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Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Hello there!

Here I will be showing off my finished Cadian Shock Troops regiment which I have dubbed the Cadian 583rd. Might even try to come up with the odd piece of fluff with a friend.
It's just gonna be a little, not too serious side project because I found a quick and easy way to paint cadians that I wanna try it out and have some fun painting. The cadians are probably not gonna be anything special or out of the ordinary, so don't expect too many conversions on this blog, sorry!

Anyways, let's look at what I've got done so far:

A shot from the front. As you can see, I have a grenade launcher, a vox caster and a converted sergeant with chainsword and bolt pistol in there. However, as soon as I get some more bitz, I'll probably be building sergeants with boltguns, cause I'd prefer them to be able to contribute to the long range firepower of the squad (also bolters look cool as heck)

I started out with a small starter box of 5 Cadians, one of which I converted with space marine scout bits to become the sergeant. If you look closely you might spot the 3 guardsmen sharing the exact same pose

A shot from the back. All soldiers have some kind of ammo or grenade pouch. I feel like they would look a bit bland and ill-equipped without one.

I still have some more stuff on the table (about a squad of cadians) that awaits painting. Also, I have a finished, very basic sentinel and an old pewter heavy bolter I still have to take pictures of.
Please let me know what you think, I always appreciate feedback and input from other hobbyists!

Until next time!

Made in us
Powerful Phoenix Lord

The paintwork looks crisp and well done. I'd be lying if I said Cadians interested me though (boring sculpts and boring colours). You've done a perfect job on them though. I'd be happy to play against them!
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Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Hello there!

I'm back with some pictures! Sorry for not posting in a long time, but I figured I'd try out some other media like Instagram, which I’ve come to really like. It's a great way to share hobby stuff and get some Inspiration! If any of you wanna check out my Instagram feed, search for "wardenminiatures". I got some different pictures on there so you won't get bored!
Although Instagram is great for sharing pictures, Dakka is probably the better way to post progress on my collection and tell you guys what I've been up to. So here I am with an update on what I've been working on recently:

First off, I got a lot more cadians since the last time I posted. I ordered some off of ebay and I also bought a Start Collecting Box, so now I have enough guys for three full squads and some spares which I will probably expand upon soon. Also, this got me a Leman Russ tank, a Heavy weapon team and a commissar. So let’s start off with the 5 man squad:

As you can see, the leader of the original squad I posted on here now serves as a stopgap sergeant for the small 5 man squad. The troopers around him however are new and the paintjob on certain areas is better (e.g. the bases are more detailed, the Imperial Aquilas are more crisp etc.). I'll try to bump this squad up to full size soon, so I'll need a special weapon and a vox caster. Also, the sergeant might get cannibalized at some point to change his loadout, but more on that later.
Next up, an old sentinel I painted a while ago but have not posted pics of yet:

I got this one from a friend who stopped playing. He just handed me a plastic bag filled with minis one day and I got to work salvaging what I could. This sentinel was a bit beat up and the rollover cage on top was broken. Hence I clipped it off, and replaced it with a custom bit that I built using cardstock and some mesh. I made a mould of this bit so I can reproduce the front screen for other sentinels as well. I even wrote up a small piece of fluff about a distinct sentinel variant that uses this part. If people are interested, I’ll post it on Dakka!

Other than that, the sentinel is pretty much standard, and the paintjob was just a very quick and sloppy drybrush. I think it does the job however.
Next up, an old pewter heavy bolter:

This one also came in the plastic bag o’ bitz, and was in relatively good shape, but had to be cleaned up, reglued and painted. Nothing fancy here, just drilled out the barrel to make it look a bit nicer. Paintjob-wise, this is just as quick as the sentinel.

On the back I added some effects to the lenses/reticules to make the gun look a bit more interesting.
Now on to some new stuff

Here is the first finished squad of Cadian Shock Troops as I’m planning to field them. As I mentioned in the first post, I wanted to make the sergeants stand out from what you see on normal Cadians. Also, I wanted them to be able to contribute to the squads long range firepower instead of hanging back with a pistol and Chainsword, only shouting orders. Since sergeants for some reason can’t take lasguns themselves, the obvious choice was to give them boltguns!

When I had finished the first sergeant, I thought it looked really cool and so I decided to stick with it and make this one of the underlying themes of my army.
The conversion can be done pretty straightforward, but results will probably be better if you have at least some Greenstuff skills to pull it off. As I’m sure you can tell, the Boltgun used on this sergeant comes from the Space Marine Scout Squad box. The Boltguns can be glued on as-is, but since Cadian torsos are a little less wide than the scout’s, some greenstuff may be necessary to fill the gaps. However, filling in the gaps in the armpits is not really that difficult, since it only has to look like cloth when painted over and the seam will disappear between the armor plates anyways.
This conversion/kitbash is a simple way to upgrade your sergeants. Another benefit of this is that the scout arms are a little more armored than Cadian arms, which makes the sergeant stand out from the rest of the squad. This sergeant also has a head that I believe comes from the command squad’s sprue. The eyepatch really makes him look like a grizzled veteran, doesn’t it?

Another underlying theme of my Cadians is that all of the special weapons in the army will be plasma guns. Apparently, plasmaguns are pretty good in 8th edition, so that was what sparked the idea. However, I don’t really play that often and I’m more of a collector and converter, so what was way more important to me was that plasmaguns give me an excuse to paint glowing effects on my minis. Painting those feels really rewarding because they look great, but don’t take that long to accomplish. Furthermore, equipping all squads the same, i.e. one plasmagunner and a bolter on the sergeant, makes the army appear more uniform and gives the impression that they are a well-equipped, well-supplied army, which I think goes very well with Cadians.

Next up, the second squad of Cadian shock troops. As I said, exactly the same loadout as the first, to make the army look more cohesive.

This squad’s sergeant actually was made from a Cadian from one of those 5-man, pushfit sets. The lasgun arm was left off, the other arm was cut at the shoulder, and instead replaced with another scout Boltgun. Goes to show what can be done with some bitz and a little time spent converting.

The squad’s plasmagunner. There’s also some metal miniatures for Cadian special weapons troopers available, but mine were created using the plasmagun from the command squad sprue. I modified it a little to remove the insignia on the right shoulder pad, since this is supposed to be just a regular trooper. Now on to some WIP stuff:

The Heavy weapons team that came with the Start collecting box was built as an Autocannon. Since these teams have two wounds, I had to have some way of representing the ablative wound. There’s several different approaches to this, like having two miniatures on regular bases with a separate gun, leaving out two spots for 25mm bases on the gun’s large base etc… I chose to go a different route and magnetized the second trooper on the base. That way, when the first ablative wound gets removed, I take off the spotter/loader from the base. Once the second wound gets removed, I just remove the whole weapon base from the table.

Here you can see the underside of the spotter’s feet. Two small magnets hold the mini in place firmly when needed. The weapon team’s base will be painted in the usual earth tones, so the spot underneath the removable miniatures doesn’t look weird once the spotter is taken off.
Last but not least, let’s take a look at WIP squad number 3:

Again, the loadout matches the other squads. So far, I only got around to basecoating the fatigues of the shock troopers, just like on the HWT.

Finally, a group shot of my Cadian sergeants with their venerable service Boltguns. Again, I had to fill in some gaps on the 3rd sergeants armpits to blend in the scout arms. All in all, I think the Bolters blend in really well with the Cadians, once they have been painted in the standard Cadian green. Combined with the additional vambraces and gloves, they really make the sergeants look like battle-hardened veterans, don’t you think?

Anyways, that’s all I have to show you for now in regards to my custom Cadian 583rd regiment for now. However, I have been, and still am, working on some other 40k projects that I really wanna show you, so stick around if you like my stuff! Of course, my Ultramarines will be covered, but for all of you who like the Adeptus Arbites, you may have something to look forward to as well!

Thanks for checking this out! Let me know what you think about my Cadians, or leave some suggestions about what you’d do differently! Until next time!

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Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight

United Kingdom

These are brilliant, so very-well done and great to see a cohesive force of Guardsmen. I really like the look of Cadians with Boltguns.
Made in at
Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Thanks Oppl! Glad you like them!
Also, great looking stuff in your gallery!

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Edinburgh, UK

These guys are top notch! Very crisp and clean. Just looking at your sentinel and heavy bolter models, to me they scream like they need some weathering, guard vehicles and emplacements seem like they need to be dirty/gritty.
Always interested in a bit of fluff so post away!

Made in at
Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Thanks Tyranid Horde!

You bring up a good point: The sentinel I posted here is just a quick test model and most likely wont be used for the army because it's not in too great shape!
However, I do have a Leman Russ in progress and I'm kind of having trouble picking a camo and weathering scheme! I'd like it (and all the other vehicles, including sentinels) to fit in with the Infantry at least somewhat, so khaki and green would be my go-to colors, but I don't really have any experience with weathering yet. Maybe some of you have some suggestions on simple weathering techniques that I'll be able to pull off?

Made in at
Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Hello again!

I just realized I never showed you guys the stuff I finished since my last post. So it is definitely time for an update. In the meantime, I have painted the magnetized autocannon team, painted the third squad of shock troops and switched some weapons around. Let’s start by taking a look at the finished autocannon HWT:

These guys were painted in my regular Cadian paint scheme. If the colours look a little different on screen, it’s because I’ve switched phones in between and the newer camera works a little differently. I’ve tried to get the images as close as possible to the previous ones in post-processing, so I hope it’s not too noticeable.

I really like the way this team came out. However, if I do more of them one day (when I get around to it), I will do it a little differently. The thing is, it never really made sense to me how the two operators are supposed to lug around a weapon of this immense size and weight. I never understood why the heavy weapons don’t come with some sort of carriage to transport them around outside of combat. Therefore, I ordered some wheeled gun carriages from an online seller. So the next heavy weapons teams I will build will use these instead of the regular tripods that come with the box. I will also try to magnetize the weapons themselves to allow for loadout changes.

Also, like on this team, the second guy (spotter?) will be magnetized to be removable. This can be used to represent ablative wounds (I don’t own the current AM codex, is that still a thing?)

Now, let’s look at how the magnets were attached. The spotter can be remove from his place on the base. I left out this particular spot on the base when flocking to ensure he would sit flat later on. When painted up, the flat spot blends in quite nicely with the rest of the base and doesn’t really stand out too much.

Alright, moving on to something else entirely. A long time ago, I felt inspired to do some Penal Legionnaires using some leftover Catachan bits. While I only had enough for three guys and not a full squad, I still enjoyed this quick fun project:

I added some explosive collars around their necks using greenstuff. I also shaved down all their hair to make them look like they had been clean-shaven in prison/a penal colony. I made sure to let them appear ill-equipped and gave them absolutely no extra bitz except for their standard lasguns. I even removed some of the extra tactical pouches on some of the guys to get that point across. When painting, I used a simple combination of drybrushing and washes for their orange jumpsuits. According to the lore, penal legionnaires will have their inmate number tattooed on their forehead, so I painted on some tiny little lines there to resemble something akin to a bar code. Let me know your thoughts on these three guys.

Alright then, let’s take a look at the shock troopers I finished since last time! Here’s squad 3 in full force:

Like the other squads, it consists of 10 members, including a vox caster, a plasma gunner, and a sergeant with a boltgun. I also took some separate pictures of the latter two:

I try to make the plasma gunners a little distinct by giving them special helmets like from the vehicle crew or some with goggles. Good thing is, I can make as many of these plasma gunners as I want, because I managed to make a mould of the command squads plasmagun arm. So I’ll hopefully never run out of heavy firepower

Also, the sergeant received a boltgun instead of the standard laspistol/chainsword loadout, because I think the boltgun will synergize better with the range of the squad’s lasguns. As mentioned above, the boltgun are taken straight from the SM Scout box, and they work really well with the cadians scale-wise. All they need is the proper paintjob to blend them in

In other news, I also updated the first squad I made by exchanging the sergeants loadout for a boltgun. The squad now looks like this:

For the sergeant, I just quickly slapped together an easy-to-build pushfit cadian with a scout boltgun. Cheeky little conversion, but it works for my purposes Check him out:

While building and converting minis for squad 3, I messed around with some leftover bitz. I completed a few miniatures, and together, they were actually enough to form a small, fourth shock troops squad together:

As you can see, the squad is a bit of a mix-and-match of different minis, but eventually, they will be bumped up to 10 members with the same loadouts, while the special minis will be moved to a separate veteran squad possibly. You can probably tell that the squad contains 5 pushfit cadians, four of which fill the back ranks, while the fifth was given a boltgun to be the sergeant, once again. The other two members (sporting autoguns) were slapped together from leftover HWT and Catachan bitz. Lets take a closer look at the sergeant:

Again, very simple conversion. Had to take off the left arm at the shoulder before I could attach the pair of SM scout arms holding the boltgun. I think this is a good way to get rid of some leftover pushfit cadians if you have any.

Next, let’s look at the converted guys. For the first one I built, I had sort of a Marksman/sniper/scout/forward operative vibe in mind. His legs come from the HWT box, the torso is a regular cadian, and the head is from the chimera vehicle sprue. For his arms, I used a right Catachan arm holding a lasgun, which was converted to be an autogun. His left arm is part of a chaos barbarian, with a catachan open hand attached and a shoulder pad from the chimera kit glued on top.

The mini also received a backpack with lots of equipment to make it believable as a scout operating far ahead of the main fighting force.

I liked that first conversion a lot, so I couldn’t help but do another one:

This guy was built much in the same way as the previous one, but his head was spliced together from a Catachan head and a leftover Cadian helmet. The arms are Cadian’s, but the Autogun is a Catachan lasgun with a CSM ammo belt attached instead of the power pack. I cut out an opening to resemble an ejection port for the bullet casings, and also flattened the muzzle to be straight. Like the first guy, this trooper may be moved to a veteran squad when I get around to making one
This guy also received a big backpack:

Ok, so that’s it for the new stuff. For completion’s sake, I also took a picture of the fourth squads sergeant, who you’ve already seen before:

Now that you’ve seen all four of them, here’s a group shot:

And finally, here’s the three plasma gunners I have finished so far:

So now you’re up to date and I’ve showed you all the new stuff there is so far. I hope you enjoyed. I know this is just a small collection of Cadians, and I do have plans to expand this army with more squads and, especially, with some vehicles. However, I do have many other active projects that are higher on my to-do list and that I am more invested in at the moment. If you do enjoy this stuff, consider stopping by every once in a while, because there might be new stuff. Until then, I say thanks for checking this out. As always, I am looking forward to your feedback. See you later!

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Made in ca
Discriminating Deathmark Assassin

Very clean looking Cadians, super classic scheme. They would look amazing en masse!

See what's on my painting table Now painting: Flesh Tearers Assault Intercessors 
Made in at
Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Thanks Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll! I agree, Cadians do look better en masse. Guess I'll have to stop slacking and get painting!

Made in gb
Focused Fire Warrior

Cool cadians, love the conversions, gonna have to try a few for my guard...

My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, now turning into regular 40k
Models painted in July: 5
2022 total: 108 
Made in at
Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Thanks a lot Guardling! I can only return the compliment, your IG regiment looks fantastic!

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

chigwell, essex

bolter armed sgts are my favourite but to be honest the whole lot are amazing. looking forward to more espescially now the new sprue is available...
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I think I'd give up if I was trying to do all the highlighting your guys have on my guardsmen, but it really makes your Cadians pop. Looks like a poster child.
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