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Painting Sanctuary 101: Painted Imperium group picture, preview of coming attractions.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Missionary On A Mission

Not sure how to preface this post so lets just get into it.


The Raging Heroes Inquisitor was a nightmare of "what am I painting". I painted the assassins a few days ago but didn't think they warrented a post on their own since they're just dudes in black suits.


I also painted my Penitent engines over the course of the last few days rather than blitzing them all at once. Obviously these are kitbashed like everything else from Ork killa kanz and IG sentinel legs with whatever else I could scrounge from my bits box. The killa kanz box doesn't come with all you need to make six arms with close combat weapons so I had to steal some Deff Dread weapons I had from a kitbash from years ago. I kind of half assed the paint if I'm honest. My motivation has been running low as I've gotten closer to the end of this whole thing.

And end it has.

I know this isn't the greatest picture but that's because I plan to take more thematic and fancy photos later with a proper camera and possibly lighting since I may as well use them for something.

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Thats an impressive looking collection, in an insanely small amount of time

Made in ie
Missionary On A Mission

Small update. I decided to get out all of my painted Imperium stuff and bask in a sight that would have been unthinkable when I started the hobby 20 years ago.

If you told 12 year old me that some day I'd have an army painted I'd have laughed in your face or more likely been insure what to say because I was an awkward kid. But 3 armies? My god.


Anyway I'm taking a break now, partly because I feel like I've earned it and partly because the dog is expecting in a week so I will have 3 weeks of puppy minding ahead of me and will be in no position to slog through this lot:


This is the last of my unpainted Imperium models (except for a stray dreadknight I need to get round to). Though I need to buy more stuff. I want a few more tanks. Another basilisk, two hydras and a few more Russes are being considered. I thought about buying abhumans and sentinels but I really prefer the artillery and dudemans aspect of Imperial Guard armies. I'm not even that keen on kasrkins if I'm honest but I suffer them to give me a bit of variety. Transports and flyers can also GTFO.

Edit: Just noticed the red on my Grey Knights. Was thinking they'd look out of place since they didn't have red to tie them in to the rest of the army but they do so hurrah. Happy accident. Not sure if I can be arsed rebasing them though.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Surrey, BC - Canada

Fantastic stuff there Sim-Life.



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