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Made in pl
Dakka Veteran

This weekend one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) Polish sci-fi/fantasy convention - Pyrkon - is being held at Poznań city. You can see some of our terrains finished for some games at the convention.

Telegraph poles: http://puppetswar.com/product.php?id_product=407

Double Telegraph poles: http://puppetswar.com/product.php?id_product=408

Wooden Fence: http://puppetswar.com/product.php?id_product=332

Stone Wall: http://puppetswar.com/product.php?id_product=335

Iron Fence: http://puppetswar.com/product.php?id_product=412

Heavy Artillery craters:http://puppetswar.com/product.php?id_product=348

Light artillery craters: http://puppetswar.com/product.php?id_product=347

Dragon's Teeth: http://puppetswar.com/product.php?id_product=281

Roads made from our sets, like the crossroads set: http://puppetswar.com/product.php?id_product=406

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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User


I was concerned with puppetwars quality, so I ordered a batch of conversion bits I was interested in to test it. The detail was as good as the pic, and out of the ~24 pieces, none had any problems, and the mold lines were minimal. I'll be ordering more fore sure.
Made in us
Swamp Troll

San Diego

I bought the Enforcer robot and some conversion bits. The bits were the cyborg invader heads.. they were too small for heroic 28mm so they're just waiting to be used as scrap on whatever but the Enforcer is nice quality. I've had previous customer service issues with Puppetswar and delivery times were insane but my second order was faster. It was the Enforcer I mentioned and it was missing key components. They were dispatched fairly quickly.

What I'm trying to say, quality is pretty high. Not the highest but it's up there. Customer service/shipping/order accuracy however.. I don't know.. hopefully they are taking the business aspects more seriously but I haven't had the funds for another order to test it out.

Made in pl
Dakka Veteran

Last weekend the biggest Polish sci-fi/fantasy convention was being held at Poznań, Pyrkon 2015. Part of our terrain range of kits was used on games tables. Here are some photos showing mainly our newest model, Ruined Cathedral, in all its glory. It is accompanied by our fences and walls, roads, craters, etc.

Ruined Cathedral kit is available here: http://puppetswar.com/product.php?id_product=417

Made in us
Ultramarine Master with Gauntlets of Macragge

Boston, MA

Oh wow, that Cathedral kit really looks stellar! The metal fences are really nice too; I was planning on making a ruined park for my urban table! Thanks for posting the scale shots too.

Check out my Youtube channel!
Made in au
Fixture of Dakka


That's really quite nice.

A great centre piece for any table top.

Made in gb
Da Head Honcho Boss Grot


Bother versions look rather splendid nice kits indeed
Made in pt
Longtime Dakkanaut


Wow... that table looks amazing.

"Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! These are the truths of this world! Surrender to these truths, you pigs in human clothing!" - Satsuki Kiryuin, Kill la Kill 
Made in pl
Dakka Veteran

Just a short reminder here. We are currently running our first monthly painting competition. You may win 66 EUR voucher for buying products from our store by simply taking photo or photos of our painted miniatures and models.
I will remind rules:
- Take photo of photos of some Puppets War models painted by you.
- Send them using this e-mail address - communitypuppetswar@gmail.removeit.com
- Wait for the end of montly competition...
... when we will announce a winner. This first contest will run till the end of May (so there is still a lot of time to paint something) and a winner will be announced in the first week of JUne. Selected photos may be used by our company (we would like to show them on our website, here and on some selected forums).
One more thing - please take photos of only our models or scratch-built ones from our bits.
Photo of this lovely 'Flying Coffin' - Orcoplane was sent to us by Adrian. What are You waiting for? Now it's your turn


Made in us
Terminator with Assault Cannon


SickSix's Silver Skull WIP thread
My Youtube Channel
JSF wrote:... this is really quite an audacious move by GW, throwing out any pretext that this is a game and that its customers exist to do anything other than buy their overpriced products for the sake of it. The naked arrogance, greed and contempt for their audience is shocking.
= Epic First Post.
Made in pl
Dakka Veteran

Few more photos of game tables made from our products, which were used during Pyrkon 2015. This time we would like to show more detailed shots of our walls, fences, roads...


Wooden Fence...

Iron Fence...

Stone Wall

Made in pl
Dakka Veteran

With all the hype about our recent Ruined Cathedral release, it is easy to forget that we make other models too. One of my favourites is Cyber bike presented below. I really like scorpion-like look of it.
You can find it here:

Made in gb
Tunneling Trygon

Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

I have seen that bike before, but I'd never noticed the face. It's... very strange.

Anyway, I bought an Enforcer Battlewalker from Puppetswar in November, I think. Flawless quality and cast in nicely solid, weighty resin. The only reason I haven't built it is because I've been meaning to scratchbuild a sort of universal shoulder mount to fit Contemptor, Decimator, and Castraferrum weapons. What this requires is effort, which I'm terrible at.

Sieg Zeon!

Selling TGG2! 
Made in pl
Dakka Veteran

Ruined Cathedral and Ruined Chapel, which were released a week ago, turned out to be quite popular amongst our fans. This time we would like to show something similar, but in more pristine condition. Ladies and gentlemen, let me show you photos of upcoming Cathedral.
Please bear in mind that this model is not available YET.

This atmospheric shot shows details of the interior of the cathedral.

Here you can see how the roof is built. As the Ruined Cathedral, this model will be customizable by simple adding or leaving some walls and roof parts.
Made in us
Camouflaged Zero


The cathedral really is gorgeous, very atmospheric. Looks like a great centerpiece, maybe for Malifaux.

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." -Napoleon

Malifaux: Lady Justice
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Made in gb
Da Head Honcho Boss Grot


Damn that looks awesome I love the realism you have added to this kit, the interior is great the beams and floor tiling just brilliant.

I have a few things on my to buy list but you keep upping my list, I need a small fortune at this rate
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Awww come on you said last week you were going to release it this week, I really want it and I have hobby money and I'm not afraid to use it.

Seriously it looks amazing and will make a great center piece my warmachine table, in fact if you could do some resin buildings to go with it that would be great.

A style somewhere between victorian and traditional fantasy would be great

Your last point is especially laughable and comical, because not only the 7th ed Valkyrie shown dumber things (like being able to throw the troopers without parachutes out of its hatches, no harm done) - Irbis 
Made in us
Primered White


Wow. I have never been so tempted to buy terrain before. That pristine cathedral is beautiful. I'm more committed to actually creating that gaming table I've always talked about. This would be the centerpiece.

Salamanders 2nd Company [SM]: 500pts (painted)
Bad Moons [Orks]: 2,200pts (painted) 
Made in au
Destructive Daemon Prince

Melbourne .au

I'd love to see detailed photos of (regular Dakka-ite') people's actual received orders. Advertising Showroom and reviewer's copies are always going to be treated much more kindly than "normal" customers' stuff. I've always loved Puppetswar's designs, but having been bitten hard by poor shipping (over a month to ship), communication (email replies taking weeks) and appalling casting in the past (I eventually got replacement parts, which were also riddled with issues - the whole lot has been sitting untouched in a plastic tub for two full years now as I just gave up on it all. A lot of wasted time, money and hassle. With this in mind, I'd be very hesitant to order again until I see a lot of trustworthy current feedback. I am heartened a little by the rep stepping back up to Dakka, so let's hope it plays out far better than before and that their game has been lifted now.

I really. really hope so, since I'd consider PW's designs to overall be the best of the Not-40k manufacturers for Imperial and Necron stuff.

Made in pl
Dakka Veteran

@Azazelx. We are trying very hard to improve quality of our casts and models. Resin casting has its flaws, probability of some miscasts is one of them. But really - we are trying to minimize such incidents.

And...Take a look at our this week releases

Cathedral and Chapel
Two eagerly awaited new terrain models are available today:

And Chapel

Both are excellent resin 28mm scale models, perfect for centerpieces of your wargaming table. Both buildings have holes for magnets, which makes reshaping them or making smaller or bigger a breeze! Photos show details of both releases and their scale in comparison to our miniature.

Remember, you can also find ruined versions of both new releases in our webstore. One more information. If the volume of sales will be right, we will probably make interior furniture for these buildings, ie. sculptures, benches, altar, etc.

Made in us
Dakka Veteran

So a heroic scale person can't even look in the windows?
Made in us
Been Around the Block

skarsol wrote:
So a heroic scale person can't even look in the windows?

The resin floor seems thick enough to get them tall enough but why would you go for the complete cathedral if you aren't going to fill the windows with stained glass?
Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

Wiltshire, UK

skarsol wrote:
So a heroic scale person can't even look in the windows?

Thats about the right size to be honest, the Cathedral where I live is the same in that the windows start about 6ft from the ground.

Made in gb
Da Head Honcho Boss Grot


Yes it is right Lincoln cathedral is the same great stuff as soon as I can afford it I will be getting one ...... maybe both.

I will say that my last order was of good casting and the quality was very good, so I think the game on the casting side has been lifted.
[Thumb - 100_1461.JPG]

Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Ordered a chapel will see what it's like and will put a review up once it arrives.

But if I am happy I will pick up a cathedral next month.

Your last point is especially laughable and comical, because not only the 7th ed Valkyrie shown dumber things (like being able to throw the troopers without parachutes out of its hatches, no harm done) - Irbis 
Made in pl
Dakka Veteran

Real cathedrals (and gothic churches) were built with windows set very high from the floor. We have had to take some liberty with the height of the resin model of course but windows position is accurate.

And now something completely different. Take a look at some of our future releases. Three photos shown here depicts upcoming new models for our Insectoid Swarm faction.
We'd like to take this opportunity to ask two questions: what kind of models for this faction You, our clients, want? What do You want to be released next? Please, describe some your Insectoid Swarm dreams, maybe some of them will come true

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

So the insectoid swarm is just a biological version of the Cyber arthropod / arachnid force? Same models, different skins?

Since you ask, my preference would be to see completely new model designs.
Made in nz
Longtime Dakkanaut

New Zealand

Hmm, I like the idea of biological models compatible with the machine models, because of the potential conversion crossover with cybernetic mutations and 'cross-breeding'.
Made in us
Thermo-Optical Tuareg


I actually kind of like the idea of having organic and mechanical versions.

I'd like to see some kind of bipedal insect though.

Made in us
Storm Trooper with Maglight


Those insectoid guys remind me of these a bit, and you can bet I'll pick some up for some conversion work..


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