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Well spotted Waaazag and Nevelon!
The bikes are a kitbash of scout bikes and a few bits from the normal bike set. If you look closely you will see that the frontal bolters are from the normal marine bike kit (they are a bit shorter and more compact which I liked, so I used those)

The frontal armour plate with the flanges is, like Nevelon said, from the scout bike kit. I did trim it down a little at the bottom to make it look less bulky.
Another big change from the standard kit is that I completely got rid of the bottom plate where the rider would rest his feet on. This was actually necessary, because the foot plates from the two kits don't line up, so power-armored marines would not be able to reach them (oddly enough, you'd think it should be the other way around, but apparently scout legs are longer than marines xD) So instead of using the stock bitz, I converted a special bottom part with much smaller pedals at the right angle for the marine's feet. This part was so simple that I could make a single piece mold of it and duplicate it. It snaps into the bottom of the bike like the standard plate would, but gives the bike a lot more ground clearance than usual. I found this to be one of the things that bugged me most about the standard kit: there's no way a biker could lean into a turn without crashing, since the foot plate would invariably catch on the ground

I'll make sure to take some WIP pics when building the third bike so you can see what I mean.

Other than that, the bikes are left mostly standard, with only a minimal amount of cutting and filing to make the parts of the two different sets fit together snugly.

Anyways, thanks for your comments guys, I really appreciate the feedback!

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Austria, Segmentum Solar

Hello again!

Today I want to show you how I convert/kitbash my scout bikes into regular marine bikes!

First off, let's take a look at the custom baseplate with the pedals that I talked about in the last post:

The mold is made from 'Instant mold', a type of silicone that gets soft when heated. To cast the bit, I used 'Magic Sculp' two part resin putty. I find it perfectly suitable, because initially it is softer than regular greenstuff, but as it hardens (which only takes a few hours) it becomes much harder than greenstuff. The only drawback is that it is also more brittle, so it can shatter if you exert too much pressure, or if you drop your mini later on.

You may wonder why I didn't just build such a simple piece from plastic scraps or from plasticard, since I only had to make three. However, this way I can be sure the parts are all pretty much exactly the same and, more importantly, they are one solid piece of resin that wont come apart. Note that the bits don't turn out this perfect right out the mold: What you see here is the end result of some cleanup cutting and filing.

Here you can see the test fitting of the floor plate. I use simple poster glue. It comes off easily and is basically reusable forever.

Here you see the bottom part actually glued in place. Since it was based upon the original stock part, it's still a pretty snug fit! Note that the latches on the front of the fork were cut down to about half their length, just like the top studs for the handlebars. This ensures a more snug fit during assembly later on.

This image shows the increased ground clearance of the converted bikes. This way, the rider can lean much further into a sharp turn without flipping his bike!
Now that the pedals were on, I got to work on the back of the bike: Time to drill out the exhausts!

In my experience, there is no better drill than an X-Acto blade. This might sound weird, but so far I have managed to drill out all my gun barrels, exhaust ports etc with a knife, and the results were always stunning. The advantage over a standard drill bit is that, when using a sharp, pointy knife you get to pinpoint the exact center of the hole without sliding off. Also, you can slightly adjust the angle and location of the hole by holding the knife at the appropriate angle while drilling. If you want to see a video-tutorial on this technique, follow this YouTube-link: https://youtu.be/OU_u9-UV79I
Don't get me wrong, drills do have their uses, like pinning and the like, but when it comes to drilling holes into plastic guns, there's nothing better than a knife. Don't even take my word for it! Try it out on the next mini you make and let me know the results! Just make sure you have a fresh, sharp and pointy blade when doing it, and be extra careful not to stab or cut yourself! ;D

This is what the bike looks like after adding the handle bars. Pretty nice look already! Some day I might make an Easy-Rider type miniature leaving the front plate off.

A shot of the same stage from the back to give you an idea of the proportions.

Time to move on to building the armoured fairing! These are the bits used. You may notice the plate is from the scout bike kit, but the bolters are from the regular Space marine bike set. Hence some minor alterations needed to be made to make the parts fit together.

First things first, I trimmed down the sides of the fairing a little bit to give the bike a narrower profile from the front. This is purely cosmetic and does not interfere with the parts placement at all.

The small blocks on the front however do get in the way of the normal bike's bolters, so they had to go. Through a combined effort of sprue clippers and x-acto cutting, they were carefully removed.

This spacer is meant to keep the fairing a bit further off the handlebars. I prefer a tighter fit, so I shaved it off and cleaned it up with the x-acto knife.

Time to assemble the parts!

The bolters were glued on using super glue. This is the trickiest part about the whole conversion, because you have to make sure you align the bolters perfectly in all 3 axes, lest they look crooked.

If you're patient and lucky enough, you might end up with a half-decent looking fairing. This shot was taken after cleaning up the bolters and drilling out their barrels. The buisiness end of those boltguns is probably the last thing many xeno scum have seen in their pitiful lives!
All that's left to do now is put all the parts together!

The finished product. Mind you, the fairing is not actually glued on yet. I want to be able to disassemble it for priming/painting later on. The thing is just held on, again, by poster glue.

And a final shot from the back. Now all that's left to do is come up with a good pose for the rider, glue the bike to its base and the assembly is done! I should mention that all the riders I have so far are also removable for now because it will make painting them much easier.

Anyways, I hope you found this quick walkthrough helpful. If you have any other question just ask away!

Catch you later!

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Ultramarine Master with Gauntlets of Macragge

Upstate, New York

Very nice write up on how you built those. They look a lot better then the stock bikes!

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Regular Dakkanaut

Total agreement. Proper "Heavy Metal" Bikes.

Ravenwing players will be all jealous

40K Primaris Marines: The Archangels - Blog
40K Aeldari - Craftworld: Nemisar - Blog
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Austria, Segmentum Solar

Greetings friends!

It's been a long time since my last post, and I am truly sorry about that! School is keeping me busy and painting time is limited to nonexistent. However, I do have something to show you I finished a while ago and didn't get around to uploading yet!
You may remeber from some of my earlier posts that I was working on a Company Champion for a command squad. It's a special miniature that a lot of conversion work and painting effort went into, and it's dear to my heart. Without furtther ado, let me show you who I am talking about:

As you can see, this guy is wearing custom made Mk. II Power Armor. I've just always really loved this particular design for its segmented armor plates, its beautiful retro aesthetic and its sturdy looking frame. The helmet in particular is a very awesome element in my opinion, as it was (according to older lore about the armor types) firmly attached to the torso and could not swivel in any direction. Instead, the wearer would turn his head inside the helmet and look through the large visor, his perception being aided by autosenses, tactical displays, targeting reticules and range finders integrated into the suit.
Now you may say that Mk. II power armor is outdated and no longer viable for battlefield use. However, its age along with the great look is part of the reason why I chose this design. While Mk. II is indeed a very old style of armor, it was, at the point of its inception, a design far ahead of its time. Mk III suits are still used occasionally throughout the galaxy and they are basically heavier suits of Mk. II with added frontal protection. This leads me to believe that in the right hands, a suit of venerable Mk. II Crusade armor would still be practical. This is where the other side of my argument comes in. An extremely skilled fighter might actually find that Mk. II has certain advantages over newer types of armor, which would improve his capabilities. For example, as I mentionend before, Mk. II has increased neck protection, which is an impotant factor in close combat. While the neck area may consequently be rigid and somewhat cumbersome, the rest of the armor, as stated in the lore, was actually MORE flexible than even the most recent types of power armor, albeit far more difficult to maintain. All these factors combined might lead some combat experts to actually choose Mk. II over other, newer designs if they had access to it. And in the case of my Company, my champion does.
I tried to convey the retro look as best I could in this miniature. The helmet together with its heavy collar is riveted onto the torso plate, offering maximum protection for the otherwise exposed neck area of newer marks of power armor. To achieve the style I wanted, I first went looking up some source images of classic rogue trader or early editions pewter miniatures. In My opinion, these older minis still look absolutely beautiful, apart from being a bit short in comparison to more modern space marines. Note the large vambrace on the champions left arm, which I use as the combat shield.

A picture from the right side. Here you can see the relic blade the champ carries into battle, as well as the boltpistol sidearm on his belt. Note that I have also converted a special retro backpack to go with the custom Mk. II torso. It's made of a cut down chaos space marine backpack with some greenstuff rolls attached to it. Holes were drilled into them to give the bits the impression of large exhaust vents.
On his right pauldron, the champ is proudly wearing the Ultramarines' chapter symbol.

Finally, the left side of the miniature. The left pauldron is a special bit with an imperial aquila on it. I figured this piece would go nicely with the retro look, considering this icon was more prevalent on older armor marks. On the left arm, an additional armored vambrace was attached to block or deflect incoming blows in melee. This is my proxy for the combat shields Company Champions normally get. I can't help but feel the shield GW gives us are rather huge and clunky for the small armor save they convey ingame. The vambrace was made using greenstuff, and I feel it makes the champ look much more protected especially on the side facing his enemy, while still making him look nimble which is something I really wanted to have for this close combat expert.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this and I thank you for checking out this thread.
I'll catch you later!

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Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Hello friends!

Since nobody commented last time, I'll just post the next update right here! Maybe some of you will check out the last post if you're curious!
Uni is less stressful now, so I finally managed to get some hobby stuff done again! Today I want to show you what I kept working on for my dreadnoughts. I finished three arms/weapon options that I'll be showing you:

First off, I'm proud to say I can finally show you guys the finished Spitfury Missile Launcher I converted. This is one of my favourites out of the bunch, and I take it you guys quite liked it as well

Side view of the Launcher. The part I based this on was the Furioso Dreadnought Frag Cannon. I added a SM Missile Lancher backpack which acts as a loader. Cardboard, lots of greenstuff and several bitz were used to complete the look. For the paintjob I decided I wanted to go with a more classical look since this launcher was inspired by the classic rogue trader metal dreadnought miniature. Hence I went for checker-marks on the front part of the launcher.

Front view. Take a look down the barrel and tell me what you see in there

Rear side of the launcher. I tried to hide the seams where the loader and the cannon connect. I think I did an ok job and the connection looks decently clean. I attached a hose to the loader and a bit to the back of the cannon to emulate the look of the fins visible on FW 30k missile launchers.

And this is what the Missile Launcher looks like when mounted on a dreadnought. I think the arm goes well with this miniature, and the checker-marks really set it apart from other more conventional weapon options. I’d be interested to hear your opinions!

Next up, let’s take a look at another right arm option that was also slightly converted. The Hurricane Bolter is a classic option for ironclad dreadnoughts. As you can tell, the weapon system slightly deviates from what you get in the box set.

What I did to change the look was to shorten the bolters (in the back, where the slot into their housing) to make them stick out a little less far. I think they look nicer when they are further recessed into their housing.

I also chopped off some of the techy bitz at the bottom and replaced them with an ammo feeder. This was done to reduce the bulk of the Hurricane Bolter. I think I managed to make it look a little less clunky and I’m quite happy with the result.

Normally this weapon goes on Ironclad dreadnoughts but for the picture I just used my regular dread instead.

Finally, let me show you another heavily converted arm I made and which is one of my personal favourites. The dreadnought chainfist is a left arm option.

You can probably tell that the shoulder part of this arm was taken from stock bitz, but the lower half of the arm is entirely scratchbuilt. To create it, I used thick plasticard, cardboard and greenstuff as well as the odd bit here and there.

I especially like the sleek profile of the weapon. Compared to the stock bit, this blade is much thinner and it looks more like it was actually capable of cutting through a tank or a bulkhead. The shield is a throwback to the shields present on terminator armour. Also, it gave me a place to put the chapter symbol!

Inner side of the arm. The techy/greebly bitz were made using greenstuff (except for the hose which was stolen from somewhere else ) Nice sharp sawteeth eh?

And here you can see it mounted on the dreadnought! I think this arm also goes very well with this miniature because of the pose.

With these 3 additions to my arsenal, this project is nearing completion. The only two arms left to paint are the right CCW and the Seismic Hammer left arm. I’ll get right to painting, but I’ve also got some other projects on the table because I lack impulse control when it comes to buying plastic crack xD
Anyways, this is it for now! I’d be excited to hear you opinions on what I showed you here and I hope some of you are interested in the earlier posts as well!

Thank you for checking this out! Catch you later!

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Robot Cat


Those arms came out very well. The missile launcher in particular is loads better then the stock one.
Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight


Beautiful work mate!
Made in fi
Regular Dakkanaut

Really neatly painted Ultramarines and sweet conversions! I like the mk2-inspired Champion, I'm a fan of the mk2 design too. I wish GW made a plastic set..

The Dreadnought has great posing and a nice set of weapons. My only critique would be the painting on the missile launcher. The tip is nicely modelled to look like those vintage launchers, but with the painting it looks disconnected from the rest of the model, like a piece stolen from some race car. I think this is because none of the colors/patterns are repeated on the rest of the model. Changing the black into blue could fix it, or adding black / checkers to some other areas on the model..

My P&M log here on Dakka [WIP and finished work]
My blog on Wordpress [Finished work] 
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Austria, Segmentum Solar

 GamerGuy wrote:
Beautiful work mate!

 mcmattila wrote:
Really neatly painted Ultramarines and sweet conversions! I like the mk2-inspired Champion, I'm a fan of the mk2 design too. I wish GW made a plastic set..

The Dreadnought has great posing and a nice set of weapons. My only critique would be the painting on the missile launcher. The tip is nicely modelled to look like those vintage launchers, but with the painting it looks disconnected from the rest of the model, like a piece stolen from some race car. I think this is because none of the colors/patterns are repeated on the rest of the model. Changing the black into blue could fix it, or adding black / checkers to some other areas on the model..
Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts! Mk2 are awesome, aren't they?
I agree, the dreadnought retro missile launcher does look a bit disconnected. However, the dreadnought shown here is just for display and the launcher doesn't have to go on this one. I have several dreadnought chassis, with weapon arms fully interchangeable. Also, I think it's fine if it looks a bit garish, because it's supposed to stick out as something special and rare, dating back to the rogue trader days. i don't think I will repaint the launcher cause I'm quite happy wih the paintjob. However I might add some checker marks to the ironclad dreadnought I intended the launcher for. Thanks for the idea man!

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Austria, Segmentum Solar

As part of an effort of finally getting all of my Ultramarines posted on here, let me start off today by showing you my first tactical squad. This squad was completed over a decade ago, but I never got around to taking some good pictures of it for uploading. As such, some of the paint work on some of the marines is less than stellar and does not reflect how I'd go about painting today.
The squad is led by Sergeant Otho, whose paintjob was completed this year and who is a relativley recent addition to the squad. As you may notice, some of the detail is crisper on him and the shading is smoother, since I have switched over to using washes some years ago and I really liked the results. Without further ado, let's start off:

First off, let's start with the combat squad including the actual squad leader, sergeant Yos Otho of the Second Company. Otho was added to the squad because I figured I'd prefer a shooty sergeant insted of a CC one. I rummaged through my bitz box and found a Combimelta, which was perfect because it would synergise well with the melta that was in the squad already. I messed around with some leftover bitz and some stuff I had ordered online, and quickly created a mockup. I was so pleased with the look of the combimelta that I got to painting right away.

I know it's not exactly codex-conforming to paint the helmets of sergeants white instead of red. However, I couldn't help myself with this army. I had all of the helmets painted red at some point and had to change them all because it clashed so horribly with the blue. White just goes much better with blue, even at the risk of being accused of looking a little "smurfy". Hence, only white helmets for my sergeants from then on.
Next up, the special weapon expert in the squad, wielding a Melta gun:

His armor is supposed to represent Mk.8 plate, with it's elongated collar. The rest of the Marines in the combat squad are just regular Bolter-wielding dudes, spiced up with the odd purity seal or combat rites on the armor.

The second combat squad is led by Brother Lucian Gregos.

Gregos is an esteemed Marksman and veteran of many battles who leads his brothers by example. I converted a Bolter with a scope for him because I like to break up the monotony within squads through varying armaments. Gregos' head is from a chaos lord I believe, while the arms were leftovers from the chaos space marine box.

Since Gregos' combat squad is oriented more towards ranged combat, it includes a Marine with missile launcher. I gave this guy kneeling legs from the Devastator sprue, reflecting how he would kneel down to take aim with his heavy weapon.

Next is a Marine in full Mk.6 Corvus plate. Back when I built him, the tacsquad boxes didn't come with all the necessary bitz, so some conversion work and kitbashing was required to get all the parts. Needless to say, completing a Marine in full Mk. 6 felt all the more satisfying back then.

The rest of the squad is just regular dudes once more. I tried to mix things up with some fancy painting on the armor though, to at least try and make every member a bit more of a distinct individual.

Finally, since you've seen every member in detail on its own, it's time for a group shot:

So that's it for now. I thank you for checking out this thread and I hope you enjoyed it!. Let me know what you think about these guys!
I'll catch you later!

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Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Hello again!
It’s been a long time that this thread has been silent since I was always distracted by other, newer and more exciting projects. However, I do still have a fully painted army of Ultramarines on my shelf that I desperately want to show you but never got around to actually uploading.
In another effort to get the whole army uploaded here on Dakka, I spent most of an evening taking pictures of all the painted Ultramarines I have. I will be showcasing the whole army across multiple posts, one or more units at a time.
I decided to take pictures again because I saw that the dark backdrop for the Ultramarines does weird things to the colours, and they don’t come out right on screen. Also, glare was a huge problem. So this time, I have used a white backdrop which shows the colours better, and also made sure in postprocessing that the images don’t get desaturated. By taking all the pictures at once, I hope to be able to deliver some more uniform image quality to you guys, and make sure that the units look as cohesive on screen as they do on the tabletop.
To prove to you that I am serious this time, let me just drop a recap here of all the minis shown so far. This is only the beginning, and I've got lot's more to show you. I really want to get all the Ultramarines stuff uploaded finally so I can shelve the army and move on to newer projects with 100% commitment.

Let’s start out with First Lieutenant Favian Martellus: It’s a good thing that I took new pictures, because in the first images you saw of him, he was only 95% finished (missing details on his chainsword). Also, the old pics were not taken in a lightbox AND I had Dakka auto-adjust them. Needless to say, the colours in the old pics of him didn’t match the rest. Here’s what he looks like in some better lighting:

Note that his right hand holding the Bolter was hand-sculpted since I had no other arm in the pose that I wanted. I think it came out ok, even if a little on the large side.

Initially, I was going to paint his cape red, as seen on many other Ultramarines. But when I saw how it looked, I hated it, and decided to go with a rich, dark blue instead, and I liked it a lot better. I think it also fits thematically with an army with so much blue in their heraldry. Furthermore, I decided to paint the cord holding the cape and the other decorations white instead of red. This provides a nice visual contrast to the blue and it ties the Lieutenant in with the first company that he belongs to.

Alright then, moving on to the next unit! Let me show you some new picture of Tactical Squad Otho. First up, Brother Sergeant Yos Otho himself:

Next up, the squads Meltagunner. Sorry for the first blurry image. I will replace it when I find the time.

Next up, some regular dudes:

And now, a shot of Combat Squad Otho:

Alternatively, I have another sergeant for this squad that is a little more CC-oriented with his Powerfist. Let me introduce you to Brother-Sergeant Nicodemus Lerato:

Consequently, the squad name changes to Combat Squad Lerato:

Moving on to the second half of the squad, let’s start out with Brother Lucian Gregos, leader of Combat Squad Gregos:

This guy was inspired by some cool artwork of the company command squad which I still find very epic to this and which epitomizes the hobby of 40k for me. I used a bare head from some chaos marine sprue, also I took some of their arms. I think the added bulk makes him look more imposing and it's a nice visual contrast to all the other regular guys.

The second combat squad contains a Marine with Missile Launcher:

The next Marine is clad in a full suit of Mk IV Corvus Armour. He was assembled back when tactical squad boxes didn’t have all the parts for a full suit, so I had to be a bit creative and file down the trim of the right pauldron. Back then, I was very proud of that guy.

This brings us to Combat Squad Gregos, the second half of the full Tactical squad:

Last but not least, I wanna show you some better pictures of my custom Company Champion in Mk II Heresy Armour. Let me introduce you to Honorable Brother Dax Graeme, Champion of the second Company of Ultramarines:

Alright, that's it for this recap. Now that that's out of the way, we can finally move on to some new stuff! If you like Ultramarines and are intersted in some nice conversions, stick around cause there's lots more to come! Until then, I'd still appreciate your feedback, even though these are older minis and the army is not being worked on atm. Until next time, stay safe and happy holidays!

Made in gb
Skillful Swordmaster

A great looking bunch of smurfs. The scriptures are great. I assume you managed to finish the ironclad? I look forward to seeing him in all his blue glory

Goberts Gubbins - P&M Blog, started with Oldhammer, often Blackstone Fortress and mini-Marines, Indomitus soon... hopefully! 
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Austria, Segmentum Solar

Thanks gobert! Actually, the dread is not finished, as the army is on hiatus for now I did however already have some paint on him, so let me show you now:

Arms are magnetized. Let me know what you think

Made in gb
Skillful Swordmaster

Yeah, he looks pretty good already. Is the helmet staying silver or will it be going white? I like the idea that it might’ve been his helmet before he was interred in the dreadnaught

Goberts Gubbins - P&M Blog, started with Oldhammer, often Blackstone Fortress and mini-Marines, Indomitus soon... hopefully! 
Made in at
Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Exactly gobert, that was the idea. Thouras Cordero was a higher ranking officer serving in a Devastator squad. He earned many honours there, among them the title of Siegebreaker due to his prowess with heavy weapons, ordnance and explosives. The idea is that he wore a suit of MkIII Iron armor as it was well suited for the use in slower, but heavy-hitting Devastator squads. When he was mortally wounded, Thouras was entombed in an Ironclad dreadnought's sarcophagus so he may continue fighting and obliterating the bulwarks of the enemy. The "Iron" helmet is a throwback to that and is actually meant to be his old helmet from when he still served in power armor. It is painted in blue (backside not visible in this shot) but the front grill/visor will stay silver I am thinking. Thanks for checking this out!

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Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Hello there!

Time to get some more Ultramarines posted! Today, I wanna start off with one of the first squads I finished all those years ago: my scout squad! First up is the squad’s sergeant, Eoghan Gothe. He is equipped with a powerfist and bolt pistol. The head came from some WHFB chaos sprue, I think the chaos warriors. I removed the horns and the gorget before attaching it. Check him out:

Next up is a scout I converted from some leftover catachan legs, a SM power armor torso and some regular scout bits. Take a look:

The pose can look a little weird at certain angles, as the catachan legs are a little on the short side for the scouts, but I’m still happy with the conversion as a whole.

Alright, moving on to some shotgun dudes! This guy has a head that was spliced together from a bare head and a tactical marine’s helmet. I carefully chopped the vox grill off and used it as a rebreather for this scout. As you will notice, most scouts in this squad have a rebreather, as I think this makes more sense when fighting in hostile environments. Back then, I didn’t know that the tubes around the gorget are actually there to supply the scout’s oxygen masks. This is visible on some of the old pewter scouts, but I only found out later

I’m still pretty proud of this scout’s scar and blind eye I managed to paint

Next scout w/ shotgun:

I also added the pistol grips to all the scouts holsters, to indicate that they still have them
Here comes another shotgun scout:

Finally, there was still one more scout, but I must admit I had to rip his head off at some point because I REALLY needed it for some other project… So he looks like this now:

I will have to pick up another head and fix this guy. I feel bad for ripping apart stuff that was finished, and I used to be really attached to my UM, but I just really had to have this head I will make up for it though and find him an even cooler head Seeing as this guy is not technically DONE, he won’t be included in the upcoming group shot.

Alright, time for a group shot of the scouts I have so far:

I’m kinda proud of the guys with shotguns and rebreathers, as they are distinctly different from regular scouts. What do you think about them? Let me know in the comments

Ok, moving on to the next squad. Another one I finished pretty early on, and it really shows on some of the models that they were painted in a different era and that I didn’t have as steady a hand or any help from washes back then So please keep this in mind and don’t judge my paintjobs to harshly
Let’s start out with the squad’s sergeant, as usual. This guy is equipped with a powerfist (nicked from a CSM sprue) and has some other details like a skull kneepad and a custom breastplate. I painted the helmet white since I really hated the look of the red, as explained in an earlier post.

Up next is a regular squad member. Like I said, this is one of the… less crisp paintjobs in the squad…

Next guy:

I also went the extra mile and drilled out the exhaust pipes on all the jump packs… if that is what they are supposed to be. Now I’m thinking, maybe it wasn’t worth it, as you will probably never look at the model from that angle while playing

Alright, next guy is a beakie marine. Man I love me some beakies. I always try to get the armour as close to the original Mk VI suits as possible by using the appropriate bitz. I also tried to do that on this assault marine:

And another final marine. This one, again, is not as crisp as I would like…

Which completes the five-man squad. Let’s take a look at all of them together:

Ok. So that’s the regular marines done for this time. However, I still have a few more pictures to show you.

The final model I want to show you today is actually the Captain I used for this army. Let me introduce you to Captain Camilo of the 2nd Company of Ultramarines!

Back then, the meta was to use storm shield plus relic blade and give the captain a jump pack to get him right into the fray, so this is what I decided to give him. I also added lots of decorations and embellishments to him to make it clear he’s wearing a suit of artificer armour. I’m still really proud of this guy, so I’m glad I can finally show it off to you as well

A closer look at the custom relic blade. It was made from parts of a regular power sword, some ork choppa power pack, and a terminator hand, vambrace and hilt. Also, I sculpted a big onto his right pauldron.

The back of the miniature. I added some more detail to the thrusters of the jump pack with some gothic arches and scripture. I also glued on some decorative wings and gems to the sides of the intakes.

And a closer look at the storm shield. Also, you can see that the head was altered as well. I sculpted on an additional armour plate to mimic the look of medieval helmets.
Alright, that’s all I have for this post. I hope you enjoyed the stuff I showed you today and I want to thank you for checking my stuff out. Please let me know what you think in the comments as I always appreciate your feedback. Until next time!

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Skillful Swordmaster

Not sure how much crispier they can get, the scouts and jump marines look cool. Really classic Ultras. The choppy jump captain looks really cool though, the helmet and winged jump pack are great

Goberts Gubbins - P&M Blog, started with Oldhammer, often Blackstone Fortress and mini-Marines, Indomitus soon... hopefully! 
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Austria, Segmentum Solar

Thanks again gobert! Glad you like em!

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Very crisp looking! Steady hand. Good contrast. Very classic.

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Austria, Segmentum Solar

Hello again! long post incoming

Time for some more Ultramarines! We’re slowly working our way through the full army, and today, I’ve got another tactical squad, some special characters as well as a dreadnought to show you. This will take us a great step further towards getting the full finished army posted here. Once that’s done, I might even feel like picking up the old projects and finishing up the army for good We’ll see. Until then, let’s take a look at some completed stuff. I’ll start out with the tactical squad. As usual, we begin with the sergeant:

I believe this was the model that started my UM collection, more than 15 years ago. I remember liking the Blood Ravens from the then-recent video game DOW, and I had tried painting some. I didn’t like how they had turned out, and decided to repaint them as UM. This sergeant was the first mini to undergo this transition. I really liked the look of the UM, and decided to follow through on it. The sergeant has undergone some touch ups here and there and received a few extras, like the helmet on his belt, the inscriptions on the collar etc. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this classic mini despite its age.
Moving on to a tactical marine, this time a beakie. I still love these guys as they are such a nice tribute to the classic Rogue trader marines:

Next up, a flamer dude. It always grinds my gears that everybody seems to assemble their tactical marine box the exact same way, and I decided to break with tradition a little here. That’s why this guy didn’t get the stereotypical bald head with respirator, but a helmet instead. Why would the single marine in the squad handling extremely flammable chemicals be the only one to forgo donning his helmet, anyways?
To make up for the standard head, I did give the guy a special left pauldron with the chapter insignia on it, however

Next up is just a regular marine with boltgun. However, with this squad (and with the army in general) I tried to make each member distinct and give them a little something to set them apart. The next guy is the squads “grenadier”, so to speak, and I tried to pose him to make it appear as if he were about to lob a grenade towards the enemy.

The next guy also is a little different in that he has a scope mounted on his bolter, so he could be called the squad’s marksman. I liked the idea of having marines with varying equipment, as it gives each one a little more character, and the marines could be used as different specialists in games like Kill Team today.

With five marines done, let’s take a look at the first combat squad:

Next up, the sergeant for the second combat squad, who also happens to carry the squad’s auspex scanner. He’s looking at the device, scanning for enemy signatures in the immediate vicinity. The head was taken from a CSM sprue to add some variety, but the top knot was removed to make it less recognisable.

Here’s a detail shot of the auspex scanner. On the display, you can see that the device has detected two enemy signatures dead ahead! This won’t fly, and the emperor’s finest are gonna have to do something about it

Next up, a pretty standard guy with nothing too exciting:

And another marine with a scope on his boltgun. I like those dudes because they give me an excuse to paint a stylish gem effect on the lens

Another standard guy. He has slightly converted arms and bolter from the DA sprue, and a converted helmet with all of the oxygen lines removed:

Up next, the final marine, who happens to be the squads heavy wielding a heavy Bolter. I converted him with a special head that I think came from a Techmarine or something similar, but was altered slightly by removing some antennae. I really like the bulk of this guy:

Which brings us to the second half of the tactical squad:

Moving on to the special characters! First up, “Brother-Chaplain Osias Nazario”. This guy was made from various bitz, and lots of greenstuff. The legs came from some CSM set, were repositioned and had their chaos icons removed. I also added some hip joint armour to them with GS. The body also came from the CSM box and had a similar treatment as the legs, but I also added some custom purity seals to it. I also sculpted a higher collar and the gothic arch with the tiny skull onto it. The head came from a WHFB chaos warrior set and had its lower jaw removed. The pauldrons are both from the CSM set but were cleaned up and smoothed out to look less heretical. The right arm is from a Black Templar set and used to hold a power axe, but I chopped that off and replaced the axe head with wings on both sides to create a custom crozius arcanum. The left arm is just a regular SM bolt pistol arm. Finally, the backpack is from the Grey Knights box.


Next up, a random veteran marine. This guy could be a sergeant or any other important member of the army, and I haven’t really intended him for a specific squad. He is also quite heavily converted. The torso was modified to have a higher collar, and I sculpted the and wings onto it. It’s kinda hard for me to believe myself, and I don’t think I could pull that off again… The right pauldron was smoothed out to remove the trim. The power fist was converted, using an orc hand (!!!) as a base. Heresy, I know…

Next up, a Techmarine! Legs from the assault box I believe, with the pose altered a bit. I also added an armored skirt and hip armor using GS. The torso is a regular techmarine torso bit you can find in the Rhino vehicle sprue. The head is from the plastic commander/captein box I believe. Both pauldrons also come from the vehicle sprue. Arms are CSm arms with chaos details removed. The backpack was made using the ML servo arm backpack as a base. I cut up the arm to unfold it and repositioned it over the Techmarines shoulder. To cover up the spot where the ML ammo would go, I added a plasma coil to the backpack.

Another random member of the army, who doesn’t exactly belong anywhere in particular, but I’ve thrown him in with the command squad for now as well: “Deathwatch Brother Sergeant Eloi Guryon”. His legs are from the GK box, The head might be from an older assault marine sprue, and I used a CSM bit as left arm, to make the silver amr more bulky and distinct. Now this was quite a while before the way cool new Deathwatch boxed set of marines, but I was proud to have at least one DW marine in my collection back then

Which brings us to the “command squad” as a whole. I’ve included Captain Favian Martellus in this shot, leading the previously shown Marines to glory

Phew, this post is getting long, eh? Anyways, got one more mini to show you. This is the first dreadnought I ever built and painted for this army. While he is certainly not the coolest or most distinct walker in this army, he deserves to be shown first for his long service, don’t you think? Note this guy, like most of my other Um dreadnoughts, is magnetized, so all weapon options on him are interchangeable. In an upcoming post, I will show you detailed shots of every single weapon module I have so far, but for now, let’s just leave him with his ML and TLLC, as he was intended to be. Other than the magnetisation and the scrolls on his left leg and right front plate, this guy is pretty much standard.

And there you have it. Another big update done, and were a lot closer to finishing this thread up. I hope you enjoyed the stuff I showed you today, and I am looking forward to your feedback and comments as usual! Until next time!

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Especially good squads today!

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