG0162.jpg]
Brother Imergus

[Thumb - IMAG0165.jpg]
Special Custom weapons

[Thumb - IMAG0168.jpg]
Brother Greznos

[Thumb - IMAG0170.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0172.jpg]
Champion Marth

Made in us
Fighter Pilot

I am up to 42 painted cultists so here is an set of images from tonight's work and a group shot!
[Thumb - IMAG0186.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0181.jpg]
The new Militia

[Thumb - IMAG0180.jpg]
Some of the Chaps

[Thumb - IMAG0173.jpg]
big shot, disregard the mess

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Madison, WI

That's impressive progress mbz... keep 'em coming!

Made in us
Fighter Pilot

Thank you, ill be posting more up tonight when i get home, busy day today for me.

Made in gb
Sinister Chaos Marine

Bristol UK

Nice blog....

You thinking of using the Minotaurs as Ogryns? if so awesome idea

Keep up the good work *nods*

"Ooh, a big flashy lighty thing! Big flashy lighty things have got me written all over them. Not actually, but give me time. And a crayon!" ...

1 inquisitor, not even a inquisitor lord, and the other 2955pts went into orbital bombardment lance strikes.
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