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Stalwart Space Marine

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Hello there!

This blog will be dedicated to documenting the progress on my custom Nurgle Plague Marine army. Well at least a small collection of minis, if not a full sized army I'll be converting up the older, classic Chaos Space Marines mainly, because I don't really like the new bigger GW Plague marines. Don't get me wrong, they are awesome sculpts and being way bigger they are also more imposing on the table, which is why I can see the appeal of these new minis. However, for me, the fun lies in customising, converting and painting to create something unique to my collection, and monopose models don’t lend themselves to customization that well. I find they all come out looking very same-y, even with quite some effort in conversion work. This is the reason why I just love the classic Chaos Space Marines that much. The sets offer so much versatility and can be assembled in different ways. No model needs to be the same.
Another big part of the hobby for me is making do with what I have lying around, and this is also how this project came into being. I decided to recycle some old, damaged Space Marine bitz which were unusable for Loyalist Marines because of their condition. However, they can be recycled easily to give some characterful Nurgle Plague Marines. After assembling the first miniature, I caught the conversion/recycling bug and a single test mini soon became a squad of three and then a full squad of seven Plague Marines. In this thread, I want to share with you my endeavours into creating a custom force of Nurgle-themed Marines and allies. I hope you will enjoy.

To start off this thread, let me thus begin with the model that started it all - I had a damaged pair of SM legs lying around which got ruined by taking a bath in the wrong cleaning liquid. Luckily, it was just a spare test mini I wasted on this experiment, so it wasn't too bad. The next part was a damaged/miscast SM body I cast myself. I made a mold of a custom-built MKII Iron suit a while ago, and I used it to create the MKII champion for my Ultramarines which you can check out in my other thread. Since the body was also not usable for a regular mini, I had put it aside, not knowing what to do with it. Seeing the bloated damaged legs and the miscast MKII body lying around on my hobby table, it suddenly hit me like a brick - the parts may not be suitable for regular Marines, but they'll do fine for Plague Marines right? So off I was, rummaging through my bits-box to find this guy some arms and a backpack to complete him. This is what I came up with:

Not bad for a start, if I may say so myself. However, I felt this guy needed some more nurglifying, if you know what I’m trying to say. I decided to keep the paintjob simple with just a few colours and a generous amount of washes, which meant I would have to add some more texture to the mini to make the end result more interesting. I got out the greenstuff and applied pustule-like growths to the armour in some random spots across the model. These pustules gave some interesting texture and variety tot he model and allowed me to simultaneously cover up some obvious, weird marks left on the miscast bits. I added the icon of Nurgle to the mini's left pauldron as well as the boltpistol in its right hand. To spruce up the mini a little more, I added an ammo belt and some grenades to its belt in the back.

I liked the look and decided to start painting. As I said, the paintjob was rather simple so I could churn out more of those in a short amount of time. I relied heavily on washes and sloppy stippling and drybrushing techniques to achieve a dirty, almost mouldy look for the armor of the Marine. I’ll go through the whole painting recipe in a later post if people are interested, but for now, let me leave you with pictures of the finished Plague Marine. The first one is unedited, the second one was edited using the app Pixlr.

After seeing how easy and fun it was to convert and paint Plague Marines, I decided to keep going and do a whole squad of seven. Looking at this test miniature with ruptured pustules on the armour, you may understand why I have taken to lovingly calling the army the "Barnacle Boys". Watch this space because in the following updates I will show you how my first foray into building a force of Chaos Marines continued! Until then, thanks for checking this out and feel free to leave C&C!
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Warped Arch Heretic of Chaos

I'll stand by, that sounds interesting

A Mostly Renegades and Heretics blog.

 Daedalus81 wrote:

In the 41st millennium there is only overpriced hamberders.

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Stalwart Space Marine

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Hello again!

With other projects keeping me busy, I did not post anything here for a long time. Let me make up for it with a picture dump of the conversion process and the finished result of the first squad of Plague Marines. The squad is 7 strong, as is customary for Marines dedicated to the god Nurgle, and it includes one plasma gunner. Let me start with some images of the unpainted Marines:

Now for some pictures of the finished, painted squad:

Im looking forward to your C&C!

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Made in gb
Rookie Pilot


They look really darn good, THAT'S my feedback! The colour choices work really well, and the conversions are awesome - nice rescue of that original piece BTW.

What's the painting recipe, I'm interested to see if it can be used by other grimy/ ragtag projects out there.

Keep up the nice work, mate

Made in at
Stalwart Space Marine

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Hey Ragsta! Thanks for the kind words! Glad you like them!
Sorry if it annoys anybody, but to describe the painting stages, I will use a mix of old and new GW paint names, as I still have some of the older pots. Here's the recipe I use:

  • First off, make sure to give the model some texture. This can be done by stippling the base paint on more thickly than usual. Another way would be to stipple on some Liquid greenstuff paste before the undercoat. Either way, let that dry thoroughly before moving on

  • Basecoat armor with Elysian Green

  • Drybrush entire mini with Rotting Flesh

  • Basecoat metal parts like the guns and vents with Scorched Brown

  • Basecoat any horns/spikes with Skull White

  • Basecoat skin with Rotting Flesh

  • Highlight skin with Skull White drybrush

  • Wash the whole mini with Agrax Earthshade (i.e. over the green, brown and the white)

  • Apply second coat of Agrax Earthshade in deeper recesses if necessary

  • Stipple brown metal parts with Dark Flesh now, not all over but randomly

  • Stipple/streak/smear some Macharius Solar Orange over the brown metal parts for a second highlight/rust layer. Try to be sloppy, and don't cover the whole surface. Just add some random, irregular splotches or streaks of rust here and there without going overboard

  • Basecoat visors & glowing areas with sky blue (maybe GW Ice Blue could work for you)

  • Highlight with 50/50 mix of Ice Blue and Skull White

  • Hope this helps!

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    Made in us
    Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

    Albany, NY

    Now that's a classic early 2000s plague marine squad! I remember seeing similar conversions and paintjobs on the tables and in White Dwarf many years ago, way to keep the DIY dream alive Dig the OSL and those are some impressively rusted weapons

    INSTAGRAM: @boss_salvage 
    Made in at
    Stalwart Space Marine

    Austria, Segmentum Solar

    Thanks a lot Boss Salvage! Yeah, I gotta admit, I'm a sucker for the older multipose kits They are just so much more fun to work with, and you can be way more creative by combining sets and converting or casting bitz.
    Thanks for the encouragement, I definately will keep up the DIY stuff, as it's become kind of an addiction I have way more converted and kitbashed minis on my desk than I could ever realistically hope to be able to paint

    Stop by again, I got another squad ready to show off, and a third and fourth are in the assembly/planning phase

    Made in at
    Stalwart Space Marine

    Austria, Segmentum Solar

    Action shot of Squad n° 1:
    Made in gb
    Rookie Pilot


    That paint scheme seems ridiculously simple yet devastatingly effective. The action shot is very nice indeed, good stuff mate!

    Made in at
    Stalwart Space Marine

    Austria, Segmentum Solar

     Ragsta wrote:
    That paint scheme seems ridiculously simple yet devastatingly effective. The action shot is very nice indeed, good stuff mate!

    Thanks Ragsta! Yeah it's pretty simple. That way I get to convert more while still being able to get stuff painted in a reasonable amount of time
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