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For the benefit of those who don't/won't buy GW, how do these new products compare to those offered by Vallejo or other manufacturers?
Anyone made a comparison test, or have experience of other brands?

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Chrissy_J wrote:
For the benefit of those who don't/won't buy GW, how do these new products compare to those offered by Vallejo or other manufacturers?
Anyone made a comparison test, or have experience of other brands?

The Blood one looks worse than using Tamiya clear red or similar. The cracked earth looks similar to the Crackle medium I linked earlier, just 10x the cost. The others don't seem to be anything not replicable easily and cheaper elsewhere.
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I'm interested in the Blood effect and the Typhus paint.


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Glasgow, Scotland

I just tried out BFTBG last night and am very impressed. It dries with a glossy, wet effect and looks quite good.

I think these paints are very useful to beginners to weathering and the like. I certainly appreciate them and I think I have founds a great use for the Agrellan Earth- basing my Baledrake! Paint the base in this stuff and spray black along the centre, as if its been burnt solid like that. Then flock or something along the edges where the black isn't.

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A few comparison shots on my Khorne Marines, before and after

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I tried out a few of these last night (no pics yet sorry).

My thoughts so far:

Ryza Rust - Pretty much sand + Troll Slayer orange! It is good in conjunction with Typhus Corrosion for a quick and dirty weathered look but I reckon I'll be sticking to the Secret Weapon Rust / Weathering powders for most of my work.

Nihilakh Oxide - Is a great colour and sits nicely in the crevices and thins out well giving a pretty good effect! I'm definitely going to be using this on a lot of my buildings and statues.

Typhus Corrosion - Gives a quick dirty/oily look that really does go well with Ryza Rust. I can see it going all over my tanks and dreadnaughts.

BFTBG & Nurgle's Rot - Can't wait to use these on my Zombicide minis!!

Get your models on the table and looking good!

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Crackle medium has been around for years. You can get a pretty big bottle for like 15 aud.

Only one I see myself using is most likely the blood one as the tamiya mix I use ATM is a bit more tricky. In all pretty cool stuff.

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Trial and Error was the best way to find the look you may want to achieve.

To achieve the following look I used:
Games-Workshops Citadel Texture: Astrogranite. I let it set till it was tacky to the touch then I put Games-Workshops Citadel Technical: Agrellan Earth on top of it. You coat it with a medium-thick coating all over. To achieve the large cracks you load the paint on it, almost like puddles. As the two dry together the cracks and cracking effect forms. May take over night. In the morning you may need to apply a thin coating on areas that no cracking occurred to get the smaller crackles.

On the flight base I glued rocks on the base before adding the layers of both paints.

Tell me what you think.

Sorry that the pictures are not great.
[Thumb - 2014-03-06 00.53.38.jpg]
Base 1

[Thumb - 2014-03-06 00.54.05.jpg]
Base 2

[Thumb - 2014-03-06 00.56.39.jpg]
Base 3

[Thumb - 2014-03-06 00.56.49.jpg]
Base 4

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Ghastly Grave Guard

Cambridge, UK

Wow, that looks pretty sweet. Definitely the effect that I think they're going for.

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Death-Dealing Devastator

New Mexico

When I saw this thread I got excited, then I realized it was from last year and that I already own several of these paints haha. Your bases do look nice though!
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Nice work though, do feel free to start a thread with your work

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