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[PICS] VERTICAL ENVELOPMENT - Grot Kan Wall vs Tau - Panic vs ArbitorIan - 1500pts  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Three Color Minimum

Panama City, fl

I love the concept of clear bases, bravo on that.
I did notice that the bases of the broadsides are the wrong size, though. with the 60mm base thay should have now, would they have been able to fit on that bastion?

Dark angels 70/100 of deathwing, 50/100 ravenwing, 80-100 3rd company
IG +6k pts
and a sampling of different armies
warmachine, 40-50 points of:
protectorate, legion, and convergence armies 
Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Thy wouldn't, but the rule is to use the base size the models come with.

I've never been a fan of rebasing models every time a new codex comes out - I still use Greater Daemons on 40mm square bases!!

Made in it
Flashy Flashgitz


Awesome reports man keep them up.

How do the fireblades preform compared to other HQ's? are they only worth it if taking an ethereal at this point level and higher?

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Water-Caste Negotiator

This is a great read, thank you so much for sharing!

 Goat wrote:
CountCyrus wrote:
Who gets first blood?

Khorne. Khorne always gets first blood. Always...
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